My Body is a Cage

I know there are a few people out there who aren’t so comfortable with their body image. I’m quite happy with mine at the moment. I know it’s human nature to judge people and automatically class people as “fat” or “skinny”, and sometimes we have to be careful with what we say.

At the same time, I know that there are people out there who have struggled with their own body image and coming to accept it, whether they try to change it or not. It’s been common for people to say “learn to love your body”. That said, it’s much easier said than done. I don’t claim to know everything or say that I’ve been through the worst of it or anything. I guess I just wanted to share my experiences.

I’m a dancer, and though I was flexible as hell, and generally thin, I hated my stomach. When I gain weight, it all goes to my stomach. My arms and legs don’t get any bigger. I noticed this when I was little and I would always keep sucking my stomach in. At one point I even tied a belt around my waist to hold it in. 😐

I also had crooked teeth and a partial overbite. All the teeth at the front of my mouth (mainly the bottom row) were struggling to fit themselves in, and that’s why my parents paid for my braces.

I have crooked feet. When I line up my knees, my left foot sticks out to the side. I guess it comes from being a dancer or something. I hate it because when I stand up straight, my foot just sticks out.

I used to want to be tall because I hated being short. I used to want to be a model (ROFL, not anymore, I’m telling you), but I got ignored anywhere they were looking for models because I was too short. Now I just love being short (apart from my friends ruffling my hair, pfft) because it has its advantages sometimes. I couldn’t imagine myself being taller. πŸ˜›

Now I can say that I’m happy with the way I look, and we all have our problems every once in a while, but it really makes me smile when someone can love the way they look, be positive about it, and not be afraid to say it.

I know people who have it worse than me, of course, with weight problems or skin problems, and they get judged by how they look. That’s the underlying issue. You can’t judge someone by how they look when you don’t even know what’s going on, on the inside. We should never judge people on how they look, especially when some people have hereditary diseases that you don’t see from the outside. Some people have problems because of stress or personal problems.

In this society, we have become accustomed to think a certain way when we see certain characteristics of people. We shouldn’t. Don’t you dare judge someone on the large side and say that they know nothing about dieting. They could have been trying many diets for years. Don’t you dare judge someone who is bony for not eating enough, for they could have hyperthyroidism.

This is the reason why I dislike people telling me to “eat more fast food”. I have a high cholesterol, a fast metabolism and I get full easily. It’s a crappy combination.

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