Do You Want To Know A Secret?

I have a blog.

Wow, big deal.

I come across a lot of blogs, or I see people publicly posting somewhere, “I don’t want _____ to find out about my blog”. I understand this in certain situations. For example, you don’t want your boss to find out about your blog, since you could be complaining about your work and you don’t want to risk losing your job. You censor things or you keep posts private or you just don’t mention work at all, yet of course you wouldn’t tell your colleagues or boss what your blog URL is.

Another example – you don’t want your family finding out that you have something against your brother’s fiancee and you don’t want to pipe up and say that she’s really not the person everyone thinks she is.

One final example – not work or family, but friends. You might want to lash out about a friend on your blog. Whether or not they discover the post is at your own risk, but that’s why you hide your blog in the first place, because it certainly reduces the chance of them finding your blog if they don’t know you have one.

I absolutely understand the need to hide blogs from people, since a lot of people don’t simply want to change names – they just want people offline to have nothing to do with this little outlet of theirs.

What I do not really understand is people hiding their websites or blogs because they are afraid of being teased or picked on. I see a lot of people saying, “I don’t want people to think I’m a nerd”.

“I don’t want people to think I’m a geek.”
“I don’t want people to think I’m a freak.”

Well honey, that’s what people think. If people are going to judge you about something you like doing, then that’s their problem and you shouldn’t give a damn. Since when is web design or blogging supposed to be nerdy? Don’t most people use Facebook these days (except for me, ahaha) and are active online somehow?

I certainly don’t fear what people think when I share the fact that I like blogging and web design. If they want to think I’m a geek, they can go ahead. Web design is a huge thing for me and I spend a lot of my time on it. I enjoy it, and it’s one of my favourite hobbies. In fact, when it comes to introduction in class – other than my name and what major I’m in – I feel like web design is a big part of who I am, and I choose to mention it as one of my hobbies.

I don’t know why people are so insecure about admitting their interest in such a wonderful field. Blogging is not lame, and even if it is nerdy or geeky, what’s wrong with it? In such a digital age, more people should be blogging and getting creative with websites.

If you’re afraid of people in your class finding out that you like web design, don’t be. If you’re afraid of your friends judging you, you shouldn’t be. Your friends shouldn’t judge you on what you like – what kind of friends are they, really?

Wow, there was just a blackout.

Thank goodness my battery in my laptop was in, or I would have lost all the crap I typed. :D

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Haha! That’s like me! I don’t want people I know in real life (except you) knowing about my blog. Someone from uni read my Msn Space, and it was kind of an emo post, cos I thought that only you and maybe like 2 other friends, whom I KNEW read my Space sometimes and probably wouldn’t judge me or would KNOW that I’m just venting, and I DON’T want this deep meaningful conversation.

Anyways, he read my blog, and tried to have this meaningful conversation with me at uni, and I got SO PISSED OFF. Firstly, because that post was so long ago, and I didn’t know he was reading my blog, because honestly, it felt like an invasion of privacy. If I KNEW he read my blog, I’d have stopped posting. I think he KNEW that too. and that pissed me off MORE. I posted it on the SPACE cos I thought no -one would read it. I’d have PURPOSEFULLY not posted ANYTHING AT ALL if I knew that HE, of ALL PEOPLE would read it. As if he needed another was to suffocate me. I don’t want a stupid meaningful relationship with him. I would only talk to YOU about it. You and Rena. Not HIM. /angry As if he needed yet another way to force some sort of superficial closeness between us. *grrr!*

Sorry, that turned into a sort of rant :X . But yeah, I understand too! Sometimes blogs are supposed to be an online journal thing whereby only STRANGERS read it and stuff :).

Having said that, I SEE YOUR POINT. It’s a little strange if you try to hide that kind of stuff on your blog. There’s nothing wrong with being a geek anyways. Geeks are cute :). It’s something to be proud of, I mean how many people can web design? And it’s like your…blog. You don’t blog to make friends, right? You blog for you. Or for your readers’ entertainment. There isn’t really much point to trying to keep readers who are just…dsirespectful O_O.

Web design isn’t nerdy! It may be slightly geeky sometimes, but it’s mostly COOL. I wish I could web design!

Friends DEFINITELY shouldn’t judge. *nods*.

Hahaha, I hate those temporary blackouts D:. SO INCONVENIENT. Lucky Fin’s battery WAS in :P. Otherwise you’d have been SO PISSED.

Oh I don’t mind your mini rant! It’s fun to relive the anger… well, sort of. :P But some people are so extreme about people knowing about their blogs. If someone asks if you have a blog, you’d tell the truth, but of course you wouldn’t go into detail about where your blog is.

I know your blog is public but when someone is reading all your old posts and confronting you about it, it can be really uncomfortable. Why the hell would you want to discuss a blog? If he had something to say, he could have commented. I think that was pretty insensitive, he also sounded damn pushy. /angry

I agree! If someone offline has a problem with my blogs, I don’t want to deal with them. They shouldn’t have a problem, and if they do, it’s their problem, not mine. I don’t have a problem with people seeing me as some sort of geek or nerd either! :)

I would have been pissed, and had a bad night from there on in. Thank goodness.

I was kind of prepared, because I put his battery in as soon as I heard rain. :P

Apart from the fact that, if someone wanted to keep their own identity private and still blog, they could simply invent an alter-ego (yes, a character) and use it to rant and rave everything online – because nobody could imagine who’s the real person behind the screen – it’s simply ‘stupid’ to fear other people’s comments that much. I mean, unless there is some really heavy attack from mean jerks (I experienced that, alas), there is no need to hide. Everyone has a right to express themselves, and if someone just does not accept it… well, let him/her shout to wind; we’re deaf. :P

And no, Georgie dear, what you wrote up there is no crap at all. ;) It’s actually what some shy people need to get out of the shell and to enjoy web life without thinking too much of others’ mouths. Believe it or not, that’s just another kind of slavery.

~ Luana

I’ll admit there is enough drama online, but I don’t feel the need to hide from people, especially my friends. I feel like they should know the truth. Some people just don’t seem to like censoring very much or even having a private blog. I think humans just naturally crave some kind of attention. People want to say something about someone else but still want other people to read it. It’s quite a strange thing, but just because one can hide behind a screen doesn’t mean they should all the time.

Also, looks great! :D I am glad you’re taking care of my baby! ;)

People blog for themselves, but also to catch others’ attention, of course. If they were not, they would stick to paper diaries with a lock (I used to do that when I was younger, but even then I had a couple of friends I could give access to those diaries because I trusted them). I guess a person should stop a moment before creating a blog and ask her/himself: do I really want another person to be able to read these entries? Should I use some form of protection to hide my blog from others and keep it private? Use a nickname? .. Etc. etc. It would save a lot of hassles and privacy concerns. Sometimes it’s only about keeping shared information to the minimum, like avoiding photos, full names, etc. Make things vague. The web has options for everybody’s needs, so sometimes it’s only a matter of scanning all the options and choose what’s best. Because complaining later on is… well, not very helpful.

And, thank you very much! 😝 I will continue taking care of your domain, and I hope to make Celeste a nice blogging character. *hugs* ^-^

I hate it when companies run a search on blog entries made about them. I guess their reasons are fair enough but it’s still annoying nonetheless. But I do agree that having reasons such as what you have listed, like “i don’t want people to think that I’m a geek”, is really pointless.

Don’t share with them if you don’t want to. If you true friends make fun of your website then that’s just stupid. A friend would know how much effort you put into to make a site and would appreciate your hard work and not tease you. Besides, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’re a geek. It means you’re awesome ;) That’s what I’m sticking with.

Some of my friends read my blog-indeed, I’m pretty sure some of them read it regularly, and Jack comments quite often(though always under a pseudonym, like he was ‘Justin Bieber’ in my blog about Avenged Sevenfold). However, some of my friends would just think I was weird-the friends who I have in classes more than my best friends, I think all my best friends know about it. It doesn’t really matter to me, or them, but I’d still rather they didn’t know in case I ever decide to be really bitchy on it. :’) But then, most of the time my blogs are about random crap and I don’t care who reads it.

I’m sure you’ll have a chance to see some awesome bands one day. :) So far I’ve only been to two gigs, the one on Tuesday and We The Kings and Hey Monday last May(though I’m not really into them so much now). Though I’m seeing Apocalyptica on Wednesday and Bullet For My Valentine on the 9th of December. :D I only go to see bands who I really like-for example, I’m not going to see Kids In Glass Houses this month, though I do like them-but gigs still introduce me to new music in the form of support bands and co-headliners. I’d never listened to Stone Sour much before I heard Avenged were touring the UK with them, and now I love them. Admittedly, the support bands at both of my gigs were rubbish, and I think Apocalyptica’s is odd(they’re called Pain Of Salvation), but then, I’m seeing a band that plays metal on cellos, y’know? XD

I’ll shut up now, I’m rambling. :3

Good post. I completely agree with you.

Webdesigning should be embraced not hidden away behind a closed door.

Not only that, but I am also one who don’t have a Facebook account. ;P

Ooh, well at least I’m not the only one. ;)

Hm. There are some people whom I’d like to keep my blog a secret from…my ex, for example. But otherwise, if I tell people I have a website and I blog regularly, they look at me with respect. I am deemed “techno-savvy” because I am one of the few girls in my class who can actually open a CPU and put it back without breaking much sweat.
Plus, I already have a reputation as a geek/nerd/freaky – all three, yes.
But you’re right. I don’t care what people think about me. I get good grades. I work hard for them, and I am proud of it. When I’ll be earning more than all of those people who want to throw their lives away, then they’ll realize their mistake. Plus people have no right to judge you. If they are your friends, they won’t, and if they are not – their opinion doesn’t matter.

Thank you! I agree. Marina is a jem, and my sister is doing a better job than I predicted.
I would definitely like maintaining different sites of my own, but with my final year in high school, and these extensive study programmes I attend, it is really hard to catch up. Plus, I have my writing time.
Ha, I love cracking a sexual joke. Not in front of everyone, of course, but you know what I mean.

“The Power Of One.” I am looking it up.

Catchy title.

I like your footnote.
I’m still trying to figure out how to use the plugin.

I like your post. :)

Here, a lot of companies actually want to know (and see) whether you have a blog and such. It shows them your personality and your creativity. A few job applications I have have a special place for my website and then a checklist for the categories and my skills.

I had “fun”, haha. It was a first-grade party. I had as much “fun” as possible, LOL. The next party to plan will be the Christmas Breakfast Party.

I used to feel comfortable with myself enough to wear shorts, but now I’m not. I’m not as confident as I used to be.

You have a good point, but it all does depend on the person & how they are. I don’t go out & tell people I have a website & I like to do web design but if someone asked, I’d tell them. But I do agree with you, most people hide it out of embarrassment & it’s almost sad. If you have a talent, make it known (:


I’ve just recently become the strong person like you are. I’ve just started thinking what you are saying in this blog and actually thinking it with MEANING. I’m so much happier now that I am thinking it and meaning it! :D I’m sorry but this post just made my day so much better! <3 ♥

Hahahahah. I loved the first two lines of your blog. It was amazing! I couldn't help loling. XD

I've thought about that last example before but now that I know that they know about my blog I post about them without a {bleeping} care. (: I've already been told by Tyler to stop but as you can see in my latest blog…I'm not going to. ;)

I totally love this blog. All-in-all, love love love it! I mean, seriously, who cares what people think or say about you? That is just their way of telling you that they are bored with their own lame lives. :D I mean, duh.
Really? Awh. I thought we had something else in common. XD
I've never saw that video…I've seen a different one though. It's nice. :) I saw "Love Story". She looks HOTT in that video.

Yeah, that's really all I take it for now but when that day does come (which it already has for the first time for me but it prob wont again for a while) it will be for preventing pregnancy. Even thought I take it, I'm still afraid I will get pregnant b/c I know it isn't 100% effective…which helps keep me away from sex. Lol.

awh. That is nice. That should smell nice, too. If I didn't live so far away, I'd ask you to send me one. Lol.

Yeah, now America FINALLY has pills for it. That is why I take my birth control. & Thanks! & there is no need to be sorry. You didn't do anything. Mother nature did. CURSE YOU MOTHER NATURE!!! Lmfao.

Totally. :) I love the fact that it does too. Sometimes i do get sick of him though, then he gets mad at me. XD

Yeup. :)

& Hahahahaha. Keep practicing! Practice makes perfect.

In regards to your boss your friends your family, I have a very straightforeward approach: If you don’t want someone reading it, don’t post it on the freaking INTERNET.

As for being embarrassed – I can actually relate to this a little more as I still feel kind of awkward mentioning that I have a blog. There’s something strange about talking about it, or about knowing that almost-but-not-quite strangers are reading it and possibly judging you…

But at the same time, I feel silly for being embarrassed, so I do my best to brush it off.

I don’t really have a problem with people knowing my blog, people at school read it (including teachers LOL), my mum regularly reads it, but I was a little nervous about telling people at church about my blog though… hahaa /type


Hey :) I actually saw all three of your vlogs when you released them ages ago. Its fun watching you in action. It is a bit different watching something vlog in comparision to reading it. It takes so long to edit and upload videos I don’t see the point of a a 30 second vlog. I totally agree on that. So much effort, why not just type it? it’s not that hard to type haha I guess some people are just really lazy.

Thanks for much *hug*, trust me I did not hold my composure so well when I popped the question. /um

How is blogging geeky?? That’s really ridiculous. The coolest people I know blog *points to you*. Being social online is everything these days. It’s a great place to vent your feelings or opinions especially if you are shy because you are able to have a persona. I don’t understand the point of blogging if you don’t want anyone reading it, just write in a journal then.

stuff like that is crazy, so many people blog now since things like blogger came out. I used to worry about that in junior high school but not in the past few years. /angry Most people I talk to about having a website are usually impressed when I talk about graphic designing and coding.

Haha. I used to be one of those people. I didn’t have very many close friends at school and then just reached out online. My parents read my blog, and for the most part, I didn’t care. If your friends dislike the fact that you blog and thinks that geeks suck, then you need new friends.

Right now, I don’t do anything to protect my blog from anyone offline, but I haven’t told anyone about it. If my roommate reads it, which I don’t think she does… yet… then I also wouldn’t care. I learned the hard way that blog != diary. The only person I’ve told the url to is my boyfriend so far.

And… I just deleted my facebook account today. It made me happy. People should interact with me not through massive media. And a blog is a good way to do that.

“I certainly don’t fear what people think when I share the fact that I like blogging and web design. If they want to think I’m a geek, they can go ahead. Web design is a huge thing for me and I spend a lot of my time on it. I enjoy it, and it’s one of my favourite hobbies. ”

Go! You are so darn right, so what? People at my school call me a ‘computer geek’ and guess what I said?
Any guess?

“You are darn right. I love computers, and what does that make me? A computer geek? I am right, that can be what I call myself…”

“… and I am SO proud of it.”

Iy is not a big secret… (Oooh, Georgina has a blog… :O /ho )


I compleetly agree with the whole why is it such a big deal part,
people can be so ridiculous reguarding that type of thing,
I keep mine secret from family since its my outlet but other than that i’m constantly
doing it, i absolutely love it, its a great passtime, and i also introduce it when
i introduce myself. I don’t understand why someone would be ashamed of it, i’m proud of having a blog
and i love it /eee

Hi, Georgina! :)

Yeah, no one I know knows that I blog and that I have a website. :3 I do blog about my family and friends sometimes, and I really do not want them to read what I write. It’s weird; I don’t mind strangers reading about my life, yet I don’t want people close to me to actually read it. But then again, I do sometimes talk badly about certain people I know. :X

I don’t know anyone else who blogs/owns a website. Maybe someone I know does blog, and just doesn’t want to share it with others.

Oh… yeah I know some people who say the same thing. Like they change domains but still end up changing again because of the fact that someone offline found about it. In my part… if one do not want their offline friends reading their blog, then do not promote it on facebook or twitter. or better yet, change identity… change your name etc. Coz I really think blogging is one way of expressing oneself. :D

You know, normally I would agree that it is indeed stupid to let people know that you have a blog. Up until a few years ago I thought so too. But then I got a rude awakening, when an entire office started laughing at me because I have a blog. And these were people of around 23-25 years of age. And they were programmers too, so it’s not like they worked in a different field… It just left me speechless. How could people possibly be so idiotic?

So I’ve resolved to just publicize my blog is certain circles, and hope that people I meet in RL don’t suddenly develop other interests :P

Maan, your smilies are distracting. I stopped writing for a while to just stare at them /hehe

HELLO ~ /wave OMG, THAT RIN IS HERE AGAIN. 😒 *walks on the red carpet*

That is odd, really odd. O_O I have never felt that way about always staying online or being a blogger. I know what is the meaning of a geek and I know what is the meaning of a nerd. However, I do not feel that I am any one of them even though I can always be seen sitting in front of the computer. /type I really do not understand why some people would feel that way. :/ Well, at least my schoolmates do not feel like that about me. (H)

When I owned that blog at blogger, which I ranted about my schoolmates, I kind of hoped that my schoolmates would read it. I wished that they would understand my feelings, and know how I felt towards their actions from my blog posts. I guess I was expecting for comments like, “Oh, I’m sorry.. I didn’t know you would feel that way.” and we would have a better friendship tomorrow …. Thanks ~ I was that idiot. /wah

I even ranted about my family members there. My sisters knew about it. Once, I was really angry and I blogged about what my sister did. My sister got really pissed off at me for doing that. She messaged me on Facebook. She sounded as though she does not want me as her sister anymore! I was really shocked and SCARED. It was then only I discovered that my actions were wrong. I should not expect for the others to understand how I feel because human are selfish. (I mean, come on, who could open their heart to that blogger who just bitched about them on her blog?) I also did get into trouble with my cousin because of that blog. Haha… I got into lots of troubles because of that blog last year. 😳

Words are powerful weapon online because nobody could know your tone and see your facial expressions. Plus, it is not like the readers understand how we really feel inside. As I have mentioned before, words are not enough for me to describe my feelings fully – lack of vocabulary. /argh

Hence, I can understand why some people dislike having their blogs known by the people they know offline. Although I had experienced something like that last year, I still do not mind sharing my blog link with my schoolmates whom I LIKE. There is this one schoolmate whom I do not really like.. because she loves to gossip and she enjoys dramas! In fact, most of my schoolmates love those. So IF (hopefully this would not happen) one day I do blog about the dramas in my class, I am 101% sure that my blog hits will boost up to 19873619827346 in a second. SERIOUSLY, I WISH THERE IS A WAY TO BLOCK HER. /pow Blah, well this is not about that schoolmate anyway. So I should stop talking about her, heh.

This long comment can be shortened into a sentence actually: I do not mind people whom I like and people from other countries reading my blog. Wonder how did I write it into such a long comment. 🤫

p/s: I will probably email you later … ♥

I don’t mind being called a geek or a nerd; I feel like I best fit one of those kinds of people to some extent. I don’t have anyone who judges me like that, but it seems that I hear about people hiding these things a lot. I hear about it online quite a bit.

Sometimes I wish that certain people would read my blog, but then again, that could cause drama. I know what you mean though, and how you felt! I guess sometimes even on Twitter when I feel bad about something, I want people to know. In a way, humans sort of crave the attention.

I’m glad you realised what you were doing is wrong! When it comes to family matters sometimes I just want to blog about them. I just want to let it out, but I still write vaguely about some things about it.

I agree with you – they say that “names won’t hurt you” but since it’s so hard to tell what tone a person could be communicating in when you only have words online, their words can sound pretty harsh.

Haha i was like that for ages – in terms of not wanting people IRL to know about me and my blog. I never advertise it and talk about it except to my close circle of friends who think it’s awesome and occasionally read up. But these days, with the growing amount of people being net-savvy and googling me (yes, I know people that have googled me… it’s kind of flattering but CREEPY), it’s really not that hard to find my blog. So i got over it. And these days I never bitch about someone in an obvious way haha.

I used to hide my websites from my offline world but only because I was pretty sure I wasn’t allowed at the time. Now, I don’t hide it, but I don’t flaunt it either. I just post when I blog on my Twitter and discreetly put a link on my messenger status, but that’s all. I’m definitely not ashamed of my site though.

I agree that there’s nothing nerdy about web design or blogging. It can actually be a pretty creative thing, and creativity is nothing to be ashamed of.

Not a single person who’s found out about my site thought that it made me geeky. I don’t see why anyone else would think that, and even if they did, I wouldn’t let myself be affected by it, because I know this is something that I’m extremely passionate about.

Hey Georgina! ♥
Yeah, I don’t get why people hide their blogs just because they’re worried that there friends are going to laugh at them for blogging. /type Blogging is just a tool to share how you feel (or even just rant or bitch about people, hahaha). I, myself, have two blogs, a public one and a private one. My public one is obviously my website, haha, where I just work on posting updates and general happenings in lief. However, my private blog is password protected, and only the people I invited can see it /um It’s mostly because I rant more, and talk more about my personal life, so I don’t want random people I know to see those in case they do see me talking about them. -cough-
I knew a girl who was backstabbing someone on a public blog (which is a stupid thing to do), with names and all, and that person found out. /oh
I try not to talk about specific people on my blog, unlses they annoy me too much. /hmph I’m not the kind of person to constantly talk about people behind their backs, but blogging is a useful tool to let the stress out. /wave

Maybe like, 10-15 years ago, when blogging was something that only web designers and developers did, it would have been considered “nerdy” and “geeky.” Nowadays, everybody and their mother has a blog, so what’s the problem?

Also, I don’t understand the point in “hiding” your blog. If you don’t want people to see it (whoever they may be), then it’s probably a good idea to not post it publicly. I get fed up with people who bitch and moan about their parents being on facebook. I don’t have a problem with my mom, my sisters, or my aunts and uncles being on facebook because, you know what? If I’m posting something I don’t really think they should see, I use my better judgment and think that I probably shouldn’t be posting it online if that’s the case.

If you still want to blog but want that false sense of privacy, then either do it under a fake alias (I know someone who does that) or create a livejournal where only the people of your selection can see what you write.

welcome to the blogging world /hehe

i totally agree!!
i used to not want my friends to find out about my website but then last year i thought stuff it, i spend all this time and i just want people to see it and they actually really liked it and really supportive of me now so that’s good :D
we are all geeks at heart anyway!!
i’d rather be the nerd that spends her time blogging and making graphics than the nerd that spends their e n t i r e life on facebook or stupid twitter!! /eee

thank you for the tutorials: very helpful!! i will credit asap


Hey Georgina, it’s been a while since I commented on your website. I do read your blogs frequently, but rarely ever comment (sorry about that). So I felt like this is the right blog to comment on, since I relate to it :)

Back when I had website, I didn’t tell anybody what my blog URL is. I told some close friends about my blog, but never ever gave them the URL. Same goes for family, except for my mom & sister, as I don’t really hide anything from them. The reason behind it, is that I felt comfortable saying what I had to say without anybody judging me. I feel like, people online are more open minded, than the ones we have to deal with offline. Or they probably just hiding their real qualities, but it didn’t matter to me so along those people did not know me in real life.

I admit that caring what people thought was one of the reasons I never shared my blog URL. Because well you know how it is in high school, bullying and such. I can’t stand such things to be honest. But it wasn’t because I didn’t want people to think I’m nerdy, as if that’s a bad quality. To me, it’s a good one. So in the being “nerdy” perspective I didn’t care much tbh.

All in all, the main reason is, that it is my own space. Sort of like my own world. And I didn’t want to ruin it by telling other people about it and therefor not being able to speak my own mind.

I really like how you don’t acre what people think, aha. I wish I was more like you in not caring hat other people think. I guess for me it became a bad habit. But yeah, I don’t want to judge but if you’re hiding your website from people because you think it’s “nerdy” that’s a really stupid reason.

Hey Sophia! Thank you for commenting. :D I know you don’t have a site anymore but I appreciate that you took the time to comment anyway. :)

In my opinion, people online are definitely more open-minded. I find that people aren’t judged the way they are in real life. Sometimes I have the feeling people will judge me but that’s their choice. My family know about my blogs but they don’t really know the URL or they aren’t really interested.

Most of my blog posts are centred around “good” things and I rarely say mean things on my blog about people offline, so I don’t have that problem. I don’t feel like I should hide my website from people, but I certainly don’t feel the need to flaunt it either.

People will judge, and I guess when it comes to getting a new job, my blog would be private, so I don’t tell some people. But my blog is easy to find by searching my name, which is something to look out for. I do try to be careful with what I write. :)

Same with blog is mostly for strangers. I don’t use my real (full) name on my website and so on. Though, I don’t write about things (online) that I would be ashamed of if someone (a friend, a co-worker etc.) would read it. BUT… blog is sort of “private” in a way.

So I totally get it :)

I don’t tell people about my web design interests too much because it adds pressure on me. I’ve been web designing for about 6-7 years, and I’m not as great as I should be. I don’t have too much time or resources to learn too much, and about 4-5 of those years have been spent learning nothing, but I try to gain something each time I make a new layout, both coding- and design-wise.
It also depends on who I’m talking to. I don’t care too much about people thinking that I’m a nerd (lots of people find web design to be cool), but some people can be pretty disheartening about it. Last year, I told my entire French class that I was a computer geek and people gave me bad looks. I was proud that I said it, and I like being nerdy, but I wasn’t too fond of the way they looked at me. :(
I think that there are lots of reasons for not admitting to liking web design, but they could be the same as not admitting to liking singing, dancing, or other stuff. But I do think that it’s sad, how we’ve come to care way too much about others.

So, so true. When people are afraid of looking like a nerd I usually tell them, why was the word nerd even made a label? Because one person was smarter than another. So then everyone feels the need to lash out at the smarter person. Put them down, smash them down just to feel good about themselves.
In reality the label ‘nerd’ has nothing to do with the person who knows a tad bit more, it has to do with the one who made the label and stuck it on.


I’m glad you like my layout! I was so excited to get a rounded layout up!
It’s good that you realize your beliefs may have changed from when you were younger. Just wallowing in Christianity (Catholicism) for no reason isn’t good no matter if that realization pulls you further in or pushes you out.

Only my best friend knows about my current blog, and I don’t think she even knows the URL. We used to read each other’s Blogger blogs though, and we’d both complain about people from school or our parents. We just don’t hide much from each other haha.

But blogging is not nerdy! How is writing nerdy? Jason says it’s girly, psht as if. I guess most people I’ve come across so far are girls, but that doesn’t exactly make it girly. I’ve seen a lot of professional web designers who are guys, and ‘whoa’ they blog! Jason’s hobby is more like what I consider nerdy, I think he’s in love with Java or something. But there’s nothing wrong with being nerdy anyway. People who think nerds are weird are just … -insert curse word-

Aw thanks ♥ I really like your layouts too…especially this one. I think I’ve said that many times haha but I think you’ve had it up for a while.

I sorta know what you mean, when I talk I get nervous haha. I think I am scarred by writing essays. I just want to write freely but my school didn’t give that opportunity except in creative classes which are of high demand. But yeah, we’re all personal bloggers, writing so formally is so out of place, aha.

HAHA! They should be jealous! That’s their problem then if they hate you. If they were smart maybe they’d absorb some inspiration. Hating someone for having a good website is just…well they’re losers. :P

Really? Your mom says that?! My friend’s mom does that too! Sometimes I feel like because English isn’t their native language they don’t really get the feeling of what it means. Like if I were to say to someone “shibal nom” which means F you in Korean, it’s like so blank.

I laugh at myself for being stupid actually…even now. If only that guy didn’t know what it meant, he just stared and said “What…? ….” It sort of reminds me of this FML I read, this 4 year old girl went up to her mom and said F you, then ran to her dad and asked if she said it right.

Yeah I feel like I’m already faster at this than I used to be when coding my own blogskins. That sounds like addiction! Like I have with browsing. The first week of work was painful since I didn’t know where to get wireless on my iPod.

That actually is a good idea. I have templates for each button, and it gets so tedious. I don’t really like the font that fanlisting buttons use. It looks like the pixel font that trendy Myspace websites like.

o.O That must have sucked, but at least you had him with you. I’d feel much better if I was with someone when the train breaks down…there are seedy old men around, especially at night.

Oh I think sounds better! It’s like the . is a break, kind of like “indecisively, me” but the break looks so weird if you know what I mean. Indecisiveme would make more sense. But then the extension would be extra.

I actually just download the files from FTP, which doesn’t save the database. I should start doing that. I wouldn’t expect you to download backups for everyone haha, that’s just so unfair. Though some people think their hosts are responsible…selfish hmmph.

I agree 100%.
There is nothing to be embarrassed about in regards to blogging.
If someone is going to judge you for blogging, they’re probably not a good friend anyway – so their opinion should count for nothing.

I love blogging. My boyfriend and a fair amount of my friends know of my blog. I don’t simply give my URL out, but if it comes up in conversation and someone wants to check it out I have no problems letting them take a look at what I do :)

PS: I used to love blackouts when I was little, ahah!

I hope I wasn’t the one you wrote this for o_______0 lol I don’t think so, but you could never be too sure. lol anyway mhm I agree with you. I don’t think people should fear being called a geek or a nerd. Although I had to admit that I feel like its different in middle school and high school than it is in college. I actually understand why people do not want to tell their friends. Maybe it’s because I am in high school? haha I don’t really know. But yea for me its not that I would be made fun of, but more that I don’t want random people in my school reading my blog. you know? I know like other tiffany post her URLs on facebook. I can’t do that. I don’t like everyone on my facebook… then why are they on my facebook? Well I might need some of them for homework lol. But yea, I do (or started too) telling my friends again. Though they don’t show much interest. They don’t understand, which is fine. Mhm I feel like your friends are more understanding. Everyone where I live is caught up in their own world.

^ did that make sense? Its like 11:53 here and I am like half asleep haha I hope that made some sense! Mhm. Anyway thank you for the comment about my layout:D mhm I think I changed the line-height? Do you own a mac? Apparently it looks funky on a mac haha. I only gotten complaints from people on macs lol

I think they are making phones with that keyboard.. i think lol
I use tumblr a lot. haha It’s becoming really popular where I live. I guess everyone likes “easy” blogging lol mhm so yea (with yoru blog) people shouldn’t be embarassed, if they blog tumblr or xanga… same thing o______0

My mom told me there aren’t a lot of Asians in Australia… I guess that isn’t true. i would like to move there. The climate seems nice lol and your water seems nice. haha I do like America. I just think we are too involved with stuff. And thats where all our taxes go, but I won’t get into that lol

Yea I know! It’s nice that you return comments. Your comments are so long and juicy haha so props to you for that. i don’t think I could do that! I have a hard time keeping up (sorry that its so late) I usually wait on my longer comments, but I waited a little TOO long. mhm anyway people shouldn’t bitch, its your site! You do what you want. Anyway its only one person. Everyone else loves you and your comments :D

I was afraid of my friends and family finding out about my blog at first, but now I really couldn’t care less. If they want to read it they can, but it’s at their own risk. Not my fault if they read something they don’t want to know.

I’ll write what I want and I don’t really care if it offends anyone. Lol.

I don’t think I would choose my friends (or what friends I have left now) over Currar. He has become a HUGE part of my life in the past 4 months. He has become my best friend and I spend 99% of my time with him. I lost most of my friends when I went out with the guy in my lastest post, but it happens. :) I get on really well with Currar’s friends so I don’t mind hanging out with them. :)

hey hun thx for all the advice uve given me /mwah. im studying graphic design and my forte is website design, i love telling people ive got an existing website up and people love looking it up. i just hope it will make me money next year when im in the working world..

Hahaha, I studied web design and have a degree in it, so if people want to mock my profession, let them. I couldn’t give a shit. The internet and design is a very big part of me and if anything the people in my life are totally fascinated when they see me writing code. I find it cute people don’t understand it … I openly admit I am a geek. Sean says I am a sexy geek … Strange man! XD

No one knows about my blog in reality. They know about my portfolio though which is a different domain altogether, hence why I did it. I didn’t want them on the same site to keep as much privacy as I could. I need that. I need to be able to express without judgement. (Y)

ye i dont show off if people need help like my class mates i do offer them assistance cause im the only one who fully understands it but it becomes annoying when they expect me to do their work for them and they dont watch or learn from my tips