Pleasure and Pain

I thought this week would be better, but it’s not. I had really terrible cramps today, to the point where I couldn’t walk. This is the bad thing about living so far from university. You fall sick and there’s not exactly a nurse or a “sick bay” like they have in high school, and you can suffer on your way home or with luck, find a couch to sit on.

There’s this room of couches at university which is closed off for a few months or so while they refurbish the place. I liked sitting there with James, or even alone, just relaxing. Now there isn’t really any other nice, quiet place to sit, as huge as the university is.

When I come across a “bad day”, like today, how does it start? For most people maybe it would start with sleeping in and realising you’re late for school or work.

That isn’t how it works for me. I usually wake up on time, but because I take my time getting ready, I end up rushing myself.

I easily feel sick in the mornings. Sometimes it’s safer for me to skip breakfast, reason being that after I eat, I can’t move around very much otherwise I feel like I’m going to throw up. I can’t eat bread in the mornings either; it feels like a blob in my stomach and it just feels terrible. If I eat breakfast and then rush myself getting ready, I feel sick. :(

So… what really deems my day a bad one is when I don’t get a seat on the train. I know I should be used to it by now – catching trains in peak hour, so many people being on the trains – but it still annoys me when I don’t get a seat and have to stand.

Today I spent some time with James. I love spending time with him. :) Speaking of James, since some of you seem to still be visiting his blog that he hasn’t updated in over a year, I convinced him to start writing again, even if he only updates from time to time.

(I love how I influence my friends to blog. /um)

I had a nice time, but then I started developing a throbbing headache. I could feel it at the front of my head, and I was getting the worst stomach cramps (yes, it’s telling you what it’s telling you). I wanted to go home. Because you know what sucks? When you are very limited on female toiletries and it’s that time of the month, and your stomach is hurting so much that you can’t even walk.

On the day you chose to wear heeled boots.

Yes, my afternoon was that terrible. I did go home early and Sebby kept me company part of the way home.

Arriving home was not cool; I spent half an hour curled up in a foetal position on the carpet. I took a shower, which was refreshing. But what sucked was my mum bothering me throughout the afternoon. You see, I cleaned the house last week, and she was trying to look for things I had moved. I had moved so much stuff that I couldn’t remember what went where.

She was looking for shoes and a belt for hours, and when I helped her look, the shoes were at the front of the spare room in a plastic bag, and the belt rolled up – right there – on her dresser. I know, I forgive her; she’s probably as stressed out as I am. But she’s still pestering me.

Not to mention, university assignments call for my attention… and I haven’t done any work for my second job for a few days. I have to set up WordPress on the website and migrate all the work I’ve done. This is all too much for my poor head. I’m going to have such a bad week again, I’m not sure if it’s worth going to class, or… people are bothering me left, right and centre – here, there and everywhere.

This evening I even started crying because I missed James and he’d already gone to bed. 😢

You know the song Mine by Taylor Swift? It makes me cry all the fucking time, because it reminds me of James… and how lucky I am to have him. ♥️

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Yeah, this week had a bad start. But I think that doesn’t mean it will have a bad end. Yes, maybe it will suck, but you never know… maybe it’ll get better.

I hope that you’ll feel better tomorrow. Everyone that I know has been having terrible, terrible weeks, and we just can’t wait for a break. Only three more weeks. We can survive for three more weeks. =)

I’m sorry for the quick, short comment. I’ll make up for it when you blog next. /um

I hope it does. It’s already Wednesday night! Then again I feel okay now.

Shit, I just remembered I was supposed to put sheets on my bed. Don’t ask me why I typed it here… I have to remind myself. I don’t want to be too tired to put them on my bed!

Only two and a half weeks left. 💥 I can’t wait for the end of it. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. :O

Hello Georgie! *hugs* ♥ You’re TOTALLY not having a good time at the moment. Which sucks :(. Let’s hope things pick up SOON, which I am sure they will :).

Oh my god. I hate that feeling, when you’ve just finished eating and it doesn’t feel like it’s digesting. I know skipping breakfast is bad for you, but sometimes you can’t help it because it’s just not worth risking throwing up on your way to uni. Especially on public transport. D:

Peak hour public transport sucks :(. I mostly get a seat on the buses, but I HATE when I have to stand. Usually because sometimes people are so inconsiderate and just squish you. Like, personal space please?

Ohhh! I anxiously await James’ impending blog post :P :P. I must update my blog too. *Sigh* Uni = stress!

I hate when I get headaches associated with that time of the month. Which is basically every month. 🤬 Well I haven’t had them in a while since I haven’t had that time for a while, but it’s totally back. And don’t even get me STARTED on cramps! I’m glad Sebby accompanied you part of the way home!

HEELED BOOTS. Oh god. You poor thing. *EXTRA HUGS*. Today, REALLY wasn’t your day.

And yep, you definitely need to start carrying around pain-killer meds! D: I can’t survive without mine :(.

I know she’s your mother, but seriously! Hmph. She ASKED you to clean the house. You’re not PSYCHIC, you can’t just predict where she wants you to keep things! HMPH! And she should at least give you a little leeway since you’re not feeling well. She may be stressed, but so are you! :( *hugs*. She seems to be constantly giving you a hard time lately. It sucks :(.

Yeah, it’s close to end of semester. I think everyone is probably stressing about uni work right now D:. Well if the class isn’t important, maybe you could just do other unrelated stuff in class? That way your time isn’t wasted :). We’ll bash up people unfairly pestering you *nods*.

“Mine” reminds ME of you and James cos it’s so cute, and YOU GUYS are so cute too!

Hello! *hugs* Thank you… I hope things get better too, for both of us. :)

I feel pretty terrible moving after having eaten. Going for a walk is nice, but when I’m in a hurry to catch the train, it doesn’t feel good at all. Nor when I’m nervous or stressed.

I’m glad my train ride isn’t too long. It’s tolerable, but it’s annoying when you think you can fit on a seat but then you don’t want to inconvenience people. I’m like that a lot!

I think James will update his blog more in the holidays… he’s so busy now and I know he’s not a totally avid blogger like you or I. :P

I used to carry Panadol around… and bandaids! I don’t know what happened to my mini first-aid kit, really. :S I stopped carrying around some necessary stuff. I mean, I still carry around cream and a mirror and things, but I think more needs to be added to that! :D

I think that since it’s nearly the end of semester, I might not really bother going to class if it’s not absolutely necessary. There are sometimes more important things to do! :O


I read that it’s 8hrs of sleep is consider healthy…well don’t really know which is the right one. Besides I’m always sleepy regardless how many hrs I sleep :(

Maybe try the alarm idea for a little while, but you got to make sure that you actually go to sleep when the alarm rings. If you ignore it or forget then it’s not going to make any difference. You can give it a try and see how you get long with it.

That time of the month is totally the worse. I had a few of those during university as well so had to go home early. Luckily I lived only 10-15min walk away. The bad part was all my classmates were guys. I studied computer science which is very male dominated. My male guys didn’t really understand how painful it was and didn’t understand why I need to go home. They would always be like “its only 1hr left, stay”. 1hr is a LONG time especially if you’re in that much pain! I find sleeping really helps during those painful few hrs.

I think cancelled train is properly the worse for me. Cancelled train will mean that I need to wait another 20mins for the next one and I will be late for work. I don’t like being late for work at all! Luckily I’m not travelling towards city centre and more towards the country side therefore trains aren’t as pack and there’s always seats. I hate travelling in the city during rush hours, its the worse!

Ah, I hate been sick, although, I’m not sick that often, and rarely off school because of it. I hope you feel better soon anyway, thats always the best part haha.

I would normally just go to bed or something, or maybe get a hot bath, usually that helps. Oh and a paracetamol. :3

I hate it when my mum cleans and she moves everything around, and I’m like huh where’s it gone, and shes like IDK! YOU SHOULD LOOK AFTER IT, so i’m like I DID UNTIL YOU MOVED IT!!! gah, that really annoys me, lmao. I’ve never listened to the song ‘Mine’ nor do I plan to because I don’t like Taylor swift. :X

In reply to your comment on my blog:
Oh! I’d hate for it not to snow, we get days off school etc when people can’t get to work for the snow and when some kids are snowed in, it’s really fun! Thanks, I just stuck at the vexel, part of the times I just wanted to give it up, but I did such a good job on the arm (so I think) that I didn’t want to just throw it away, plus I’d already posted a WIP on my blog, so I was like, must finish must finish! I’d never really finished a proper vexel before, and I’m dead proud of myself! Yay me. (UH, THAT WASN’T MEANT TO SOUND LIKE LONDON TIPTON, AHHA)

Hey there, saw you comment on one of my affies blogs mentioning you were in australia (& don’t celebrate halloween!). Just thought i’d drop by and check out your site / say hi.
I’m australian as well, but i’m in Canada for the next two years so I get to try out halloween for the first time! Haha.

Anyway – I know what you mean about the whole eating breakfast thing making you feel sick, but honestly it’s just because your body is probably not used to it.
I skipped breakfast for so long that when I started to attempt it my stomach absolutely hated me for it. I had to work it in really slow.. I’m still not that good at doing it consistently.

I’ve never heard that Taylor Swift song, so I’ll probably listen to it later.
Although, you said it reminds you of your boyfriend, if it’s a general thing that can relate to lots of couples then it might not be a good song to listen too.. My boyfriend just left for Vietnam for two months D: Ugh.

It was nice reading your blog, take care!

I think that everyone is having a bad week. I know I have, and it seems my other friends as well. I do hope things get better for you. Thanks for your comment.
If I could, I would shove you some midol and such through the computer. I’m sorry, and can definitely sympathize with you. :X

I have to say thank you very much for the nice wordpress theme that you made that was easy to code, & tutorials, they made me getting into wordpress a lot easier than I have thought it to have been. & I’ve been following your site some even if I don’t read it by finding it random a week or so ago. I love the simplicity of your layout. . . & the love is project is very adorable. Anyway, thank you very much again, & I hope very much things get better for you ♥

Hey there :)
I’ve been silently stalking your blog. haha.
Being a woman is so hard! It never gets easier either. I still get cramps also and sometimes it so terrible I can’t sit up straight because it’s just too painful. On the bright side though you have a loving man by your side to make you smile when you’re low.
Doesn’t cityrail suck? I hate catching the trains. I work in the city so it’s an hour train ride for me. And it’s always packed! I especially hate sitting next to the seat hoggers! I don’t want your warm thigh rubbing up against mine!
Good luck with the uni assignments :) Hope you feel better.

I managed to watch your video blog but your site is being mean to me and Firefox keeps thinking it’s an attack site… :(

I hate that time of the month. Blehhh! And Cityrail is pretty terrible. I think they should just have a few more trains or something, because trains should not be as packed as they are. I go to uni in the city, so… ;)

Congratulations on your engagement, by the way! I am insanely jealous… you have no idea how much I want to get married.

Angel looks absolutely huge. :D I’m a dog person too but I like animals in general. Anyway, it’s been a while, I hope you’ve been well and everything. :)

I know! what’s with that? FireFox doesn’t like my website, I have no idea how to make it ‘safe’ although it is safe already.

Thanks :) Haha, you can start planning your wedding now and when James pops the big question all you need to do is book everything.

Angel isn’t that big actually, I’m just really small. LOL

I’m sorry that you have a bad day. *HUGS* I hope things get better soon! Like what Sebby said, don’t assume that this week is going to be another bad week again. You were just unlucky to get a bad start. It will get better! /wave

I feel sick easily in the mornings too. I usually drink a cup of milk only whereas my mum likes eating rice or noodles. I would feel uncomfortable to have a heavy meal before going to school. :(

I really would like my friends to blog too! But most of them do not have the interest to. They said that blogging is like a chore, and they dislike doing it. I will try to convince them to blog again after my examination. :D

Ah, that can be a little bit annoying when parents do that. But I also understand that my mum is sometimes stressed. This is what my mum usually does when she is finding her stuff:

Mum: Rin, go upstairs and help me take that thing.
Me: What thing?
Mum: That thing la!
Me: What that thing?
Mum: AIH! I will go to take it myself.
Me: ….

What thing? D:

It’s really funny when she does that, heh.

I hope you can finish your university assignments as soon as possible. Take a deep breathe before you start your work and rest a while whenever you feel tired. Don’t stress yourself too much. ♥

Awwwww, I hope your cramps are feeling better now ♥
There’s a full moon coming :-( My week is bad also. I wrote about it and it’s only going to get worse … I fear :-(

I hope your feeling better soon. Stomach cramps are the worse thing ever!

I think what determines a bad day, is that you notice things a little bit more. If something bad happens, you’ll be in a mood where every little thing irritates you. I know I’m like that anyway and it’s typical that the area with the sofas would be closed off when you need to sit and relax the most!

It’s a shame you had to go home early from spending time with James. :(

I really hope you have a better week next week then the one you’re having! Just take your time to do everything, if you rush your work it’ll make you feel like there’s more than what you have.

The thing is, I’m literally one minute late. It’s so annoying. Normal schools in my area start at 9am, but we start at 8:50, that extra ten minutes would make my life so much easier. Haha.

Haha yeah, I can’t believe it’s nearly 2011. D:

Yeah, I saw a diagram that shows you how to type quickly, showing you which keys to press with which hand. I type like that, but when I’m feeling lazy, I use one hand and spend about half an hour on one paragraph. O.o

In the main station in my town, there are some lifts, and if you use them instead of the stairs, you can get past with the ticket barriers. There’s a “You know you’re from Birmingham when…” Facebook group and that’s one of the things it says on it, haha. :’)

I’m sorry about your bad day. :( Mine was like that – with the cramps and such. :(

I rarely ever eat breakfast unless I feel like I will be sick. I don’t know – it depends on my mood that morning. But honestly, I’d rather skip it. :)

Nope. This was just a special event. o.o Sunday the 31st is a lunch, and different events because it is the “fifth Sunday Dinner” or whatever of the month. I don’t know; I don’t understand it. But yeahh. xD It’s really only celebrated on the 31st, and not everyone does because they think it is “the Devil’s birthday”, which I think is SO freaking stupid and lame. >.<

Ugh, i know how you feel about eating in the mornings. Every time I eat breakfast and have to rush to get to class on time, I’m afraid I’ll get sick on the bus /hmph. I usually pack something and eat it in class… I have to sit down quietly for 4 hours straight anyway :P I’m sorry you’re not feeling good, hope it’ll be better soon :)

Eating in class is the best. :D Our teachers don’t mind! :)

AWH! That is so sweet. I’ve never heard that song but I’m planning on buying all of her songs as soon as I get my paycheck. :-)

I’m sorry you have such bad cramps. I used to as well but then I went on birth control. For that very reason. Mine were so bad on the first day that I couldn’t MOVE whatsoever. We have this heating pad that is like one of those heated blankets that you plug in but it’s just a little pad sorta thing that I used to put around my waist. That was pretty good for a while. Then all of a sudden 3 months before I started my b.c. I would get the worst cramps ever the first day and I would end up having to sit over the toilet and puke. I would do this once for the first day of every time I had my period. I get it from my mom. She was that way, too. Using this b.c. has helped me tremendously. I mean, now my cramps are little to none. & My period is shortened and everything. I love it! <3

I have to say this. I love you, Georgina! ♥ ♥ :P Idk why I had to, but I just did. :)

I feel the same way about Dante. :) He is amazing and I am lucky to have him. <3

I'm sorry you started crying because you couldn't see James. That sucks! I know how that feels. Just a few days ago, I had just left Dante's house and I started balling because I had to leave and I didn't want to. It was sweet and weird at the same time. XD
Totally! I love "boring" posts as well. :)

I can't even blog or return comments until the weekends most of the time. I don't feel stressed though. I'm sorry you feel stressed! I wish I could help! (;

I know. & It's fine. :)

Awesome. SOPHIE! XD
Sophie is short for Sophomore which is what we call second years here.

OMG! SAME HERE! I love web design and I love dogs! (:

Have you mastered that keyboard yet?

Yeah, I don't think I want an iPad but they are cool to just mess around with. They just aren't my "thing". XD

I think it was the sauce that I didn't like. Idk. The meat didn't taste like anything compared to the sauce.

Really? That must be why I don't like it. XD

Yeup. :) Hopefully, that helps! Tell me if it does! ;)

Yes. You are….Lol. I'm only saying that because I'm a shower freak. XD

Oh! Awesome! (:

Ugh. Bad days are the worst, especially when they involve “girly problems.” I feel your pain and I hope your days have gotten better since!!

awwwww… that’s really a bad day. if those unlucky days happen to me… I suddenly thought of having my mom around the corner. /bounce i mean she’s just always just whenever i need her. good thing you have friends and your bf (i guess) to accompany and take care of you.

and i love influencing my friends too when it comes to blogging or any internet stuff i am into. :D makes me proud i’m the one who introduced that to them. haha /hehe

btw your smilies are cute! love it!