My Body is a Cage

I know there are a few people out there who aren’t so comfortable with their body image. I’m quite happy with mine at the moment. I know it’s human nature to judge people and automatically class people as “fat” or “skinny”, and sometimes we have to be careful with what we say.

At the same time, I know that there are people out there who have struggled with their own body image and coming to accept it, whether they try to change it or not. It’s been common for people to say “learn to love your body”. That said, it’s much easier said than done. I don’t claim to know everything or say that I’ve been through the worst of it or anything. I guess I just wanted to share my experiences.

I’m a dancer, and though I was flexible as hell, and generally thin, I hated my stomach. When I gain weight, it all goes to my stomach. My arms and legs don’t get any bigger. I noticed this when I was little and I would always keep sucking my stomach in. At one point I even tied a belt around my waist to hold it in. /hmph

I also had crooked teeth and a partial overbite. All the teeth at the front of my mouth (mainly the bottom row) were struggling to fit themselves in, and that’s why my parents paid for my braces.

I have crooked feet. When I line up my knees, my left foot sticks out to the side. I guess it comes from being a dancer or something. I hate it because when I stand up straight, my foot just sticks out.

I used to want to be tall because I hated being short. I used to want to be a model (ROFL, not anymore, I’m telling you), but I got ignored anywhere they were looking for models because I was too short. Now I just love being short (apart from my friends ruffling my hair, pfft) because it has its advantages sometimes. I couldn’t imagine myself being taller. :P

Now I can say that I’m happy with the way I look, and we all have our problems every once in a while, but it really makes me smile when someone can love the way they look, be positive about it, and not be afraid to say it.

I know people who have it worse than me, of course, with weight problems or skin problems, and they get judged by how they look. That’s the underlying issue. You can’t judge someone by how they look when you don’t even know what’s going on, on the inside. We should never judge people on how they look, especially when some people have hereditary diseases that you don’t see from the outside. Some people have problems because of stress or personal problems.

In this society, we have become accustomed to think a certain way when we see certain characteristics of people. We shouldn’t. Don’t you dare judge someone on the large side and say that they know nothing about dieting. They could have been trying many diets for years. Don’t you dare judge someone who is bony for not eating enough, for they could have hyperthyroidism.

This is the reason why I dislike people telling me to “eat more fast food”. I have a high cholesterol, a fast metabolism and I get full easily. It’s a crappy combination.

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/wah I hate it when people judge as i said on msn D: /ehh /faw But to be honest I think even though you’re thin cause as you said with you’re high cholesterol if you feel peckish go for the fruit or vegetables insteal. I’m the same i have a high cholesterol but i a medium metabolism. I get full easier now (especially with the asthma)

/bash 🤬 /argh Exactly how i feel just there lol <<– Yup Judging is in our nature. I hate my body image i wish i was taller, thinner, i looked beautiful.. but i'm told i am beautiful.. do i believe it 9/10 no but i know that i should! and i keep telling myself i am who i am lol.

Babbling again as you can see D: baha <3

Hear hear! Tho I have the opposite problem – I am seriously overweight, due to a medical condition which affects the ‘skills’ needed to exercise effectively – hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness etc.

I actually eat relatively healthily compared to my skinnier friends – I love the occasional fast food blowout – yet despite the fact of my being overweight, I had my cholesterol tested a while ago, and when I got the results, the doctor who gave me them said my cholesterol was lower than his – and he looked quite fit (in an athletic way rather than good looking lol – go figure!)!

Wow, that’s strange that you’re the opposite from me pretty much, but also another thing I’ve learned today in that there are differences from person to person! I’m glad your cholesterol is down; I need to adopt some healthy eating habits. I know it runs in the family but I can still work on it.

I’m sorry to hear about your condition, though. :(

Helloooo! :)

Oh god. Body image. Talk about a very controversial topic. Hahaha. But what you’re saying is true. Most people DO struggle with body image. Some people who are stick thin find that being thin is GROSS. Others who are fat would give anything to switch places. It’s retarded. And even though it’s easy to tell people to like their bodies, it’s actually really hard to do :( Which sucks. *insert ít’s society’s fault…society is fail rant here*.

Hey, you’re like me! :D Most of my excess weight goes straight to my stomach too! Well it goes to my thighs and arms too but most of it goes to my stomach and that’s a pain. Hahaha. I used to suck in my stomach all the time as a kid to :P Now I just don’t have strong enough stomach muscles to :(

Being short and Asian is probably a good thing. Hahaha. No relatives are going to tell you to “stop growing or you won’t be able to find an Asian boyfriend!” thereby making you sigh. :P Hahaha, I used to wish I were taller, but lately, I’m becoming more content with my height :)

Yeah, you should never judge someone by how they look. Because you’re probably wrong. Really thin people may look really good but be really bitter inside because of all the pressure they have to put on themselves to stay like that. Really fat people may look really unfriendly but that might be because people tease them because of their weight and that’s probably caused them to be more wary. Looks shouldn’t matter as much as personality! I’d rather be fat and nice than normal and mean. This is why people get eating disorders, huh?

God, can you imagine if you were a recovering anorexic and someone called you fat? That would reverse like half your progress right there and then. People can be so cruel :(

It’s good that you can accept your body :) Nice work Georgie! Hehehehe. And don’t eat more fast food! I don’t want you to have to get open heart surgery for clogged up arteries!

I hate that kind of discrimination too. Been through that almost 90% of my life, several years of depressive crisis because people used to emarginate me because I was/am fat (and for other reasons too). I’m happy to see you support people for the way they really are, and to love their bodies no matter the ‘defects’, illnesses, metabolism issues, etc. :) THANK YOU! <3

- Luana S.

I’m guilty of hating on my body >.< Like you, I'm skinny but all the weight would go to my tummy. It was so flabby, but I've notice now it's gone down a bit because I was eating some veggies more regularly and doing wii fii, and since I don't have a job I've been cutting down on any fast food other than subway so that helped :P There's still parts about myself that I don't like.. like my teeth, my feet and my freckles.. but the parts that have changed like my tummy and my boobs make me like my body a bit more :P

Really, three weeks? Well.. I had fake nails on for two weeks & they're all off now, so I hope that if I go another week without biting my nails, I'll stop xD Haha.

Haha that's alright. I just put paid blogs on lover dearest. I would RATHER them be on a different blog, but I haven't got around to making one because I read that payperpost advertisers prefer domains for blogs, so you'll get more offeres that way? Idk if it's true though, haha.

I think its a phase everyone goes through. D: Even if they don’t want to admit it. Its nice though that you can recognize it and learn from it.

To tell you the truth, I had done the same thing when I was little, because just like you all the weight goes to my stomach. I used to suck in my stomach so much that it became a natural thing, and when I let it be, it didn’t feel normal. 😳 It still annoys me, but now I am getting annoyed of my hips. I also get told I should eat more. But I’m not hungry when they say that.

I think it is an insecruity, we all have them, some worse than others.

Hopefully society will change one day, and we can accept everyone and not judge, or critise. Unfortunately I can’t image it ever really happening.
My brother did great, he has been having no pain. I finally figured out what they did, They loosened the muscle in his leg. They also did some scar tissue work. I don’t know what muscle it is. But if I google it I can probably find it. They made him stay overnight because the doctor did a lot of scar tissue work, and they wanted to moderate his pain. My mom couln’t stay becuase the chair was too hard for her to sleep on with her back, and my dad had work. I offered but he told me to go home. can you believe it?!? I was shocked. /oh

My mom is doing better too. She is still in pain though.

It took forever to get that app to work. I think you just need to play with it. I do hope they improve it though.

Your welcome for the comment. :) It was nice writing a comment to cheer someone up. :D

I do find it very annoying when people automatically assume that just because you’re overweight or even obese it’s because you’re lazy. I hear this term often and it frustrates me because a lot of overweight people HATE being that way and they do try to lose weight and they push themselves, but sometimes there are underlying issues that prevent them from losing weight as fast as they would like. So, I’m glad you pointed that out. Also, with skinny people I’ve heard people automatically assume they’re on drugs or they are obviously anorexic. Which is just as ridiculous as the accusations that come with someone that is overweight/obese.

As humans, we naturally judge. It’s going to happen regardless of what is right or wrong. I won’t lie and try to be the perfect person and say that I don’t judge because I’m probably one of the worst at judging. I’m very opinionated, not that I’m right of course. I tend to have a personal opinion and will continue to think something until I’m proven otherwise.

My best friend is six feet tall. I am five. Apart from the fact that we look very stupid standing together, I have no problem with my body.
But then I heard this saying, “Every tall girl needs a short best friend,” and I am happy now. :)

I too was once in a similar situation. I had two best friends. Both had a crush on the same guy. Best friend A betrayed Best Friend B by having a secret relationship with the guy. We got to know this from the guy, too. It was hell. I don’t talk to her anymore. And even though I’ve tried to swallow my resentment, I think she knows how hard I’m trying, so she kinds of hates me, too.

Awh. Forgive me for being appalled. : /angry /angry /angry :(
I really don’t know what to say. When my mom is really really angry with me, she does pull my hair, but afterwards, she usually feels sorrier than me.
All I can offer is a pitiful, “I am sorry.” 😢

A lot of people are self concious about their appearance so it’s great to know that you are happy with how you look. (who can blame you though, you are gorgeous! <3)

I think it's so wrong when people get judged for their appearance, because like you say, it may not be caused by the obvious problems that people assume it to be. (if that made sense?) Like you said, it could be caused by a disease, illness. Eating disorders maybe? It's not like people choose to have those is it? :/

I guess it's just like you said; it's in our nature to be judgemental. We're all used to doing it.

I think everybody has parts of their body that they hate or want to change. Not many people are completely happy with their appearance and believe it to be perfect. You, for example, don't like your foot. Just like someone else out there may be concious about their nose, or their ears, or their legs.

Why wish to be taller? Being short is great! XD Whenever somebody tries to get to me by using a you're-short joke or something I just always use the comeback "yeah well it rains on me last, biatch." works everytime ;)

Your parents had to pay for your braces? Oh man. I never realised how much we benefitted from the National Health Service over here in the UK! D: But now you have amazing teeth so it's worth it, right? ;)

sv: Thank you! Glad you liked them :P

I have serious issues about my appearance. Especially a few years ago, I wanted to change every single detail about myself. I still don’t like what I see in the mirror, but I’ve learnt to accept that that’s how I look.
I could make a really looong list over things I hate about myself.

I hate people who judge by looks. My family has the tendency to do that. They judge my friends and call them unhealthy to be around just because they wear black clothes and listens to rock….

I can totally identify with you on this subject! I’m currently 16, and with all teenage years comes insecurity and horrible body image.
You are so lucky that you’re a dancer! I never had much exercise through regular classes as a child (unless you count karate for 3 months!) and so I’m not that flexible now. However, I do go to the gym twice a week :) But it doesn’t seem to be doing much to my weight. Luckily, my endurance has gotten better.
I’ve always had a problem with my height. When I was young I was always one of the shortest people in my class, and I always yearned to be taller. Now that I’m 5’4″, I really wish I could press undo! I feel like a troll, mainly because most of the girls in my school are about 5’0″ to 5’2″. I have this constant fear that I’m going to tower 6 inches or so above my husband.
I NEVER judge people, as I myself have weight problems (although very severe). I remember a couple of months ago, I went out with this so-called “friend” of mine and she said to me, “Can you go to that convenience store for me and buy me some chips? I’ll pay you back!” I asked her, “Why ME? You can walk!” and she replied, “Because I don’t want to look fat. You don’t have t worry about it though – you already are!”
I actually cried that night. It was horrible.

I’ve had body issues myself. Mostly just weight. I didn’t have a problem with being fat until someone made a nasty comment about it when I was younger in school. Infact, before that I didn’t even think I was fat.

School life was hard for me for a long time and after I left school, it still took a few years to be ok with the way I was and still am. If god wanted me skinny, he would have made me that way. But I’m not.

Sure I still think about my weight sometimes, but most of the time I think to myself, “If someone doesn’t like the way I am, then they can turn and walk the other way,”

I’m glad that there are people out their like you. It makes the world a little bit better. :)

He told me that I just made him love me even more for worrying so much.

Whenever my bangs get too long, I cut them myself. I still don’t trust myself when it comes to cutting my own hair, but sometimes I just have to do it. Especially when my bangs are covering my eyes and I still can’t tuck them behind my ears.

My mom doesn’t allow my dad to eat ice cream. XD


I still don’t fully love my body, but now I’ve come to not mind it as much as I did before. I wish I was taller, but it turned out that I’m just a very slow grower. I grew half an inch this summer. o_O That’s a lot of progress, considering that I haven’t grown in over a year.
The weight I gain always goes to my hips. I think that I eat more than I should, so now I just eat enough to satisfy my stomach.
I don’t care about overbites, actually. I have braces right now (SECOND time, arghhh), and the only thing that needs fixing is my overbite and alignment of my jaws. I think my teeth are already nice.
The top portion of my right ring finger is crooked. I thought it was weird, but now I don’t care about it.

My friends are always rejecting veggies. I’m always the only one that’s eating a salad. Salads actually make me more full than other foods, and plus they’re a lot healthier. I seriously have never seen any of my friends eat something green besides candy, and yet they weigh a lot less than me. Oh well.

I don’t judge people based on how they look. I always hate it when I overhear someone saying how they don’t like a certain person just because he/she is ugly or fat.

I agree with a lot you have to say, and I love how this blog is like a calling to talk about self-images lol (Y) . People make fun of me for being ‘anorexic’ all the time, but it’s just my metabolism and structure. Even though I have a boyfriend, guys tell me that they won’t date me because of the way I look. I feel like I’m just as big as the other girls, but I don’t feel as pretty. :(. Random, but why are all dogs cute but all humans supposedly not? lol.

Well, anyways, just stopping by! :)

GEORGINA I LOVE THIS BLOG. Seriously… I was foruming on TFL, but then I read your blog, and now I can’t not comment on it right fucking now. xD

I have problems with my body image all the time. =/ I hate my stomach… my fat all goes right there (for the most part), just like you. And then sometimes I have problems with my boobs because of things my mom says. It feels good (mentally) to skip meals even though I know it’s unhealthy… but at the same time I hate feeling hungry so I end up snacking in the middle of the night when I really shouldn’t. xD

You’re right, people really shouldn’t judge others based on how they look. We can’t know if they’re doing anything about it, what the underlying problem is, etc. I hate it when people assume that everyone who has acne is some crazy anti-social nerd freak person. People don’t get acne because they don’t care how they look… they get acne for any number of factors, and some are genetic!!! Like me… I have pretty bad acne, as did both my parents. And like I said about how you can’t assume people aren’t doing something about it… I’m always trying something on my skin to clear up my acne. My mom and I have both spent a lot of money on trying to clear up my skin. So don’t go assuming I’m some freak who doesn’t care, because I do. People. Ugh.

I heard a joke on some late night show the other day about how now there are chewable medications for kids with high cholesterol. I didn’t like the joke because the host made the assumption that kids have high cholesterol because they’re eating shit like burgers and cake all the time. High cholesterol is a genetic issue as well, which is something I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. :P And, also obviously, not everyone with high cholesterol is overweight! My mom has high cholesterol, and she’s tiny. She’s 5’7″ and only weighs like 116 pounds (about 52.6 kg). She walks almost every day, watches what she eats, and she STILL has high cholesterol. She’s been able to reduce it, but it’s still higher than is healthy. Her parents had/have high cholesterol before her, too. Her dad has had two heart attacks!!

I think… I think that was a shitty comment. I’m sorry. -_-

I’m comfortable with my image for the most part but sometimes I have my very negative moments… for example, when my skin worsens, I automatically go and eat some fruit and don’t eat fast food or chocolate for a few days (I dislike fast food anyway). As for my shape, I wouldn’t mind losing a tad of weight around the thighs and stomach but other than that I’m not too fussed.
It is very hard to love your body. Eating disorders are, of course, focussed on trying to change your body image (anorexia and bullmia but not COE). It is saddening to think that people are so worried about their body image that they will go to such extremes to change it and then do not realise that they look worse. I mean, my friend used to bring a toothbrush into school and purge in the school toilets if she ate any lunch just because she hated the feeling of food in her stomach.

I don’t need braces but I have had plently of teeth out. Basically everyone nowadays has braces, have had braces or are getting braces, so I consider myself to be lucky.
When I walk my right foot goes in. It’s so embarrassing D: So you are not alone on the wonky foot thing~
Haha you’d make a cute model! They should have a special range of short models.
I hate people ruffling my hair!

Yep, people who are happy with their body are admired deeply by myself as so many people have issues with it, big or small.

I dislike judgemental people and attitudes. There is no point dismissing someone for their size, ’cause for all you know, they could be a wonderful person. This guy on my bus has a muscle problem which means he has more fat than muscle, or something similar. These diseases are terrible but it’s harder for the people who suffer from them if they are judged instantly on them.

My mum was saying that nowadays people are so stressed about their body image due to the media and skinny models, and I mean skinny. I also read in the paper that gossip magazines slag off models and their figures so much (e.g. she’s gained two pounds, she’s underweight) that it has caused a rise in eating disorders. And now even males are being affected, as more are getting anorexia, etc. (I know quite a bit abour anorexia because I took the time to study it once my friend was diagnosed).

We should all be more open and accepting. No one is perfect. And though some larger people are happy with their weight and looks, it still must be a terrible stress with the media, etc., screaming “BE THIN TO BE PRETTY”. I disagree. Plently of healthy girls look stunning and don’t need to diet to look good as a model…

Fast food is gross anyway :P

I don’t mind, love. Respond to comments if you want to, or just don’t bother, and, as usual, restart our chain at anytime. I don’t see how people can be so demanding about comments anyway…

Haha it’s alright; I wanted to try something different. I quite like it. And thank you!

Thank you :D Yeah, I want to work more on my portfolio ’cause I started a website in the first place ’cause of my writing, so it makes sense.
Aw, I’d get so tired of washing them by hand :( Do you also have to put them away afterwards, or dry them? Or do you just wash them and your brother or someone dries them?

Haha I’m saving up until my friends are back from holiday (like all on them are on 2 week holidays in nice exotic places like Greece and I’m going up to Northumberland again for one week, lmfao, fail) so we can go shopping. I can’t wait until I can get a job in October, when I turn fourteen. Admittedly it’s washing up dishes at the local pub but my sister does it and has enough money. And by then she’ll be old enough to be a waitress ;3

Take care! xx

I’m not totally happy with my body and I’m not sure that is something about what I see in TV or magazines.. Because I don’t like skinny bodies..

But i’m not happy because my body is not according to my age.. I’m 18 and I look like.. 12 -.-‘ I started to believe it because several people close said to me.. =/

I don’t know how to fix it.. not really..

I don’t like my thighs or my nose, and I still suck my stomach in.

My frien is trying to lose weight because she really is overweight, and I guess that now that I can see that she is actually trying everything she can, I understand how hard it is.

She does look a little bit different, though, each time I see her. She’s losing weight and gaining more confidence – even if it’s just a little.

I send her an envelope with cut up strips of praise, quotes and inspiration, and she says it motivates her. :)

It’s okay. I know that sometimes people may nopt have anything to say about my post. :]

It’s funny how we were talking about hair …

I truly honestly hate when people are so judgmental like that. I mean, like you said, it’s natural for a person to judge and classify someone else as fat or skinny, but sometimes, he/she may take it to a certain extent that causes the girl/boy who is being judged to do something reckless.

I used to be very fat, and chubby, and several guys would judge me because of that. I also used to not care about my appearance, not as much as I do now, anyways. I wasn’t totally crazy about shopping and keeping up appearances like the rest of the girls were, so many guys always made fun of me. Called me fat and ugly and my own boyfriend was secretly ashamed of being seen around me, which really really hurt.

I think it’s very messed up when someone is being made fun of or discriminated just because of what is seen of them on the outside. There’s a girl at my school who refuses to talk to anyone whom she views as “ugly” or “fat”. She’s mean to them, which is just wrong, for I bet she doesn’t even know who they are, on the inside.

Oh, and just thought I’d mention this, but I love your tutorials, :D. They’re SOO helpful, and there are so many of them, too!

Hey georgie,

you’re absolutely right about people judging others. I’m a plus sized woman, and I feel that some people don’t want to be seen around me because it embarrasses them or something. Hence the reason why I don’t get invited to many of the church gatherings. Unless I happen to be there and have the money but other than that, it’s geared more towards the younger teens and some young adults. I’m 27 almost 28…and it’s rather unfair.

My friends Nathan and Katie, I feel don’t really want to be around me only at church ya know? I feel as if they like to show off at church, so people will like them more when they see them around me. I mean I asked Nathan a long time ago to go to Disneyland with me but he was going with a girl at the time and said if I could get a group to go, he’ll go. Well; that didn’t happen. And than he his mom, and katie and her mom went to Disneyland and I talked it out with Nathan and he figured it out that I felt left out. When they took me to Disneyland I felt guilty like I made them to take me. Maybe that’s partially true because I don’t hear from them other than seeing them on sunday (and that’s rare because we go to Beaumont every sunday). But still. I mean I get text messages, but that’s about it. I guess I should be happy I even get that right?

But you’re right people shouldn’t judge others by their appearance. I try not to judge, though sometimes my sister and I do say “If those people are complaining about little stupid nothing’s, take their life and bring our grandma back”. Ya know? It’s unfair how people talk like this. I don’t get it.

Hey Georgina!
I agree with you, society makes everyone think in a particular way. It tells us what a healthy person should look like. There’s a vast amount of shops with clothes that are so thin, it could fit a year old rather than a teenager.
I’ve been okay with how a look, because it’s me. I don’t want to look like someone else or what society tells us how we should look, but I want to be comfortable with myself.
People should realise that they are who they are. They’re are heaps of girls/boys out here who are seriously depressed becaus of they’re weight issues or being bullied because they have a certain look.
In reply to your comment, I hope your mum stops, she probably thinks she’s doing it for your own good but I hope she finally stops and yeah.
I got my slr camera! Heh, it’s awesome but I lost the lens cap somewhere in my house ==” heh, my mum started teling me why adults don’t agree for children to get expensive things. Err… heh.

People get annoyed with me whenever I’m say i’m fat or feeling fat or that I need to go on a diet. Well coz the thing is when you look at me, I’m not really fat. I’m actually skinny than most people. But it’s different when you don’t love or you ain’t content with your body.

Like you said, all the fat goes to my tummy too! It’s so frustrating! :(

I don’t judge people much. People have different body make-ups and not everyone is the same. And some people suffer from diseases that affect their bodies so it would be unfair to judge people based on their body images.

However, when it comes to public image, that is different. I admit there are times when I just gaped and with a mortified look on my face whenever I see people who obviously don’t bother to present a proper image in the public. I know it is every person’s right to dress the way they like but one has to remember that living within a community means that one has to be aware that there will be people who would find the individual’s image to be repulsive especially if the society has a specific idea on what kind of public image is accepted and what isn’t.

Like you, I hate my stomach because all the weight goes to my stomach and thighs. It irritates me so much because it makes me look disproportionate. I wish all the extra fat would fill in other places in my body like my arms (my wrists look so thin..)

People who are not happy with their self-images tend to have low self-esteem and it is hard for them to live in this competitive world. I remember hearing a story about two women who were competing to get a job as a sports newscaster. One of them had the knowledge and skills but she wasn’t that pretty while the other one looked like she could’ve been a supermodel but she hasn’t got the sufficient knowledge in the sports entertainment world. And guess what, the woman with the supermodel look got the job. /pow

Yeah, I get ticked off when people accuse me of being ‘anorexic’ after trying so hard to gain weight. So much for loving my body. “Eat a bigmac!” Really sad crap. People don’t know that I get offended when people call me skinny /hmph

I was a very insecure person before. Always thinking about what people thought of me and such. And that is so true – loving your body is so hard. I am just beginning to accept my body – although I am slim, I wouldn’t mind getting toned up a bit :D It’s hard especially with pop culture telling us that we need to look like Heidi Montag or whoever.

I think my body type is similar to yours. A lot of my fat goes to my stomach. It can get annoying 🤬 You tied a belt? Sounds really painful.

Woah, you had some weird insecurities D: Plenty of them too so I’m happy that you’re happy with how you look. I have an overbite but my dentist told me that mine was just a normal one :)

Thanks for mentioning hyperthyroidism.
I just googled it and noticed that I have a lot of the symptoms (or maybe I’m just paranoid). I think I should get checked out.

Amen to this blog.
I sure hope that we all just stop judging people because of how they look. It’s not my fault I have good metabolism, ffs. And people always assume that I’m on some healthy diet and that makes me laugh considering how unhealthy I am internally.

I’m out 💥

Mm fast food. But you’re right. I never understood why people can be so so mean. It’s not the person’s fault – it’s not like we can choose what we want to look like. I am crooked as well xD And you sounded like my best friend when you spoke about being a dancer and having a belly, she used to say that all the time and she too was a dancer!
But we all have our “imperfections” if you can even calll them that but you’re right, we should be able to embrace and be happy with what we have!


Your website hasn’t been working for me recently but I figured you’re going through a server change or something. I hope you don’t mind if I respond here; sorry that I haven’t commented on your site recently because of that!

Haha, I guess dancers have long and thin limbs and that might be why we just gain weight around the middle. :P

Also, a lot of people I’ve met might not be amazing on the outside but they have hearts of gold. People just don’t deserve to be judged on how they look.

Well, you probably know what I’m going to say about the late reply already. :P

It’s okay, really! I reply to your comments late, too, so I guess it’s fair. I hope things get better for you at home. <3 Thank you! I've performed my declamation already. Just read about it on my post. :)

Haha, no problem! Thank you! *hugs* Um, I greeted you on YOUR birthday, right? I can't remember.. :/

Yep, people say Toy Story 3 is good. We didn't watch it, actually, because we wasted the whole time doing what my PARENTS want to do on MY birthday celebration.

Haha, yeah! I've seen Eclipse already, but with my cousin, which was a big "phew" for me.

Haha! "Frickin'" is an awesome word. /cool

Yeah, I don't care about my page rank anymore. I'll just be happy that people even visit my blog. :)


It's good that you're happy with your body and the way you look. When you feel good about yourself, you're more confident.

I'm happy with the way I look and my body, too, though I really need to lose some fat. :P But I guess it's okay with me as long as I don't look like a pig. xD

Oh, you wear braces? Or was that before? I've never noticed any braces in your DailyBooth pictures.

We all see the imperfection in ourselves. We can't do anything about it but accept it, unless there's still a way to change it, like with weight.

You're right. We shouldn't judge people unless we know what they're going through.

I have always had problems with my body image. It seemed like no matter how thin I was, I was still always too fat. This started when I hit puberty. When I was a child, I was rail thin. I had a lot of energy, and was an extremely picky eater, so the weight just stayed off. Then when I hit puberty, my appetite did a total 180, and it seemed like all I wanted was food. But even then, I remained quite thin. My weight peaked my first year at university. I was living in the dormitories, and was living off of fast food and microwavable foods. By the end of the year, I was 150 pounds. But then after that year, I managed to drop quite a bit of weight, and went down to about 130-135 pounds. I looked great, and felt great. But then last year, I got mixed up with the wrong kind of boy, and between mirroring his eating habits (all fast food), working at a donut shop, and becoming horribly depressed after breaking up with him, I hit another peak: 160 pounds. What was terrible, though, was that I gained 25 pounds in a matter of 4 months, which is incredibly unhealthy. I have managed to drop 10 pounds through a change in diet, and I am starting to work out, but I still have a long way to go. I still feel ugly and disgusting, but I try not to think about it b/c it only depresses me more. My goal weight is to get back to 130-135 pounds. I need to get there for my own health, because since I’m short (only 5 feet 1 inch tall), I should be between 120-135 pounds. I am like you: I gather most of my weight in my stomach (and some in my rear, hips, and thighs, causing me to have ugly cellulite). Because of this, I have been asked twice in the last year how “far along” I am, meaning that I look pregnant to some people. I think that is the most depressing part of this whole weight gain. I just wish I could go back too being happy again. It sucks that my entire demeanor is determined by how I view myself.

I’m so sorry you have to go through that and put up with the comments that people make. That is really terrible. You are shorter than me by about an inch. I think you’re a very nice person though, and for the most part I’m glad you try not to think about it.

People who judge you are not worth thinking about. I can’t imagine how hard it is to always have an issue with your body, but I hope this helped you get it off your chest. :)


Just kidding, I hate fast food & even though your high cholesterol is not a good thing, at least you’re not eating shiz that will lead you to your demise.

You don’t have to return this comment btw, I know that you always complain about all of your comments & having to return them. :) I just want to leave you one because I read your blog. :D

I’m not completely happy with the way I look & I too wished that I were taller so that I could be a model! I think all short girls go through the, “I wanna be a model!!” stage. My dad used to tell me that I would look prettier if I were 5’6″ instead of 5’4″ -_-. Wait, you don’t know how tall that is. UGHH damn our us customary system. okay hold on, lemme convert: I’m 162.5 cm & my dad wishes I were 170 cm :)

I wish I were taller too! Johnathan looks so much taller than me because he’s…183 cm! But anyway, whatever, people think he’s a giant, but he’s not even that tall. Sure he’s the tallest guy I’ve ever dated, but it’s not like he’s as tall as Kobe Bryant or Yao Ming. I’m assuming you know who they are. :D Okay if not, they’re just super tall American basketball players. :D Yao ming being over 225 cm I believe..hahha

Anyway, I’m glad that you don’t have a negative image of your body. I feel that I can’t indulge in a 100% positive body image of myself simply because if I do, then I feel like I’ll become this cocky little bitch who thinks she’s hot shit when I obviously have flaws, you know? I embrace my body, but there are definitely things I wish I could change..& I can change! I just need to dedicate myself to it. I’m just sooo lazzzyyy.

Admittedly, when I asked you & Rachel about whether or not it was bad if looking at morbidly obese people made me feel bad was a bad thing, I didn’t quite explain myself because I think I was distracted with something. :P But when I do see people that are so obese that they can hardly walk, I do feel bad because I’d hate to be them & I don’t know how they even have the courage to step out of their home without the fear of being judged. So, I pity them (not in the negative way, I feel bad for them) because their weight is a huge issue..especially when they go to an amusement park & can’t fit on the ride. That’s when I feel super bad for them, you know? It’s like watching a cute little puppy get hit in the face without being able to help him. Of course, at the same time, I’m wondering how badly they want to hurl themselves off a cliff after being told by some skinny guy in a blue polo that they can’t fit on a ride making their kid ride alone. It’s just really really sad to see.

But again, I’m not completely happy with myself & I think it’d be really funny if someone my brother’s size was just judging me & thinking how my thighs are ridiculously fat while theirs is just beautiful thunder. ahaha. :P

So sometimes my train of thought gets lost because I don’t type as fast as I think & I type pretty damn fast, so I hope you don’t think I’m saying I hate fat people or something. hahaha. I love hugging my big brother..& when I say big, I mean his body! haha because he’s so cuddly & he’s like my huge teddy bear, but his condition makes me worry because it’s going to give him so many health problems & it’s not like obesity is a problem in our family..but it is with our generation. I blame the damn fast food. :/

You’re not missing out, btw, girly. :) Fast food clogs your arteries & you’re eating healthier than probably 80% of Americans! :D Just kidding, that’s a random percentage, but just think about all the Americans that take daily drives to McDonald’s or other fast food chains…they’re gonna die before they hit 70. -_-


I also don’t like people who judge others for their physical appearance. Before, I don’t feel good about the way I look. I’ve been getting a lot of bad comments then. . . especially from guys. But as time went by, I tried to improve myself, it’s not that I’m not happy with who I was then, I just wanted to look better on the outside so that I’d feel good on the inside.

I’ve read a lot of self-improvement articles and books when I was younger until I became the person I am now. The point is, I learned how to love myself more that’s why I’m what I am now. . . a really hot chick, JUST KIDDING! LOL!

I’m a lot like you, I have a fast metabolism as well, I currently have braces and what I eat makes my stomach bigger not the rest of my body, though it goes away quickly.

I’m always being told to eat more to “get some meat” on myself. But truth be told, I eat a lot! Also very unhealthily. Also at the beginning of the year apparently someone was saying how I have an eating disorder just because I have a “small build” and I don’t put on much weight.

I do think that people should stop judging people on their weight, it really doesn’t establish someones personality.

I’m happy with how I look too, but I used to be really insecure about a lot of things. I know I should be grateful that I’m one of those who can be classified as skinny and not fat, though I’ve been trying to gain some weight recently.

I used to hate my skin cause it was so white and people would laugh at me since it wasn’t exactly normal Filipino skin. Also, a lot of people would say that I looked kinda like a kid. I don’t take those as bad things anymore, seeing all those whitening commercials on TV and on the radio. I also realized that I probably look younger than everyone else because I don’t get pimples. I love my skin now. :)

It’s annoying though when people say that I look like I can be a certain way because that honestly doesn’t make any sense. You can’t automatically tell what kind of person someone would be based solely on their looks. I know some people who have it really bad.

I actually did something like that before summer ended; I looked for the album artwork and album names of all the songs in my iTunes (a lot of them didn’t have album names or had wrong album names). There was a time I tried to get the lyrics of all of them too, but I only got like 50, and probably deleted most of them cause I didn’t like them anymore. I don’t have nearly that many songs though. :o

I was able to do something productive with my time during the blackout, but a lot of time was still wasted complaining, haha.

Being in the Philippines, we eat rice with almost anything, haha, so it’s kinda easy to get sick of plain rice.

I honestly don’t find it that hard not to fight, but others get so shocked when they asked us before and we told them we didn’t. I get so worried about some couples; I had these friends that fought maybe once or twice a week. I tried not to get involved, but they sometimes made me a part of it. It’s too bad they’re not together anymore, but I think it’s better this way since they just made each other sad all the time. :(

i hate my body type with a passion, i so wanna fit in a bikini and be happy on how i look even tho my parents say im fine the way i am i am skinny lol i dunno who they looking at cause its definitely not me..

I am the youngest in my group. I really hate it too when everybody pats my head. It is a gesture of affection and I feel special when they do it, but I feel very childish. :O
Oh yep. I think friends are the absolute best best best thing God ever created. No doubt about it. I am soo glad.

Ah. I had a fight with my mum. She is always going on and on about how wonderful my sister is, and even though I agree with her, I feel really angry when she does that all the time. I told her to stop it and she asked me why, when it was true..
We are not talking. /angry

If friendship is the best thing ,then betrayal is the worst, I agree. I swore never to betray my friends. At least not intentionally. I hope to live up to the promise.
No matter how young or old you are, betrayal cuts. And God, it cuts deep. I still cringe and pivot when I see the girl in the hallway or across the room. We had been best friends once. It is pitiful.

I think you are very mature if you manage to see the point that your mother loves you. She does, but – no offence – I feel she can show it in some other way.
Just the other day, I and my brother were walking back from school when we saw a mother hitting her three year old kid in the middle of the road. She was shouting, and kept hitting and hitting, right on the poor boy’s head, who was wailing and begging her mother to stop. She kept hitting him all the way back because a couple of minutes ago, he had accidentally run to the middle of the road. I understood that she was trying to teach him a lesson so that he doesn’t run again – he could have been killed – but I almost stopped and abused the lady right there and then. Everybody was staring and a couple of other boys even made rude gestures at her.
I was really disturbed. I was confused between sympathizing with the lady whose son had run off or despising her.

Fast food is bad for you. You don’t have to be obese to be unhealthy.

Sometimes I feel great about my body. Sometimes, I feel awful about it.

I have the same problem with my stomach. My arms and legs never get bigger, but my stomach does. I’ve sucked my stomach in for as long as I can remember.

I have a gap in my teeth and the dentist said I could get braces for it but I chose not to. I like my gap, actually. It’s not a huge gap and its kind of cute. Without it, I wouldn’t be the same Abbie :)

I have wide and flat feet. I walk differently then most people do, also. The doctor describe it as “You walk on the insides of your feet.” I also have this bone that sticks out more than normal on my knee. It freaks people out, which is embarrassing but kind of amusing :P

Also, I have dry, itchy skin resulting in eczema. It can flare up very badly something and I’ll have scabs all over my legs. Its awful. If I could fix anything about my body, that would probably be what I would fix.

Our natural instinct is to judge people by appearances. I often find myself judging people and then I have to correct myself. It’s not like overweight people want to live their life like that. If they felt that they could fix their problem, they would’ve done it a long time ago.

For me, grey is a really easy color to work with. My layout kept straying toward the color grey when I was designing it. I had to kick myself and keep it blue :D Thanks you a bunches!

I wish I could speak Japanese. I would like to know what Ayumi Hamasaki actually says in her songs. I hate it when singers are shallow. That’s why I really like Paramore :)

I’m sure he would pay me back if he had a job =P His theme was for his birthday though. I wouldn’t want him to pay me then.

This morning, I woke up and cleaned my room! I brushes my teeth, fixed my hair, and got dressed! Quite an accomplishment for me :D

When we first moved to this house, we didn’t have a dishwasher. It was miserable. We lived like that for about a year and a half. It stinks doesn’t it?

Sometimes, its really hard for me to accept who I am because of all the media influences and whatnot. But I understand that everyone is different in ways, so I am different too. I always wanted to work out and stuff to lose some weight but its hard to do it when I don’t even like and help myself first.

I just hope my laptop doesn’t die on me during a lesson or something. That would totally suck! So I guess I would just bring a pen and paper in each class, just in case. I hope the school have plugs where I can charge the battery too so that I can last through the day.

OMG. I watched 1 Litre of Tears and I literally cried a litre of tears! It’s so sad how a young girl went through all of that and didn’t have the chance to actually lived life to the fullest.

My friend told me that they put someone as a love interest in the show coz the real girl wrote in her diary how she wanted to get married. My friend said that the girl’s real mother just wanted to grant her daughter’s wishes. It’s really sad! This was the first time I actually cried pretty hard while watching something.

*hugs back* It’s good being back, I’ve missed getting comments off everyone and commenting, it really restores my faith in human kind if I receive a nice comment, don’t you think?

A blog is one of the few places you can vent your true feelings and thoughts so if this is what you want to say, by all means say it. You shouldn’t have to worry what people will say.

I sometimes crack my wrists too, like you say it probably comes from spending too much time on the computer. Sometimes I even crack my toes, as gross as that sounds.

I never got pocket money either, so it is a nice feeling knowing that I have earned my wage, and I deserve it. I always used to wish I got money for doing nothing when I was little, but the majority off people that do are really spoiled or still live off their parents when they’re older. When I think about it, it makes me appreciate it more. :) Our parents can be sucky, but at least they got something right.

I think web-design would be a good career for you. You’re very good at it, you know lots of online people so could find the customers and I’m sure many people would like you to make a site for them. I’ve often thought of doing that myself because of how much I enjoy doing it but I think I need to learn A LOT more before I can.

In a few months a family friend has offered to give me some work with his online business. ( It’s not web-design but it will help me learn the hosting side of things, the support, technical side, etc. I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

Wow, our layouts do look really similar. I think the colours are actually the same. :S I got the colour scheme from colour lovers though, so whoever made it could have copied yours? IDK. I’m sorry anyway. >.<

I don't think I've ever met anyone who is completely happy with their body. I know I'm certainly not. I do eat a lot of junk food though so it's my own fault really.

It's good that you're slowly becoming happy with your body. It's quite an accomplishment considering all the things you used to hate. (Y)

:X :X :X :X :X :X :X

That song is really good! I just listened to it on YouTube but I think it would kinda be even better if it was a ballad kinda thing. I bet there are many more songs out there but the only one that really came to my mind was the Geri Halliwell one. xD

You definitely should! It’s a lot of fun. :)

I usually really don’t mind if there is like a short sentence or even a short paragraph that mentions the updates as long as there is an actual blog post afterwards.

Let’s just hope that your mum won’t find out about it and if your friends are in the same boat and don’t say something wrong by accident it shouldn’t be too easy for her to find out. :)

I am definitely not part of the group that loves her body the way it is – but I accept it.

I am too lazy to go to the gym or just go running to lose some weight or eat more healthy so I have to deal and live with the consequences.

Though I guess I am kinda lucky that it isn’t soo obvious that I am a bigger person. I am tall and so the weight that is too much has more room to go to and stuff. But yeah.. I accepted my body the way it is now.

And this whole telling thin people to eat more thing – my cousin who is like 2,05m talls eats all kind of junk food and he doesn’t really gain any weight. No matter how much he wants to. He’s like really thin and stuff.

Sometimes calling someone “fat” can really hurt someone. Stuff like that causes people to or aneroxic.
I seriously hate my body image. Maybe once or twice i’ll look good in that outfit and other times i’m like “ew”.

It’s not easy to love your body because there are people who will judge you and just make it worse. I have love handles. I hate them so much.
haha weird i want to be short lol. I feel like a giant at times.

I miss it all too. I don’t want to be home in the morning.At school i could just escape from everything and just no family drama.

I mean like if my door is open, i feel like someone is standing out there just watching me. Sometimes i even think ghosts are outside my door. It’s soo creepy to leave it open.
My parents are exactly like that. And do you know that their doors are closed? They always close doors. So they can close doors but i can’t? That’s not fair.

Aww you should watch it on it’s soo good lol. :D
You know i get tired of my layouts quick. I can be opened for a month and would have like 5 layout changes already lol.

I read a book for my summer reading assignment because i wanted to do AP English. It’s weird that i hate reading but I love enlish. :D The book was Native Son by Richard Wright. I hated it.

I do that sometimes. Like after i blog i go return comments from my old blogs. It’s because of that i make comments pending till i approve because i would lose track of which ones i;ve replied lol.

I don’t think anything will because i pay for it on namecheap. It’s all me. The only thing that might change is hosts but i doubt that will. I haven’t
had any issues at all. :D

They freak me out. When they yell, their mouths get soo hugee and then the background changes and their head gets big. It’s creepy.

You are soo welcome. :D I put my laptop on the bed sometimes i because i want to lay down instead of sitting lol.

Body image. I feel like there are few people who are truly happy with their bodies, but I am happy to hear that you are one of them. For the most part, I had always been fine with the way I look. I’ve always been short, but I was rarely unhappy about it growing up. And I’ve always been thin, thinner than most of my friends, at least, so I didn’t feel the need to be thinner.

Only recently have I developed a more negative body image… likely due to a modest weight gain since starting college. I gained about eight pounds since high school, which isn’t really a lot (and I don’t think anyone else can really notice), but I feel like I can see all the new imperfections in my body. :/ And I guess it also hasn’t helped that a lot of my friends now are quite fit (they go to the gym 4+ days a week, or they’re vegetarian/vegan), and I’ve felt inadequate. Meh. Body image problems suck.

I know what you mean. There’s a lot of ignorant people out there who label people. That’s not cool at all. /pow How would they like it if they were label themselves? Well, I don’t think they’d care anyway. /ho You’re right. We should be careful with what we say. Karma is a bitch. It’ll come and bite you in the ass. /hehe

I’m happy with the way I look. There’s just a few things I’d like to change. I want to fix my teeth. I’ve been trying to get rid of the acne on my face. for a long time now. I’d like to bulk up a little. Other than that, I’m good. My friend taught me that if you don’t like something, do something about it.

Sometimes when I eat a lot, it goes down to my stomach. It gets a little tight, so I have to loosen my belt. If I don’t, I’ll start to feel nauseous. It’s closing your circulation in that area. Other than that, I have to keep my belt tight. My pants will feel loose and I have to lift it up. My mom would ask me if I lost weight. I think I did. The last time I went to the doctors I was 100 something pounds. Now I’m 90 something pounds.

I was suppose to go to the dentist to get braces. Unfortunately, my parents were really busy. We just never got around to it since then. :( Hopefully, when I get a full-time job with benefits, I can get my teeth straighten. I know how you feel. My teeth are crooked too. I get tease a lot because of it.

How do you go from tall to short? Have you been drinking a lot of coffee lately? /hehe I heard that’s how your height goes down. Well, that’s what I heard. Drink a lot of milk. Guarantee, you’ll be back to being tall again. XD

I’m glad that your happy with the way you look. True. We all have our problems every once in a while. It makes me smile too when someone can love the way they look.

People have an issue with the way they look. You do get judged by how they look. You should be happy with the way you look. God made you the way you are. People judge others because they’re not happy with their life. They have to go ruin someone else. It’s really sad if you tell me.

I don’t like when people dieting when they know they don’t have to. They’re only doing it, so they can please others. Either they accept you for who you are or they don’t. If they don’t then it’s their lost. They don’t know how much of a good person you are. They didn’t give you a chance. That sucks for them. (Y)

I’ve been accused of having eating disorders and it was because I was so stressed. As soon as I stress, I lose weight and I lose it fast. As a teen I was curvy so I wasn’t as “thin” as my friends. Then I turned 19 and overnight the weight disappeared. My doc said all my puppyfat went away.

I am now at 5 ft 3 – 55 kilos and I am healthy. I never used to be, at one point I was 42 kilos and I looked like death warmed up, all because of stress.

If anyone I know judges anyone around me, I got ballistic. I won’t tolerate it around me anytime.

As for my ex, he called and left a voicemail because I refused to pick up, he wants to see me and I said to him if he loved me like he claims, he’ll leave me alone … he promises he will, no he won’t. I know him TOO well.

A great Post. I really liked reading this :)

HAHA I definitely congratulate you for returning my comment when I told you totally didn’t have to!! & for typing it all out on your iPhone SANS errors!! You’re amazing!!

Oh wait, I found one error: persoablities

But I absolutely agree! I’m glad that our relationship is also incredibly unique that I’m the ridiculously romantic type & he’s not. We have tons of things in common, but at the same time, there are so many things that are different about us. So I’m always learning new things about him & what not. It’s just incredibly obvious to me that I love him much more than he loves me. I wish I could just slow down so that he could catch up with me, but then that would require me to stop loving him for years. :P

HAHHH well I better get a comment from Sebby some time soon then! I’m waitinggg. :D

I hope he liked my video. I look like a fool, but I hope it makes him at least chuckle. I want to know what he thinks! I’d like to hear it from a guy perspective. All my comments are from girls! I showed Kevin Le it & he laughed. He said he felt a bit bashful, & then he proceeded to show some of his friends. :P

Your brother is so skinnny. My brother is the complete opposite. :P But they’re exactly the same in a way that they play games all day & take up bandwidth..& then they get all mad at you because they think YOU slowed down the internet..& then they get all frustrated because they’re scrimming or some BS. Sigh. -_- My brother is actually quite it’s annoying to see him at home getting frustrated because his ping is so high in Counter-Strike.

OH btw, I reorganized my content page. :P Tell me what you think!

SHIZ I need to go to bed. :( Aw, that totally made me grin when you said Johnathan & I are perfect for each other. :P I’d like to think so! I would love to know what it’s like to have a little romance in my life because I’ve never..ever had a guy go all out for me before… :( but, I did date someone who always took me out on dates & stuff. He was sweet, really, but I guess I just couldn’t stand it sometimes. He was affectionate, but he never said the things Johnathan says to me. But that’s because I wasn’t “the one” for my ex & I’m “the one” to Johnathan! MWUAHAAHA. :P Plus, I’d seriously die from laughter & hysteria if my ex said that to me…just because I just wasn’t THAT into him. BLAH stupid rant.

Just reply to the comment if you must, no need to make your fingers all sore! You pooooor thing you. I’m guessing that because you’ve replied to like..two of my comments, you’re done with your comments..? Or no!? We didn’t talk todayyy! :( OKAY TIME FOR BED. FCK. It’s almost 4am. What am I doing with my life?!?

I think it’s hard for people to feel comfortable with their body image due to the media & being judged by other people.

I’m comfortable with my body image. I’ve never really been able to understand why people aren’t. I think it’s probably because I don’t really care about how I look.

We all have flaws & most of us tend to point the flaws out rather than admiring how cute the person looks or how nice & tan they are.

Being short does have some good advantages but like you I wanted to be tall because I hated being short. My friends also ruffle my hair. :P

I find it irritating when people judge others based on looks. Once you get to know the person they usually aren’t the person you thought they were. Sometimes they can’t help but look the way they do & even if they did have the option of wearing makeup but they choose not to that is still no reason to judge them. I think it’s brave for people who have skin problems on their face to go out without makeup on. They know people are staring at them & making comments about them but they choose to ignore it & get on with life.

I’m quite thin & I have trouble putting on weight & I’ve been judged by my appearance before. I also have a fast metabolism & get full easily but I still play sport to keep myself healthy. It’s also because I’m short that my weight is a lot different to most people’s but I’m still underweight & people have also told me to eat more junk food.

I’m not very comfortable with my body image. :( I get teased a lot for being overweight. My mom scolds me for it. I don’t eat very much but I guess I need more exercise. It’s also a family thing, I guess.

It’s really hard to “learn to love your body”. For me, at least. It’s natural to class people like that, but sometimes they can be really hurtful. I sometimes wish I was taller, but now I’m happy with my height.

It’s really great that people can love the way they look. People really shouldn’t judge someone based on how they look. If people criticise someone for being too fat or too skinny, than that would do nothing but make them unconfident and hurt. You never know if that person is going through some serious problems or something.

Your welcome. Yeah, they haven’t been great. My school starts tomorrow so I’m glad. When does your university start?

I agree. They can be so violent horrible. :( It’s really bad. So many girls’ lives have been ruined by men like that. My sister’s one too. She had to drop this semester because she hopes that that guy’s mind would be diverted if he hasn’t seen her for a few months. I really hope this works. I think he’s jealous too. He has tried to physically abuse her too, I think. :( I’m really glad my sister fought back. But I think it has only made him more furious. I really hope he can be stopped somehow.

When I was younger I found those things fascinating. I wish they were banned here. They can be dangerous. Me too. Killing cockroaches with those things are just eww. My cousin’s gone now, so I’ve been sleeping more nowadays. :P

LOL. I agree.

Hehe yeah. Yay! I was sort of confused about whom to support. I decided to go for Spain because I was sort of angry at Holland for defeating Brazil, lmao.

Me too. I would never be able to leave Twitter or MSN. I can never go a day without getting online and talking to all the awesome people I met online.

Hehe I hope university starts soon! :)

When you mention about human nature, it got me to thinking of that song by Michael Jackson. ;) I was going to post one of the lyrics I thought would stand out, but I didn’t find anything that was inspirating. Yeah, it’s human nature. It does suck. That’s just how life is. No matter where you do, people will always judge you. It’s sad. Your not going to live in a world where everyone gets along. Sometimes I wish it was like that, but it’s just a fantasy world.

You can always upgrade your look anytime you need to. Do it for yourself. Don’t do it because someone tells you to. There’s lots of ways to upgrade your look. Thank goodness for clothes, cosmetics, etc. If we didn’t have them, we’d just look plain and boring. :D

Yeah, I know. When I tell people how much I weigh, they’re shock. It’s like, “Wow. Your so skinny.” People tell me I need to eat some more. /hmph I do eat a lot. I just don’t gain weight. Thank goodness for that. I like to go walking every now and then. That could be one of the reasons why I’m so skinny. 🤫

Thanks. :) Yeah. You’re right. It’s never too late to get my teeth fixed. I’m hoping to do it soon. It looks weird with my teeth being all over the place. I think it has to do with me sucking on thumb for a long time. I used to do that a lot. :X I don’t do it anymore though. I grew out of that habit. It does sucks. I agree. People should be more accepting. No one is perfect.

I’ve been 5’4-5’5 for a while. I don’t know if I ever grew an inch. I’ve been drinking milk every now and then. Hopefully that helped a little. ;) I want to be tall, but not too tall like 6′ or something. That’s way too tall for me. I don’t think I’ll ever fit in a bed. My feet will be sticking out. :P

People need to be careful who they pick on. You just never know what to expect from the person who’s being made fun of. That person could go off on you. It may or may not turn deadly. Something for everything to think about before they shoot their mouth off. No pun intended. :X

People need to look in the mirror and tell themself that they are a gift from God. (I know your not a religious type of person. I’m just saying from my point of view.) They should be happy with the way they are. Nothing is wrong with them. Some people don’t see it that way. It’s sad because they start go bullemic. There health goes down the hill. It’s not good. It’s all because of the dumb remark someone made. 🤬