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I hate attachments.

Not the attachments in email. I know they take up a lot of room, and when you’re attaching a large photo, it takes a long time for it to attach, and even longer to send. You do have to admit that email attachments are a gem, though.

I mean emotional attachment.

I still have my Memory Box I mentioned in a previous post. It’s just a little box where I keep little memoirs and things. I don’t bother looking into it. I didn’t have a great past, and I just wanted to forget it, but I don’t know why these little things mean so much to me that I have to keep them.

I get attached to things easily. It is almost embarrassing. When James and I used to go out and eat gelato a lot, I kept all the spoons. I’d wash them and clean them but I’d keep them all. Not the way my mum reuses plastic spoons like normal spoons after cleaning them – but I’d just keep them for memory’s sake. They’re still sitting in a freaking container in my room.

Mind you, the container is from a bunch of walnuts James gave me.

Which I ate during my final exams in high school.

(Yes, we were allowed to eat during exams.)

I stopped collecting the spoons after some time. I felt like it was silly. But when it comes to more personal things, like letters, they’re things I keep. In fact, taking a peek in my Memory Box, I spotted quite a great deal of them.

It’s a little like Christmas cards and birthday cards I got throughout high school. I tossed them all in a bag and I keep them. I just simply cannot bring myself to get rid of them. Sometimes I think, “Hmm, I just keep all the stuff that means a lot to me, it’s no big deal”.

That’s when I realise I have a lot of junk in my room that doesn’t mean anything to me. School textbooks. Old CDs of music I barely even like anymore.

The worst I found – the other day I found a binder full of biology, physics, chemistry and senior science notes. They were insanely neat. Maybe that’s why I kept them, even if I have no use for them now.

Most of you know me as the girl with many domains. And too many fanlistings. /um

Today, I closed the fanlisting for Krist Novoselic. My first closed fanlisting. I made the decision because I don’t feel like I’m much of a fan of him anymore, and because that is one of my least liked fanlistings. I have over 100, so I felt like it was time to close one.

It was wrenching – as lame as it sounds. I have an attachment to all of my websites that when it’s time to let one go, even though I know it’s the right decision… it will almost never be the right time. Sometimes I just have to bite the bullet and freaking do it.

I think that applies to more than just emotional attachment. /pow

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I think it’s a bit of a girl thing. Even I save things, and I’m a fairly emotionally distant person :P I actually recently had a clear out of old birthday and valentines cards because they’re just not necessary.

One thing I do have though is a memory chest for my daughter. It has things like our scan photos, her first outfit, welcome home cards and that sort of thing in it. I will add her first birthday cards, too, when the time comes. Eventually I’ll give it to her when she’s old enough :)

I save things too. Mainly movie or play/musical tickets, and those little booklets about who played what role. I save birthday and Christmas cards from my friends because most of them try to fit a novel into the small amount of space available :) I’m quite attached to a lot of my childhood toys and refuse to give them up, mostly because there’s just so many memories attached to them. Eventually I do clean some things up and throw them away, but not as often as I probably should ;)

I get a bit sentimental sometimes, though I’m probably not as sentimental as most people. My mom’s not sentimental at all, unless she’s dealing with something really, really special. I should probably be more emotionally attached to things, but my mom has been a bit of an influence, haha.

I do get attached to notebooks. I have this whole drawer just filled to the brim with notebooks. Throughout my life, I’ve just been writing in so many notebooks for so many different purposes. Half of them are probably journals and diaries. One or two of them are to-do lists. A few are design and website ideas. One was for these songs I wrote when I was like 8. My favorite one is this notebook full of sweet texts – I write them there when I need to start deleting. :D It makes me happy when I look at it. :D There are a lot more besides those though.

I’m extremely OC with taking notes too. When it gets a bit messy, I usually tear off the page – a bad habit I’m trying to stop (bad for the environment, you know).

My mom and I are really white, so when we’re in the normal parts of the Philippines, we’re just so much darker than everyone else. I usually end up feeling really awkward.

I used to not want to delete any of my songs ever cause, like you, I thought that I might suddenly want to listen to a song. Too bad my iPod doesn’t have enough space, haha.

Your habit of storing objects which have some emotional background is … ADORABLE. I can see why your boyfriend likes you. Perhaps it is a bit quirky but a cute trait nonetheless (at least for mine).
Well I suppose your ability to get attached to certain phenomena can be quite taxing but it is also indicative of compassion.
Taste in music is subjective and changes from time to time so if the CD’s are really taxing on physcial space… Simple arrange in a rack for storage or rip then discard. You never know, there may be a time when you actually like it again.
As for your notes, keeping them even thought you’ve graduated from high school isn’t neccessarily a bad thing. Other people (younger siblings) may actually have a need for them especially since they are neat (isn’t the perfectionist bordering on obsessive compulsive side of you handy?) XD
Its also convenient on the type of things you stored, me… a
large sandwich isn’t exactly the best thing to store away. Unfortunately that’s in hindsight.

All the CDs actually sit in a CD box on top of my bookshelf, but I don’t know why it bothers me. I used to like a lot of rap music, but I’m well over that now, not to mention the lot is ripped onto my laptop and computer already!

My parents actually have… huge cardboard boxes of books and notes… in the garage. They still have crap from high school and my brother’s already halfway through. He never used them, either. Syllabuses change, as do the subjects my brother and I have taken. My parents could just toss it out!

I believe my dad keeps food past its use by date because he hates to waste it. Sigh!

Tell him it depends on the food type (dried/fresh). Use by is an indicator that it SHOULD be comsumed before that day. But the good thing is at least your dad doesn’t store the food for 1/2 a year past its use by date (refer to sandwich which has a short shelf life unless you get one from Maccas).

I have memoir boxes too! Er … I have one in a small carrot box, which I finally had to tape shut with moving tape because it’s so full. Then I have a tin that had candy in it, and I got it for … Christmas? Haha. Yeah. :P

So I understand. I’ve kept gum wrappers and so many random things.

I guess I worded that post badly because it seems like a lot of people took what I meant the wrong way. :(

I meant that a lot of seventeen year olds I went to school with and that I knew and my friends knew and such were careless. They acted like nothing could harm them in any way.

That’s the group the blog was meant toward. I think that one person took it too harshly, and ghjsghfjhkjgd /argh 🤬 I feel like snapping at her and being all, “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!” Because it’s not, and I think that if she would have read it again that maybe she would understand … is that mean? :|

I hear ya!!

Emotional attachments. I hate them. I get attached to the stupidest things ever, and I can’t let go, like you!

I have a memory box from when I was born with little things that my mum kept for all of my things for all my brothers and sisters too. It has like, my ‘golden plastic cup’ from when I was a baby lol, cards, drawings, books (I used to write stupid ones when I was like, 8 or something), photos and all those things. I never look at it, my mum doesn’t allow me to. I have no idea why, it’s just a stupid box. Only on ‘special occasions’ she lets me look, and know that I am much older she still doesn’t let me. grr haha.

Looking around my room I collect stupid things like old, un working stationary, batteries and anything stupid you could imagine. Just junk.

And there are somethings that I get emotional with, even if I know it’s junk and needs to be thrown away. I have no idea why.
I have no idea why, because I am not an emotional person at all.

Me too. I am really addicted. The first thing I do is check, and even if I need to pee or something I will hold it in just to look.

haha I know what you mean. I am always craving something sweet to eat, but we have no stash of chocolate or sweets or anything around here, which bothers me haha. I read that you’re supposed to drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes if you have cravings. I have never really tried it, though.

21 days? I want to try it! I want to get red of any habits I can. I want to wake up early to enjoy my mornings for 21 days lol. But lately I have been sleeping really bad and I fall asleep really really late, even If I go to bed early. I just need to get used to it I guess.

15 websites? wow! I wouldn’t know where to start. I have only 1 to update and stuff and I rarely do.

I know. Film photography is really expensive but right now photography is the only thing I seem to like and I am willing to pay, I love the results. I am just one day going to come short because I pay myself and I don’t get allowance or anything :p right now I pay with the money I got from that website.

A natural talent for math! I would love that. I do not understand anything even close. I hate it a lot, and I never understand anything. My family is a bunch of maths boffins, and love science and math and what not. I, on the other hand need help from them every day, and they sit me down and explain concepts, which takes hours lol. Some are just born to get and others, well not really. I told my brothers girlfriend I was bad at it and she told me that if I was a part of my family I have to be lying because they all are math geniuses. thanks. haha /bounce My twin sister is going to a math and science highschool and I am going to languages. XD

I think the difference may be that iced coffee is a little less.. well icy. The mix of ice cream and ice leave a layer of like, flavoured crushed ice. you should try it when the weather is better! It’s amazing.

🤤 = the best face there

sorry I replied so late, I completely forgot about my site and to check it O_O

hey u lucky i had to get rid of my memories box this year :(.. i kept all my letters me and my friends use to pass around.. i miss it now

My mom actually shut up, even though I didn’t say anything. She didn’t say a word to my dad yesterday.
When my mom isn’t mad at my dad, she says that he’s a big boy, and that she’s taking care of another baby in the house – it’s in an affectionate way. She told me that even though she doesn’t like my dad’s attitude, he’s still takes good care of the family.

I have a friend who is nearly six feet, and he says that it’s awkward to hug me because when we hug, it’s disproportional.


I always get birthday and Christmas cards from my friends and family, but instead of putting them in a drawer or box, I just put them in scattered locations. But I know they’re not thrown away. xD
Whenever I get something chicken-related from someone, it immediately goes on the top of my dresser. I’ve been doing it for years. I’m probably not going to stop anytime soon.

I don’t really tend to get attached to things to easily xP Other than things like photos ><

Man I need a memory box! But there's nothing too special like letters that I would put in there? :S Maybe over time I'll have more things that I want to remember XD

Woah over 100?! :o How do you keep up with all of that! xP

Me too~ I always keep letters and cards that are sent to me :D and tiny things I keep brings back memories. I have a box full of my things (both used and unused) from 2 years ago, before I move to a new place ^ _ ^// ahh~ I like remembering the past, both the good and the bad.

D: I am the complete opposite.
I don’t get attached to things, honestly, i actually need to work on that. I can let things go as easy as saying my ABC’s (of course, i can’t let go of grudges or people i love and such) but like websites for example:
I can let websites go very easily, i have no problem with that, same with plushies i have had for a while, also old pictures i can let go and old clothes and such. :(

but there is only one thing i could NEVER let go. It’s just an old picture of my mom and dad’s wedding picture (they divorced), yeah, i guess thats the only thing i hold onto. I even have like this one special place for the picture to be stored (my drawer XD)

But being attached to things is a good thing. Alot of old people tell random stories about old things that happend long ago in dinasour lands, and they kept the smallest most useless things witch now a days could either
A. Cost a fortune
B. be really special because it’s rare :O

So, yes attachments close can have it’s outcome. Also, having trouble with having attachments is just as worse. But heh, no ones perfact. ✌️

Wow, that’s so strange! I’ve never met anyone who has spoken so confidently about not being attached to things. But at least you do have something that is close to your heart. I’d love to be able to throw things out when I won’t need them but sometimes I can’t bear to let go.

People are all different, though. I guess having all these memoirs can be a good thing to remind myself – of at least the good things! :)

Exactly, but i guess i’m not as attached to things mostly because i’m still very young. For some peple when being still a kid, certain things and such are just nt as imprtant to you as when being a teen or an adult. :

Well rationally speaking people generally are shy about how much they are attached to something. Why not be confident about the opposite. :D

Hey Georgie!

I know what you mean by attachments. I still have most of the letters my girlfriends (aka best friends) wrote me from high school. But I don’t have a memory box. I should get one and store all my letters from high school in them but seriously I think I might’ve thrown some of them out. So I think a memory box would be useless.

Anyway, yeah when I was doing that video my side was in pain. I can only take two vicodin a day, and on Saturday I took four. I know i overdosed, but they were really hurting.

Well; attachments in email does take a long time to send. My dad attached some photos from the year 2007, and sent them to me but I didn’t get them till like 45 minutes later. So yeah I get what you mean by that.

Cloud Connected is a song by In Flames.
I approve. :D

My mom is a bit of a pack rat. I don’t know if it’s an emotional attachment, but we have so much crap in our basement. Honestly, we have boxes full of wholly coloured paper.
It’s not even construction paper. It’s 8.5 x 11 blank paper with a slight colour to them.

I recently cleaned my bedroom, and I have a box labelled “Coryl’s Random Junk”. It has exactly that in it. I was looking through it, thinking it was keepsakes and all that, but it’s not. It’s just a bunch of junk, like a few action figures, and little charms off things. Although, the cards might have been an emotional attachment. Some piss me off beyond belief, too…

I have a drawer, however. In that drawer is a plastic bag, and that bag has tons of sheets of lined paper that are scribbled and crumpled. That, I suppose, is my memory box. They’re mainly from my first year of high school and I don’t know why I still have them. Maybe to make sure that the friends those memories went with know that I remember those memories?

I have an emotional attachment to things, but the attachment is mainly in my head. I dwell on it so much that it becomes burned into my mind. There are pictures I wish I could forget, but I can’t. They’re still clearly there. There are words that people have said, but I can’t turn those off, either.
As much as I wish I could forget the past, it’s not the physical things holding on to them.
It’s me.

I guess you could say I get attached to some things very easily, and some which should be important to me, I just throw away.

I keep all my stuffed animals, I never have given one away. Most of them were gifts, and some have very emotional attachments, and after seeing toy story 3, I got even more attached to them. I’m attached to some of my clothes when I was a little kid, they’re in a special drawer hehe. Other than those things, I have a lot of memories that mean a lot to me in my mind. Gosh I hope my mind never gets erased.

I know what you mean. I don’t like to send any kind of attachments through email to people like text files, word documents, images, etc. You just don’t know if they’ll get a malware, spyware, Trojan Horses or viruses. /argh I’d feel bad if that happen to them. :( I like to upload it to a website, so they can copy, paste and save themselves.

Same here. I didn’t have a great past either. :( I just wanted to forget all about it. 🤬 It’s good to keep a Memory Box. You can cherish all the good memories, instead of the bad memories. You’d be like, “Oh, I remember this day.” ;)

I know what you mean. I get attached to things easily too. It is almost embarrassing things. 😳 My mom likes to do that too. She’d keep all the plastic forks, spoons and knives. We have a big bag of those. 🤫 When Eric and I used to go out and eat yogurt, he kept the spoons. I’d tease him about it, “Are you going to add that to your collection?” Haha. XD

You lucky you can eat during exams. I had some strict teachers where they won’t let you eat or drink anything in their class. They’d yell at you in front of the whole class. It’s so embarrasing. I think a couple times, but not to me. The only time I was able to eat was in Home Economics class in middle school or when my teachers gave us food.

I don’t keep stuff like that. It just adds more clutter at home. I rather just throw it away. Let someone else deal with it. (Y) Yeah, your right. It does seem silly to collect them. What are you going to do? Put it in an album or something? /hmph Yeah, I like to keep personal stuff too like letters.

I kept Christmas, Birthday and Graduation cards that I thought are inspiring to me. I threw away the rest. I know what you mean. Sometimes I can’t bring myself to get rid of some stuff either.

In elementary to high school, we couldn’t keep our old textbooks. We had to give them back, so the next people can use it. The only textbooks I kept was when I attended LCC and KCC. Later on, I got rid of most of them. I made 10 cds of different songs. I lost the first cd when I got rid of my old radio. I forgot to take it out. Some of my other cds don’t work anymore. I just kept it anyway. Only the sixth, eighth and tenth cds work. I still my 98 Degrees, Ricky Martin, NSYNC and Spice Girls cds. Haha. I know what your thinking. Is this guy weird or something? ;) I used to like them when I was young. Not so much anymore. :D

I have two of my Binder Reminders from middle school. A Student Handbook from high school. You need those in order to walk around campus without getting in trouble by security guards. I still have my notebooks from the classes I took at LCC and KCC.

Wow. 100 fanlistings. That’s a lot. /ehh Sorry to hear about closing your Krist Novoselic fanlisting. I know it was a tough decision, but you did what you had to do. I’m sure who ever is taking over know it’ll be in good hands. ;)

I have an attachment to all of my websites too. I try not to make as much sites or forums anymore. It’s too much of a hassle. I’m having trouble trying to keep it with Mediocre Outburst and Outspoken Truth. That’s the only two websites I have.

To be honest , I actually do that myself! /um
I just can’t get rid of all this stuff I have because it comes with a memory :)
I have yet to get a memory box to keep all this stuff in , so right now my room is an absolute mess!
I think its so cute that you kept all the spoons! That is actually adorable :D
I don’t however, mind changing websites , but to be honest, I think its because of my previous years of poor name choice :P
But, I think keeping certain items that have memories might just be normal. I know a lot of people that do it, and what I love is hiding some things for a few years, and then cleaning out my room, and finding it. It just brings back so many memories :)

It’s so normal to be emotionally attached to something or someone. I don’t have a Memory Box like you do, but I have a bunch of things that I keep either in my computer or hidden in places in my room that I can’t or won’t get rid of.

Like this sort of letter that my former best friend/first love wrote for me. It was so sweet, and I’d love reading over and over it whenever I could. And all of the pictures he and I took when we were still the best of friends. And even after he broke my heart for the 4th time, I still couldn’t bring myself to deleting that letter or throwing away those pictures. I felt very silly, because he broke my heart FOUR times, and I still held onto him. Haaa, |: .

I’ve had two my computers my whole life, and they both worked very, very well for a preetttyy long time, xD. My computer used to be sososo infected with viruses, too, and it drove me crazy! =_=. And yes, it’s SO annoying that I don’t have Photoshop on every computer. I mean, I would download GIMP or something like that, but I’ve used Photoshop since like, the fourth grade. And it’s been four years by now; I’m so used to it!

Omg, I hate it when you think all of your files are gone. That happened to me on my old computer once, and I was like, eight, so I ran downstairs crying to my mom because I was SO freaked out! Haha, xD. But in the end, all I had to do was restart it and everything was back to normal, 0.o.

Politics ARE boring. I don’t get how some people can get so excited over it. I don’t get it one bit, xD.

Oh, university! xD. I get it, ^_^. What’s it like?

My mom doesn’t tease me about the guys I hang out with. She’s just super nice to them, and then to me, she sends this telepathic message that says: “WHY ARE THEY HERE?!” >.<. And my aunt would just stare at the guy like this: O_O. It's very creepy.

Hmm. Something BIG. I wonder what kind of accomplishment I'd be able to make that's BIG, and would be able to impress them enough to make them cut some slack, 0.o. -thinkingthinking- Hehe, xD.

I used to want a career in web design or media-related things, too, but my parents didn't and still don't want that for me. They think it's not "stable", 0.o. I disagreed, but then I thought to myself that I shouldn't worry too much about careers right now, at the age of 13. I have a few more years before having to decide what career path I want to take, ^_^.

At the moment, my host’s server is being repaired, so my website is down. Feel free just to reply to this comment if you wish. :]


I am the same way! I use to have penpals and I kept everything they sent me. It eventually took up a whole entire drawer. I even organized them all. :P I did eventually get rid of all them because it was a). hogging a whole entire drawer which I needed for something else and b). they meant nothing to me now. Just a bunch of paper. Sometimes, we just got to let it go. But sometimes will always remind you when you are in a stormy part of your life all the good times you had. :]


Your websites are more or less a showcase of how great of a person you are. If someone denies the fact you are a great amazing person, direct them to your website. It really does show who you are inside. :]

God shows us things durning and after the storms of our lives. The coolest thing is is that no matter what we will always come out of those storms. In fact today I saw this tile that said “If you do not go through the rain, you will never get to see the rainbow”.

So, would you consider your owner’s page one of your least popular pages? (I hope I do not seem rude in asking this. Like I said earlier, it is for an article.)

That is the cool thing about mistakes that we make. Other people may eventually make those mistakes. If we share our mistakes and warn people not to make them, that may prevent others from making the same mistake that you made.

When you do a book review, you should ask someone else who has not read the book to read the review and maybe the book afterword(?). Than just ask if it gave too much away.

I do the same thing actually, except instead of boxes, it’s just tossed around in my room. I’ve never kept spoons though, just little treasures that remind me of the past.

GEORGINA :). I’m back!! Hahaha <3. It was soooo much fun…

I was so excited today I started squealing — as lame as that is… — because I was accepted to run the Pretty Little Liars fanlisting…and I’m excited because I love that show/book series. I already can’t imagine parting with it…*faceslap*.

I have a “Memoir Box,” too, and it’s filled with special things I want to keep when I’m older. Like, my 1st and 2nd grade teacher made me a scrapbook of mt 1st and 2nd grade years to save for when I’m older. And I have other photos and even $2 bills. :) sometimes random crap, but important stuff, just as well.

I am only a fan of some Snow Patrol songs, but I find them to be oddly enlightening on sad days. Lol xD.

Computer nerds will rule the world…*points to Bil Gates*. I rest my case on said subject :).

My OCD is this: I have to have the volume numbers on evens on even numbered days, and the volume numbers on odds on odd numbered days. It’s weird and stuff…but oddly true xD. Lol. I also have to have everything…down the middle. :/ It’s so weird, and I haven’t gotten over it. Ahh …

I’m so impatient sometimes :/. I don’t like swearing because sometimes I say things I don’t want to say…and regret everything I say. I especially hate saying “I hate you” to people. I’m an “I love you” person xD.

Guys are…no comment :|.
That’s all I’m going to say on that, lol.

I really need to move to Australia! Or at least vacation there…I mean, it looks like a beautiful place to visit. I want to see some kangaroos that aren’t locked up in the zoo :). The for real, live ones. And I think I like warm winters more than freezing cold ones. Nevada has hot hot summers and cold cold winters :/. It’s NOT fun.

And thanks Georgina <3. I think I might make a new one soon, though, and put it up in a little while. I love making and coding layouts…so maybe I'll change it every 2 weeks, even if that's too much. Blogging and designing are my passions, so I should do my passions regularly, right?? And fanlistings <3. Haha, I think you out of all the webby people I know understands that the most!

My mom's gay friend Jose is a great listener! :D
And George has welcomed me home from Cali <3. With…comments to return and e-mails and 3 new fanlistings to create…woo! Lol.

Sidetracked? Pfsh :). Long comments = worth-my-time comments. You're forming complete thoughts, and complete conversations. What more do we need here xD?

Over 100 fanlistings? WHOAAAAAA. :D That’s a lot.

Emotional attachment. I get that a lot too. You should see this one room of my house… it’s basically a room full of stuff we never use (it’s a rather big room too, bigger than my room :/) and it’s filled with old memories. Stuff from my childhood. Insanity.

I like keeping ticket stubs from movies I’ve gone to watch. I also used to keep notes that my friend and I passed during class in grade school. I miss the days we could get away with that. I remember the times that I got caught and my teacher just laughed when he read them.

I also keep old notes, old reports, old projects. Usually the ones I get amazing grades on. I think I still have this report on Navajo Indians that I wrote in 4th grade and got an A+ on.


Don’t worry about the comment. I completely forgive you. Georgie, if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a long ranty email or IM me or something. I’m always here for ya. (:

Don’t worry about ranting in your comments either. I’m good with that. Like I said above, always here when you need me. ^_^

I have no idea why I decided to cut my hair so short. It was getting hot… I gave up on the long hair and decided I should get rid of the dead ends I got from straightening my hair so much. :P

I know parents don’t seem to understand the importance of COMMUNICATION. :P

I like the idea that life is like those graphs. That’s what I was thinking of. GRAPHS. XDDD


I know what you mean haha. I used to get attachments to objects when I was younger. I used to keep all of my plushies together in a room so they wouldn’t be lonely, and would take of them as well. I also remember getting attached to bottle caps! No idea how that happened lol

Nowdays I don’t get attached to things as often. Not sure why. If I do, it only lasts for a while before I forget about it. Though I still try not to hurt them and stuff xD

BOO YOUR FACE. /bounce

Hey, I love how you did this. Cheeky little shit. ;)

I heard this story on one of those morning shows the other day about hoarding “stuff”, and some woman had huge bags of bottle caps. She was so mesmerised by them, and upon showing it to her psychologist (who was also a specialist in helping “hoarders”), he was personally shocked that she would think the bottle caps were “beautiful” with “colourful designs”.

Having said that, and thinking that bottle caps were just useless himself, he said that hoarders sort of saw deeper into things compared to other people. /faw

True that, maybe your tendency to keep spoon is your desire to … “spoon” someone?

omg, I’m such a pack rat with sentimental stuff. But I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from! A couple of months ago, my best friend graduated from college. Instead of getting her the normal graduating gift, like money or a gift card, I made her a scrapbook of all of our little mementos that I’ve collected over our 8 year friendship. I had an entire page dedicated to movie theater ticket stubs from movies that we had seen together. Some of these were big movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean. I also had a few pages dedicated to old notes that we had written to each other in classes, as well as old birthday and holiday cards. Going through that stuff was quite an emotional rollercoaster for me. It felt awesome to go through that old stuff again, but sad that those times are long gone. Normally, I’d have a fit getting rid of that stuff, but knowing that it’s still safe with my friend gives me some comfort. After all, that stuff is half hers anyway. It was also nice to find other old mementos I had collected, such as old birthday cards from other friends and family, old photos, and even old cards and knick-knacks from old boyfriends! I only keep things that are attached to good memories, so it’s nice to go back and relive those moments!

Haha, yeah.
I kept the Girraween mug and the yearbook; I think that ought to cover my secondary education pretty well. Wraps it all up, so they say.

/um The main reason I threw away so much other stuff is that it’s useless. It no longer serves a purpose to me and so it just takes up space. It’s like a heritaged building; it’s fugly and old but some sentimental ass just wants to keep it, in obstruction to progress.

Or maybe I’m just overly tidy. /Bum

Somewhere across the world, Krist is steaming mad. /sweat

Krist. He’s dynamite against germs.


I didn’t even touch my mug until a month ago. The yearbook is definitely enough, there are just other little precious things that sort of mean something to me, even though I now realise I wasn’t close to many people during high school. My mum always wants me to keep my notes though. 😰

I like heritage buildings! Yes… they’re pretty to look at… but that’s all. /um

I laughed out loud. As Lilian said, we should be happy that a fanlisting even existed for him for some time in the first place. /eee

I am also a packrat. I keep everything, especially letters. I hate throwing anything out, even underwear that I know is holy and I can’t get any wear out of them. My mum keeps pestering me to throw my sneakers out that I don’t wear anymore but some of them are from America and I just can’t …

So, I totally hear you there about keeping everything.

I usually get attached to a lot of things like Valentine cards, gifts, text messages, emails, photos and the like. I can’t bear it if I lose one of a million photos as in my opinion, each and every photo bears a memory. Recently my so called crush had written a small piece of note for me and I was reading it all over and touching the paper and all that stupid crap. I’m a very emotional type of person and it’s easy for me to get attached to things.

Once my dad had gifted me a toy horse when I was a year old. Frankly speaking, my dad wasn’t there when I was born. He saw me 6 months later. Hence my dad used to send me toys and clothes for me. My mom used to tell me that I kept on playing with the toy horse till I was 8 years old. It now reminds me of my dad. It makes me emotional when I think of throwing it away. Others would see it as a toy just like any other.

Oh Georgina, the spoons thing isn’t weird! It shows how much you’re into him (lucky him! :D). I had kept a huge A3 sized letter my about to be love (yeah. I’m just waiting for him to ask me out now!) gave me but my mom found it and I had to tear it. It was unbearable and I was crying for 3 fucking days and the 4th day I was all tired and I told him about it. He said that at least his words are in my heart. Yeah he’s all lovey-dovey :P

I loved your post Georgie! Made me happy thinking of all the things I wished to remember :)

I can definitely relate to this post. I’m like that. I remember a few years ago I forced myself to clean out my closet and by doing so that meant throwing things away without really looking at them. If I looked I knew I’d place memories and not want to get rid of them. I did however knowingly toss binders and school work from when I was in middle school on up. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve tossed.

I also got rid of magazines that I had collected from the age of 13 up and that was really hard.

So I understand completely where you’re coming from. It’s a difficult process, but I think it’s because we think we’ll lose memories if we throw away items when really the memories are in our minds. I don’t know.

This is such a girl thing – I do this too. Everything becomes of some kind of sentimental value, to the point that I lose sight of what I really want.

I have a whiteboard in my room as well as several mirrors I write on with whiteboard markers. When my friends or family leave me messages on them, I’m hesitant to remove them because I feel like by removing the physical message, I’m removing the sentiment as well.

It’s like that with possessions too, although I must admit I haven’t gone so far as to collect gelato spoons. I have a bit of a vendetta against plastic spoons, though, so maybe that’s why.

Lately, however, I was inspired by pictures of beautiful minimalist design, and that prompted me to really look at what I want and don’t want. I threw out a surprising amount of stuff :D

I have a suitcase that acts like a memory box. It has too much stuff in it, mainly old school projects and awards and stuff. I wonder how much of its contents I really want…

I know you love your sites, and I know you’re considering cutting down on them a bit. Don’t be afraid to, if you know it’s the right decision, then the right time is now :D

Aaaah you have a memory box too? >.<
I have one, but I, like you by the sound of it, seem to keep things that although they are memories are just junk, in reality. Because of this my small little box has turned into a huge hamper thing. Seriously. Mum was given a huge picnic hamper (and I mean HUGE) and now it's crammed full of my 'memories'. I think i'm going to clear it out actually..

It's not silly or embarrassing to ge attatched to things. We all do it. We're just 'collecting' things, in a way, that represent us or the people we love. In your case, those spoons remind you of all the great times you had with James eating gelato :)

I don't often keep ALL Christmas / birthday cards. It's usually just ones from my mum (and the one from my dad) and ones that I really love / mean something to me. I know it sounds really stupid because my parents aren't together anymore, but I always keep a valentines day card that my mum wrote for my dad hidden in my scrapbook. I found it once and I just can't throw it.

All my old schoolbooks are under a chair in my room. I'm planning to burn them XD

Haha thanks :) I actually love it. I just look for excuses to take pictures with it :P Your camera is amazing! Well, the photos you take are, anyway ;) You don't need a new camera (unless you want one?) because you take incredible photos with the one you've got!

Aaah you must see it! Although, I must admit, it's the kinda film where if you didn't love the others (well the first two, at least) you probably wont love the last one. If that makes sense?
TOY STORY THREE IS ADORABLE! I cried at the end :'( I don't even know why, it was just so sad! When it is released out here in the cinema, I am totally watching it in 3D! XD

I have only seen the first back to the future film! It was good, but I've just never had the chance to see the others. :(

YEAH! GIRLPOWER! Vote for the chick :') Maybe a lot of other girls will think the same way you do? Now James just needs to vote for the opposition ;) I dunno, the rules could be the same? Who knows? I think they are changing the rules now though, to stop it happening. Because it happened this year and everything is fucked up now. Like how can you have two different parties in power? it's dumb!

My badge is in my memory box (or memory crate, should I say?), actually, speaking of those! Baha.

your liscence expired? How can it expire so fast?! My brother got his provisional (the one you get when you're a learner before you actually pass) the other day, and it lasts until he's 80! HAHA. It would be pretty wierd if someone was that desperate for sex that they can't even wait until they pull over or get home or something D:

Helloooooo :)

Email attachments totally load a whole lot faster now. I mean upload. Before you’d be sitting there for FOREVER, now you just sit there for half of forever ^^ Or maybe that’s cos we have broadband now D:

Haha, I don’t have a memory box like you, but don’t worry, you’re not alone in hoarding all this stuff that carries memories with them. I have heaps of stuff that is seemingly useless but has so much meaning attached that I can’t bring myself to throw it out D: You’re much more organised about it seeing as though you keep it in a box. All my crap is all around my room :P

Awwww! I keep all the cards too :P I have all the notes you’ve written me too. One day we must get together and look at them (one day in the very distant future when they won’t bring us embarassment or make us cringe XD )

I remember your science notes! Oh, my god. SO NEAT D: And so detailed! Those were the days. Don’t worry, having stuff from year 12 is nothing to be ashamed of. I have stuff from year SEVEN. I swear, my year 7 books are still in my room. On top of my wardrobe. Collecting dust. I really gotta throw them out one day D:

I did one minute of silence in rememberance of your closed fanlisting :) It was sad, but it had to be done. *sigh* It sucks, but it’s true: sometimes the best and right decisions aren’t always the easiest. At least Krist HAD a fanlisting at one point /eee


Yeah, sympathy is part of what contributes to your grief. Especially if you weren’t so close to the person who died. When you were REALLY close to a person, when they go, for a while…when you think of them you feel a heap of grief plainly because you miss them. It sucks. But you’re right. It IS inevitable. And we gotta steel ourselves for it someday.

Hahaha, oh don’t worry. We have such a big family, his daughters will have PLENTY of cousins and aunties and second cousins and grandparents and uncles to look after him. His dad comes from a family with FOUR children. That’s one thing we’re all thankful for :P

I have no idea HOW I can be excited by voting, especially seeing as though I’m extremely over the whole democracy one-vote-for-everyone thing. It’s so stupid. But I just am. Maybe because it’s something new :P


LOL, politics is SO dirty, I don’t think there IS a politician who wasn’t surrounded with controversy. ALL LIESSSSSSS! Oh well maybe Alfred Deakin. He was the second prime minister? He seems pretty nice, judging by his name? (LOL, okay, I’m a retard for thinking that == )

THAT PLANK EXERCISE! God, that exercise is painful :P It must work then ^^

HAHAHA, maybe next time you can stand on a chair to hug Ryan? I don’t think I could hug him properly either. I have trouble hugging Dylan and Dylan’s not as tall as Ryan :P

Actually, you are not alone on being emotionally attached on things/stuff. /hehe I guess it’s a girl thing. (But I know some guys who are also like this 🙄 ) 👏

I used to keep receipts whenever I get to eat at a new restaurant/fast food chain, or when I dine with Neil in a new place. I even keep receipts and exam permits in college. /ehe And retreat letters during high school days! /eee

I believe it’s really cute that you keep stuff for memory’s sake especially if the memory it carries is really important or really memorable. :)

It just sucks when my mother starts to be so OC and she throws ‘my’ stuff. 😒 It happened before…. I am just glad it didn’t happen again. (Y) I hope your mom won’t accidentally throw any of your stuff. :3

Oh, RIP Krist fanlisting. :O

Well, we can not keep everything, right? I guess there are some things that we must let go too. /um

It was really a surprise to all the Spanish, there was a support to national team players who never thought they could have. People from all providing support. It’s been incredible and memorable. The day that Spain won the World Cup will be engraved in my memory forever 👏

That’s true, here is the same. In some sports. I remember a few years ago there was a Brazilian player who played with Spain.

I’m glad you like cultural festivals :D

I agree with you, returning comments is not boring, because all the reviews are different, every person who leaves a comment has a different view and you can always learn things about them. I know what you mean, you feel like the routine but also change things to make it interesting.

I understand :) Most young people don’t usually show interest in politics, although this affects our lives. That’s true, I feel the same. But I guess it’s important to vote to give your opinion.

Seen so I guess it’s a good excuse to give a fine. While we must recognize that it is somewhat exaggerated.

Me too I’m sure it will be an interesting experience for you. I will be delighted to read your story when you’ve voted /eee

I like the theme of this blog. Your habit of objects storing which have some emotional background is great. It is a nice touch to keep all the spoons when James and you were going to eat gelato.
It’s nothing bad you attached to things with ease.
I also I have a Memory Box for many years. I’ve always liked to save things. I still have tickets from film, theater and music concerts. And also retain most of my childhood toys, I have an emotional bond with them and I’m unable to give them up 👏

I think I keep things that have been important in our lives help us remember those moments lived.

Nor is it so bad that still have your notes if these are good.

I’m sorry about you close one of your fanlistings, but perhaps is better. Thus, one less to manage.

Certainly the emotional attachment is so :)


Email attachments are, indeed, a gem. :3 Though they do take a lot of time to upload and with my on-and-off bitchy Internet connection one could possibly do without the long wait. Though I guess it’s worth it. /oh

Your memory box, yay. ^^
Ahhh same. Even just little scraps of paper my friends have written things on, I grab and shove in my blazer pocket to deposit on my desk when I’m at home. Stuff like letters, notes, postcards and photos of my friends and I go onto either my wall or my noticeboard. And I keep all sorts of other funny things, too.

I still think it’s cute you collect gelato spoons (and I still haven’t tried it yet, damn). Especially as they’re in a container that James gave you.
If we were caught eating in our exams we would honestly be brutally murdered. Maybe off school premises so our parents couldn’t sue. :P

Ah your room sounds like mine but because you’re older you’ll have more junk than I do. Oh well, long live junk that means nothing to anyone else but means a lot to us. /hehe 😏

You still have textbooks? We always have to give ours back in so that they can be re-used by pupils next year. Though for things like books we’ll use in our GCSEs and highlight, etc. they’ll let us keep those.
Aha old high school notes? Your brother could always use them. Syllabuses change but he might still find a use for them.

Aw you closed it! :( At least I nicked two of your other ones. xD I still need to get working on the whole fanlisting thing… and as I told you on MSN you can guarantee that I will ask you questions about like, everything. /um

Yeah, my dad is someone I love but sometimes I wish he’d tone it down a bit. :/

Yep… I mainly wrote the blog because I don’t like the way people fling around the term ‘anorexia’ and ‘anorexic’. As I mentioned some people I know claim they want to be anorexic just to lose some weight (and let me tell you most of them are perfectly slender anyway).

Aw thank you :) Yes, my friend I mentioned to you once in an email as Ruth and in the blog is suffering from depression. She also has ADHD and I was pretty intrigued to find (thank Wikipedia) that girls with ADHD were more likely to have an eating disorder. :O

Well said… as I mentioned it’s not just the fact they want to lose weight, it’s because they are unhappy with their image so they try to improve it by losing weight and then in the end they get stuck in the vicious cycle I mentioned @_@

Thank you! ♥

George says hello back. 🙄

Hey, George, Georgie, Georgia, Georgina… don’t ask /sweat

GMH FTW. (GMH on your acronyms? Did I spell that right by the way? /ehe )

Aw, you would have been a cool captain and a perfect prefect. /eee

Bahaha would he have understood anyway? :P

Take care! xx


I know how you feel. There’s so much stuff in my room that i could/should throw out, but I don’t. I keep it for memories sake. I don’t have a special box to keep it in, because I have way too many things that I can’t bring myself to throw out.

I do usually throw out school stuff :P Unless it’s notes from a class that I’ll be taking a similar one to the following year, like when I saved my grade 11 law notes for when I did grade 12 law the next year.

Toy story three wasn’t dissappointing at all; it was amazing! I kinda doubt they’ll come out with another, but I wish they would.

Yeah, I could try to raise it.. but it just seems like something that’s not too big of a deal. Maybe one day it’ll go up on it’s own, and I think that would be better than trying and failing to get it to go up.

YAY FOR ONLY A WEEK TO GO! I bet you’re excited to be freee :D

Yea, there will always be somethings that triggers that memory and you will remember it again if it slipped your mind.

Sometimes if it’s an old memory, your mind might even edit it, and it can become twisted. O_O

Hehe, I go to the beach and stuff over the summer, so the cover-up would be good if I’m taking a walk on the beach and stuff. :)

Hehe I like those names. :) And you’re lucky you have an iphone. :/

You have fifteen domains?! And over a hundred fan listings?!
I will be honest and tell you that I had absolutely no idea what a fan listing even was until I came across your enthusiasm for them.

E-mail attachments… Ahh, they’re pretty harmless. They’re okay and INCREDIBLY useful. LOL. That was a random digression. /eee

You hate attachments? Oh, really? Looks to me like you LOVE attachments.
I think you hate letting of attachments. But that is fine. We all feel some kind of agony at letting go of things.

Walnuts. LOL. You’ve kept walnuts as a keep sake? That is actually pretty cool in a obscure way.

You and your mum don’t have a good past – how so?

Hey Georgie,

Yeah the kidneys were better up until last night. I went to the emergency room again and stayed there until almost 3:00 a.m. doing tests. They finally came back with the results and said they don’t know what’s causing the pain, but they do know it’s a flank pain. The doctor did some leg exercises to see where it hurts. So they said continue taking the microbin, and the rest, except the motrin. So that’s what I’m doing. I need to get a hold of my doctors now. But the days half gone. I slept in till 11:00 a.m. today.

Yeah I agree with you that politicians fight like little schoolkids. Bad mouthing the other and what not. Hence the reason why I don’t know who to vote for. Ya know?

I absolutely LOVE the red chair. I’m gonna get that for my pink room as well; as two extra racks for my closet, and some cubby holders. I’m also going to put my comforters up on the top racks, and everything. This will all be explained in my blog. So you can read it after I type this comment out.

Best Friends are those you can count on and you’re one of them. I can always count on you to cheer me up and what not. Too bad I live in Chino, and you live Australia. ;-;. Oh well; after I save up for Belle (a yorkie I want), I might save up for Australia cause you guys speak english and we can meet up and take pictures and all that jazz. Sound good no?

OMG I love the Twilight Book. I’m on chapter 10 already! I again LOVE it. The books has more detailed information than the movie does. Too bad the movies can’t go exactly by the book. Ya know? But I’m loving it. I have the urge to completely cut off all internet access until the book is finished. Than move on to New Moon and than Eclipse. Heehee. I dunno just yet though. I mean when I’m online I think about reading the book. When I’m reading the book, I’m thinking about the internet. It’s weird. Ya know?

The books just keep me interested in it more than the television does. I tried reading the books last night but, I was in too much pain. =(. Ah well; I’ll continue reading after a while.

I don’t think you should be embarrassed about keeping hold of memoirs :) – I always love looking back at all the stuff I’ve collected and remembering the story behind them

You should probably buy a really biiiggg box and keep all your stuff in it attached with little posts its so you remember what they’re from. Even if some memories are bad, I think they are still worth remembering /eee

I get what you mean with the letting go of domains – I found it hard getting rid of my old site :P
And wow, you’re a really neat person – I like keeping things tidy but I can never quite be bothered /hehe

I get too attached to things, also and I have a memory box, too! I don’t even know where it is any more but it’s just good to know it’s there.

I remember a while ago when you talked about your gelato spoons! I think it’s cute that you keep them for memory’s sake though! :)

Letters are always great to look back on! I’ve never received many myself, but little messages in birthday or christmas cards are the ones I’ve kept.

Thank you so much! Luckily for me and my family, we must’ve had good karma or something, because we have a house that is about a million times nicer than the one we live in now! I can’t believe how quickly it happened, and we get to move in next weekend! It gives us time to move everything before we have to hand in the keys for this place.

I didn’t get prefect. Grr :| apparently I’m late to school in the morning too much…heh, I won’t deny it, I’m lazy! :P

I’ve decided I’m just going to renew changethestars, I’ll really miss my domain if I don’t! Plus I was pretty offended that someone online egged me on to let it expire so she could buy the domain name. :|

Loveyy! None of this is lame! No worries – I’m the same way. I like to keep all letters and cards, if I remember to. I still have all the letters Harry wrote to me while he was in military boot camp. But you’re definitely not as bad as some people on those reality cleaning shows about pack rats. They literally keep like EVERYTHING (dirty diapers, plastic flower pitchfork looking things, etc.) because of the fond memories… Spoons are no biggie ;P

I finally, after like 13 years or something, decided to throw away all my notebooks and homework and stuff from elementary, middle, and high schools. It was so hard! I had like ALL the notebooks from all grades for all classes. I always told myself, “I may need them later to refer to!” I’m trying to adopt a new theory that if I haven’t looked at, seen, or thought about an item in my home for more than 5 years, I probably don’t need it…so it’s easier for me to throw them out.

But maybe if you’re starting to pile up too much stuff, get rid of things slowly so you can make room for new memories!!

I miss you <3 mwahhh *

I feel really bad for not reading your blogs in ages…. I’ve missed them heaps but my internet still sucks and wont let me go on most of my fav sites (im at tafe atm)

I keep everything, especially letters and past birthday and christmas cards, I hate throwing anything out, cos i get too attached to it even if it was a bad memory, i keep them all in a box now and then maybe every 6mths to a year i have a look at it, i should throw them away but they mean a lot to me

When I saw this “Which I ate during my final exams in high school.
(Yes, we were allowed to eat during exams.) ”
I became instantly jealous, you are so lucky you can eat during your exam, in high school i wasnt allowed to, but your in uni now so its different i dont have exams for my tafe course
how long do your exams go for?

I’ve never heard of Krist Novoselic…
I guess it would of been sad to close down including fan listings

take care x

That’s good. We should all have some kind of good anti programs. I remembered I had Norton. My friend had that on computer when he let me borrow the tower. It was just a trial version. Once the trial was over, I was worried that I might run into all kinds of problems. /hmph Surely enough, I did. My computer tower isn’t working right now. /argh

That’s all you can. Accept it and move on. I like to recall the good moments too. ;)

My friend Eric likes to collect raffle tickets too. He has three different kinds: Fun Factory, Jungle Fun, Dave & Busters. It’s in a backpack. Eric has big bags of them. He doesn’t use them unless there’s something he likes. Sometimes they only get junk stuff.

Haha. Can you imagine if someone ate noodles during exams. XD The slurping noise will drive people nuts. I can see people wanting to turn around and tell them to shut-up. /hehe

Same here. I like to keep Christmas Cards after a certain amount of years then I throw it away.

Me too. I kept some textbooks and workbooks that my parents bought for myself. I return the rest too.

I remembered I was in a lot of fanlistings. I don’t know if my name is still there. I lost track of which ones I was in. I only remember certain ones.

Don’t be embarrassed by little things that mean a lot to you, I have a wooden leg from a table I refinished. It was the first thing I ever refinished, but I couldn’t/didn’t want the table anymore, so I kept the leg.

Eh, I don’t know if I’m that attached to anything…. but as for my boyfriend.. I do know I don’t want to let him go and it’s always hard for me to say bye to him. I tend to find him and try to see him as much as possible. :3 … I’m attached to my camera, let’s say that ;D

I have a friend who was highly attached to her ex-boyfriend. He was a pretty awful boyfriend.. but for some reason she still managed to stay with him and take in his flaws. T_T made a lot of her friends angry, but it’s whatever made her happy… because she WAS in love. Other than relationships, idk what else to say about attachment.

Also, I wish email attachments had bigger space… :( . Darn large photos.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. My Mom likes to keep the tiniest things that remind her of a certain day or event, the whole attics full of things that she wants to keep.

Me on the otherhand, well, I just keep the things that I know I’ll need again. Sometimes I’ll keep tiny things for a few months, then I’ll go through everything and remember the good times I had, then throw most of it away.
I had a great time at a zoo / theme park last year so I kept the wristband so it still reminds me of the fun that I had! :D

Did you take the photograph that’s on your header and footer yourself? It’s amazing! (Y)