Sooner or Later

Yesterday I did my presentation. It was fun… not.

Well, my last post was written the night before it was due. And I had been procrastinating and hadn’t really done very much that night. I was up until 2:00am doing that presentation, and even then, I wasn’t a hundred percent ready.

Well, I’ll be honest. I don’t like walking into something knowing in my gut that I’m just going to fuck it up big time. Imagine going on stage to do a dance you’ve never rehearsed. Or singing a song you don’t even know the words to.

Last semester, I made a crappy presentation ten minutes before it was actually due. I was focusing so much on other things, and procrastinating a lot, that it was very much a “last-minute” project. Despite that, I did alright. But going in there made me nervous. I was presenting something I wasn’t prepared for.

Yesterday I managed to kill the nerves, but even if I was nervous in the first place, I felt much better. I left home a bit later, so I still got adequate sleep (by adequate I mean, like, six or more hours). But I obviously felt better having actually printed what I planned to read. Last semester I read it from my laptop, and obviously, there were so many parts I didn’t want to read that I had to scroll though by using the touchpad to go through my whole document. It was stupid, really.

I ended up talking for 12 minutes yesterday. I felt good about it because I totally knew what I was talking about. 😄

Earlier, James and I were discussing the idea of marriage proposal. So we all sort of see the man getting down on one knee holding a ring out to the girl. Is that so special? No. There are other ways to do it, other completely outrageous ways, which we talked about. One of James’s ideas? To cook the ring and disguise it as part of a bowl of calamari rings.

Choking hazard, duh. 😛

Needless to say, James is so full of ideas that I don’t know what to expect if he ever plans on proposing. 😧

I remember watching this show a while ago about marriage proposals. It was a reality television show of some sort. The only proposal I remember was one that was a complete fail. Trust me to remember the most embarrassing moments of people I don’t even know.

A man was somehow trying to win a girl’s heart. He didn’t know her all that well but he wanted to propose to her. I don’t recall, but I take it that they had a bit of an argument or disagreement with something. He probably made fun of her cup size, by the sounds of it.

And how did he choose to propose to her? In a darned shopping centre. In public. In the middle of a place full of people. With a float of dressed up angels and shit. He himself was dressed in some kind of Roman costume (I dunno, those ones with the togas and sandals). Who was he trying to be, Cupid?

… she said no.

Come on dude, what makes you think you can win a girl that way?

I knew this guy in high school who tried to win my friend back after they broke up. He bought her fifty roses and a teddy bear, some chocolates and even tried to approach her. As if she wasn’t embarrassed enough by having all that delivered to her.

I remember talking to her that day, and she was just in complete shock. She said, “Does he think that I’ll suddenly like him again because he’s given me all this… stuff? What is wrong with guys…”

Well, don’t get me wrong. I know there are sensible guys out there. But showering a girl with gifts isn’t necessarily gonna make her like you.

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