A Change of Mood

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.

Bad/shitty news first. James is going to Hong Kong in the summer (in Australia that is December to February), and Lilian is going to Malaysia. Sad, sad times when I shall be home alone without my two closest friends! :( And I can’t travel with either of them – mostly because of extremely worried and concerned parents, and a bit of a lack of money. You see, we’ve got a huge family trip planned for 2012, and we’re going to Indonesia – my cousin’s getting married and it’ll be five years since the last time we went there. It’s hard to believe that we’re planning so soon, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be a bit organised.

But yes, I’ll be extremely sad when James and Lilian go; James misses out on our third anniversary. Which is very sad, since I don’t think we even celebrated the last few years. :P Or not that I remember! But he returns on Valentine’s Day, and hopefully I can see him at the airport.

You know, be one of those people holding a sign with someone’s name on it. A sign that says “JAMES“. ♥️ Ahh. Then maybe we can go and have a nice quiet lunch for Valentine’s. I know the day is overrated, but it’s not like I’ve celebrated for it ever, really. :B

Other than the mention of such sad news, I have had a really stressful week. I really need to finish the last two reviews I’ve got. After this I don’t think I’ll be writing reviews anymore. They take up too much of my time – often five hours or more. I like helping people, but I don’t want to spend time on that anymore. I know I enjoyed them but after two years it got… it just got too much. I really enjoy doing a lot of “site stuff” but sadly, that doesn’t sit in reviewing anymore. It got bland and boring and tedious. And I know a lot of people can learn from the reviews I’ve written, anyway. :)

I had to choose subjects for next year, which was a pain in the butt. It made me so frustrated because I had to keep choosing and changing subjects. My subjects kept clashing with each other, and all the classes I wanted to take were held on Monday. So I had to choose a lot of other classes and sift through the list of subjects, choosing subjects they didn’t have requisites or didn’t clash with my other classes. All the times are planned – I just had to go right through it. I should be okay now. Some of my subjects don’t have classes open for choosing yet but I do hope I get the ones I want.

While it’s sad that James and Lilian are going to be away, especially because I wanted them to come to see Ben Jorgensen with me – that’s the whole blob of excitement. Ben Jorgensen, my idol and favourite musician – is coming to Australia. I cannot wait. And I’m actually going. Yes, I’m going. Sebby said he wouldn’t mind coming along, and Ryan said he might come along too. This will be the first show/concert I’m going to – yeah, not down the rock or metal road of music that I love, but still, a show nonetheless! /bounce

As I said, I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. The tickets are less than $20 per person, and he’s playing in January. I can hardy wait! :D ✌️

Aye. Well, James and I are talking about how many people hated us in high school. A lot. It seemed he copped most of the flak from some rather nasty people. Man, high school was bitchy.

Sigh, I’ve got a long weekend coming in. I’ve gotta hand in a lot of stuff and complete a lot of stuff. I don’t know how I’ll cope, but anything site-related probably won’t come until the holidays, just as Kat said. We’re both so busy with university, that’s just first priority now. /faw

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Ngaww *hugg*
You can see me at the airport! /hrb
But you’ll have to wake up early. Tehee

Ngawweeeeeeee, it looks like your mum let you go after all! /bounce

Yes, high school was The Bitch. I never really enjoyed it /um

I can’t wait till the end of my exams; that’d be soooooo great. 🤤


Dude I can’t wait either! It’s annoying that you have to cram in study time… I hope those days come sooner. /faw

I’ll be able to wake up early ahaha. It’s funny that it’s still going to be in our break. I usually wake up early if I’m excited about something anyway.

I loved high school, but looking back, some of the people were pretty nasty. :(

Dude that sucks, that both James and Lilian are going to be away over the summer. Hopefully you won’t have too bad a time while they’re gone. >:

I think it’s been a very stressful semester, especially the last 6 weeks or so. Just so much going on. At least you solved your subjects problem. I’m still deciding on mine: whether do boring Introduction to Journalism over the summer and save myself some unnecessary stress later next year or do two subjects, one on each semester, that may be sort of interesting and relevant to what I want to do but, get stressed over them… decisions, decisions. .___.

The concert should be interesting haha. I really don’t know what to expect, I’ve never been to one. >.< But still, it should be fun, new experiences and all. Though I wish Foo Fighters have a concert in Sydney soon, I so want to see them. :3

You’re going to put up with my whining, as usual. :P

Ah, yeah, that’s pretty much out of the way. I thought this semester wouldn’t be too bad in terms of piling up, but I was (again) so wrong. I thought I’d be fine, but things just seem to be hitting me from every direction. After this weekend I’m praying that I’ll be fine… RegComm is such a… /poo

I think you ought to study over the summer. Your other option would be to find a job and work, which would be easier to do over summer rather than during semester. Hopefully you’ll come to a decision soon.

Thank you for tagging along! :3 Foo Fighters will probably head down here if they release something new… I’m not sure if I’d be that keen on seeing them, I’d probably get squished (knowing how popular they are and what kind of music they play in comparison to Ben). :P

No, they definitely don’t! I used to have at least 20 smilies in a blog! Haha, my sentences would be a little like this: “I’ve had a good day! :) It was really fun! :D Ah, I’m happy :P Haha! ;D Bye XD”. Haha!

Thank you! :) I hope I do too! Yeah, I stayed up past midnight and opened my first present, haha.

Thanks! Yeah, it is. I want to try and make my visitors come back for at least a month, haha. That’s why I’m doing a tutorial month :P

Yeah, me too! Well, I’ve got a new watch, some new clothes and some money (I’m saving up for Photoshop).

Haha! :P Yeah, I don’t always make them for my layouts, but when I do, I spend ages on them!

Yo, yo! I just had to comment on this (for several reasons)!

Firstly: AWW xD That’s so sweet of you to want to meet James at the airport for Valentine’s, it’s one of those cute, fluffy cliches you read about in romance novels! ♥ ahaha! It’s sad that you won’t see both James and Lilian for a while, though ;__; They’ll miss you terribly, too ;A;

Secondly: /angry Silly university! I hope you end up getting into the classes you chose for next year.

Thirdly: I saw that reblog on your Ben tumblr *u* AND I GOT SO EXCITED. Then I clicked for details and realised that 1: you had to be over eighteen & 2: he’s not coming to Perth T__T I would’ve loved to have gone and seen him (even though I barely know him, I can’t help it – I love supporting worthy artists! And I have become a fan of many GLAC songs – along with my sister, 😝 -). I have you to thank for that! So I’m sure you’ll have a blast of a time with Sebby (and Ryan if he goes) when you go! You just have to promise to rock out extra hard in place of me, ahahah :P

And finally: I MUST REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL. I keep meaning to but then I get distracted and completely forget, LOL. /is a ditz/ oh, oh, and (because you’re most probably asleep right now) in case you check your comments when you wake up later today (yes, it’s 12.40AM here right now XD) REMINDER: LOCKIE LEONARD SEASON 2 CH9 AT NOON, K. Let’s hope I don’t forget, lmfao. ♥ Toodles m’dear!

Thanks for reminding me, Cozza! I watched the episode, and heck, there are a heap on YouTube that I found, too. :D Looks like catching up won’t be such a hassle after all. Still, I’m going to get the series on DVD when it comes out!

I’ve chosen subjects for next year, but I can’t choose some classes yet. It’s annoying because I really want things set out nicely, and I want to know if I will have to take some days off work and whatnot.

Actually when I posted on Tumblr, I hadn’t bought tickets or known if I was going! But now I do… and I’m so ecstatic. Honestly, you should come over to Sydney for the day! School holidays and all, and you and I can meet up! :D

Anyway I’ll have lots of pictures and hopefully some videos to share; it’ll be like you were there! ♥

I will! :) I’ve got a new camera, so I’ll take some nice pictures of my presents :)

Well, my blogs are absolutely awful and uninteresting! So I think it’s my content (even though I don’t have much, and it isn’t that great.)

OK, sorry!

That sucks that BOTH of your closest friends aren’t going to be with you! Are they going for the whole summer?

I’m sure Indonesia’ll be great! My Mum stayed out there for a couple of months when she was training to be a doctor, although I don’t think she liked it that much :P I think it was just the area she was living in at the time.

Haha! You definitely should do that! I’m sure he’d be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve had quite a stressful week too! I’ve just had lots of homework, and I’ve been rushing around trying to get different projects finished. I’m behind in a few classes too – so I’m revising a lot more.

Your reviews are absolutely great! They’re really long, and in-depth! No wonder they take over 5 hours to write, haha. Yeah, I sometimes just read through the reviews you’ve done. They’re all great, and by all, I mean the 388,829,000 of them!

I’m glad I don’t have to choose my subjects, because I’m absolutely awful at planning, and I’d chooses classes that were at the same time! :P I’m only in high school though, so I’m sure when I go to university I’ll get all muddled up!

I’ve never heard of Ben Jorgensen, is he Australian? Or is he big world-wide? I’ve only been to a few concerts, but they’ve always been small ones. I go to shows a lot though, I go to at least one pantomime a year, and various other shows throughout.

I hope you have a great time! Going to a live concert is a lot better than just listening to the song. There’s always a very nice atmosphere.

High school is just very over-exaggerated! Little things turn into massive arguments. It can get really annoying!

And so it should be. Your education is much more important than your website! :)

Summer in Australia, always summer in Malaysia, Hong Kong would be winter though … I don’t really like traveling in winter. But I don’t expect Hong Kong’s winter to be that cold, maybe like 70 degrees … um I know I can convert this! 20 Celsius? But I know how you’d feel. Just this past summer my best friend went to Korea and a lot of my other friends went to China, while I was stuck here… I think most people tend to go on vacations when they graduate from high school. O_O

I think V-day is really overrated … It’s like … why would you want to celebrate your relationship on the same day as everyone else? I like anniversaries though. This is totally random of me but I think it’s great you can be with someone for so long like 3 years. ;) I have this friend who was dating some dude she chased after in high school, and when she left for college she dumped him for someone she just met there … ridiculous.

5 hours on reviews?! That is extremely generous. But I can’t help but feel some people might take the review for granted. I’m sorry they got boring though. It’s probably to be expected from doing something for so long. Though I don’t feel blogging will ever get boring.

I can’t wait to have the freedom of choosing subjects! My friends all boast about it. I always enjoyed choosing electives in high school. This is also random, but how many hours of class time do you usually have in Australian universities or in your degree?

Oh that sounds wonderful! Your first concert is of your favorite, hehe. My first concert … eh don’t wanna talk about the crap I listened to back then. One of my favorite groups is actually coming here in exactly a week. I wanted to go but since I couldn’t find any friends to go with me my mom wouldn’t let me … she thinks concerts are dangerous.

High school was bitchy! Ah no I’m cursing, haha. But there’s seriously no word to describe high school that isn’t a curse word!


In America it’s actually rude to knock on the doors of strangers, or even people you know without calling. But Halloween is an exception. Usually kids have their parents with them so I don’t think it would be too bad.

Awwww nooo! You must see them all! Haha I’m a freak when it comes to animation movies. You’d think I’m 5 years old. XD Domains are wonderful to collect, I actually had this recent dream that I owned several. Weird dream, I know. I used to collect jewelery … I actually still have a box of it but I’m too lazy to put them on. I love jewelery though, I think most girls do.

Feeling 100% better thanks! *HUGS* Lol.

I’ve always thought other people’s titles are interesting … but everyone’s telling me they use song titles and/or lyrics. But usually I write several topics in one blog post and I don’t know which one I should refer to in the title. O_O

I think the best part of this layout are the colors you chose … I like any pale color really. It’s just so serene and soothing to the eyes! -looks in lost & found- Since August 27th! And here I’ve had my blog for 2 month and I’m already on my third layout.

Oh that’s not exactly what I meant … I really don’t know how to say it haha. Any English speaker would know how bad the F word is but like my mom just curses in English without hesitation, but she never curses in Korean because she actually feels bad about it. English is sort of blank for her? She’s been here around 30 years I think. I guess most kids today curse in their native language and don’t feel bad.

Yup you have told me that one. Aw it’s too bad you can’t tell me a funny story of yours then. LOL I’m kidding! There’s this other story about this 2 year old girl who said motherF-er … which is totally messed up. And another 2 year old kid who said his first sentence “what fut, yady” after his dad or mom said “what the F, lady!”

Oh I have that font, but I use Wendy because I looked up what people usually use, haha. Don’t you need to change the text in the template too? I can’t change it because I have a habit of converting them to raster layers… bad habit…break time.

Agreed! Oh shoot I just realized I haven’t backed up in ages! Haha!

Awe, I am sorry about James and Lilian. That is a real big bummer. Just spend as much time as you can with them, until they leave. All Summer you can talk to me. Have fun on Valentine’s day. When is your Valentine’s day? Sorry, but this thing that you live in the Summer in my Winter is all weird. :)

Congrats on going to the concert. I never been to one.

Actually in most schools the highest GPA is 4, but my school has to be difficult and make it 4.5 or 4.7? I actually don’t buy present except for my mom. My mom buys my dad’s. (they aren’t married though) And my mom and dad buys the other presents and just put my name on them.

I must look Ben Jorgunsun up. His name sounds Scandinavian.
So you’ve been doing reviews for 2 years? That’s dedication, I think you deserve the right to give it up now /eee
And as for bitchy schoolkids, they don’t get much better as we get older. I have found grown ups worse then highschool kids and that’s saying something.
AH it’s business end of school/university now. I remember this time last year I was freaked out because it was my last exams forever! Good luck getting all your work done, I am sure you’ll do fabulous (Y) ♥

nice site! can we exchange links?

Thanks. And no. I don’t exchange links with people who don’t read my posts.

I have no idea who Ben Jorgensen is (I’m sorry! I’ll youtube it later), but I’m happy for your that you’re so excited. I’m sorry that your boyfriend won’t be around for your third anniversary! I’m surprised you’re so laid back about it. I think I’d be really upset, although the likelihood that it will happen for my fourth anniversary is pretty high, so I guess I’ll find out. <.<; It's nice that he'll be back for Valentine's day. I don't know if I consider the holiday overrated. My boyfriend and I often don't do anything particularly special and just spend the day together.

I haven't signed up for classes next semester just yet. I think the first day to register is this coming Monday, November 8th, but I have to talk to my advisor before I can register and I couldn't schedule an appointment until the 12th. Oh well. I'm sure there will still be plenty of classes open.

This is fairly off topic, but I think I'm going to Australia in 2013. My mom said something about her parents 50 year anniversary (they recently moved to Sydney or Melbourne to live with her younger brother & sister. I don't actually know which city they're in). I haven't been there in a few years, so I'm kind of interested to see how things have changed (now that the Australian dollar has overpowered the American dollar)

Aw, you’re meeting James at the airport. Thats ridiculously sweet. Especially on Valentine’s Day. You know these typical romance books/movies, where the hero-heroine meet at the air-port…I remember this particular scene in Dear John where Amanda Seyfried runs to Channing Tatum and wraps her arms and legs around him when they meet at the air-port. Sigh.
Wow! Your concert sounds like fun!

Prioritizing is really important right now. It is an important phase of your life. I am sure you’ll manage. *Hugs*
The people who hate you in High School are the ones who are jealous of you. I liked high school, until all my friends left. Now I can’t wait to get out. One and a half year. I have it marked on my calender.

I think called nerd/geeky is cute. I love nerd/geeky guys. Bill Gates is a nerd/geek. Look how well that turned out for him. Its hell lotta better than being the cutest cheerleader in school. :P

That’s so exciting that you’re going to be going to your first concert. You are going to LOVE it! You will have to take photos and stuff! I have never heard of the guy before though… :(

That’s sad that both James and Lilian are going to be away for summer! It really blows but I hope you enjoy your summer! :)

Thanks, I really love the meaning behind my tattoo too. :) I’m going to write her a letter with the meaning for Christmas so she knows why I really got it and so she doesn’t think I got it for the sake of getting a tattoo. :) I’m extremely proud of the design and it’s even better that Currar designed it. :)

Today was my puppy’s first birthday, so I guess I can’t exactly call him a puppy anymore. :)

Georgie! ♥
I missed talking to you, I always try and comment but I can never find the time. But I’m commenting now, which is awesome, right? :P

Your going back to Indonesia? That’s awesome! I hope you enjoy yourself. Even though, it’s in 2 years away… LOL. It’s really sad that James is going to Hong Kong and your friend is going to Malaysia. I hope they have a great time and don’t worry, you’ll live. You can talk to all of us. XD /wave

Aww, thats so sweet James comes back on Valentine’s Day! ^^ Makes me go into my “love struck” mood again! HAHA.

I wanted to start doing the reviwing thing, but I haven’t got a really good “EYE” to review and plus I don’t want to say something too harsh that the person starts crying or something. :(

Wow, I’ve never heard of him but have a great time!

High school is very very bitching. I cannot wait till I leave high school. It’s like the worst thing ever. People are so judgemental. =[

Aw,I’m sorry to hear that, Georgie <3. but at least he'll be back on valentine's day! Ahh I'd love to visit Hong Kong, he's really lucky 👏 . Funny that Lilian is going to Malaysia, as my mom promised me that if I get 90+ in my mid terms she'd take me there. But that' like, when i was in science. And now that I'm in Art, I think she's a bit hesitated. But hope we go anyway!

Aw, well. Hopefully you guys will celebrate it this time, and yeah you should buy on those signs! Just like in the movies :P ! Hope you'll have this day after the stress you've through this month (from your other blogs).

Sorry to hear that you've had a stressful week, I really know the feeling and i hate stress. Even though I have no website anymore, it's still gets me. I want to do my school work and stuff, but also enjoy my time. it's like there is no time left. But right now it's loads easier for me, since I'm now comfortable with my the subjects such as History, Geography, Biology, Economics I love those stuff.When you do something you like the stress reduces, so you don't have to do those reviews if you don't want too. I'm glad though I asked for my review before you closed them. You've helped me a lot, and I'm really grateful. ♥

Glad you're finally able to go to his concert! We all know how much you love Ben Jorgensen. Seems like everybody is going to converts except me :(.I really want tog to a concert, but the singers that come here are like Rihanna, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, etc.. Famous singers whom I don't really like, but they're okay. Hopefully you'll enjoy your first concert! /eee

I’ve been to Hong Kong, but I was a baby! Or really young. So I don’t really remember what happened, but my mum tells me that I lost a tooth when I was there.

I have to admit that even though I sometimes just take a break from my site and don’t touch it for nearly a day, I still find myself stressed out from university work or something else. It’s almost never-ending… though I can’t imagine giving up my website at this point. :P

I’m glad you found my reviews helpful! I know I helped a lot of people but now it’s time to stop… at least until I can find the time to do it again. I love maintaining websites but reviews full-time doesn’t work for me. I used to do plenty, one a day sometimes, but for some reason I found myself very short of time this year. I can only imagine I will have less time and university goes along!

Thank you! ♥ Well, only the very popular and famous artists come here but obviously I was so excited when I found out Ben Jorgensen was coming to Australia!

There is sooo much hate in high school, I’m glad that’s long over with now.

I always wanted someone to hold up one of those signs for me at the airport lol.

I think it makes sense to give up doing the reviews, it’s more important to focus on what you want to do, especially if you’re short of time.

GOOD MORNING! Since it is 4.01am. I was about to sleep, but then I remembered your blog, so I figured better comment now cos I know I will be dying tomorrow trying to summarise 3 chapters of economics and do tute questions. Oh my god I feel sick thinking about it.

Anyways, I’M SORRY! It’s really bad timing both me AND James will be out of the country at around the same time. But like, Chinese New Year, you know? Hahaha and it’s cheaper to travel then cos travelling around christmas time is EXPENSIVE D:. We shall be with you in SPIRIT! :D Don’t worry, I shall buy you hair bobbles and send you postcards and email as much as I can!

I can’t believe I’m missing out on Ben Jorg in concert, live. My heart is officially broken! You must enjoy it doubly much for my sake! Hahaha and take lots of photos :D .

Ohhh…I think I MIGHT just beat James back XD. I think I’m getting back on the 12th February? Oh my god. I don’t want to think about the end of the holiday T_T. It makes me sad. But I LOVE AIRPORTS! :D So I hope you have LOTS OF FUN with James at the airport :P. And I hope James isn’t jet-lagged. My return flight is a night-flight so I will be totally cranky and incapable of functioning when I land in Australia. Hahahahaha!

Oh my god. If you really make a sign, please get James to take like a bazillion photos for me, cos that would be SO CUTE! /um

Picking classes is such a pain. I always end up with such crap timetables /angry. It would suck to have to swap around subjects. Lucky you CAN swap around subjects. Most of my subjects are core units. In fact, all of them are, so I have no choice but to do them. If they have crap times, sucks for me. *sigh*. Uni life sucks sometimes!

Ha, there were so many bitchy people in Highschool. It totally sucked. Thank god it’s over, and that people grew up :).

OMGGG TOO MUCH WORK! Alright I’m off to bed! GOODNIGHT! :D

Oh you’ll get your work done! I can’t wait until you’ve finished, you’ve been so stressed! :( *hugs*

Ahh that must be why it’s cheap and everyone is travelling around that time. I don’t really celebrate Chinese New Year though!

I’ll definitely take lots of pictures and share them! It’s such a shame you can’t come. I keep thinking over how great it would be if you guys could come but that’s not happening… this is what you get when you plan too far ahead… nah, I’m just joking. :P

The last two times I went to Indonesia, I returned in the morning. I prefer returning in the morning, so that gives me essentially a full day to relax. In the end I guess it doesn’t matter, but let’s hope you’re not too jet-lagged.

Oh, you should get electives at some point! :( I get 24 credit points of electives. The core subjects can’t be changed around, which is annoying, but they’ve never gotten in the way for me.

I understand. In Spain we do not celebrate Halloween either.

Thanks Georgina! :)

The Addams Family has always been one of my favorite movies since childhood. I understand.

Thank you for your understanding! *Hugs for you too* 👏 I’m sorry that you had a tough week. Group work is the worst, I never liked working in groups because there are always differences of opinion. I regret that there are problems with the new enrollment of the University. I hope these problems are solved.

I know. Normally, when I feel very nervous or stressful situations gives me stomach ache. That’s what I try to take some rest, but sometimes it’s impossible.

I know. I’m too glad that the end could be fixed. Thanks Georgina! :)

Thanks so much! It means a lot to me /eee . I guess you did it correctly. Wow you gave five stars to my pictures, thanks. Website is available only in Spanish and Portuguese. Sorry.

Haha I think so too.

I also like blogs, but sometimes I feel it’s like a job. In those moments, I make sure to be a bit away from all this. But when I’m away I realize that I miss. I guess it’s just a hobby /type .

You are right, you should always take advantage of opportunities to get more sleep.

I also feel nervous before any presentation, even though I know I’m going to do well. It’s the nerves of the moment.

You’re right, some marriage proposals can embarrass a girl. You’re right, would make everyone happy for a proposal when there is much love involved.

Sometimes it is better to have the attention and spend time with the person you love, more than a material gift. I do not think that gifts are so important. I agree.

I regret that as you go to see James and Lilian at a time. You’ll miss it, but think they will too. These are sad times when your friends do not spend the holidays with you. I know what is and is very hard :(
Not bad you are planning your trip to Indonesia in 2012, I guess it is best to plan the trip ahead.

It is very sweet you go to look for James to the airport when he returns. Sounds like a romantic moment in a movie of love ♥

Valentine’s day is a day overrated, but I guess it’s nice that a couple of lovers celebrate it.

Choosing subjetcs is somewhat tedious, I know what you’re talking about because I have suffered. I hope you’ve chosen your subjects well. That’s how bad it usually subjects you like most generally don’t agree on the schedule

Wow is great, you’re going to your first concert. I’m happy for you 👏

Do not worry, first go your studies.

I know. High school sucks! :P

AWH! THAT SUCKS! A SUMMER WITHOUT YOUR BOO!!! AWH! I’m so sorry! I’d miss Dante so much if I had to go through that. :'(

Choosing subjects is always hard and takes a lot of time. Especially for college (at least I think it does for college). You have to choose the times and stuff for college so I understand why that was stressful.

I’m glad that you have summer vacation soon! :)

AWH! NO MORE GEORGINA REVIEWS?!?! :'( Oh well. I’m not going to tell you to continue because it is all your choice.

YAY! Congrats on the first concert. I haven’t seen a concert ever either. :)
Thanks! I wanted a change. :) I like layouts like this one. ;)

Yeah, I saw that. Thanks so much!

I copied what you have on your links page and linked you as the person who gave me that idea. I hope it is alright..

Yeah, I wish mine were taking digitally…oh well! They will be online soon though. ;)

I know. & As you know, this did scar me badly. Oh well, that is the last time I SHOULD bring him up.

Yeah, it really doesn’t matter since we are both taken. I mean, seriously….why would I care?

Yeah, he hasn’t SAID anything. Lol. That’s what I keep thinking of. That Tyler is gay but doesn’t know it.

No problem.

Yeah, people who yell at you for blogging about them or whatever are just losers. Seriously…how lame can you get?

Yeah, that’s why I haven’t had any since. I’m terrified of getting prego…I don’t wanna ruin my senior year by getting prego.


Well I am glad your footnote cleared up that summer part of your blog, I was like… but summer just ended?? lol But that’s okay that’s not too long you’ll get to see him again and you’ll get to spend an awesome Valentine’s Day with him because you missed him so much that day would be extra special and lovey ;).
I know picking courses are so ugh, I had to do that as well this past week and it was so annoying trying to plan your courses around other courses and what not what a pain!
Oh a concert, I’ve never been to one myself, hopefully soon =) I surely hope you have a ton of fun and take tons of pictures as well so that you can relive it with your friends when they come back =D
Take care xx

Georginaaaaa!!! ♥ /glomps

It’s been a while since I last commented here. I’ve been a working zombie for the past weeks. /snort Anyway, it’s really sad that Lilian and James will not be able to come with you to see Ben perform live. But I’m sure they will be with you in spirit! /eee And I envy youuu… I haven’t seen my favorite artist perform live yet (even if they did come here already D: ). Sad much, but seriously, I am happy for you. I hope you’ll enjoy the concert! /rose

Though James will be away for the summer, it’ll be awesome that he’ll be back just in time for Valentine’s Day. Yay! Have fun, you two, in Feb… and have a safe trip to Lilian and James! /eee

Ugh for stressful weeks. Had mine too! :( I bet your visitors will understand why you’d have to give up with writing reviews. /hugs And oh, how’s your subjects? Were you able to complete and organize your classes? ;)

Yaaaaaayyyy… will your boyfie stay there for a long time? that’s really sad… but hey at least he’s going back and you still have the chance to hug and kiss him again. /hehe

university really takes a lot of our time. i’ll be back in university this coming tuesday and i’m excited. lol! good luck on your exams, georgina! /mwah

It’s too bad that both of them have to be gone, and even worse that James is gonna miss your anniversary. :( Even if he won’t be there on that day, I’m sure you’d still be happy – by then you guys would’ve been together for 3 years, wow. I hope I’ll eventually make it that far with my boyfriend too!

Last Valentine’s, we didn’t actually celebrate, hehe. He just went to my house. :) We did give presents though; we both ended up giving each other Elmo’s. It was an inside joke, but it was still such a coincidence!

I did reviews for a while before, and it really is time consuming. I don’t mind giving reviews when I’m in the mood for it, but otherwise it ends up just feeling like work.

I still haven’t gone to a concert. Maybe I’ll try to next year, if someone interesting enough comes. My friends keep asking me to watch Taylor Swift with them next February, but I’m definitely not a Taylor Swift fan. I hope you’ll have fun in your first concert though. :)

I’m in high school, and so far it’s fine. I guess “high school” for me happened in grade 5. That’s when all the bitchiness suddenly came out of everyone. It’s too bad it had to happen so early. Now, most of those people have mellowed out, thank goodness.

Ah I had a similar situation this summer, my two best friends went away on holiday and I was stuck in England D:

Lol aww, hopefully you and James have a great Valentines day :)

I tried reviewing once, but as soon as I put the section up I realised that I really won’t have the energy to do them all and to the best of my ability; so I shut it down straight away xD

I neverrr go to concerts Sounds fun though I hope you have a great time xD

There are definitely some real bitchy people in high school – and a lot of people who are over dramatic x|

Aww. That really sucks that both James and Lillian are not going to be at home! :( Hopefully they come back soon. Wow, you’re planning 2 years beforehand. But like you said, it doesn’t hurt to be organised. It must be exciting. Usually I’m excited for family trips like these but often they don’t turn out so well for me. :P

LOL I was just wondering “James is going away during summer, than that means he is coming back on February 2011? That’s a looong time” Then I realised that summer starts in December in Australia. :P

That’s so sweet you’re gonna meet him at the airport. :)

I was hoping I’d get my site reviewed by you. :P After two years of reviewing, it must have gotten really tedious. And your reviews are always so detailed, I’m sure it took up a lot of your time.

Yayy you’re going to meet Ben Jorgensen! You must be soooo excited. :D

Hehe yeah, it had only been one week but I felt like I had been without the internet for so long. :P

Sometimes you don’t really need to drive, but I guess it’s better when you have your driver’s license.

I guess we just have to lie. Our parents don’t understand that we’re responsible or eat least we need the chance to prove that we’re responsible. Sometimes I feel afraid even to tell my parents when one of my friends have a birthday party or something. :/

Me too. I hope things get better. :)