Younger Than Springtime

It’s supposed to be spring and it’s raining like crazy. I was really looking forward to wearing clothes for warmer weather, but it’s always so wet that I have no choice but to wear my damn boots.

Recently this year, I found that I liked dresses and skirts much more than pants and jeans. I rarely wear jeans and find them crazily uncomfortable sometimes. You know how jeans are supposed to stretch? Well, years ago I bought a pair of jeans that were a little too big. I thought they’d shrink, which they did, but then I guess I lost weight off my bottom and the jeans got smaller! These jeans didn’t stretch, either. Their material was about 90% cotton or something. The jeans looked amazing, I’ll tell you.

But I have this problem that jeans do not fit on me. I’m short, and though I’m skinny, my calves and lower legs are pretty muscly. I have dancer’s legs (which James lovingly complimented me on! ♥️), so that makes them pretty huge. When I try to find jeans that fit me, they choke my legs, but they fall down at the waist and the bottoms of the jeans trail across the ground.

I’m happy with my shape, but being short and bigger in the weirdest places makes it hard to find such clothes. That is one reason why I just prefer skirts and dresses.

Well, that is until Sebby told me that my skirts were too short. :P Okay, not my fault… but it is pretty annoying moving around in a short skirt.

I don’t know why I’m talking about clothes.

But it’s just really frustrating. This is one of the reasons why I don’t really like shopping for clothes. I rarely find things that fit nicely, and it’s been like that for a while, so for quite some time I haven’t really enjoyed shopping other than window shopping with Lilian. :)

Back to the weather. It’s raining.

I also don’t have many sandals and open-toed shoes. Not everything looks good with sneakers and my sneakers don’t go well with everything. So when real spring and real summer do come, I’m hoping to find some new shoes.

Yesterday, I pulled my laptop, Fin, out from my bag. I was upset and shocked to see that he had a really deep scratch across a third of his length. I was so upset because I do take care of him, and now he had the most terrible scratch. It was on the lid so he still worked fine, but I was upset that something from the inside of my bag must have scratched him pretty hard.

Not only that, but Fin has scratches from stapled worksheets, and scabby-looking parts as if someone has scratched him with fingernails or poked him really hard. :(

This is why I dislike having a laptop that’s so bulky. I do like my laptop and use it every day, but there are some things I don’t like. His shiny finish is nasty – because not long after typing on the keyboard, you see obvious fingerprints. The model has also been discontinued (Toshiba Satellite A300). :( I don’t know if they have spare parts for a replacement lid, but James is buying me a skin for cheap from eBay.

I’m probably going to write a little article about laptop care, probably from my point of view with my kind of laptop and from my own experience.

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Blergh, I know what you mean, I don’t like shopping for clothes either. It’s so hard to find jeans that fit me. Like I know there are jeans of the right length… I just don’t know where they sell them. D: I’m alright with finding t-shirts and jackets. Sometimes I even get surprised when I buy a medium size t-shirt or something. Though finding shirts it’s another matter… *sigh* At least my coat isn’t too bad. :3 Which reminds I’m going to need to go shopping soon for more summer clothes, probably. Especially sandals. I hate it how I’m so picky about certain things, lol.

I should exercise, too. Meh, I’ll miss burgers but oh well. =p

Taking care of laptops can be hard, especially if you take them out often. I remember how I would always close the lid when not using it, and clean the screen everyday. I even went on the Internet and search if there were any products to keep the screen clean, though it seems it isn’t necessary. Though I’m sure my laptop doesn’t like me much. I once dropped it at university (before it died for the first time), but luckly it was fine. No scratches either (at least, no big ones that are easily noticeable). I don’t know, it’s a bit hard to be really careful every moment you’re using them. Eventually something will happen and they’ll get a scratch. =/

When I first got Fin scratched, I thought, “Shit. Oh no. It’s huge. Oh gosh I’m so upset… what do I do…” But now he’s gotten scratches that are even worse, I wonder why I made a huge deal out of the small ones. I have a really tiny scratch on my iPhone screen but now I’m over it. The thing is, I think after a while you realise that such damage is inevitable. I’m still grateful that Fin works and I’ve never actually dropped him. I made an effort to clean the screen and keyboard all the time too, but then I got lazy.

I feel like I run out of clothes to wear because there are a lot of clothes I have that are too nice for everyday wear. I feel a bit disappointed; those pieces just sort of sit in my wardrobe and I don’t wear them all that often. I need more casual, but nice clothes. /um

A lot of my sandals just broke. Cheapness. :(

Hi Georgie!

Please excuse any typoes D:. I’m sorry in advance!

I’m going to miss wearing my boots, but I too was looking forward to wearing clothes for warmer weather :P. I hate warmer weather though. I just like shorts. Hahaha!

Ohhh, I love it when I find a pair of jeans that look amazing :). HOLD ON TO THEM GEORGIE! They’re so rare.

Awww, I think they purposely design jeans not to fit anyone unless you’re like supermodel-shaped. I mean, maybe it’s cos I’m fat that the jeans don’t fit, but my extra height is supposed to come from my legs, yet almost all my jeans trail the floor and are too long for me. And I seem to be an odd size. Weird. Stupid jeans.

You totally DO have dancers legs :P. Ballerina legs! Hahahaha. I have fat legs. :(

Your skirts aren’t *that* short! Although I’ll agree. Short skirts are hard to deal with. Especially when the wind blows D:.


I want to get some wedges. LOL. Do you think I’ll be able to walk? Probably not. What a silly idea from me :P.

OH NO! It sucks about Fin. And his scratches. You need a laptop case. For protection. Lucky James is getting you a case! Hahaha. Good on James. Lucky the screen wasn’t scratched. That would REALLY suck D:.

That is totally fine! Typos excused. :)

I love my boots but it’s getting to the point where I’m really sick of wearing them. I want the rain to stop too, so I can wear clothes for summer!

It’s so hard for me to find good jeans! I think I ought to buy some more despite the fact that I don’t like them that much. Because I might be able to find something good. I think James was the one who told me that it’s better jeans are left longer than shorter, because it would suck if you bought jeans that were too short – you couldn’t do anything about it, whereas with long jeans, you can fold or cut them. Better a bit extra than too little, I think that’s how he put it.

I thought about getting wedges! I wore my mum’s once and trust me… they’re not all that comfortable. Definitely not for “everyday” wear. D:

I agree, it is a talent. & those who think otherwise are crazy. If you go & show a style sheet to an average person, they probably don’t even know what it is. I hate the rain, so much. It ruined a lot of my plans this past year, it was horrible ): It’s a shame when you can’t find clothes. I used to be like that cause I was like you, short but my legs were huge, but my body went through some weird, “thing”. It’s not a growth spurt cause I never grew, but everything like evened out? It was weird. I love wearing dresses they just don’t look right on me.

Your favicon looks great at the moment! Good! :P It needs 30 entries to even start.. Yeah, it is a lot – but I want there to be a variety, so the favicons will be of a better quality, so I’m not just giving the domain away to someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing.

Yeah, and I always get back ache and my neck hurts! So, I guess it’s stupid of me to always do it, haha. I’m not really sure why I do it, if I had a sofa in my room I’d definitely sit on that.

Oh, cool :) I’ve always had iTunes, so I don’t really know if other media players are any good.

Haha! Sorry, I’m stupid when it comes to things like that. I thought it was something to do with being insane because of ‘inso’ haha.

I hate getting scratches on things :( My phone is the worst as I drop it all the time. There’s a huge dented scratch from last winter when i was sliding down my driveway, and it fell out of my pocket. I have a case now so I can’t see them, but I still know they’re there :P A case is a good idea for your laptop so you don’t get scratches on it :) When I get a new laptop eventually, I’m going to take the best care of it that I can, haha.

I like skirts and dresses too! But I feel like when I wear dresses, they seem too fancy for school or anything, even if they’re just cute summer dresses. Or that with dresses, my boobs pop out too much or are too short xD I only really have one skirt that I wear and I don’t think it’s TOOOOO short, but it’s still relatively short :P It’s so hard for me to find clothes too :( It’s terrible. And shoes. I need winter boots so bad, but I can’t find any that look nice/are cheap enough for me to want :P

I can’t buy designer jeans either, though my reasoning is because they’re always made for skinny people. Luckily there is one store where I can also have them shortened for my size.

Oooh I’m sorry about your laptop. I’m always so clumsy with my own gadgets. They turn up with scratches in the weirdest places. As for your stapled papers: why don’t you keep them in folders? Mine would always get incredibly wrinkled if I didn’t put them in folders.

Ahhh, I don’t bother carrying a folder around. I used to, when I didn’t have my laptop, but Fin is huge. And usually our tutors give out stacks of sheets that are stapled. I have a habit of shoving them in my bag, which isn’t such a good idea when my laptop lid gets easily scratched.

My iPhone case has some really deep scratch down the side; I’ve no idea how it got there. :P

I can actually get jeans to fit me. Skirts are all right. For me either something fits my upper body, or it fits my lower body. If it fits my lower body, I look too busty. If it fits my upper body, I look fat. Gar.

There are many new sleek laptops coming out these days, though they’re all really expensive for the time being. My laptop’s been very good to me so far, but soon, it’s days will be up. Ah, well. As long as it runs well, it’s happy, right?

Hope the weather gets better soon!

It’s raining here too, but it’s also getting darker instead of lighter (or so it feels). I just got a netbook & it’s a bit bigger than I expected, but soo portable. I’d like to see your article on caring for laptops, I neglect mine too much :)

Thanks soo much Georgina!! :D

I totally like this account better, people are so much more better than before. :D I’m a completely different person offline because I still don’t feel comfortable being myself.

Thanks.:D I do that a lot, i add textures and colouring to it. I can’t help it because I make icons normally and it’s really nice having to use my pic for a change.
Thank you, i just told Faye the name I want today. It still amazes me how you manage all of them. I wanted to add my icons on there but I’m not exactly sure.

Maybe it’s late in my head lol. Like this comment is actually a date late…weird because it feels longer than that. :/
It’s not a chore because it’s always nice getting a new comment. I always smile when I see a new one. :D
I actually read that in a story at It was so cute how he proposed. :D

Hahah it’s fall here, it still amazes me how everything is opposite from each other.
I think I’ve only wore a skirt like 3 times in the 16 years that I’v been alive. I hate showing my legs because I have spots from chicken pox on it. I love jeans!!! The only bad thing is my dryer shrinks them. 💥 That really makes me mad because I really love some of those jeans.

How about a little laptop jacket for Fin. My brother has one, it really seems to help. :)

I got lazy on replying to comments, but the last paragraph of your post caught my eye (I open the comments page in one tab, and keep the front page in another o.o), so I figured, “Why the heck not?”


I’m extremely picky with my jeans, and any kind of pant for that matter. They have to be low-cut (I HATE it when my jeans cover my stomach :|), and they can’t be skinny at my ankles. >.<

It drizzled here; only last night did it pour.

I slept well.

You name your laptop? Mine is named "Lanny", and only when it upsets me does the name change to "Lamey".

I have a Dell laptop whose model is no longer made, and whose parts are out there somewhere, floating around and being sold by people who have them. The battery thingy has been pushed into the mother board (?), and it's about $40 to $140 to fix. :( I think that I will get the part that I need or whatever. No… I'll give the money to my dad and let him do it. Yeah. :) /bounce 😏 👏 /hehe XD ;) He already knows (and told me) what it needs! :D


Uh oh … I just realized that YOU were the person who left a comment about K-Mart … I'd read the notifications on my e-mail last night via gmail mobile. Oops. o.o I don't know who I replied back to on the k-mart thing to. :(

Payless used to have really good shoes at a low price. AE shoes used to be sold there for between $8 and ~$14. :(

I painted some of the ceiling this morning for an hour by myself. I only finished a little bit of it. Oh my gosh, it was so exhausting and so much harder by myself. :( Paint was everywhereeee. I didn't tell my mom, though, so … SH. 🤫

I'll admit, I don't always have something to say about blog posts. There are a few that I will read (no matter the lenth), and just … won't be able to say anything about. I don't always know how to reply. :( I do try, though.

… Of course, I think I make the blogger mad because then they just … quit replying to me/etc.? But I like to comment them because their blog is attractive to me, and blah. I don't think I'm making any sense. 🤬 /angry /bash /argh

Sorry for the late return of my comment(s). I’ve been taking my niece’s to school all this week and I’ve been pretty damn tired. And just plain lazy. :D

Anyway, the last time I wore a skirt, I think I was in Kindergarden or 1st grade. Not so much now.

I still find it weird that our weather is different from each other, lol. I still jave to remind myself that you live in Australia when you talk about summer and it’s the middle of winter here in the states. lol

The weather over here is a bit strange lately. The hot days are hotter than usual, I can feel the heat even when I’m inside air-conditioned rooms. But when it does rain, it rains so heavily that some areas get flooded easily. But I don’t think it is just a local phenomenon. The whole world seems to be affected by it. I’m sure you probably heard about the flooding in Palestine and Germany. Something’s wrong with the world, I’m sure.

It is hard to find clothes that fit me perfectly. Just like you, I’m big around those weird areas. When wearing jeans I have to find one that is larger than my size so that they won’t choke my thighs but that means the waist area would be too wide for me hence I have to wear a belt all the time. Inconvenient, really. :(

Nuuuu! Poor Fin. His lid was scratched eh? I think I’d be terribly upset if that is to happen to my Vaiolet. And it is difficult when the model has been discontinued which means there will be hard, if not impossible, to find spare parts for it. That’s nice of James to get you a protective cover for Fin. It will not heal the existing scratch, but hopefully it’ll prevent other scratches from happening.

I have that problem with jeans too! I was a dancer and my mum also has big calves so it’s pretty tiring finding good jeans and pants! And nawww about Fin, yes a cover/skin is a good idea

PS. You can now buy some of my designs

hey hun
ye i have the same problem, cause of me being in a wheelchair i dont have the best body because my tummy muscles dont work, im paralysed from under my arms down. so buying clothes for me is a mission, on monday we gonna spend the whole day at the shops lol

I went through a phase like that! Now I miss my jeans so much. I have rugby legs, so I know what you mean, It is really all about what you’re comfortable in though, skiirts are a lot easier to walk in to be honest! But not so good when it’s windy…
I wear converse with everything though, I’ve never owned a pair of sandals. It rains too often over here to justify them!

Sorry to hear about Fin. Can you not buff it with T-Cut or something? It’s still really sad though, especially when you’ve taken care of him for so long. Hopefully the skin will prevent anything else happening, but it’s still such a shame.
Love this layout by the way, it’s really striking.

I had to look that up. T-cut sounds good but I’m not sure if it’s worth getting for my laptop, or if it’s going to do any good. I don’t think it will effectively remove the scratches or conceal them very well. My friend said just to think of them as battle scars. :P

Thank you! :)

It’s fall here and it’s been raining crazy as well. Though Friday & Saturday they’ve said the S word: SNOW! :( The only “stretch” jeans that do stretch for me are ones I get when I shop in the girls section. I have two pairs of jeans that I’m totally in love with, they’re from Sara Jessica Parker’s budget clothing line Bitten that was at a store, sadly they closed. Jeans don’t fit me either, as far as length goes. Lately though I’ve been having a problem getting my normal size jeans (0) to fit, so I’ve been wearing size 14/16 in girls. Don’t get me started on shoes! I have such a hard time picking which shoes to wear with an oufit, and I don’t have that many pairs. I am dying to get a new pair of (Faux) leather boots though, thankfully for winter they put those in the stores (in the girls sizes anyways). I’m sorry about your laptop getting scratched. I’ve mad mine so long that the paint is coming off, it doesn’t shut anymore and the CD drive is busted. I still love it though. I have always heard great things about Toshiba laptops though.

No he’s only really famous in the UK. But it was awesome to meet him!

I will have to try guacamole the next time I get the chance. I love trying new foods.

Of course I don’t mind :) thank you so much for the link!!

It’s raining here too. Everyday when I’m walking home :(

I know that problem! Jeans and I don’t get on haha! I have longish lets and quite a small waste so they are often too wide but the right length or the right width but too short.

I love skirts and dresses but I don’t get much chance to wear them. I love to wear short skirts. As long as you feel comfortable in them, that’s the main thing.

Aww, poor Fin! My laptop is scratch free so far but I did knock it in to the door frame once. I think I made more of a mark on the door frame!

That’s a great idea for an article. It will help me to take good care of my laptop :)

Nothing wrong with talking about clothes. Everyone needs to indulge their girly side at times. :P

I would hate it so much if I couldn’t wear jeans. I practically live in them. I have two great pairs of black skinny jeans right now that have just the right stretch to them. I have one pair for school and one for out of school. I can’t remember who it was who said it, but they said that “there’s the perfect pair of jeans for every girl.” Haha, rubbish. :D I hope you find them anyway. :P

I never used to be a skirt or dress girl, I’m a tomboy sometimes. It must be great to have an excuse to wear skirts sometimes. It’s getting colder and I’m running out of excuses for freezing my legs off.

I like how you’ve named your laptop. You always hear people naming their guitars or their cars, a laptop’s a new one to me. Awesome name. ;) Fin had a lucky escape. D: I’d be terrified of breaking a laptop. I’d probably have to carry it around in a case stuffed with bubblewrap knowing my luck.

I guess that’s why the term annoys me. Emo means so many different things, you never know what someone means when they use the word.

People who show their scars make me sick too. I remember my friend would always come out with “oh, I just fell” whenever we saw the scars. She is a lot better now though. :)

I feel that a lot too. I really want to make to stand up and complain but it’s hard to get taken seriously. I hate people assuming I’m a teenage girl in a tantrum.

Thanks so much for your theme files! In the code I had there was only the ol tags and nothing else for the comments, I had absolutely no idea how to change it or what div names to use in the stylesheet. Your code had more to it and made a lot more sense, thanks. :P

I’ve never understood people who listen to one album or one song over and over, or “whoring” them as you said. XD Whenever I listen to one band I love too much I get terrified I’ll go off them. D:

Ooo, Me too. But I do feel like I can move about more in jeans, because I’m not the girly kind of girl, haha. I feel that since you like wearing skirts, you can try wearing long maxi skirts (which are in trend now). To cover up the flaws on your legs, I think you can try wearing sheer tights (around 80/50 denier and pairing some denim shorts over them!

or you can get lace tights from river island or H&M to go with your short skirts (: It helps you cover up abit and at the same time you get to wear your short skirts!

Or you could try Skorts. Skirts that are actually shorts inside :) That way you can wear the skirt however you like!

Baaah. I’m getting too head over heels with the clothes, haha. I think you should invest in a pair of Doc Martens :D They go with every thing! Even dresses, haha. And it gives the whole assemble a semi casual look. :3

It’s raining here, but it’s Autumn and it always rains in Scotland anyway. Every two or three days at least, except sometimes in summer if we’re lucky. :’)

I’m not at all happy with my shape, I feel like the fat one when I’m with practically anyone…it’s not that I’m fat, I’m not particularly, but pretty much everyone I know is a twig. ¬¬ I don’t really have a problem finding clothes though, my proportions are okay. I might not like the size of the jeans I buy, but they fit me okay. :3

I don’t have a laptop, but I know that if I did and it got scratched I’d be raging. I’m like that with phones and things, though I’m clumsy so my possessions frequently get damaged quite quickly. D:

ahh it pains me too when I see my laptops get scratched or even a little scratch will make me sad. Yea, i totally agree with you with the skirt and dress thing because I am also short and i have huge thighs lol Well, they’re huge in comparison to my small frame so it is annoying shopping for jeans because they all run too long or the thigh part is not stretchable, etc. :(

I’d much rather have rain than snow! Winter is just starting here! And hey, the whole point of raining in spring is to bring spring flowers too!! :D

I never liked wearing jeans at all and I usually only wear them when I absolutely have too (like when its freezing). And it’s so cold right now! Whe’re all the warm weather gone? :( I was looking forward to not having to wearing huge coats and jackets. I love wearing dresses and skirts, and they are so affordable now too which is even better!

I hate it when I scratch things and they seem to get scratch out of now where too which makes it even more super annoying! Sometimes the cases that are meant to protect the gadget ends up scratching it!

Thanks for the comment too. I know weddings are so expensive! But we’re planning a really small one I don’t want anything too big and glam it’s not really me haha. So hopefully I will still be able to pay bills after the wedding. It’s good you’re still at home, you’ll be able to save for your big wedding ;)

I like dresses a lot more than shirts and jeans too. Not only do they look good, they’re also easier to wear and they don’t feel hot in the summer. :D Jeans used to look bad on me too; currently I have a preference for skinny jeans over other types and I’m happy they fit already, though I’d still much rather put on a dress than anything else. :D Oh, you’re so lucky it’s summer there! It’s rainy season here (although the rains are expected to be over soon as cold weather must take its place around December) and I hate how storms often interfere with my daily tasks, even those as simple as going to school because I take public transport every day.

I agree with you about the shoes, not everything looks good with sneakers but a pair of Chucks (Converse) sure are a quick remedy. :)

The same thing used to happen to my gadgets — I remember once I had this cell phone I loved so much (seeing as I bought it with my own money — it was the first ever high-end device I’d owned), it was fine the first year however a classmate accidentally scratched it (boy, wasn’t I mad) and since then the scratches just started adding up. Luckily I found a way to protect my gadgets (which was to put jelly cases on them). My computer science teacher has this hard case for his laptop much like one you’d put on your phone. I’d like to have one if ever I get a MacBook of my own.

I like clothes that are easier to wear, so I do like a good t-shirt in the summer! Dresses are lovely but a lot of the ones I own are too formal – I’m on the lookout for some more casual ones.

Storms and rain are terrible when you’re taking public transport! :( I hate catching a train in such weather; the floor of the train becomes disgusting and wet, and it’s rather stuffy inside the train itself.

Ahhh. My first phone was dropped by a classmate, and got a little scratch. I made a big deal about it then, because it was my first phone and I clearly underestimated the strength of a Nokia 3315 (ahahaha)… therefore I made my friend pay for a new case, which, at that time, was only $10, compared to the expensive phone bling we’ve got today! :P

I want spring here too. Why do we have to have winter? And I feel you on the designer jeans (or jeans for that matter). I’m not particularly athletic, but I have what they call champagne bottle legs thick where the thighs are and much slimmer at the calves. I cannot even tell how many times I felt like crying in the dressing room because apparently jeans right now are made for people who have the same size calves and thighs. /wah

Anyway, can I just say that I am extremely happy I found someone on the internet who also names their laptops? Now I don’t feel as weird. Mine is a HP and his name is Megatron (from Transformers-because most people assume I call him that from Angel Sanctuary)