My name is…

I have never pulled an all-nighter. Ever.

Some days I have been up until 2am completing an assignment. Back when my ability to sleep late was completely non-existent and I’d actually have my eyes completely drooping by then. But these days, I can live with little sleep.

But I’ve never pulled an all-nighter. I’ve stayed up late to chat to people or watch videos or read blogs, which I do often, but I have never left an assignment completely until the last minute. At best, I have a day to do it. Right now I’m sitting here procrastinating, not feeling all that better this week… and I haven’t finished my presentation for tomorrow.

I just gotta throw together a few slides and pull my report together into coherent sentences. I’ve done my report but this presentation is just for the progress of my report. I’ve made it far, so at least I’ve got a fair bit to talk about.

I don’t get to see James tomorrow, which is disappointing. :(

I guess that got me thinking about strange little things.

Clapping games. In primary school we played clapping games in pairs. Sometimes with more than two people, too. It’s funny how it was classified as a “girl thing”. At university I reminded Sebby and Ryan about them. It’s pretty cute that they care to learn about them now. /hehe

One particular clapping game I remember from primary school, and probably the first one I learned, was sung along the lines of, “My… name… is… el aye, el aye, chic-kel-aye, chic-kel-aye, gooey gooey upside down; California, do me a favour, jump into the lake, get swallowed by a snake, and come back with a belly ache…”

Is it true that people rarely like to write about themselves? When I first started designing websites, people’s “about me” sections were usually really long. Then they got shorter and more mysterious as I found more websites. I know it differs from website to website, but it seems that people aren’t really up for writing a huge biography or don’t even feel like writing much more than their name and gender (if it not obvious from their name). I also see a lot of “I don’t like writing about myself so this will be short” on people’s websites.

I know quite a few bloggers out there, and a lot of them don’t mind writing about themselves, but try to initiate discussion by asking people questions or writing in a way that makes the reader feel “involved”.

But why is it that when it comes to writing a bit about yourself, you might not feel like it?

To be honest, I love writing profiles. I love filling in my name and details when I join a website. Even though it doesn’t happen often. I guess it reminds me of another little commonality in primary school – profile books.

Then again, I think they must have only been a phase in my school. Girls carried around pretty notebooks that were called “profile books”. They would ask people to write profiles in them, writing down all their details, putting some photos and facts about themselves, and a message. I loved mine (though I think I threw it out or lost it), and I still think it’s a cute idea.

Nowadays the equivalent to such a memoir would be a yearbook of sorts. And most likely produced on the computer. When I was on the yearbook committee in high school, people were too lazy to write their profiles. It surprised me because I’ve always enjoyed writing them. :)

Now everything is online in the form of social networking profiles and sometimes blogs.

I wonder, do our name and details really define us anymore or tell people who we are? Or is it what we write, and the content we post?

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I hate writing about myself because I don’t have much good things about me. So I fill it up with ambitions and stuff like that.
I say that its the content which is important.
Probably because tend to lie more these days, so we have to dig deeper to get a true perception of them.
I love pulling all nighters! Especially with a bunch of friennds but I usually feel it the next day, just feel dead by 6pm. I’m such a last minute person with assignments, I’ve had a week of school this week and I’ve done no work whatsoever. Maybe I should start.


Lucky you. I’ve pulled an all-nighter once in my life. It was terrible, I never want to do it again. You should NEVER pull an all-nighter, although I am sure you are less disorganised than me, so will probably never need to :). Although, I’ve stayed up past 6am doing assignments a fair few times, and that’s PRACTICALLY an all-nighter. Those are terrible too D:. You get the worst headaches D:.

Good luck getting that presentation together ♥. I’m sure it will all end up okay in the end, and you will get HD or D or something really high :P.

Ahhhh, those clapping games. They’re so cute. I don’t remember that rhyme. I remember the “Apple-on-a-stick, makes me sick, makes my heartbeat 2-4-6” because my nieces taught it to me last time I went back. It’s funny. And my second cousins always go on about some sort of “Bunny got hit by a UFO” chant. =S Not sure what that is though :P.

Hahaha, I don’t really like writing about myself, because, I just don’t think I’m that interesting, so I think my “About Me” comes out as pretty awkward-sounding. But then again, I sound pretty awkward in real life. But I still try to make an effort with my About Me page.

It’s weird, though cos I love filling out memes and surveys and stuff (cos I’m narcissistic like that XD).

I guess I don’t really like writing about myself in formal paragraphed sentences, cos it makes me feel self-conscious? Hahaha, that’s weird though, cos I have no problem blogging about myself :P.

OMG, THOSE PROFILE BOOKS. I think I lost mine too :(. Oh well, we still have each other. HAHAHA.

Man people were so lazy to fill out yearbook profiles. It’s so strange D:. Half our grade was totally up themselves D:.

I think that the content we write is what defines us, not the details we post. Those are like…basic background knowledge.You really get to know someone by reading their posts, cos like you mentioned once before (I think), we all impart part of our personalities in our writing style, so it’s unique ;).

ew 🤮 two faced people. i cannot stand anyone whos like that /argh i dont know how they can live with themselves to be honest.

i cant stand writing about myself, i never really know what to write. i dont really find myself all that interesting so i avoid anything to do with me at all costs. also, i tend to ramble on and drift off topic so i try to keep it short and sweet.

i am absolutely terrible for leaving things until the last minute. i’m a very forgetful person so yeah, i often forget about homework altogether.. hahaha:)

i love staying up late on a night, but i’ve never stayed up ALL night. my eyes get too heavy after a while, hehehe:).

P.S – thank you for commenting back! ♥

We didn’t have too much clapping games in primary school but we did have these phases where something would be hugely in style
It would range from things like Diablos, scoobydoo strings, these little plastic Winnie the Poohs to fashion such as – ugh I can’t believe I owned one – ponchos and then Converse All Stars
There was probably loads more ‘in’ things but I forget them :P

I actually like answering questions about myself and writing biographies ‘cus it distinguishes me from other people and says what I like
The reason I don’t have much on me on my site is due to over-protective parents :P
They don’t want a pervert looking at my site or something, but to be honest I’m not really too bothered as its my site and my area of the web, so it should be about me

I used to write these lengthy biographies on my websites when I was younger. I would put in so many little details that I thought explained who I was as a person, so everyone would know more about me. The older I got, the more I felt like *I* may be interested in what happened to me when I was 17-years old… but not everyone else was. So I started leaving out smaller details of my life and just concentrated on the larger aspects of my experiences. That way I could kind of fill in the spaces when I needed something to blog about.

Does that make any sense? lol

I used to do that too! I had such a terrible website and I wasn’t a blogger (I had one of those cute pixel websites. I wrote so much on my entire life. But even though I felt good writing about myself I doubt people even read what I wrote, and I just wanted to keep it simple. After blogging for some time I realised that people know a lot about me by reading my blogs. I totally know what you mean. :D

For me it feels difficult to write profiles. My mind gets blank, there’s sort of so much to tell and..well, it never “comes out right”. The last question is a good one.. I have no anwser to it :-(

Recently, I’m staying up late too! It is not for the purpose of studying though; I am up late to watch videos, Charmed, and read blogs. I SHOULD KILL MYSELF. 💥 I forced myself to stay up late no matter how tired I am, because I think that I should finish watching those videos and reading the blogs tonight, then only I can study tomorrow. But nooooo, more blogs and more videos to read and watch the next day(s)……. /wah Well, the time does not and will not stop for me.

This is the first time I heard about clapping games. I would love to know more about it, but I guess it’s not possible. I bet nobody would know how to play it here. I’ve forgotten what we used to play in primary school. The only game I remember is rock, paper, scissors. (YES, THAT BORING GAME!) /snort Oh, and “tag-and-run” /faw – the most enjoyable game because everyone could play together. I prefer a game that everyone could play together, rather than a only girls or boys game. The more, the merrier! It’s a pity that the school does not allow us to run in the school compound, afraid of students getting injured by falling. We’re kids – of course we love running!

It’s not that I dislike writing about myself.. Sometimes, I think that I do not know myself that much and I might not be able to see my own flaws. It would seem a bit fake for me if I were to only write about my good sides. So, I think that what the others say about me is usually right – people tend to see the others’ weaknesses. But sometimes, I think that people don’t understand me. ….. uh, I am contradicting. D: The way I think is really complicated sometimes, haha.

I like having people to understand me, which is why it is really easy to approach me. I have drafted my about me page, mostly about what I like and what I dislike; and how I feel towards certain thing but I did not type it out on the internet yet. I feel that words are not enough to describe myself in full. I sometimes think that people could know me better in my blog posts or through the comments I left on their blog.

In short, I like writing about myself but I don’t know how to. I have too many thoughts and sometimes I think I’m (almost) crazy. I think a lot. I think too much, in fact.

Ah, profile books? We call it a memory book here. I used to like writing in it too. I was the one who brought that idea to my primary school, hehe. I saw my sister owning one, so I bought a book myself and told my friends to write their profiles in it. Eventually, everyone (ok, maybe not all) started to own a memory book too. :D I was and am always the one who came up with (weird) ideas all the time. People just start to follow somehow. /bounce (Complimenting myself… /rose )

Now, in secondary school, we have yearbook but we do not have the chance to write our own profiles. The students in charge write it for us instead – name and classroom. -_- I dislike yearbook. It’s useless in my opinion. Plus, it contains pictures of the teachers I dislike. /argh I’ve thrown away all yearbooks I received for the past four years. /poo

I dislike writing about myself on social networking websites. Perhaps it’s because I’ve joined too many. I think it is unnecessary to write the same thing everywhere. :/ Right, again with the “but how are people going to know about me?” thought… Ah, I don’t careeeeeee anymore. 🤫

For your last question, my answer would be none of them. I think people could know me better if they are my friends, online and offline. Writing about myself is different. I am not really good in English or any other languages so I couldn’t write the way I want my readers to feel what I really feel inside. Lack of vocabulary. -_- A good example would be: I am actually a joker, but I don’t think you could feel it. I can’t make myself sound funny through words (unless I type improper English – “la”, “lo” etc). I sound more serious, right? /faw

I’m sorry if my comment is unorganised, in some way, and (probably) filled with grammatic errors. -_- I am writing this at midnight = I’m tired… but I want to comment, so that I will not need to (online to) comment tomorrow… and I should study… yeah… yes… @_@ I hope you don’t mind. /wah

I hope your days will get better! ♥

i nearly have pulled a all nighter when i was in my last year at school. i was studying for an exam, i did terribly in it by the way lol. ive also stayed up late to chat to people on my phone or watch tv, i like watching tv late at night it’s so quiet compared to during the day, just don’t watch a extra scary movie late at night when you all alone downstairs lol.

Doing last minute assignments happens to everyone hun, I did it once this year. Never again because I got my head cut off by my parents.

Why aren’t you allowed to see james tomorrow?

I never know what to say about myself, it’s so much easier to write about your good friend than yourself. I had a notebook on my last day of school where my whole class signed it with a little message, I still have it :)

Ooo! I remember those lovely profile books :D Haha, back in my primary school days, they used to be , like, the measure of your popularity! The more testimonials you got in your book, the more popular you are! Haha, we asians sure love to measure things. Even ambiguous things like popularity.

I think that everyone loves talking about themselves, but doing so may make them seem, self centered , even narcissistic to a certain extent. We are forced to put on facades in real life, even when we write in online journals such as these , we want people to think the best of us, and not as some sort of self conceited jerk, so we dont talk as much about ourselves as we’d like to. :(

Yeah, I suppose that is a part of getting older. You don’t need people to tell you how things are now, because we’ve been through just about all of the worst of it. We’ve made our mistakes & learned from them. Now we’re the ones telling the younger generation “how it is”.

Omg I remember those ‘profile book’s I had one too and mines missing, probably buried under all my old school books in my parent’s garage somewhere haha. One of my old high school friends found hers and read my profile and I must say it was really embarassing to read. I was obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. 😳 haha

I think now that we’ve all grown up we’re a bit more careful about what we reveal to people about ourselves, my FaceBook bio is bare! I think people are a bit more judgmental these days. Hope you’re feeling better! ✌️

I never liked Leonardo DiCaprio, but I remember having a crush on Freddie Prinze Jr. I’m not so embarrassed about it now, though I’ll admit being embarrassed by other things!

I don’t have Facebook so I don’t have to worry about people finding me there (since it’s so popular). But I do watch what I write on my blog posts and other websites I use.

I hope your site stops acting up soon. I want to read your blogs properly and I’m still getting the “reported site attack” message. (Google Chrome doesn’t like it either. :O)

All nighters are BAD, BAD … I fell asleep during the new star wars movie at the cinema and had to go again … I also ended up with the flu … I wouldn’t do it again, it sounds awesome at the time though xx ♥

I find these days a lot of people have a identity crisis. Luckily for me I have never tried to be someone I am not online or off, but surprisingly it’s very common and I don’t get it. I’m also getting sick with a bad cold O_O BAH!!!! I think what we write definitely defies us more then our names …

Yeah I made someone else write my about me, send it, to me, and I added/ took away some details ahah.
I’ve never actually pulled a study all nighter, I do that think where I sleep and get up at an insane time to study/work but I have pulled an all nighter for a party. We got back home and 4 and were still on a buzz so we sat and watched the sunrise LOL
always appreciate your comments

*do that thing

*at 4

WTF is with my spelling today?

Oh my.. I CAN’T live with a little sleep.. hahahaha.. I need atleast 10 hours of sleep a day. hahahaha.. :)) I hope you’d feel better so you can see James already. ;)

I think it’s more on what we write and what we post.. O_o

Avoid all-nighters like the plague! They’re bad for you! I always majorly crash afterward.

I always never know how to describe myself subjectively, so I try to make as many objective notions as possible. I tell people what I enjoy doing, my extracurricular, and some things that I like, and what I’m studying in school. That usually gives a pretty good picture of me.

I used to say that I was shy. Man, is that wrong!

I’ve never ever pulled an all-nighter. On school days though, I tend to get little sleep. But during holiday’s and half term’s I sleep for sooo long I surprise myself sometimes.

Lol clapping games ;D those were the days. I played soo many different types of clapping games in primary school.

I don’t really like writing about myself. Mainly because I never know what to write to make it interesting :S I’ve never ever been satisfied with my about me page Dx

I think what tells people more about who we are is what we write, such as our blogs/about me pages. Just profiles listing details does’t tell the reader much.

I have pulled an all-nighter, but it wasn’t related to school. XD If I’m wokring with something, I easily get sleepy. XD Last semester, the least hours of sleep I had was 2 hours, give or take. And I know it’ll be harder this coming semester. @_@

I think we’re just being trained to work under pressuer since that’s what working in real life would be. At least that’s my perception. XD Work won’t be that hard though if you love your job.

Procrastination is our friend and enemy at the same time. XD I hope you get to finish all the things you need to do on time, though. I work best under pressure too. Haha. I wouldn’t work on something unless I’m left with no choice other than submit it the next day or so.

I know some clapping games too. XD I guess it’s really fun when you’re a kid. We still play it at school though. No wonder, we’re branded as kids. Hehehe.

I’m one of those “I don’t like writing an About Me page” people. XD I get stuck at that page when I make one. It’s not that I feel weird writing about myself, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Haha.

I think your profile books are equivalent to our slum books here. XD It was so famous when we were on primary school. My friend and I recently bought one and made our classmates fill up information. Haha.

The galeon just visited our place. If it happens to stop by at yours, do pay a visit. :P It’s free here, so I don’t know if it applies there as well.

Really? I tried using text-align: center, but it doesn’t work, even if I put the image in a div or class. O_o I don’t like non-centered images in my site as well.

I’ve been updating my fanlistings though, I don’t want to lose any of them. Hehe. I just stopped for now because I wanna rest from making layouts. ^-^

Hmm, in the movies, Sadako has sort of split up into two. The other Sadako was the evil one. The movie is entitled Ringu 0, which serves as a prologue to The Ring 1. Is that in the book too? Because I don’t understand how and why she split up. LOL.

Glad you like this blog post and that you agree with my point of view. It is only my opinion of how I see life.
It really is as you say, sometimes we make hasty decisions, and discovered a mine instead of being warned. I always thought that decisions have to be taken in stride. It is true that when we get older we tend to take more risks.

It is true that when we begin to learn the basics and make small decisions. Yes it really is. Meeting new people is always rewarding, especially if they are good people.
Sometimes we find track, but sometimes these clues are not enough, and have difficulties to continue our path. Life is difficult, but it can bear. I like your point of view /eee

That’s true, just remember the times we have been wounded. Yeah it’s so true. I agree with you, in the love we must be patient.

Thanks for understanding me! That’s right. Full-time student, it takes a long time.

Our mothers agree, haha. I understand. That’s true, most people judge more outside than the inside of a person. I agree with you, not because you go with good or very elegant clothes, you’re a nice person inside. Yeah that’s true. Our friends don’t accept as we are :)

I know. I’m sure you’ll get used to the Dvorak keyboard.

That’s fine. I don’t like cooking, but I do it when necessary.

You’re lucky to live with little sleep, I need to sleep at least 7 hours 😴

I hope you’ve finished the presentation on time.

I remember clapping games, good times /hehe .

I think most people it costs us write about ourselves. I remember the first time I had to write my biography on my website, did not know what to write. But seeing the profiles of some bloggers inspired me.

I like your point of view on the profiles. And I understand that you like to write profiles but many people have trouble doing, because they don’t know what to say about themselves.

In social networks most people don’t complete your profile. It is as if they had something to hide :( .

I’ve never had school yearbook, but I would have liked to have it :)

I think with the names and our data do not really define who we are, instead what we write about our life is what defines us.

I’ve pulled all-nighters twice, once at a sleepover and once in July when I went on holiday-I left at 4am, and I’d already shifted my sleeping pattern so that I was going to bed at around 5am. I can’t sleep in cars. xD I’m not a person who can get by without much sleep though, I become completely unresponsive and can’t even get my eyes to focus.

I write tons about myself on my site. I think it’s just because I’m the one thing I can talk about without worrying about being contradicted or being wrong. We get a yearbook in 6th year, but that’s it, and I have no idea if you get any input into them. I guess I’ll find out next year. :3

At lunch, we either play cards or make up games involving our hands. We like making patterns, too. We’re a strange, loud group…
The clapping games were fun. I don’t really remember any of them, since I would only watch other girls doing them (I didn’t make friends easily), and the one that sticks to my memory is High, Low, Piccolo. I could probably Google some and try and liven up my group of friends more, since we’re getting bored of cards. xD

From what you’ve said here, I think it’s a good thing you’re not on Facebook?—you would get so addicted. :P

I personally love writing about myself, but feel the need to change it around so much. I can never get it quite the way I like it. There’s always something wrong with the wording, or I feel I’m not getting the right idea across. My Facebook profile is HUGE. I know that someone has read it, though, because she told me we have the same middle name and almost the same first names. (Her legal name is Cory, though she spells it as Corrie. She’s rather nice.)
I can never stop talking about myself, and I always have trouble connecting with people that can’t write about theirself, or don’t want to try. (And I just translated that sentence into French in my head…) I always feel like there’s less of a connection or bond when they don’t put out more information than their name and gender, since I don’t think we’re defined by our name and gender. It’s very coincidental that Corrie and I have names one letter off until it gets to her second middle name and my last name, and that we have quite a lot in common.

I was not very good in explaining about myself in english when I was younger, I still have problems with that (but that happends mostly when I speak because I stutter when I get very very nervous). For me it would partly be because I’m incomfortable talking a lot about myself, but I don’t know how it works for others.

REPLY: I guess it also has to do how you live in the household. my parents are allright, and I’m planning to stay there for at least a year, but I don’t have the need to be still at home in four years.

Lol, well, I live on little sleep as is both because of school, and because of work. I guess my xbox doesn’t help much :X I do hope you feel better! *virtual hug*
Uhm, well, I am definitely going to keep twilight crane, I’m just not sure what I will do with it. Maybe I will tailor it to a certain theme or something.

As for the paper, I did have a back up file, but apparently my computer thought it would be funny to erase that too 😢

I will add you as an affie to SK right now Sorry for the delay. I got so sleepy at like 2am and fell asleep without finishing.

I would argue that our name doesn’t really define us. My name is uncommon and many people have told me that it suits me, that I “look like” my name, and even though I don’t know the stem of that logic, I do somewhat understand the meaning. I have told people before, “You look like a Karen” or “You don’t really seem like a Chris”, but in those cases, it’s my preconcieved notion of a Chris or a Karen that’s defining them, rather than the name itself.
I think a lot of people are afraid of being made fun of when they talk about themselves. Perhaps they feel apprehensive of the fact that a lot of the times, people who are being made fun of (and the people they make fun of) aren’t aware of it. Even though I know better than to judge someone before I get to know them, and even though reading a profile probably wouldn’t stop me from trying to get to know them, I will still form an opinion about that person by reading their profile. I think a lot of people are just incredibly self-conscious about what they put out there about themselves.

You really should go, it’s pretty expensive, the five of us was about $150.00 (without tip), but I definitely think it’s worth it. It’s so cool when they cook in front of you & the food is delicious. I was thankful it wasn’t anything else more serious. I’ve had an injury on this foot before & they said if I messed it up badly again, it could mean I’d need a surgery so I freaked when it happened. I was so relieved when they told me it was just fractured.

You know what I hate? I hate it when people start off an about page by saying something like “I hate writing these things ” or “I never know what to write on these things”

Writing about yourself is the EASIEST thing in the world. It’s the one topic you are the world’s best expert on. No one knows you better than you. And man, is it ever fun to write about something you are a total expert on :D

I’ve done a few all-nighters. Not purposely, I just can’t get to sleep, so I resort to going on my laptop, and blogging, haha!

Even on school nights, I go to bed around 2am. I hate it. But I just can’t get to sleep any earlier. Even at 2am I struggle to get to sleep.

I’d advise you not to ever, ever pull an all-nighter. It’s horrible. You feel so horrible, and you just want to go to sleep, but you’re constantly trying to stay awake. It really is awful! I usually end up falling asleep around 10am, and sleeping until late that night. It completely ruins my sleeping pattern!

Aw, good luck! I’m sure you’ll figure out something! When I get homework, I always say to myself that I have to get it done the day I’m given it. That never, ever happens! I usually end up doing it the morning of the day it’s due. I’m really bad at keeping track of time!

Haha! I remember all of the girls in my primary school doing them! I just found them confusing, haha! They did them about Kit-Kats, and parrots. Haha.

Haha! I’m amazed that you remembered that! I’d get muddled up with words, so I dare attempt it.

Speak soon, Owen :)

OMG Fanupdate IS stupid. It deleted your comment when I was going back to approve it, and showed up someone else’s comment! ARGH. And the your comment showed up again so I approved it, but it’s not displaying it on my blog. I so should switch to WordPress but the theme thing is so confusing. /angry

The latest I’ve stayed up doing homework in high school was 1AM. I’m not really a procrastinator, though I’m really procrastinating on my sites right now. I’ve actually stayed up till 4AM working on my sites! Hahaha.

When you mentioned clapping games it reminded me of the ones I used to play with my friend … like when I was 8. The game you wrote about is completely unfamiliar though. I played this one where you have to name things in a category without hesitating or repeating.

I don’t really like writing my about me, so I keep changing it. I don’t think that page tells much about a person, unless it’s really detailed (I think yours is haha). Blog entries are more important for me.

It gets dark around 6PM now, and it’s gonna be 5PM when DST reverts to normal. It’s just me my mom is protective about. When my brother was my age or so she never cared when he came home. Then again I’m a girl. O_O My friends (who are girls) have no curfews. I think underprotective parents aren’t great either.

I agree, artists and writers are just expressing themselves, and they chose that path despite it might not pay as well. I think Asian parents in general are just close-minded about their children’s paths. It’s like doctor doctor doctor you have to be a doctor! Um hello, if everyone became a doctor who would do the other jobs that keep this world running? Unfortunately I have a very Asian-washed dad in this manner. My parents can’t really control what I do, but they will nag like crazy.

Make the grade? That sounds really Asian, where you have to get a grade on a final exam to consider what you want to do. Like you really need to get some high score to go to medical school or something. Is it the same in Australia then?

I still don’t see how Dvorak would help just because the vowels are on one side….

I would start a food blog if I had a camera or at least a smart phone. =/ I’ve seen someone capture snippets of her life without the usage of pictures (in writing), so maybe I should consider that. I really want a photoblog in general too.

Hmm, well I didn’t have a good experience in high school. I wasn’t the best in my class, and the teachers only like the best students, or the students who talk to them, which I was neither.

I don’t like Facebook because it’s so pointless. I was invited to it and had one for about 2 days, that was freshman year 4 years ago. You can’t even customize your profile so everyone has the same ugly layout. Ironically that’s why so many people like it, because it’s simple and they don’t have to worry about HTML. Pfft. My brother says Facebook should just fire their layout staff.

I calculated by the end of the year or so I will have enough money for a new computer! Though that’s not what I want to spend it on. I can’t really get wireless for their house, haha. I won’t be doing this forever though, it’s like sort of to take away my boredom. If my mom’s friend manages to find someone who’s better at Korean and needs a permanent job I will prob go back home.

Yeah, they’re just a free version of TLD domains. They have all the features of a TLD (or almost, I think). It’s not like you can’t add subdomains off them or something. I have wondered why people don’t all just get’s but I guess .com and .net look more professional or something.

I have yet to pull an all-nighter, surprisingly. Though, I have been up quite late because of school work. I’m not a procrastinator either, but I have a teacher who doesn’t say exactly what he wants until last minute… forcing us to wait.
Well, i hope you feel better in time to do something fun for Halloween! (:

I’ve been up late for that reason too! But more often, I am up late because I’m playing games or just browsing the internet. Teachers should give you time to do work instead of leaving it to the last minute – that’s an example of a disorganised teacher!

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, but thanks anyway. :D Congratulations on opening your website, too. It looks great! :)

That clapping game is cute. I tried putting a tune but… err.. I failed. lol. i remember my elementary days… we used to play those games too but of course… with a different lyrics. :p

i’m one of the people who hates writing about me page. well.. i used to like that but… I feel like i’m bragging everytime i write something about me. hahaha. so i keep it plain and short. /wave

ye ive been in a wheelchair since i was 4 years old. thanks for the advice, it really made me think and ill try adjust :) i love youur advice.

im glad im finished too i can do stuff for my website now that ive been neglecting since school started. i hope to do alot on my site.

do u surf the internet on ur bed or at a table, my laptops always at my table thats to far from my bed and my dad doesnt like my laptop on my bed lol frustrating i know.

how far does james live?

thats sooooo cool that everyone signed your guitar, thats way better than a book.

Hiii Georgina! ♥

I’ve never pulled an all-nighter before too! Haha never did. And about the online bios, before I used to write really long paragraphs about myself. Then it got shorter, too. You’re right. I noticed that too. In my case, I just got tired of writing about myself. Probably because I feel like I don’t know myself that much anymore. Or maybe because I don’t think someone cares at all. ahaha. I hope it’s not like that though :s

I had slum/ autograph books before! :D I had a lot. Haha. I like filling in the details too. Funny how mine asked us to define love and friendship. Lol. The popular answers would be “Love is blind” or “Love is like a rosary” stuff like that XDD Good times.

Also, I think most of the time we’ll see what kind of person someone is through the content that they post/ what they write. The details just gives us a background. That’s just what I think^^

Oh btw, password to protected post is ‘yayforlove’. if you wanna read it. :) Just inviting you^^ hihi. ♥

If you ask me, I’d say it is what we write, and the content we post.
I hate filling profiles whenever I join some website. If it is not compulsory, I often leave them blank.
I have never played that particular clap game. But when we were kids, we played them all the time.
I have never pulled an all-nighter myself. I am the sort of person who complains about pending work all the time but usually gets them done ahead of time. The operative word being “usually.”
All the best with yours. I hope you pull it off. :)

Eleanor Robertson uses the pseudonym Nora Roberts and well as J.D. Robb. Next time you visit the bookstore, keep an eye out for them, and I am sure you’ll find them.
Nope, never heard of Bryce Courtenay. I’ll google it.

Thank you. I hate my hair. :P