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Today I was really lazy, but I got ahead and read one of my readings for university next week. Nothing much has been updated online so I can’t see the readings for my other subjects. I feel sorry for Lilian who has pages and pages of law readings to do already. 😞

Lilian and I exchanged extremely late birthday gifts yesterday. We went out shopping in the city and Sebby decided to tag along.

Lilian […]

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Personal questions. I hate them.

I dislike when someone asks me something too personal. Our family used to be really close to this other family we met at church. Yep – the ol’ family friends. I tend to have a severe hate for most of them, because of their intrusive questions.

The thing about family friends is that they’re halfway between family and friends – or something like that. Your family is close to […]

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I went to James’s house today. It was a really cold day. I thought I’d remembered everything when I walked out the door of my house. When I was waiting for him to pick me up at the station, though, I remembered… I remembered that I forgot something. 😛

I didn’t bring my digital camera. I know I have a camera on my iPhone but I like being able to use a proper camera because […]

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I finished watching the first season of Doctor Who. The new season, I mean… the one that started in 2005. I’m hooked already. I’m not one to like television shows very much. I was surprised I actually like the show because I don’t watch television or movies much, not to mention it takes a lot for me to actually bother to watch something when someone recommends it to me.

I also finished reading Shadow’s […]

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I’m a dancer, and I’ve done dancing for many years, even though I stopped and quit. I do still like doing it for fun. Ballet, tap, jazz – the lot.

In Australia, primary school goes up to grade six, at which point you’d be about 12 years old, before going to high school – years 7 to 12. When it came to partner dancing in primary school, we were all ten years old. Come on. […]

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Just today, I was talking to James about how I find it so hard to believe that I took to self-harm in the past. It was in those dark days. I still have problems now with my family. I just go and find someone to talk to or rant to – someone who will listen. When I was about 15… 16… those were my years of self-harm. I stopped for a while, until some things […]

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I hate attachments.

Not the attachments in email. I know they take up a lot of room, and when you’re attaching a large photo, it takes a long time for it to attach, and even longer to send. You do have to admit that email attachments are a gem, though.

I mean emotional attachment.

I still have my Memory Box I mentioned in a previous post. It’s just a little box where I […]

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There is supposed to be an election running in August in Australia. I’m not into politics, so I don’t actually know what the election is for. /um

In Australia you have to be eighteen years old to vote. When you turn eighteen you must enrol to vote. If you don’t vote, you could be fined… face serious consequences… you get my drift. (I’m just really tired at the moment, excuse me.)

This will be […]

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I know there are a few people out there who aren’t so comfortable with their body image. I’m quite happy with mine at the moment. I know it’s human nature to judge people and automatically class people as “fat” or “skinny”, and sometimes we have to be careful with what we say.

At the same time, I know that there are people out there who have struggled with their own body image and coming to […]

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I tried to get rid of some habits today. Which didn’t happen. My list of habits goes extremely far, and let me say it includes but is not limited to the following:

complaining whingeing about the smallest things that don’t really matter overanalysing little things such as a single line of text going on my iPhone to check my email as soon as I wake up going online before I even get breakfast (at […]

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