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It was my birthday yesterday! Just so you know, the members of my family aren’t big on presents. We don’t really get each other stuff or expect presents. We just ate out as a family for dinner.

I’m 19 years old. I had to update all my networking profiles and various internet spaces to reflect my current age… thanks Sebby for pointing out all the ones I’d missed. 😛

It’s Lilian’s and Tiffany’s […]

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Yesterday was Ryan’s birthday, and tomorrow is mine, and the day after that it’s Lilian’s and Tiffany’s. 😛 So today’s right between Ryan’s and my birthdays… funny, that.

I’ve been listening to 90s music because I’m really hyper. I don’t know how that’s a valid explanation but I’m in such a good mood, I’m listening to old “poppy” music. 😁

I was extremely hyper yesterday because I had only slept for three hours. I […]

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I’ve been thinking of selling some jewellery online. I made a necklace out of guitar picks a while ago, which I wear all the time, and I was able to get my hands on some more guitar picks and chains the other day. I would really like to sell some online – it’s going to be some work to get the shop open but perhaps I could showcase a few pieces and have people reserve […]

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Today I went to work. I can’t help but worry about some of the children there. I’m supposed to help them, as well as marking their work. Marking their work is the bulk of it.

I used to want to be a teacher, but when I got this job several years ago, that was no longer on the top of my list. Still, every now and then, a little part of me wants to […]

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I was tagged by the lovely Tess to write about what my life might be like in ten years.

This is something interesting and somewhat perfect for me, because only recently did I start thinking about my future in an optimistic way. It used to frighten me what could possibly happen in the future.

It might not have been pessimistic, but I really did think that there was no point looking into the future […]

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I’m tired. I’m very tired.

I’m feeling a little better than when I last posted. But, I’m still feeling tired. I honestly cannot wait for a holiday, but that is in another five or so weeks. And this time it’ll be the end of semesters so there are no hidden little assignments to do.

I feel like I’ve worked hard this semester. 🙂 I’m sort of eager to get some assignments back so I […]

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Let me put this straight… this past weekend was terrible beginning with the day I got caught in that queue (for non-Australians and non-British, you call it a line, okay…).

Sometimes when people ask you what’s wrong… they really mean it. (Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it.) I feel that some people just aren’t of any consolation. I know we’re not all comfortable around people who are upset, but sometimes you have […]

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I’ve made a few modifications to the layout. I’m not pleased with it. This layout has been up for a month and I have plans for a newer and much cleaner one. The updates were pretty messy before, and I think I made them worse. 😰 Oh well.

I’m planning to clean up my site a bit some time mid-year. There’s a lot of junk that can be filtered out. I also think I […]

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Lately I’ve been trying to be “a better person”. I’ve been trying to be polite to every soul that might annoy me. I’ve been trying not to get angry at people. I know it’s cowardly not to tell people things to their face, but sometimes it’s something temporary, and I don’t want to tell someone, “Please stop annoying me” when I know I’ll get over it within a matter of minutes.

Trying to be nice […]

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Our school yearbooks in Australia differ greatly from the yearbooks students receive in countries like Canada and America (at least, from what I’ve heard from people who attend school there). I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – I just insist it’s special.

In Australia we get one yearbook at the very end of high school (sometimes primary school). The yearbook is full of mementos from only our year group. […]

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