A Change of Mood

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.

Bad/shitty news first. James is going to Hong Kong in the summer (in Australia that is December to February), and Lilian is going to Malaysia. Sad, sad times when I shall be home alone without my two closest friends! 😞 And I can’t travel with either of them – mostly because of extremely worried and concerned parents, and a bit of a lack of money. You see, we’ve got a huge family trip planned for 2012, and we’re going to Indonesia – my cousin’s getting married and it’ll be five years since the last time we went there. It’s hard to believe that we’re planning so soon, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be a bit organised.

But yes, I’ll be extremely sad when James and Lilian go; James misses out on our third anniversary. Which is very sad, since I don’t think we even celebrated the last few years. πŸ˜› Or not that I remember! But he returns on Valentine’s Day, and hopefully I can see him at the airport.

You know, be one of those people holding a sign with someone’s name on it. A sign that says “JAMES“. β™₯️ Ahh. Then maybe we can go and have a nice quiet lunch for Valentine’s. I know the day is overrated, but it’s not like I’ve celebrated for it ever, really. πŸ€“

Other than the mention of such sad news, I have had a really stressful week. I really need to finish the last two reviews I’ve got. After this I don’t think I’ll be writing reviews anymore. They take up too much of my time – often five hours or more. I like helping people, but I don’t want to spend time on that anymore. I know I enjoyed them but after two years it got… it just got too much. I really enjoy doing a lot of “site stuff” but sadly, that doesn’t sit in reviewing anymore. It got bland and boring and tedious. And I know a lot of people can learn from the reviews I’ve written, anyway. πŸ™‚

I had to choose subjects for next year, which was a pain in the butt. It made me so frustrated because I had to keep choosing and changing subjects. My subjects kept clashing with each other, and all the classes I wanted to take were held on Monday. So I had to choose a lot of other classes and sift through the list of subjects, choosing subjects they didn’t have requisites or didn’t clash with my other classes. All the times are planned – I just had to go right through it. I should be okay now. Some of my subjects don’t have classes open for choosing yet but I do hope I get the ones I want.

While it’s sad that James and Lilian are going to be away, especially because I wanted them to come to see Ben Jorgensen with me – that’s the whole blob of excitement. Ben Jorgensen, my idol and favourite musician – is coming to Australia. I cannot wait. And I’m actually going. Yes, I’m going. Sebby said he wouldn’t mind coming along, and Ryan said he might come along too. This will be the first show/concert I’m going to – yeah, not down the rock or metal road of music that I love, but still, a show nonetheless! 😁

As I said, I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. The tickets are less than $20 per person, and he’s playing in January. I can hardy wait! πŸ˜„ ✌️

Aye. Well, James and I are talking about how many people hated us in high school. A lot. It seemed he copped most of the flak from some rather nasty people. Man, high school was bitchy.

Sigh, I’ve got a long weekend coming in. I’ve gotta hand in a lot of stuff and complete a lot of stuff. I don’t know how I’ll cope, but anything site-related probably won’t come until the holidays, just as Kat said. We’re both so busy with university, that’s just first priority now. 😚

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