Sooner or Later

Yesterday I did my presentation. It was fun… not.

Well, my last post was written the night before it was due. And I had been procrastinating and hadn’t really done very much that night. I was up until 2:00am doing that presentation, and even then, I wasn’t a hundred percent ready.

Well, I’ll be honest. I don’t like walking into something knowing in my gut that I’m just going to fuck it up big time. Imagine going on stage to do a dance you’ve never rehearsed. Or singing a song you don’t even know the words to.

Last semester, I made a crappy presentation ten minutes before it was actually due. I was focusing so much on other things, and procrastinating a lot, that it was very much a “last-minute” project. Despite that, I did alright. But going in there made me nervous. I was presenting something I wasn’t prepared for.

Yesterday I managed to kill the nerves, but even if I was nervous in the first place, I felt much better. I left home a bit later, so I still got adequate sleep (by adequate I mean, like, six or more hours). But I obviously felt better having actually printed what I planned to read. Last semester I read it from my laptop, and obviously, there were so many parts I didn’t want to read that I had to scroll though by using the touchpad to go through my whole document. It was stupid, really.

I ended up talking for 12 minutes yesterday. I felt good about it because I totally knew what I was talking about. :D

Earlier, James and I were discussing the idea of marriage proposal. So we all sort of see the man getting down on one knee holding a ring out to the girl. Is that so special? No. There are other ways to do it, other completely outrageous ways, which we talked about. One of James’s ideas? To cook the ring and disguise it as part of a bowl of calamari rings.

Choking hazard, duh. :P

Needless to say, James is so full of ideas that I don’t know what to expect if he ever plans on proposing. :O

I remember watching this show a while ago about marriage proposals. It was a reality television show of some sort. The only proposal I remember was one that was a complete fail. Trust me to remember the most embarrassing moments of people I don’t even know.

A man was somehow trying to win a girl’s heart. He didn’t know her all that well but he wanted to propose to her. I don’t recall, but I take it that they had a bit of an argument or disagreement with something. He probably made fun of her cup size, by the sounds of it.

And how did he choose to propose to her? In a darned shopping centre. In public. In the middle of a place full of people. With a float of dressed up angels and shit. He himself was dressed in some kind of Roman costume (I dunno, those ones with the togas and sandals). Who was he trying to be, Cupid?

… she said no.

Come on dude, what makes you think you can win a girl that way?

I knew this guy in high school who tried to win my friend back after they broke up. He bought her fifty roses and a teddy bear, some chocolates and even tried to approach her. As if she wasn’t embarrassed enough by having all that delivered to her.

I remember talking to her that day, and she was just in complete shock. She said, “Does he think that I’ll suddenly like him again because he’s given me all this… stuff? What is wrong with guys…”

Well, don’t get me wrong. I know there are sensible guys out there. But showering a girl with gifts isn’t necessarily gonna make her like you.

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Oh god. Presentations. I haven’t even STARTED the one I have on Monday /wah . Damn my life! I remember that presentation. The one you did in 10 minutes. You have talent! Hahahaha. I’d have been all D:. And totally failed. I can’t do anything in 10 minutes. I’m so not pro.

I’m glad your 12 minute long presentation went well :). Presentations are always so much better if you know what the hell you’re going on about. Like when I moot, and I don’t know my cases properly, I die. When I DO know the cases properly, it’s all good cos then I can answer all the judges’ questions, and its like ;) :D . And the other team with the arrogant ass on it, gets OWNED!

AHAHAHAHAHA! COOKING THE RING? Like, and EDIBLE RING? There goes YOUR engagement. LOOOOL! And it might get REAAAAAAAAAAALLY oily too. Hahaha, but it is a pretty unique idea! It reminds me of that movie, The Little Rascals, where that guy disguises a ring in desert, and the girl practically breaks her teeth on it :P. I’m sure James can do better than THAT XD.

Oh god. What an idiot D:. He insulted her and the proposed in the middle of a SHOPPING CENTRE? He must be completely DELUDED. Like seriously. VERY deluded. How embarrassing for her. If I were her, I’d be so humiliated, I’d have slapped him in the face. What an arrogant ass to be that confident. Hmph!

And cheesy costumes? Ew. If someone ever proposes to me like that, I’m sorry, but it signals the END of our relationship D:. EWWWWW!

Ha! I remember hearing about that at Girra. That poor girl. She must have been SO annoyed. Not to mention embarrassed. What is with these overboard romantic gestures, that aren’t even romantic. Romantic gestures are better if they’re small, in my opinion. I mean, I’d rather a guy offer to hug me warm when I’m cold, rather than show up in the middle of a shopping centre and serenade me, dressed as an angel. The former is cute. The latter is D:. So not cool.

And guys think us GIRLS are overly-romantic to the point of silliness!

I completely agree. Showering a girl with gifts is NOT going to make her like you more. In fact, it is pointless. I mean if you see something she will REALLY, REALLY like and appreciate, it’s cute, but buying all this useless crap is pathetic. She’s probably going to just feel like she’s been bought off. How offensive!

If someone tried to court me with excessive gifts, I’d be like “please just save your money. I’m not some object that can be bought”. Seriously. Love is GIVEN, not PURCHASED.

Thank god there ARE sensible guys out there :P.

I only got a credit, but then again that’s not so bad. I am sure you can pull it off… just don’t do what I did! And you have tomorrow to work on it too. There are many hours in a day… just make a huge ass plan and you should be fine. *HUGS* :D

I could never moot! I don’t think I’m a mooting person at all, and you know I’d hate reading over cases. I’ll stick with my communication stuff haha! But you have the skills, you can totally do this presentation. /bounce

Oh I remember that movie! I loved it! But I don’t remember the scene you’re talking about… damn. :(

I know, and they filmed it and everything. She was clearly embarrassed from the moment it started happening. People were watching! And that guy was probably even more embarrassed after she rejected him. I mean, I like a bit of humour sometimes, but that was impractical. I don’t even think they were officially together at that point. What a silly man.

I agree! I am touched (yes, that’s the word) by guys opening doors for me. I do not want to be humiliated in public! As much as girls do like guys doing sweet things, you just cannot go overboard to the point where you humiliate the girl!

I hate doing something when I know I’m going to mess it up, too.

Sometimes, when I have homework, I delay it till Sunday, then when my parents are out, I bring them in the room and do it while watching movie. It’s done at the last minute, too, but I guess projects aren’t the same as homework ;)

I actually don’t understand myself. Sometimes, before exams, I know I am nervous. During the exam, I think I am nervous. After the exam, I understand why I was nervous and tell myself not to be nervous anymore. Next year exams: nervousness.

Oh boy. Usually when I’m reading books (🤫), I actually skip a bit of the boring parts. Then when I read through it again and spot the parts that I didn’t read, I think to myself: “Did this part come out by magic?!

I remember a couple of shows about weddings and marriages. One of them:

Man invites woman to dinner
Waiter serves dishes and opens the cover
First dish: abalone; Second dish: meat; Third dish: vegetables; Fourth dish: ring
Woman says “Wow!” then “YES YES YES I’M MARRYING YOU!”

I think this was what happened… in more than ONE show.

Basically, I like that the guys “sacrifice” their reputation to propose to the girls. But if they will cheat on the girls in the future, to be honest, I don’t care if they even “attempted” to commit suicide. WTF??!!

Money can’t buy love. Sorry for the late reply /wah

Ha! Never procrastinate! Funny that the master of procrastination is saying this to other people. 🤫 I have never had any presentations in school. Well, not yet. I think I can “sort of” relate to this. Once, I did not study for my examination. I answered them with a blank mind. Seriously, I was really scared (of failing) and nervous (because all my friends were answering so well). I guess this is how I would feel too if I were to do my presentation without any preparations. But I’m really glad that you managed to did that well. :D

Ah, that reminds me of my good online friend, Kit. She told me that she did not manage to finish her studies for the examination. But, before the examination, she read the notes that she believed would be questioned on. SHE WAS SO LUCKY. Everything she studied last minute actually came out! OMG ASDFGHJKL!

Ok, back to topic.

It would be different if I were to go on stage. I will practise very hard before the big day without procrastinating like what I’m doing now. I don’t want to embarrass myself on stage. In fact, I don’t want to embarrass myself no matter where I am. Therefore, I will always “rehearse” before I really do anything, like talking to myself in front of the mirror, planning what I should say etc. Gee, it is not like I will be confessing or proposing to someone. -_- I guess I care a lot about my image. (SHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just pretend I have one! /bash )

I … have not really been in love before. I didn’t ask my elder sister how her husband proposed to her. She probably wouldn’t tell me about it anyway. She likes to keep these things to herself. Some people like sharing about it but some people just don’t. I’m the type who don’t mind sharing (but now I have nothing to share on this :D what am I talking -_- ).

I do hope that James will propose to you soon. +__+ (Why am I getting so excited here myself? /bash ) You seem to be looking forward to it. ♥ I think he would definitely come up with something really different. He has so many ideas! (Y) And lol at the calamari rings idea!

LOL, THAT GUY. HE DEFINITELY FAILED. 🤫 I actually laughed when I read that! Honestly, he is creative … but not clever. /hehe

You have a point there. I think I really have a simple mind. (WOO, RIN SAYING THIS HERSELF!) Sometimes, I honestly just don’t get it. If you hadn’t blogged about that: “She said, “Does he think that I’ll suddenly like him again because he’s given me all this… stuff?”. I mean … in my mind, I just thought that that is how guys try to win a girl’s heart back.. As simple as that, for me. I have never thought any deeper. Perhaps it’s because I have not experienced it myself, so I don’t really know how it feels.

Here’s another thing: I don’t understand why the girls in my school just love to keep “I have a boyfriend!” as a secret. And if you ask her about it (when the whole universe obviously know that they are a couple), she would say, “NO ~ WE ARE JUST FRIENDS. NORMAL FRIENDS.” -__- Right…… I just don’t get it. /wah I guess this is one of the reasons I always scored low mark for Chinese comprehension that needs a deeper thinking.

p/s: I’m sorry Georgina. I might not be writing good comments (with little grammatic errors) these days because I have to be quick, fast and speedy so that I can study sooner. :3 (RIGHT ~~~) I hope this will not bother you until the mid of December. ^_______^”” (I was born to torture you anyway ~ :D )

I can’t believe you did that… what a daredevil! I have never gone into an exam without studying at least a bit. I would be petrified of failing! But in this case I did have some sort of preparation, and props… since I had my laptop and some visual aid. Still, I could have done better. :P

Oooh! I tend to have the worst luck in exams though. I study so hard on the things that aren’t tested that much, and then I am confronted with a terrible question I barely know anything about. Usually anything I read straight before an exam doesn’t process because I’m so nervous!

I’m used to being on stage, what with music performances and a lot of dance performances in the past. I didn’t really practice them but I was scared of stuffing up on stage, so it motivated me to practice.

Aw, that’s a shame, I would have loved to hear about how your sister was proposed to. XD

I think that guy had a good heart, no joke, but he didn’t think that through. Not to mention, this girl wasn’t really with him at the time… he failed, sadly, but I found it quite funny.

Well, I think it’s true. You cannot win someone’s heart with “things”. I feel that way too, but I can’t say anyone has totally showered me with gifts. I treasure quality time and experiences together over “stuff”. It’s nice when James gives me a gift, but what I remember the most is the good times we had together.

No need to apologise, Rin. :D Your comments are still long as hell. /bounce ♥

ME TOO! I always have bad luck for examination! Whatever I studied, never came out; whatever my friends studied, ALWAYS came out. -_- Just like you, I always study whatever that is not important (BECAUSE I THOUGHT THOSE ARE IMPORTANT /wah ).


I agree. I remember the good times I had with my family and friends. I do remember what they gifted me though. But what I treasure the most is the good times we had. ♥

the man getting down on one knee holding a ring out to the girl.” Awww Simone and I did that, like a prince to her princess! :D It was wonderfully sweet, but of course everyone has their own special proposal styles. Anyway… congratulations sweetie!!!! I would love to give you a real hug right now. x3

As for the presentation, you still did your best on it, even though it was the very last minute, and a credit is still good to get. :) Perhaps next time you can schedule your time better. It happens to procrastinate, especially when we have trouble collecting ideas.

So, again… enjoy your upcoming proposal day! :D

~ Luana

Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I can see myself getting annoyed if a boy kept passing on presents. Flowers are nice and all, but they just die in a couple of days and take up space. Not remotely useful.

I have a nerve problem; I’ll be find up to the point where my name is called and it’s my turn to go. For some reason, I usually end up going around the beginning despite my last name being at the end of the alphabet. But I maintain that going first isn’t so bad. For one thing, you could be graded less harder if the teacher hasn’t seen how bad it can get. And for a second thing, …. well I dunno what the second thing is but I just think going first is better than last. 🙄 As for the nerves, it drives me insane because I know the moment I get up there I’ll do fine (for presentations, speeches, and what not).

I’m glad to hear your presentation went better this time around. :) Nerves is a huge problem of mine & I have to figure out how to get it under control before our first open mic night. lol. So horrible!

Cooking a ring in anything just doesn’t sound safe to me. lol. Even if it’s a cake…eh I don’t know. lol.

i think guys give all the unneeded gifts to make themselves feel so much better about something (weather if it’s about the relationship or something else). I’m totally not into all these gifts and stuff like that, I hate it. It kinda makes me feel like I’m a child or something.

Ry proposed while we were watching 3 Extremes (during Dumplings!). Which shouldn’t be a huge surprise. lol.

The new layout is finally up. :D The original prompt actually asked for a picture of me but i didn’t feel like uploading an image of myself, so I changed it.

It feels wonderful to be alive. :D Aww I hope you week is getting better. *HUGS* You know me and my comments, I read them and then reply like a week later. I was actually replying comments a few minutes ago, but then I checked my email and just like that, I was distracted. /argh
Do you guys have Taco Bell in Australia?

I have stage fright so I try to avoid presentations. I seriously cannot stand in front of people whose attention is on me. It makes me really uncomfortable. I just keep counting the minutes in my head.
I find the getting down on one knee a bit cliche. I love things like putting the ring on my finger while I’m asleep. Something even better is helping him plan a proposal for a friend who wants to propose to his gf but then finding out in the end that it’s all for you. That would be so romantic. ;)

They need to realize that you can’t buy love.

My brother in law proposed Christmas night to my sister. What he did was tie the ring to balloons in a present. He told her she wasn’t allowed to open that box because it was from him and they unwarp their presents alone and at the end of Christmas Day, so she had no idea what he had planned to do. When she opened the present, out came balloons and they went on the roof and at the end of the balloons was an engagement ring … I still that is very cool …

Congrats on your presentation. We only got 15 mins to talk, and motormouth here, 15 mins wasn’t long enough. I love public speaking, hence why I was school captain. I had no dramas talking in front of 1000+ students and teachers … I always imagine they are naked 👏

How did your presentation go? What marks did you get and what was it about? (Sorry if some of this was in your older post).

I want to be proposed to in an extremely special way. I don’t know how exactly but I want it to be ‘one of a kind’. Even though Currar and I have only been together 4 months but I really feel (and hope) that he is the one.

I totally agree with you, but right now Currar is my best friend… So there is no competition what-so-ever. Lol. I kinda like it though, we are more than comfortable around each other. :) Even more so than I was with my ex-best friend. Lol.

Congrats on your presentation! I am so used to being unprepared when it comes to my presentations that I don’t even prepare what to say in advance. I’d just go up in front of the whole class and talk about whatever I remember from the researches i did. It’s never fun. Sometimes I just start stuttering or lose my chain of thought in the middle of the sentence. O_O

On the other note, I think no matter how the guy proposes as long as I love him and he loves me, it would still be the most special (and sweetest) thing ever. Of course, even if he does make it super unique, I would be just as happy. :)

Hey!!! congrats on your presentation… it just feels great when you talk in front of many people and you know exactly the thing you are discussing. :D *claps!*

about the marriage proposal.. i like talking about that with my girl friends but i haven’t talked about it with my guy. i’m shy. plus i don’t wanna be disappointed. :p

Ahh, the public proposal! Good on her for saying no. I’ve heard of instances like that where they say yes and then in private tell them to go to hell :P
I think I’d like to see more women going down on one knee. Does it really need to be the guy that proposes these days?
And for myself? I don’t even intend to marry.

I personally would like to see more women proposing too! I don’t know why girls asking out guys in school was even a big deal. My friend was telling me to just go ahead and propose to my boyfriend. :P

I think I’ve always seen marriage in my future, even more so now that I am in a really wonderful relationship.

Woo! Glad you were prepared for this time’s presentation. 10-15 minutes is a good time to present a paper provided you don’t waffle along the way. Here we have to do 20 minutes presentation and the rest of the hour is used for discussion of the topic.

I’ve always felt that a public proposal is a sweet thing to do until it happens to oneself. I’d probably be dead embarrassed if Leon would propose me in front of other people. He once kissed me in front of some people and that was enough to make me ran away from the place. XD

Yeah, not all girls can be impressed by showering them with gifts. For some girls, giving them attention and spending the time would be enough. Gifts are extras. Many girls are satisfied as long as their partners are there for them when they need them.

I totally get what your saying about presentations. When I’m in a group I do much better in them, but when I’m by myself, it’s like 💥 I don’t hate large crowds. I just hate being infront of them :P

In response to the thing about boys. Your right about all of them not being bad. But most of them are stupid, even if they’re good. Not stupid meaning worthless, but stupid meaning, they never can do the right thing. Some guys really think they can just shower girls with gifts and automatically, they’ll love you. But some girls do it too, just not with gifts. They constantly pamper a guy, hoping that it will make the guy like them. So it goes both ways. So I guess we’re both stupid :)

I love being on stage when i’m singing, acting or dancing, but when it comes to things like presentations i just flop O_O I hate them, especially if its infront of people i know then I literally have a fit at the front of the room, ahaha! /bash

I love weddings, they’re so sweet :) As i’m only 14 I don’t really know how I’d want someone to propose to me to be honest. I’d want it to be out of the blue and romantic, i’m sure.

I love the theme! It was really easy for me to customize to my liking, greens my favourite colour so yeah, hahaha:3.

I think I know what kind of reality show you’re talking about, something along the lines of ‘The World’s Most Creative Proposals’ or something.

I recall an episode where the guy dressed up as a bee, but I’m not sure what for. xD

Wasn’t there a very public proposal in a sports event in the US? I remember the newspapers frontpaging it because the woman said no on the big screen.

If it were me, I would like a small, sweet proposal. NOT public. Something like this cute Valentine-greeting I got: “Will you be my P2?” and a picture of two Playstation-consoles <3

It’s OK. Really?! That’s crazy! My legs would tire out really quickly – and I’d be aching by the end of the day! Haha.

I will do! It’s just so tempting to come and lye down in my nice warm bed with my laptop, haha. It’s too comfy!

I’ve never heard of RealPlayer before.. Is it like a Windows version of iTunes? Or is that Windows Media Player? Haha.

Yeah! Haha. I ended up going to bed at 5am! I need my sleep too – I train five times a week, so I need all the energy I can get! I don’t purposely, I just can never get to sleep.

You’re so lucky! I thought insomnia was an illness to do with being insane or something.. Correct me if I’m wrong :P I think I’m too young to have sleeping pills :(

I try and get them done before-hand, but I usually forget and leave it to the last minute. Yeah, we do, haha!

Aww i’m glad your presentation went well! I procrastinate too, its what I’m doing now haha! I hate going into things not knowing either, it’s an awful feeling.

You’d better watch what you eat if James has cooked it then :p I suppose it could be slipped in a glass of champagne?

omg i think i’d be so embarrassed if someone proposed like that, no wonder she said no haha.
Your friend was right, its not all about material stuff, chocolate’s not going to suddenly make you go “oh i forgot why we broke up it’s all fine” especially if they broke up over something like him cheating or something, it’s not going to make her magically forgive him. That being said, gestures are sweet sometimes.

Thanks I do feel better I think I was just having a bad day haha, hopefully I won’t have such a bad one for a long time lol

My worst fear is being proposed to in public… Eep. I don’t know, I think proposing should be simple, sweet and private. I’d be horrified if someone would propose to me with a lot of people around, staring.

I’m happy your presentation went well! I always dread those things and tend to ramble when I’m up in front of hundreds of people (my year has 800+ students, so you’re always in front of a whole damn crowd /sweat). Then again, I do love the feeling when it’s over, and you know you’ve done well :)

I’m usually the same when it comes to presentations. I don’t give them often, but when I do they’re in a group, so when I do my bit I often procrastinate and leave it until the night before. This usually leads to them going horribly wrong, but I still never learn!

Aw, I guess that would be a cute marriage proposal though! But it’s like in films, whenever the man puts the ring in a cake or something, the woman always chokes on it or it goes missing, haha.

It must be so embarrassing to be told ‘no’ to a marriage proposal in public. I mean, I’m sure it’d be bad enough when the couple are alone, but it must’ve been so humiliating…I suppose it serves him right for making fun of her cup size!

Most of my exams I’ve done previously, or will do again before the final exam comes round, so I’ll always have something to fall back on and there’s always resits I can do in sixthform. I just want to get it out of the way though.

I am gonna try and be on time for school more often. I can honestly see me losing my Prefect status at school if I carry on, I guess I’ll have to keep trying.

Thank you. :)

Just a little quick message before I go to sleep:

I put up the basic blog on ^-^ Hope you like the idea. *hugs* Thank you so much again for donating this domain to me!

~ Luana

Argh uni presentations! they are the worst! I hated presentations and they always weighed such a hefty amount in your final overall grade too, its ridiculous.

I really love that idea that James is going to do something completely different to purpose! I bet it’s going to be a great and memorable story that you’ll be able to get a laugh out of or a cry :) I didn’t specify how I got engaged in my blog but I actually asked Andrew, not the other way round. He is such a wonderful guy always giving and I thought it was about time he got something big back. So when we at his grandparents house (with his whole family around) I asked him! I burst into tears while blurting out the words. He was in total shock!

I’m not sure why my site keeps doing that? I’ve been trying to fix it. I think it’s fixed now? Please tell me if it still says attack site. Cause it’s working for me in firefox :) and in IE.

I used to spend like 10 minutes preparing for presentations. Then again presentations were never my strong point. I always like to stick extra words in them to make them longer, same thing I do with papers etc. I know a guy who never prepared and just acted like participating in class. Lucky person. O_O

That’s actually a funny proposal idea, haha! I love those, rather than the weird getting down on one knee we all see too much. I think my favorite is putting it inside many boxes for Christmas. I really hate these things in public though, like I know a guy who dressed as a prince to ask a girl to prom, in the middle of a hallway. And she said yes. Desperate crackheads. /angry

Looking back on the incident I wish I could’ve hit her on the head… but then again there’s a “customer is always right” rule. Ridiculous. I told my boss and she only apologized…but I can’t really complain since she’s giving me this chance to work for her. I probably can’t get better chances so I’ll just have to live with it. /hmph

I used to swear in every other sentence, and would always get yelled at. Because according to my mom, “girls don’t use the F word.” As if they don’t, it was from a girl I even learned the word. :X

Haha that’s a funny reference! So creative! I actually didn’t know Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween. My mom really hates it actually, though at least she doesn’t make me wear a scary mask to scare off kids. Teenagers think it’s funny, kids cry. 😢

3 hrs on a WordPress theme?! And I thought 2 hours learning to code regularly was long! If I sat down and learned it I’d prob stay up till like 5AM! I guess only until FanUpdate totally screws up will I switch. I got your comment fine this time and I’m approving it early so don’t have to wait a week, plenty of FanUpdate screwup chances then.

Haha, I should rewrite my about-me page, it seems so boring compared to other people.s

My friend was out until 4AM on prom night. My mom was like “IS HER MOM CRAZY OR SOMETHING?!” I swear even when I’m 25 I will be having a curfew.

Not many people want to be nurses though, unless you enjoy cleaning up after people. I couldn’t believe two of my classmates told me they were going into nursing. 0-0

Our conclusion: Facebook sucks. Aha. I don’t even keep track of what goes on there. I really dislike social networkings that only allow standard layouts … like But not necessarily just that, since Myspace is supposedly creative but I will never use it again.

I don’t really like .com, it just sounds so boring… if I had the money I would turn my sites into .me, .net, and .nu. I like the .org as well but I can’t really think of a purpose for it, hehe. I’ll be sticking to … but I do have a question. Say if suddenly decides to make you pay – which I’ve read about in the past – would you be able to change the default domain for my hosting account?

I’ve got a friend who says that all girls are bitches and all guys are dumbasses. So maybe that’d explain why some of them are so desperate at times. I cannot imagine being proposed to yet (and can’t imagine that if this were 100 years earlier, I’d probably be married already). If James is as silly as my boyfriend, he may have something up his sleeve, and is just waiting for the right time.

Glad that your presentation went well! I’m pretty sure that more presentations than we think are made last minute :P

Aw thank you! I like how for my layouts I stick to 1 color scheme and use 1 of those favicons you made, LOL. :D

I guess so, but sometimes if you write a lot teachers call it “filling in white paper” like what they said about my details. I’m not really a writer or a speaker I guess, though this blog is sort of helping. Honestly I think when someone puts big vocabulary in writing they’re just boasting. I’ve known people to write in a “professional-ish” manner”on a comment. Oh come on, it’s a comment not an interview cover letter.

I know it’s so embarrassing right?! People are gonna like go awwww and nose in your personal life! I said to my friends that if I were that girl I would’ve said no, just to embarrass the guy for embarrassing me. And they said I was so mean. /angry

I hate that truth actually. I saw this TV show where a girl was working as a waitress. Her enemies from school came in and started making messes, and she had to clean them up without a word. Well my enemies from high school won’t come in the store I work at…that would be scary. 1) they’re American, 2) they don’t live anywhere nearby the store. :P

I’ve actually known Koreans to be prideful – not that it’s a bad thing – but this woman was overboard. My mom even called her a bitch, then again she calls everyone that… my mom curses plenty and yells at me for it. And LOL I laughed when I read “brought it to this house.” I didn’t know what it meant until I was 12 actually, and told a guy I’d f-him. >.< I thought it meant I'll kill him or something, and my brother was like "you didn't just say that did you …"

Yes, I feel bad for myself for getting the life scared out of me and never going trick or treating again. :P Teenage guys find the weirdest things funny.

I wish I had those skills! It takes me ages to code actually, which is why my sites are so lacking. I'm on a serious revamp for everything. I made 4 fanlistings in a day once and they were just so bad… I actually have trouble making link-back buttons which is why I have so little, but I'm on my way to making a lot so people can choose.

My curfew with friends is like, slightly after darkness (my curfew alone is darkness). Though one time I was out until midnight karaoke-ing, but I had my brother with me and my mom was fine with that.

Haha, but you need the skills to make a wonderful website or else I think people really just hit the x button. That's probably why people start on Livejournal or in my class Blogger! Myspace is like the worst of the worst though… I hate seeing websites that are obsessed with it.

Really? I thought you liked .me haha because you update your photoblog ( is it?) a lot. I'd probably just get, hopefully by then I'll learn to like my actual name instead of paying $22/year for an alias.

OH YAY! Now I don't have to worry about losing my website…I don't think I would bother moving the whole site, and I never understood MYSQL database backups even with your backup article. /bash

The food is definitely worth the price I know that, hah. I’m really hoping so, walking up & down stairs has been, interesting, to say the least, haha.

Hi! I’m glad your presentation went well. :) And I think you did a good job, after all the procrastinating. So two thumbs up! I procrastinate a lot, too. I remember when I was still a student, I would make my term paper 2 days prior the deadline, cos sometimes I feel like I work well under pressure. Hahaha~ Not really. Anyway, I still am a big procrastinator, but trying my best to not be one. ;)

Well talking about proposals, I think you should be very careful with what you’re eating. Kiddin’. I’m not in a relationship so I guess the proposal thing is like not gonna happen anytime soon but if it happens, I hope it’s gonna be like a unique proposal, I would like something that’s creative and sweet at once. :)

Aww, I feel you. I don’t like doing presentations and talking in front of a crowd, even though I’m only facing my classmates and looking at faces I’ve known for a while. Just the thought that everyone’s eyes are on me is enough to make my knees shake. /pow

I still haven’t gotten used to it after all these years. LOL. Though I’ve learned some things. Like you, I summarize everything so I wouldn’t have to talk a lot in front. Haha. Then I print it out to serve as my guide while I present. ^-^

It’s good that you have enough sleep even if you were procrastinating. The most little time of sleep that I got was only 3 hours or so because we had to finalize everything, and it was our defense for our system. Grrr. I’m glad it went well though.

Aww, maybe he has plans of proposing already? XD Hehehe. I saw it on the TV too, the guy gave the girl an ice cream and little did the girl knew, he put the ring in it. She almost ate it. LOL. It’s so cute. ^_^

LOL. Proposing in a shopping center. That’s so embarrassing for me! :O

I think some guys think that giving girls loads of stuffs will make the girl like him eventually. O_o

Haha. I kept the Skin Food bottle because I like the brush so much. :P

I find it strange as well that the class doesn’t work. I’ll try to see what’s wrong with it. XD

I’m used with working under pressure since I procrastinate a lot even if I have lots of stuffs to do but can’t leave them unattended for the whole time. LOL. I really have bad time management issues. XD

‘Cooking’ an engagement ring is a new one to me :P

Well, at least your presentation is over and done with now, right?! :)

Okay, thank you for respecting my opinion. I think that in life we are always playing Minesweeper, right?

I agree with you. A measure we grow we become more aware of the risks and know us where we go. That is true, the experiences help us to learn.

I also like meeting new people, despite my shyness /um . You’re totally right. Making new friends is hard, but can be rewarding :)

I know and understand it. For me it is also a hobby /type I know that most bloggers are busy studying or working, and the last thing on our list is our website.

Yes I think so too. We must go to look presentable even when we can not afford better clothes. People judge other people by human nature.

You are very fortunate to live with little sleep. I undestand. The weekend is when we have more time to sleep and recover from what we have not slept by week.

Your welcome! I am glad that the presentation went well :)

It’s different to others, some people write it costs us about ourselves. I think it’s best to do a short biography, but with interesting content.

Generally, before a presentation always we feel nervous. Despite that we have prepared. In your case, you do not have prepared a lot, but still got it right.. I’m glad your presentation went well 👏

Marriage proposal? I think no matter how the boy what you propose, if you love. There are many ways of proposing marriage and some highly original.

I think not all girls can be impressed with the shower gifts. For some girls, giving them the attention and spend time would suffice.
But some girls do it too, but not with gifts. Constantly pamper a guy with the hope that the boy shall be his love.