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Yesterday I did my presentation. It was fun… not.

Well, my last post was written the night before it was due. And I had been procrastinating and hadn’t really done very much that night. I was up until 2:00am doing that presentation, and even then, I wasn’t a hundred percent ready.

Well, I’ll be honest. I don’t like walking into something knowing in my gut that I’m just going to fuck it up […]

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I have never pulled an all-nighter. Ever.

Some days I have been up until 2am completing an assignment. Back when my ability to sleep late was completely non-existent and I’d actually have my eyes completely drooping by then. But these days, I can live with little sleep.

But I’ve never pulled an all-nighter. I’ve stayed up late to chat to people or watch videos or read blogs, which I do often, but I have […]

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I thought this week would be better, but it’s not. I had really terrible cramps today, to the point where I couldn’t walk. This is the bad thing about living so far from university. You fall sick and there’s not exactly a nurse or a “sick bay” like they have in high school, and you can suffer on your way home or with luck, find a couch to sit on.

There’s this room of couches […]

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What I’m about to detail is… a little controversial, I guess. 😰 A little opinionated, perhaps. But still, very much along the lines of spiritual abuse.

For quite some time now, I feel that I am not the same Catholic girl I was when I was much younger. I feel like I have drifted from God, and I don’t see his help in me the way I see his help in others. I feel […]

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I’m typing a blog post. The difference between this blog post and others is how I’m typing it. I’m typing it on a Dvorak keyboard, which has a completely different layout from that of the popular and widely-used Qwerty keyboard:

Dvorak keyboard layoutDvorak keyboard layout

James suggested I try it because it is more ergonomic and makes your hands less sore. I have […]

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I’m still trying to sleep early these days, but it’s not working. I really need to be strict on myself. I’ve been going to bed at midnight, which I guess is a huge improvement in itself, but I should be sleeping before midnight. On most days when I have university I have to wake up early (6:00am, sometimes a tad earlier).

My brother leaves the house at 6:55 and I follow suit, because it’s just […]

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I am a sensitive person, and I know that isn’t a valid excuse for anything. But when someone hurts my feelings, I don’t deny it. I’ve had friends hurt me in the past, and upon receiving an apology, have forgiven them.

When you forgive someone, I think it should be a given that they don’t do the same thing to hurt you again. As I mentioned in a previous post of mine… don’t make […]

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My dad got a pair of shoes about a month ago. They were from a charity store but were still brand new. My brother didn’t like them, but after I tried them on I thought they were pretty sturdy and would do for casual wear; they looked a bit like Doc Martens. They were black boots that reached above the ankle, and since they hadn’t been worn, they were pretty stiff.

I once wore them […]

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Today I was doing my assignment on reflective practice. It’s a bit of a dull subject in terms of communication theory, but when you relate it to media and recent news, it becomes very interesting. For my research project I formulated the question How do people with personal blogs reflect on their writing?

Since the topic has something to do with blogging, which I really like, I thought it would help to look at my […]

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James and I always laughed at the Anberlin version of the song The Promise. I think it might just be their version that was a bit of a laugh in the way it was done. Sometimes, covers of songs can be really well done, or so badly done that it makes your ears bleed.

To be honest, I think a lot of songs are badly done on reality shows like Australia’s Got Talent or […]

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