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There is supposed to be an election running in August in Australia. I’m not into politics, so I don’t actually know what the election is for. /um

In Australia you have to be eighteen years old to vote. When you turn eighteen you must enrol to vote. If you don’t vote, you could be fined… face serious consequences… you get my drift. (I’m just really tired at the moment, excuse me.)

This will be my first time voting. Also, my parents are not Australian citizens, and my brother is younger than me, so I am the first person in my family who will be voting in an election here. It sounds cool, but really, get over it. :P Haha.

I remember when I was in high school, people were already nearly turning eighteen. I didn’t turn eighteen until I was well into university, so I never had to bother with applications and enrolling. I do recall that most people saw voting as something unnecessary. The country does need our vote – I can understand that – but I guess a lot of us really don’t think our vote makes a difference, or that we should only vote when we want to.

In high school, a classmate said, “I don’t care, I’ll just vote for whoever.”

I couldn’t help but agree, and now I still feel the same, at least when it comes to country-wide elections. There are so many people that in retrospect, my vote is just one out of tens of thousands.

James had an idea. He said that whoever I was voting for, he would oppose, so our votes would cancel out. He then brought up the idea that we should have a large amount of people do the same: partner up with someone, and oppose your partner’s vote.

“I’d love it if it came down to one person’s decision,” he laughed.

Of course, it is a funny thought, even though it would take a lot of people, considering we’re talking about the population of Australia over eighteen who is an Australian citizen here. XD

Looking at it on a smaller scale… I remember trying out for prefect in high school. I was just one person out of about thirty candidates. (Mind you, I never got voted in for prefect, even if they chose a whole third of the candidates.) I asked my friends to please include me in their votes. They could choose up to ten people, meaning they could choose less people if they so wished.

A friend told me afterwards that he didn’t vote for some of the “popular” people, or people who were very likely to get in.

“Why?” I asked.
“Because they will already get a lot of votes because they’re popular. If I voted for them, I would only be increasing their chances.”

I slapped myself after that. I know sometimes we can rig the system for our own benefit, but all in all – your vote counts. Your voice counts. You are important. 8D

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Yes, it is election time and I am excited because I, like you am voting for the very first time :D And also because I am so voting for Australia’s first female prime minister! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Ordinarily I wouldn’t care about politics cos it sucks, but since we have our first female prime minister I’m voting for Labor. Hahaha. I know I’m lame and superficial, but I do not care!

Hahaha, voting is kind of stupid when you think of it. One tiny vote doesn’t really give you a say in what policies our government develops, which is the whole point of a democracy. Everyone’s supposed to have a say. How does having one vote achieve that when all that votes is going to do is decide whether you’re going to be counted amongst a huge group of people who DIDN’T want this government to be in office or the other bigger group who DID want the government to be in office.

And what about the people who voted AGAINST the government? Doesn’t that mean that their vote hasn’t really given them a say in anything because they don’t have a choice but to abide by the laws that the government they DIDN’T want has put in.

Stupid, huh?

LOL, James’ idea is HILARIOUS. And totally random. Hahahahaha! I would so do that if Julia Gillard wasn’t PM XD (I’m sorry, but I LOVE the idea of a female PM. More power to us! RAWR!)

Omg, yeah…that prefect thing…voting for TEN people. I totally forgot about that :P Hahahaha. That’s a smart way to look at it. We should have both voted for all the unpopular people :P Oh well.


I know! Like, who CARES if you’re fat or thin. NO-ONE. But yet we live in a society where there is so much emphasis on body-image.

A WATER BABY! Hahahaha. I love that term. Don’t worry, I don’t notice your stomach getting bigger :)

Oh god. Sit ups. I think I remember doing five sit ups and not being able to laugh the next day cos my muscles all seized up :P I’m so unfit.

Hahaha! I’m only 5.5cm shorter than James! If I wear my heels I get to be taller :P :P HILARIOUS. And actually, it is rather hard hugging tall people XD

I definitely feel proud that Spain has won. It’s something to be proud of my country. I understand, that’s fine. You never know. Who was going to tell us (the Spanish) that our team would win :)

Although your ethnicity is Indonesian-Chinese, I understand that you feel proud of Australia, since it is where you live. Sometimes it is not necessary to be a country to be proud. I guess it just depends on the situation.

Being proud of food from your country of origin is well XD

You’re right, the Black Week is a way to embrace different cultures. I also like festival and celebrations :) I agree, go to this type of event is always nice.

Yeah I agree with you. What counts is what our countries have achieved so far.

I’m glad you both agree. You’re right 👏

I know. That’s okay. Same here.

Yes, I agree. Haha it’s so true. May discourage the girl from the dating.

What you describe is what happens to me. If after a while if you keep yourself busy with something becomes boring.

That would be fine :)

It is sometimes necessary to lie to do what you want. I understand, I guess is the best choice (Y)

The issue you are discussing in this blog is quite interesting. I’m not interested in politics, but I think it is something important for one country.

In Spain we must also take eighteen to vote. Although I could not vote until their twenties, who was the election period. I did not know that if you do not vote you can be fined, this is a bit exaggerated. In my country, during the elections there are often quite abstention. So the politician ends up winning the most votes.

It is normal that this worried, since you are the first person in your family who will vote. And no one can guide you about it.

What you pose is true, your vote is just one of tens of thousands.

The James’s idea is interesting and I think is right 👏

Your vote counts and your voice too, really well :)

I’m in the same situation. Everyone around me is turning 18 while I’m still stuck being 17. But hey, we can’t be seventeen forever so might as well enjoy being a “kid’. LOL.

I’m not really too fond with politics and such so I don’t really care about the voting and such. But since I’m going to be 18 soon anyways, I might as well get used to seeing all the politician’s faces in the television. But school voting is completely different than the real deal. I like school voting because its always fun and you know the people who are running. But its just me.

I know! If they don’t have power outlets in the room, not too many people are going to be bringing their laptops. That’s for sure. Plus, its going to take a long time to take notes and that’s a REALLY serious situations especially when its a hard course. I’m hoping they have enough outlets for everybody.

When I was watching an episode, I remember my brother was asking me why I was crying so much! It’s like each episode, there’s always a sad situation where you cry and cry. I want to buy the girl’s diary coz apparently they made copies of it. But they only have it in Japanese, so its a no-no for me. :(

I seriously thought they would get together and the girl will live long enough for them to get married. Well its just me, but I really love happy endings. The ones where its “they kiss and live happily ever after” kind of thing. Yeah, I guess they want to outline how life is so short and we need to live life to the fullest.

Well, i do have quite a big screen.. Although I have used html codes that keep the background in place and so that it won’t repeat, so that if you resize your browser it will just resize with it, if that makes sense? But I think I might use a new picture, i already have found a few :) Also, Id really like to have a review from you so when you reopen it you should tell me so I can apply {:

Ivee always wanted to go to australia! It seems awesome.. But I really love travelling so I have tons on my list.. Mainly egypt and australia XD

I still have a long while til i vote.. But im not sure if voting is mandatory here.
aha, i think opposing to the other persons vote is actually a really good idea xD you’ll end up leaving it to someone else and it will still be fair (:

ugh sorry, the second comment is the right one

Well you have to admit it’s pretty cool that you’re the first in your family to vote @_@ Except… yeah… I’m over it now. :P

Back in May when there was the election for our Prime Minister I only understood most of the stuff about the parties and candidates because my mum was drumming it into my head.
“Politics is important!” She insisted.
After that I decided I that if I could vote I wanted to vote for the Conservative party. They won the election, pretty much…

In the UK you don’t have to vote but it is encouraged. I guess it’s better if they do it the same way you do it because then it would probably be fairer, even if people vote for whoever. (Y)

If everyone took that attitude about voting – that their vote didn’t count – no one would end up voting, lol.

Aw you were gonna be a prefect! That’s so cool (H) (I don’t know why I find that amusing, haha). But yeah, as your friend said, everyone would vote for the popular people. I only vote for the popular people if I really do think that they’d be good at whatever I’m voting for, be it Bitchiest Girl in Class or form leader or whatever.

Yay for Ben + AFS watching you sleep. Though my MCR poster is right above my bed on the ceiling. Because my room is right under the room the ceiling slants where I put the poster up. I remember that the only time it fell off was when I was fast asleep. It woke me up and I remember thinking “Oh shit, oh great, oh fuck. I do believe I am being raped” (I was tired, alright? :P )

Technically, I was. LMFAO. Gerard couldn’t keep his eyes off me. /ehe

Moving on… /oh

Yeah, ’tis sad. Whatever happened to unique literature?

Our society needs to get some things straight, most definitely. Personally out of everything on my list the thing I dislike the most is probably rape.

Haha true, but you can still rant about auto-starting music or slow walkers. Sometimes you’re behind a slow walker and there’s a main road right next to you and there’s no way you could overtake without pushing them into the road or into the building on their other side. LOL.

There shall always be losers on public transport. It is a sad, sad, sad fact. D:

Take care! xx

u must go into politics wowee i love ur last line :).. good luck with voting, i hate it but i vote in the end..

Thanks! Yeah, well, I have no choice but to vote, really. :P

Indeed, everyone’s vote counts. :) Like drops of water joing together to shape a lake. I didn’t know, though, that voting in Australia was a citizen’s obligation (here we have a right to vote, but if we don’t want to, we just don’t and nothing happens). I guess before the voting session they should have a panel with candidates’ names and what they say too, so you can make yourself an idea of WHO you’re going to vote. That would be better if they did it, instead of letting people blind vote whoever. ^^”

– Luana S.

It is the same here in Canada. You have to be 18 and older, and a citizen, but there is no rule as to whether or not you have to vote. They just really encourage people to vote and not waste it. What amazes me is how if they get people to vote in Australia like that, then aren’t they just a bunch of votes that don’t know anything about the campaign they voted for? /hmph

Here I don’t really like any campaign. 1 goes against one of my morals, but everything else is fine, the other campaign can’t pick the side they are on and lastly the other one annoys me because of the whole campaign, doesn’t really do anything to make the country better, and wastes money. 🤬

In the end I dont know where my vote will go once I turn 18. Maybe I’ll vote for the green campaign just because they don’t have any seats.

In a lot of countries though you can’t vote if you are a girl, or the votes are rigged. They think we are lucky so I will never take this privilege for granted.
Vintage4Eternity is not my fanlisting collective. It’s more like your, where I have my sites that I own, and have closed. (Not all of them on their own domain but you get the idea. I am also placing screenshots of my layout, and I want to place my icon collective there as well. Thanks for the nice comment though. It means a lot since it is coming from you. :D I always find it important to credit for inspiration. Especially when it looks quite similar, and people can accuse me of stealing.

Thanks for the wishing well, my mom has been doing better each day.

I tried to give myself layers before. What a success that was. /poo
At least you’re over five feet.
I tried lifting something last week, and it was too heavy for me. Now I’m lifting weights every day. Even though the heaviest I could find in my house are 4 pounds.

You’re required to vote? In America, the legal age is also 18, but we don’t have to vote. I don’t think I can trust myself to vote for a candidate until I actually understand politics clearly. Maybe that’s the reason why I decided to take Comparative Government next year.
I kind of do care who would be the president of my country and governor of my state, since we’re in a recession right now…

My friends and I should’ve done that for the student council. =)) People either wanted N.G. or H.A. for freshman president, but it would’ve been awesome if we canceled out each other’s votes and let only one person decide. Besides the president, no one really cared about the other positions.

Haahah. It’s true…EVERY vote counts.

Wow, you MUST enroll to vote in Australia? That must be annoying.
I would only vote if I wanted to, but I wouldn’t vote for “whomever” because that’s not right in my eyes.
I’m not eighteen (that is the age to vote here too) yet, but if I was going to vote, I’d vote for the person who in my opinion, has better views.
Otherwise, who knows, a horrible person for the community/country/town/whatever might be elected and then, everything would go downhill. :/

However, that’s just my opinion. :P

We have the freedom to vote here. BUT I know that if you vote here – in the presidential election every four years – that you will be less likely to be summoned for Jury Duty! :P

I think it matters who you vote for, and I think that one should vote for what they agree with – things like that.

I know professionals hire designers to create their site’s layouts and such – which is what I will end up doing in the future for this project thing I’m creating.

But a lot of people discriminate others who use the premade layouts. It’s so odd. :/

You can say what you have to say about my blog. :) I don’t censor myself, so why should my readers? :P

It’s kinda odd that you HAVE to vote. We have the option once we turn 18, but no one is obligated to as far as I know. Really, they should just get people who WANT to, because otherwise those who don’t care are just going to, like you said, vote for whoever :P Which doesn’t really do what THEY want to get done.

It would be really cool to get everyone to do an opposite one. You should totally just set up a facebook page about that, haha.

Thanks :) I really love the colour scheme too <3

The cookies weren't TERRIBLE.. they just weren't the best either :P oh well, at least I tried. And I bet you'd make awesome cookies :P

I don't really listen to the radio at ALL anymore. The country station was the only station where they played the majority of music that I liked, or could at least deal with.. unlike the new stations that play the same song every ten songs so everything is overplayed and a lot of it is music I don't like. There were like.. two songs in total that would get played on the country station that I didn't like :P haha

It is good, though there are some days I just want it sooo badly. I try to refrain from gettng anything other than fries + a drink though :P The only thing people really say about my body is that 'im too skinny', which I always disagreed with because of my flabby tummy.

I like fake nails for the fact that my nails are longer once they come off, but they also make my nails sooo dead and thin. I only got them because Matilda wanted me to go with her before prom to get them done. I used to get them done all the time, but it gets expensive and killed my nails.

Howdy there,
I am glad you changed your mind. Here in England, kids my age (16) are trying to get the voting age lowered down to 16 because most of us are so eager to vote.
It does make a difference, because it adds to whatever party your voting for; it increases their supporters and their confidence in future success.
What I mean to say is; in England, they have the LibDem party who the main opposition parties were smearing by saying “a vote for LibDem’s is a vote wasted”, but now the Lib Dem’s are the deputy Political party in Britain.
I think what you have to do there, is make an informed decision, I don’t think the Australian Government is right to force people to vote.

LOL. Massive excitement at the fact that you’re the first in your family to vote.


I’m not into politics either. I’m 17 and I barely ever watch the news about what is going on in the world. That is very true that everyone’s votes count. I mean, if one person was left out then that one person could potentially tell the runner’s who is gonna win.
tiff? Lol. I’ve never heard anyone say that before! XD

Yeah, we made up. We are friends now. & It did irritate me. Badly. I was really mad. For lack of better words, I was pissed off to the point of no return. & Yes, it didn’t help that I was having a bad week.

I know, I was devastated but I try to be optimistic. My mom thinks I’m a pessimist. Hahaha, I laugh at her. XD :P
Still, I try to be optimistic because I used to be pessimistic. I know how bad I felt, but now I know that everything will be okay at the end of the day. I have Dante, my friends, and my online friends, how could my life be any better? Even with or without a job or that favorite thing? :) :D

True. I didn’t like it anyway. I was always complaining about it. Hahahaha. :) & I didn’t think it was in the first place, I just forgot because of the $9 an hour.

She did help me. She calmed me down in the end. I was just sad that she couldn’t hug me.

Yes, I believe that! YES YES YES! THEY WILL NEED ME SO THEY WONT FIRE ME! I WILL BE NEEDED! Something I’m always craving. hahahahaha. :) ♥

I know! But the allowance is some kinda money. $$$

Same here. Hahhahaha. I’m going to have trouble staying away from my laptop everyday this week. :/

Yes, it could’ve, which would’ve been BAD, really bad! Just think about it! *shudders*

Yeah, I do that, too. I just eat whenever I feel like it, I mean what is the point of FORCING yourself to eat, when you don’t want to. I mean that is just more calories than you need.

Yes, hahaahahha. It def is.

Hahahahah. I don’t wear it and never did wear it all day and all night. At first I did but then after like 2 days I didn’t. Hahahaha. My mom found out 2 months later and yelled at me the DAY before I got a checkup and they said I can wear it just at night. XD I was just like HA! In your face! Lol.

Mhm. I love the name heartdrops! Why did you get rid of the hosting site that is .info? I loved seeing you with 2 heartdrops. It was cool.

Nope, def not as many.

Yeup! :)

We can vote when we hit 18 here in the UK. We don’t have to register though. We are automatically registered and then will get a letter sent through telling us all about it.

We don’t have a high number of voters either. People here think “what’s the point” too. The big parties have become pretty similar lately so it’s making it harder to people to decide who to vote on.

I do agree that each person’s votes counts even if they think it doesn’t.

Politics confuse me sooo much sometimes! >.<. I hate hearing about it in my classes (When there was still school, of course) because I know little to nothing about politics, and what's going on with the country. Stuff like that, xD. Yeah, people think I don't get out too much, haha.

I remember in first or second grade, when the teachers all made us "vote" for who we wanted to be President. And I voted for Bush, because I had no idea who the other dude was. And when Bush won the election, my mom was like, "He wouldn't have won without your vote!" Only awhile later did I find out my vote — along with all of my classmates — didn't count one bit, ;D.

Wow, two whole months! I wouldn't be able to do that, Dx. Haha, my mom says I hang with guys too much, because she always sees me hanging with a guy (Not my fault all of my girl best friends are scattered across the country for summer vacation!), so she forbade me to hang with guys alone unless it's his birthday party, =_=. "Yeah, every guy I hang with is my boyfriend, Mom!" What's "uni"? O: .

Ohh, how many other websites do you have? Haha, I could never run more than just 2 sites. Been there, done that! xD.

Just because you guys like doing stuff on the computer doesn't mean it's "geeky", xD. It's pretty cool, much cooler than those young girls and boys who get drunk at wild parties, :p. My idea of a "party" is so much different than everybody else's — well, almost everybody. A party to me should be fun and exciting yet no involving drugs or any kind of alcohol, which is what most parties have these days, “/. And I know what you mean, by how nothing you do seems good enough for your parents. My parents and grandparents have always pushed me to get top-notch grades, to be the best I can be, as I may or may not have mentioned in the blog post. But it never seems like it’s good enough, ever. They’re always wanting more and more, even if I’ve already tried my absolute hardest at something. It’s pressuring and stressful, every now and then, |: .

Oh, you know where you’re headed, huh? That’s great, :D. What are some of your plans for the near future?

Dang; if one of my friends were being made fun of like that, I’d be pretty fcking pissed off, too, Dx. Those people are probably so insecure about themselves that they’d have to pick on someone else because of their image. Tsk tsk; it’s sad.
Some guys still do make fun of me like that, but I’ve learned not to care, because I have friends and best friends who I know would never judge me like those guys did, :D.

“I don’t actually know what the election is for”

Seriously, Georgie? :3 I like you and James’ idea to cancel out votes. It would be hilarious if the vote came down to one person, not that it’s likely or anything.

Still, read up on who you’re voting for… they’re gonna be running the country, and they need to do a good job at it… Although I’ve kind of lost faith in Aussie politicians – all they do is argue like pre-school children.

I still don’t know what Bubble Tea is. I’ve honestly never heard of it, under any of those names. I feel like a failure at life – what does it taste like?

And you’re lucky you can access your wireless at odd hours – my parents think that turning the main computer room’s power off at night (thus turning off the wireless) is going to save some ridiculous amount of electricity. The only things on that switch is the internet, and a big old desktop computer, which is off at night anyway.

Gosh it really has been long! And wow, your layout is really pretty, :D I’m so sorry for replying back really late. A lot of stuff’s been happening….

Haha elections! I think the elections are for choosing which party should govern Australia. My dad’s going for Julia Gillard (Labor Party)
Have fun voting and doing that partner opposing thing, :)

I actually am into politic. But I once read in an article online, the more you think about politic, the more your happiness will decrease. That’s a quite interesting fact, I think. I’m way too young to vote for the election, too bad. I’d like to vote XD

You could be fined? Wow! It’s pretty strict. It’s not that strict here; there are no punishments but when people don’t vote the government will go “ARRRRH”.

When I was younger I used to think like that too, like “It’s just a vote. It’s not going to affect the whole election!” but imagine if all people think like me, then no one will vote.

Last year’s school election, I didn’t vote for anyone. I didn’t write anything on the paper. But still, the “popular” ones won the election. /hmph

Yeah… I’m crazy ✌️ that’s quite an extreme thing to do when you’re bored… counting hairs >.>

I feel bad when I don’t chew anything delicious, you know. I always feel like grabbing a pack of chocolate and eat them all. Besides I want to gain more weight so I think I need more snacks, but it never worked. There was a week when I ate chocolate bars every day in a row in the midnight but my weight went down instead. /angry

My dad is such a huge fan of John Grisham. I’ve only read The Runaway Jury, it was good so far, but IDK about his other books. Lawyers, law… I’m not really into those things actually.

Haha I take photos of my 365 nearly midnight, too XD When it’s not midnight yet I always feel like “Ah, I’ll take it later.” Yes, I’m a procrastinator. Ssh.

I do agree, sometime I wonder if I have ever offended someone but no ones ever said anything so I assume not. To be honest though, I don’t think I’ve ever really written a blog about something that someone could have been offended by.

I don’t see why your last blog could have offended anyone. I think you took into account that some people have illnesses and such so at least you’re thinking about everyone. :)

My younger sister always gets pocket money, but I never did. Maybe they just don’t like me. :3 I do appreciate my wages, though. The first couple that I got I just wasted it on clothes and such because I wasn’t used to having money. But I got annoyed because I never had any left at the end of the month, so I learnt to save a little so I wouldn’t run out as quickly. :)

I think if I were making blogging sites like ours, I would be okay. But if I had to do a professional one, let’s face it, it would be rubbish, LOL. I have no creativity or originality though so every site I did would look like mine. :P I think you should definitely look into it, you’d make millions. :)

I find it odd that you HAVE to vote in Australia. Here, I don’t think they really care if you do or don’t. I’m 20 now and I have never voted, not once. I agree with you that our 1 vote can’t really make a difference, but if everyone thinks like that and doesn’t vote, it could. As you could all be voting for the same person.

As I get older though I find myself more and more interested in these things. Maybe I will actually vote in the next one? IDK.

Haha, that’s a really cool idea that James suggested. It would be funny if the whole country did it, just make sure that the person who is the deciding vote actually cares about the election and votes for the best candidate. :3 Imagine if they chose a really bad person and your country ended up in pieces, it would be all their fault. :P


Good luck on voting! ♥ Well, I do hope that even if you are not into politics.. you would still have the time to study or get to know your candidates. Haha. And please do blog about your experience in voting! ;)

I do agree that all votes count and that it serves as the voice of the people. It’s just a shame that last May elections (here in the Philippines), I wasn’t able to register and vote. I was really busy with job-hunting so I ran out of time to vote. And when it was May, I really envied those people who was able to vote. 😳 😢

So now… I have to wait again for another 6years so I can register and vote. XD

Now, by enrolling do you mean just registering to vote? Or do you HAVE to vote in the election? Forcing someone to vote is an absolutely TERRIBLE idea in my opinion. People like yourself (no offense, I’m the same way) who don’t really have an opinion shouldn’t be forced to try and choose a side/person to vote for. Gah, lame lame lame.

I MAY have registered to vote in Faulkner county (where I was going to college) but I have not where I live now. I would rather not register as well because I don’t want jury duty hah.

We can start voting at the age of eighteen here in the USA.
I’m 21.. and still have not registered to vote to this day.
I do have a say, I honestly don’t stay in a certain state long enough to register and actually care about what is being passed or denied.
Although I do got the House and deal with the bills the Government are trying to pass. I believe that is much more appropriate and Senators are always willingly to list to individual peoples, I went with a group from my private university.. it was an awesome experience.

Good luck with the ‘cancel out’ plan (;

Wow, that’s some pretty harsh voting rules! You get fined for NOT voting? D:
Sheesshh. That’s pretty strict. Over here you can vote if you wanna vote (as long as you’re over 18, of course) and if you don’t want to, nothing really happens anyway.

That’s pretty cool that you’re the first in your family to vote, but if you have no interest in politics it’s kinda pointless because you have power for something you don’t need it for (if that makes sense?) Maybe if your parents or brother feel strongly towards a candidate you could vote for that person FOR them?

HAHAHA. GENIUS! I love James’ idea there :’) although, I’m not sure if your election is the same as ours, but if they don’t win by a certain amount over here (I think they need a certain percent more than the others. So like, if one got 31%, one got 34% and another got 35%, the 34 and 35 would be too close so some crap happens that completely confuses me and resulted in two parties being in power in the governent this year.)

We didn't have anything like that! We voted for our head girl and head boy at primary school (and at high school, but there was only a few candidates so the popular people got it, naturally). We didn't have voting for prefects because they thought it was unfair for the people who didn't get it so we just had to make a speech and everyone got a badge. (LOL)

That last line made me smile :)

Thank youuuuuu <3 I used torn paper but for some reason when I uploaded the background accross the top it had some wierd white bit underlining it so I had to fade it out a bit underneath the torn paper (if that makes sense?)

LMAO! Yeah that'd be pretty impressive if someone could successfully drive and have sex without causing an accident! We can't drive until we're seventeen here :( (I think it's going up to 18 soon, too ;/)

Haha okayy! I did read your old comment but the conversation was so long ago I couldn't really remember half of the stuff we were talking about properly so I think I may just comment on the blogs of the others, like you said :) Yeah, same with you.. If you ever don't want to return the comment, I won't be offended :)

haha it's true .<

SHORTASSES FTW! XD I love being short (although it sucked when I was younger and couldn't get on all the rides at theme parks) You haven't heard it? :O USE IT! It always works because there isn't really a comeback they can use back at it. Well I haven't heard one anyways..

Wow that is really wierd. I'd never really appreciated the free health care we have over here before! But perfect teeth are completely worth the cost, like you said :D

You shouldn’t be ashamed if you don’t know what election is. I know what it is and it would be better if I didn’t. I hate elections. Haha. 🤫

In Macedonia is the same as in Australia, and you need to vote for someone when you are a citizen of Macedonia and when you are legally eighteen years old. I find it stupid.

Well congrats for being the first one from your family that will vote. Haha, just joking. If I was the first one I wouldn’t be honored at all.

I will probably turn eighteen when I’ll get in university too. :)

I would probably say the same thing as your friend from High School, since I don’t care for who I’ll vote when I will be a legal citizen.

That is a good idea. You may as well use it. /hehe

We always pick a “president” in our class. Haha, it’s not a big deal but, it’s funny to pick one. I always pick who everyone picks, because I don’t really care. It’s just a “president” for the class. I know that it sounds quite silly. :)

Our voice does count, we all are important. :D

I’ve always like the idea that you’re breaching the laws in Australia if you don’t vote. Why? Because I’m so sick of people here in NZ almost moaning about how they dont like the government, etc etc – BUT they don’t bother casting a vote during election time! Tbh, i’m not big on politics, and we haven’t had an election yet since I turned 18. But i know that I will definitely be voting whenever that rolls around (not too long now, i think).

Also… you guys got to vote for prefects? That sounds really weird… at our school the teachers/principals pick. And um… just curious, but how it possibly work out that your parents aren’t citizens but you are?

Oh, I don’t mind you asking. :P I know rules changed in Australia, though. My parents came here in the 80s and during that time, any child born in Australia was automatically an Australian citizen provided that the parents had permanent residency (which my parents did have). :) I hope that clears it up. 8D

I think that maybe they’ll start to get into it once the politics actually effects them and stuff, e.g. when you all buy houses and have children, get married, etc.

LOL. I think, maybe you are too old to make silly excuses any more. I find my parents lectures fun (call me weird) , but I love it when they have a ramble or a moan at me.

If you don’t mind me asking, how many sites do you actually own?


Random: I am watching Finding Nemo on TV and it reminds me of you cause it’s based in Sydney :D

Hehe yes George is very colourful :) I don’t use the cover all the time though. I put it on when I’m in the mood.

LOL I had to copy the one that loaded the fastest cause when I wrote that blog my Internet was poo. :P
Yes, I have cried at some of the posts. And it did make my heart go all big and warm too. ♥

I remember that post! I also remember reading one about this girl who was in a wheelchair. After intensive physical therapy she moved to crutches. And I think it was on her graduation day, she gave her crutches to the guy at the side of the stage and walked for the first time in four years. It’s just amazing how determined people can be! :)

I go on it a lot. :) I also recommended both sites to my friend with depression and she goes on them daily, I am glad to hear. :D

Yeah, my mum is obsessive with politics almost… she’s always up-to-date. I agree that one should know basics like who the prime minister is but other than that I don’t know much else. Or I wouldn’t’ve done if my mum hadn’t done her drumming.

At our school we have prefects only and they’re in the Sixth Form (top two years). Were Captains the level below Prefect?

Aha sorry for making your laugh in the car, presumably with other people. LOL. Whenever I laugh in the car my companion – normally the driver, so my mum or dad – look across at me with this sort of @_@ or :O expression and I’m just like /ehe :X /oh *giggle*

Haha agreed, ranting is pretty cool. :3 Pretty cool.

Take care! xx

You MUST vote or you’ll get fined?! That seems pretty unfair…I don’t know if we HAVE to here, I know we get a letter giving us the opportunity to vote when we’re 18.

I think it’s a good idea of James’ though! Especially if you’re just going to vote for whoever. Here, if a large percentage of one area vote for one party, the whole area is now supposedly backing up that party. :|

I applied for prefect recently, the teachers choose at my school though. I don’t know if I’ve got it though, because I wasn’t at school last week. I hope I do get it though!

I don’t know if I’m going to renew my domain or even have a site after all. :/ Current situations have made it kind of hard.

Yeah I was pretty shocked at how cheap it is! If I do let my domain expire and register a new one after, I’ll most likely buy a .com domain!

I’m still surprised i actually got something lol. :D I cannot wait till it get here. :D

I love vintage. :D It’s also WOW lol. My style is anything but serious. I hate professional, it makes me feel stuck up lol. I love anything fun. :D

Today I felt kinda good. It’s Sunday, which means church and i dolled myself up a bit. I kinda like me today lol. :D

I think people do it because they either think that they are better than others or they just need something to boost themselves up. Which btw is pathetic.

Being home in the morning means seeing my parents. I don’t want to see them when i wake up because sometimes they just ruin my morning. Right now its nothing but drama because my sis lost her job and my dad wants to sue. It’s none of his business.

The feeling is always there. Like right now its raining out and I’m home alone. I hear these little creaking noise and it creeps me out lol.
My parents sometimes go in my room and make little comments about how its dirty and crap. It’s my room. I’ll keep it clean when i want too lol.

Making layouts is like fun time for me. I wish someone would pay me to do this stuff lol.

I will get lazy but i can’t handle it. I also want to improve my vocabulary and grammar. :D

I sometimes just pick the little comments and reply those. Some people leave comments saying i like your site and blah blah. So i just reply thanks i love yours too. :D
I’m lazy person so lying down feels awesome. :D

I hate politics. So much boring argument lol. I always avoid it. :D

Same here. You have to be 18. I don’t think i ever want to vote though. Is it a must? Do i have to register? They used to do this thing in school where they made us vote but i don’t think it counted because we’re just kids. I didn’t even know half the people i voted for lol.

I watched a movie where it came to one person’s decision. It’s called Swing Vote. It’s a funny movie lol. James idea is awesome. :D You guys should do like just your friends if it would even out lol.

Hahaha your friend does make a point lol.
I will always hate politics. I don’t think I would ever want to be president. Too much pressure.

I bet it’s quite intimidating being the first in your family to vote, isn’t it? Also pretty cool in a way though, I guess. :)
That’s weird that you have to vote. Over here you can do as you please. I don’t vote because I know nothing about politics and I’d probably just vote for something bad. /ehh I don’t really see the point in me voting when there’s so many other people who are interested in and know about politics.

I guess I’m quite ignorant when it comes to elections and things. I don’t mean to be, I just haven’t got a clue about any policies and can’t be bothered to learn about them.
Laziness, haha.

Hey Georgie!!

I’m not big on politics either, never have been and never will be. I don’t understand them to be quite honest/frank.

I registered to vote a long time ago the same time my grandmother did. But I never did vote on anything. I know I’m such a bad person right?

Anyway, I hope your vote counts in Australia? I know our votes don’t really count here in California. But maybe it’s from what I’m hearing from others. I dunno.

Yeah when I made that video on vimeo, my side was hurting really bad and it was hurting all day long and I took like 4 vicodin pills when I really should’ve only taken two like the label said to do. But it was because I was on my period (I’m still on it and yeah I know TMI), so that made my side hurt even worse. After I got home yesterday, I went to sleep right away. I knew I would. But really, the pain was that horrendous that I just knew I would fall asleep fast when I hit the pillow.

The whole day yesterday my dad was hanging up the chandelier that he bought from a guy in wyoming (sp?) which it took 3 weeks to get here – _ -. Bah. But it looks gorgeous in the room. My dad did a lot of the crystals and put them in place. When we go down there later on today, I’ll take a picture of it. And the furnished living room. It won’t be completed until we’re all moved in of course, but my dad wants to be moved out of Chino completely by the end of this month. I hope we can cause I really want to at least go swimming in the pool even if the pool is evaporating out some where ya know? I can still go swimming but not on my period.

Anyway, I’ve read like 3 chapters of my Twilight Book yesterday. I’m half way done on chapter 9 now. I couldn’t believe how far I’ve gotten. That’s what I was doing when my dad was putting the crystals together. Haha. It was a man job any way.

Anyway back to voting…I don’t think I’m gonna vote this year. I dunno why, I may or may not vote. My dad’s gonna register and vote against everything. My sister’s going to vote and go for everything. Haha just like you and James are. lol. Funny coinsidence? But yeah, I’m not too big on voting any way.

Aww sorry you have to vote, I guess. So many people here too say that it doesn’t matter because you’re one in a million, but you really could be one of a million. If everyone said that same thing, there’d be nothing. I once ran for my school secretary but nobody voted for me because none of my friends knew that I was running until the election and had said that they would vote for others.

Thanks for the comment. Sorry, I didn’t know CuteNews had a limit lol, but I’ve been learning lots of bad things about it since I installed it O_O . I liked the conrast in ‘vintage-ish’ and ‘new-ish,’ but I did wonder if maybe it looked a bit strange; however, the banner I had up a couple of days ago looked more like a mess lol. I like your layout though: pretty and simple.

I’ve noticed that you have lots of domains lol. I’ve even joined some of your fanlistings :). I used to have 88 freewebs, each for a different purpose, even though that’s not the same as a domain /hehe . I now remember that I bought WhoIs protection, so that cost the majority of my total.

Anyways, have fun voting!

I hope you do vote. I’m glad you thing your vote counts. I mean 1000 is made of one and 1000 dollars is made up of 1 dollar bills.
If everyone thought their vote was meaningless then we would have a problem with democracy as we know it.
I read not voting is basically giving your vote to someone else.
Next presidential election in the US will be my first year to vote. And I so want to get Obama out of office unless he has a turn around in two years. And if Hilary Clinton somehow gets up for office again I want her out. So I’m going to vote.
But for me it is hard having responsibility. Having to read and find hard facts. I don’t like news reporters or media but I would have to use them to get that info. [Sheesh if only that was the only thing they reported on. I don’t need to know about all the rapes, car crashes and other accidents.]

Yeah … I know he wasn’t the right one because he dumped me via Facebook for his best friend that is like his “sister”. So then I was like, incest much? It was really disgusting. Like, they were related, but didn’t know how, yet they dated anyway?

Haha. My friend said that, too. Alice had said, “Wow, you’ve finally stopped hiding on your blog!”


Hello! :)

Most of the time I actually enjoy going shopping with my mum. She knows pretty much what kind of clothes I like and sometimes suggests things to me that I should try on and stuff. :) But sometimes she won’t understand when I tell her that I don’t like how a certain thing looks so I won’t try it on.

Hehe, that sounds a bit expensive but it was your money and you worked hard for it so you should definitely be able to spend it on what you’d like to spend it on. :)

I usually only buy things from German websites so the shipping problem doesn’t even appear for me. But yeah, shipping is definitely freaking expensive!

I’ve been thinking about riding my bike around here a little bit. I also have this route I could ride but it goes next to a street were cars are pretty fast and there are no houses and stuff around so I am not 100% sure if I really wanna drive there. xD

I don’t really care about elections either. I think I got an invitation to vote at least twice already.. One for nation wide elections another one for IDK what. xD Oh my..

I think here in Germany you have to 16 to be able to vote in local elections and 18 to vote in nation wide elections.

Our economics teacher always told us to vote because our vote counts and it’s our future the politicians are talking about. And I actually wanted to go and vote in the last nation wide election but then got lazy..

I do kinda think that we really should vote and help to decide who is going to make the decisions about our lives and futures in the next couple of years. But yeah.. lazyness is a bitch sometimes.

What I really don’t like though is people who complain about an election result BUT didn’t vote themselves. In the end every single vote can be the ONE VOTE that makes a difference. Even if it sounds kinda crazy considering the amount of people that are allowed to vote.

I kinda really like James’ idea! I mean, if you don’t know who to vote for just make sure to have somebody that cancels your vote by voting for the opposite! Smart guy your boyfriend! :)

I suppose voting is a foreign concept for me, considering my age. I do think that a person should be given the choice of voting. Requiring a person to vote could result in a couple different things. I think that people might feel apathetic towards voting if it is required of them. I understand why you don’t really care much about voting. If I was in your place, I wouldn’t either.

I still think it’s cool that you are the first person in your family who gets to vote :D James’ idea is great. A single persons decision would be interesting.

I do think that politics are important, even though I don’t get involved with them. Personally, they depress me :P I’d rather stay out of it.

I got tired and gave up on the blend /hehe

Thankfully, Anna did forgive me. Her attitude has also been much better lately. I love her to death ♥

I can’t wait to read it :) I have to read a couple other books first.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that. I have a bone on the outside of my foot that sticks out more than normal.

I know! They’re just so cute that you really want to spend some money on it to watch it :) That’s what I do sometimes, just wait for some days so that I can download it and burn it. But I really want to watch movies as much as possible since its summer. But I’m targeting Tuesdays since its cheaper. LOL.

I know! There’s always a deal or a sale on Tuesdays! I don’t understand why people love Tuesdays though since its in the middle of the week. But oh well, that means less money coming out of my pocket.

I really hate it when its so sunny and my mom decides to hang the clothes outside to save some electricity. And just when you finish hanging everything, the clouds start to gray and then it rains! GRRR, /hmph All that effort gone to waste right there!

I would prefer it if it was cloudy and light wind than really hot and sunny coz I really have sensitive skin especially my face. I just start getting red and puffing up. Its the real bummer when it comes to summer.

HAHA. I know! We failed so many times before we got a good one. It would be really good to have a professional camera. But they are too expensive for me /argh

They didn’t allow you to vote because you were the youngest? REALLY? All students get to vote in my school. Each year, we have an assembly that gathers all the students so that the students get to know the candidates. Its a really fun assembly because all the students get so hyped up.

I know. Those people who always tell they’re going to make a change…along the way, there’s always something that’s bound to go wrong. There’s always something. It always make me think about what if I become the president? But that would be so much work and I wouldn’t have free time for myself.

I really want to study Japanese to that when I watch anime or a something, I wouldn’t waste time looking for a copy that has been subbed. Its always hard finding it. But for now, I would just like to focus on finishing my studies and get a job.

Yeah it’s annoying to need to get approved. I don’t know much about page rank, I just know that mine never seems to get very high :P I’ve looked a bit into how to raise it, but it never seems to work for me. Oh well.

I think it was just everything that’s going on that cause him to be a little stressed out and took it out on me. It’s not fair either way, but I know that if my family was going through the types of things his is, it would be really hard to deal with. I mean, it’s no excuse but it just makes it a little more understandable that I should cut him a little slack.

Aww, I’ve always wanted to bake a cake with David but we never end up actually doing it :P Have fun baking the muffins!

I try to grow my nails, but they always end up chipping and i hate it :( I paint my nails as well, and while I can do some pretty cool designs (like rainbow tips or polka dot patterns) I tend to mess up a lot though. Oh well, it’s still fun to do :P

The election’s for the next PM; Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott. Hrng
not that I care, it’s obvious Ronald McDonald controls them both as his puppet slaves from behind the scenes.

It should be pretty obvious by now that the majority of young people simply don’t give a damn about who represents this country on a global scale (I sure as hell don’t)
I reckon voting should be optional up to a certain age, but noone cares for my opinion. Ngege


So that’s why Abbott was on television. :O Why is he up? I’m such a lostie. I don’t think I like him too much anyway. I saw part of his speech but for some reason I’m getting the feeling that Julia Gillard will win. I might go for her anyway. About time we had some female power… :P

ME! Hahaha. So now I can write real posts with pictures and everything!! Hazzah! (: Although it’s gonna take a while to catch up on like, three weeks of stuff that I’ve missed.

I find that one vote can make a huge difference. There’s a movie of some sorts based on that… everyone in the USA voted except for this one guy, and the vote was split 50 – 50. And he basically got to choose the next president…
A very unlikely story, but it just goes to show. (:

Aww, no problem!

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my last blog post, but when I first started learning how to crochet (from my grandma), I was 12 and I quickly became frustrated and lost interest. XD Your comment reminded me, though, that my aunt wants me to teach her how to crochet because she wanted to crochet with beads. Holly wants me to teach her how to crochet, too. I think it’s weird that they don’t try to learn from a book like I am. I didn’t think I’d do so well, but that book, along with some YouTube videos, have been explaining things very well. I’m not really a good teacher, which is why I’m anxious to agree. :/

Bleh, I’m sorry it’s like that at your house. Your house doesn’t sound like a very nice place to be. :/


When I turned 18, I didn’t want to enroll to vote because doing so puts you up for having to do jury duty at some point in your life. I’m not sure how big the common man’s role is in jury duty, but I’m very emotional and in distressing situations (like scenes in movies… sigh. The movie Inception made me cry several times. I say that because I just saw it on Friday) like hearing peoples’ crimes and their verdicts, I’m not sure I would be able to handle it. Gordon wants to move to Canada anyway (for their free health insurance… I need it or I will die)… but that’s a whole ‘nother topic. I don’t want to leave all my family and friends to live somewhere we’ve never been and where we will have neither friends nor family, but… I don’t know. Complicated subject. We have a couple years to figure it out anyway because I want him to finish his pharmacy technician degree first (and hopefully in the meantime I can find my own major, get a job, and get insurance). :P

The idea of you and James opposing each other made me smile. It was a cute idea, but it also solved the issue I have with voting… I don’t see why I should vote if I’m not well enough informed to make a good decision. I’m not really that into politics–they’re interesting, but I usually need them explained to me–and I don’t see why I should let my ignorance affect the country’s future, you know?

You get fined for not registering to vote? O.o wow, we should have such rules implemented here as well.

Well, for me, you couldn’t just vote for whoever. One vote counts and it may be the one vote that may bring your country to a bright future or its downfall, you know what i mean?

I hate voting, HATE it. Mum said to me this morning if you are not enroled and they find out you are over 18, it is a $110 AUS fine. And if you do a dummy vote like most people do, the vote goes to whose already in office.

I cannot stand either of them. I used to live in Julia Gillard’s electorate, and I refused to vote for her back then, I went independant.

I don’t like Tony Abbot either, so it might be the democrats for me, or maybe independant again or the nationals. Depending on my mood though, I could even go as far as the greens :P

Hello Georgina! I’m not sure if you can remember me or not, but we’ve spoke a few times in the past.
Good luck with voting. I’m not old enough to cast a vote yet, but I know a fair bit about politics and the First Past The Post and Proportional Representation systems. XD I sound like a geek!

You are SO right about everyone’s vote counting. I’m not sure if anyone’s already mentioned this, but I come from the UK and we have the First Past the Post system, I think Australia have the same. Well, there was 3 main parties this year and there was only a few votes seperating the winning candidate and the runner up. A hung parliment. So they have to share the job of being Prime Minister.

All sounds confusing doesn’t it? We was confused when we had to write an essay on it at school! :P

I’ve just opened a new site up, with a personal blog. I think I’m going to add poems and stories that i’ve wrote and Reviews of things instead of icons and graphics of the likes. James’ idea is really cool, if you don’t know who to vote for by the way. (Y)

It’s a little harsh to MAKE you vote don’t you think? If you really don’t know who to choose, it could be quite stressing. Over here, you don’t have to vote, but everyone encourages you to. :)

Becca x

You should listen or watch the music video on Youtube. I’m sure they have one. It’s better if you search for Michael Jackson Human Nature. If you just put Michael Jackson then you’ll get all of his music videos. That’s cool. They were Australian? Did they change culture or something? Haha. Jk. :D

There’s a lot of people who’s fighting for world peace. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that will ever happen. I wished there was world peace. That might put an end to these wars that is going on. You know how awesome that would be, but there’s countries out there that wants to dictate and take over the world like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. Haha. :P

Wow. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who don’t want to get a haircut. I happen to be one of them. My mom would tell me that I need a haircut. I’d put it off until it gets really long. I’d get irritated because when my hair grows long, it starts to cover both sides of my ears. I’d tell myself, now it’s time to get a haircut. I knew some people who would grow their hair out until it went down to their butt.

Walking is relaxing. I like to do it most of the time. People think I’m crazy, but I find it very relaxing. Lately, I’ve been really lazy. I’d walk to the public library or other places, instead I’ve been catching the bus. I have to get back in the habit of going walking again. Yeah, I used to be at the computer too much too. Not so much anymore.

True. Everyone used to suck on their thumbs when they were young. Eventually, you grow out of it.

I loved drinking chocolate milk when I was in school. I used to put chocolate syrup in my milk too. I like drinking milk every now and then. True. It’s good for your bones and keeps them strong.

That book kind of sounds familiar. Do you remember the title?

True. People are just so cruel now days. They don’t care. It’s a damn shame. People just need to grow up and get a life. Stop ruining other people’s life.

It’s okay. Your not the only one who forget stuff. I’m sure everyone does it. ;) You probably had a lot on your mind. Sometimes that happens to me too. I have a Task and Notes applications in my cellphone. If I need to do something or go somewhere, I’ll put in there. Otherwise, I’ll forget all about it. That’s cool. :)

Haha. Dr. Evil and his strange layers. :X Do I need to go any further? :P It reminds me of beauty pageants. They want world peace. I’d be like, “Ah. I think everyone wants that and not just you.”

Yeah. I don’t like when my mom tells me when to cut my hair. I’ll go when I’m ready. Sometimes she’d be like it’s still too long on the top. I can’t cut it short or I’ll have a little spot in the back of my head. I always wanted to have spike hair. I don’t know if I really match though.

Wow. That’s really long. It must be hard to wash that hair when you take a bath or shower. I know I would if mine was that long. XD It reminds of that fairy tell, Rapunzel. Haha. /hehe

I look like a werewolf (without the fangs) when my hair starts to cover my ears. Haha. :O It gets annoying when my hair covers my ears. I have to brush it behind my ears. When I go outside, it covers my ears. Something like that.

Same here. I used to love going on the computer. I can’t sit there for a long time. My neck will start to get sore. I have to take breaks in between.

Some people just can’t kick the habit. They got so use to it that it’s hard to stop.

Cool. Never mind. I didn’t heard that title before.

LULZ omg how do you already have 17 comments? Well plus or minus your own replies. :P

OMG Georgina I’m so glad that I read your last two-three sentences. I was just going to go alll out on how voting is important whether or not you think your voice will be heard, but you’ve come to realize that yourself. :) Yay!

Yeah, my friend ran for an election as well & I got a bunch of people to vote for him. Same with your situation, when I asked people why they didn’t vote, they said the exact same thing your friend said. Because they were already going to win. But honestly, he won by a mere 30-40 votes!

I don’t know much about Australian politics, I know more about France’s, China’s, Russia’s, & the UK’s…hahaa, but not so much Australia’s. Wouldn’t your parents be considered Australian citizens after they’ve lived in Australia for so long, though?

But anyway, um yeahhh, I have no idea how your government is ran, but I don’t suspect that the people are upset about the way the country is run, right? Eh well there are always some people who are like FCK THIS SHIT, but in general, I mean, you guys have universal healthcare & I still think it’s really awesome that your country requires the nation to vote or they have to pay a fine. haahhaa. omg that is so funny, when I first heard about that, I wondered why we didn’t have it. Oh yeah, because we wanna give people “freedom” do what ever it is they please. Whatever dude.

Imagining what the outcome of our elections would be like if 100% of the nation (who are eligible) voted is kind of mind blowing. I wouldn’t be able to tell you if we’d lean a certain way more, or what not. It’s cool to think about.

Haha, but I hope you look up some info on the elections so you can make an informed decision with your vote since you don’t want to vote for a dickhead who wants to take away your rights &/or healthcare! Plus I’m sure there are some that are more “eco-friendly”/pro-green than others.

Our next election for senate is in November. There are also a bunch of various propositions that are going up there too. I can’t wait until we effin’ repeal the ban on same-sex marriage. It’s annoying that California is so damn fickle. One day, judges say yeahhhh let’s let them marry, & then Mormons rise up & voted against the law.

I kind of wish that they’d make some sort of law that will allow informed & involved 16+ year olds to vote. It enraged me that I couldn’t vote, but it’s fine because I got to vote 2 years ago. :D & that election was historical as you know, Obama is our very first African-American president. :D

So yeah, it felt like I was part of history (even though California is a “blue state” aka a state that always votes for the democratic party) & it was cool to see that I got to elect someone who would lead our country.

Do you know what this election is about though? I mean, I’m guessing you might’ve looked it up by now or something. :)


Lulz & I just realized that a bunch of people think that because you register to vote, you get jury duty. It’s actually a really stupid myth. The day you get your drivers license is the day states are allowed to pull you up for jury duty. Most states in America do it by drivers license, not so much when you register to vote. LULZ. What a terrible misconception, right? hahahaha. Oh btw, I’m so sorry that I took so long to reply, my internet hasn’t been working & I’ve been dealing with some stupid shit.