Breaking The Habit

I tried to get rid of some habits today. Which didn’t happen. My list of habits goes extremely far, and let me say it includes but is not limited to the following:

  • complaining
  • whingeing about the smallest things that don’t really matter
  • overanalysing little things such as a single line of text
  • going on my iPhone to check my email as soon as I wake up
  • going online before I even get breakfast (at least most of the time I make my bed first :P)

There’s probably only one habit I’ve ditched: hair pulling. I used to pull out a lot of my hair. I fidget a lot more than I care to say, and playing with my hair has been a real habit. I’ve twirled my hair, nibbled on it, held it between my lips, looked for split ends, rubbed it between my fingers… you get the point. /hmph Pulling out thicker hairs was a habit that I had in the past.

It got so bad that I ended up with a huge bald patch at the top of my head. James could notice it when we hugged, but he noticed when I stopped and when it started going away. My mum could even see the bald patch on top of my head. :(

Some habits can get pretty nasty. I’ve got a horrible eating habit of eating the whole packet when I buy lollies or chocolate. It’s hard to resist, but I’m sure many of us are like that with junk food.

I mentioned this in an old blog, but one time when we had parties in high school at the end of term, people would bring in junk food for everyone to share. One of those days, I just ate a large bunch of chocolate eclairs and lollies. I was literally sick the rest of the afternoon and James and Lilian had to feed me water and get me a paper bag because it got to the point where it was difficult to breathe. Too much sugar does that to you, I guess.

Not to mention I have a high cholesterol, which I try to keep under control… but sometimes I can’t help it. If I didn’t have a fast metabolism it would help. I’m thin and I take it for granted.

Today though, I did the dishes! I’m so proud. Usually I leave them until the next morning. 😰 I also have a crappy habit of not brushing my teeth when it’s the holidays and when I’m not going out. I feel like I ruin my good teeth, thinking they’re all straight and perfect, then I get bloody bleeding gums. That’s when Sebby told me to brush my teeth after every meal.

I did that today. /hehe

My mum also tried to make it a habit for me to eat fruit daily. She forced it upon my brother and I when we were younger but I still need to be reminded. I ate a pear and an apple today though, and I know I should eat fruit daily to keep me healthy. 8D

What are your bad habits?

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Hellooooo Georgie!

Wow, you’re trying to be very productive this mid-sem break, getting rid of bad habits :) Getting rid of ONE bad habit for me takes a lot of effort :P

Omg, I remember you always used to look for those weird hairs in your head and yank them out :O I don’t blame you. I hate it when I find hair strands that are abnormally crooked and stuff. And omg, your bald patch! I remember that too! I’m glad it’s growing back :)

Well at least you noticed the bald patch before it got worse /eee

Hahaha, yeah. I do that too. Consuming whole packets of lollies. That’s why I try to buy smaller packets now. But you’re right, it is a pretty bad habit. We’re so unhealthy. However, I unlike you, am not naturally thin :( *sigh*

Oh yeah! The last week of school. James and I were so worried you were hyperventilating or something when you said you couldn’t breathe properly…Haha. Poor Georgie. Lucky nothing too serious happened D: That would have made us both have miniature heart attacks D:

YAY for doing the dishes earlier :) :) And you SHOULD brush your teeth! Hahahaha. It’s good for you. Even if it’s annoying :P I’m paranoid about my teeth now because I read something about how enamel is softened by eating sugar and to re-crystalise it you have to use fluoride and therefore brush your teeth otherwise the enamel breaks down and you get cavities and sensitive teeth D: Not good! So yeah, I take longer to brush my :D now :P

Oh fruit! I love fruit. I try to eat some everyday, but sometimes I’m just too full D:

Bad habits…let’s see. I tend to over-analyse things and feel really suffocated easily, I trip over everything, I always draw random things on my lecture notes, I get distracted easily, I tend to daydream when I play my scales…and about fifty million other things *sigh* Haha I’m so bad.

Comment reply:

Hahaha, your blog titles are so much better than mine though. I always resort to something completely random and long-winded. I suck at coming up with good blog titles :( Oh well.

Yeah, I don’t blame you for being turned off when seeing a 6000 word blog. Oh my god. That’s the equivalent of reading THREE law essays. I.e. incredibly difficult to concentrate on. Wow. I suck. Even if I have something to blog about, I’ll usually forget to blog anyways :P Oh well, I totally tell you online anyways. I’m trying to keep my blogs shorter now, because if I make them long, I tend to rant about stupid things, which is bad. I like your blog length! It makes it easy to read :)

Don’t worry, we’ll see each other SOON :D Your present is still in the bag they gave me when I bought it, but I think the bag is collecting dust now D: I better clean it :P

Ohhhh! The second Night Angel book. It’s okay!!! Take some time to steel yourself for the epicness of the book :D Then you can totally be all *GASP* OMG throughout the whole book and it’ll be like YAY :P I think I read books to fast too because my eyes start blurring when I look up D:

Omg, James Patterson! His books got a little crap. LOL But I’ll always love Maximum Ride and When the Wind Blows ♥ Remember those? But yeah that book…was scary…the one you read. I think ti was Cradle and All, right? I haven’t read one of his books for ages. I have to read Fang. I need to find out what happens with Max and Fang! Hahaha!

Awww! Your poor hands. I’d hate to have to constantly type on an iphone. It seems pretty hard. Don’t worry! You can continue to read on the train! 8D Haha :P


OH.MY.GOD. That’s what I did in the past, and still do today: pulling out hairs. 😳 My mom has repeatedly scolded me for doing so but I just can’t get rid of the habit!

I love junk food and I normally don’t like sharing them with anybody. When it comes to food, I am quite stingy. :) The only time I am willing to share them is on my birthday. On that day, I would be going around the school distributing candies. LOL!

My other bad habit is I like to bite my fingernails. I’m just too lazy to use the nail clippers. And that, of course, results in my fingernails looking fugly. XD

Woot! Yay you did the dishes! *claps*.

Hahaha! Fruits are good for us. Unfortunately, the only fruit I like is the Fragrant Pears. Just wondering, have you ever tried durian fruit?

Sorry, that comment was all messed up:

1. Bitting nails
It’s so nasty, whenever i see my little sis bitting her nails i’m like “Is that how it looks when i chew on mine?” 😳

2. Going onto the computer right when i wake up /um
I cannot stand not going onto the computer. I always worry about people “posting on my website” or “going on my email”

3. Being lazy
i am a really lazy person. I usually don’t do my hair, or get dressed every day. My schedual is:
Waking up
taking a shower
putting on a big tshirt and shorts
going on the computer
taking a shower
4. Competative
For a lazy person, i am very competative (or however you spell it) Whenever i go onto a site for example thats really awsom i’m all like “I wanna make my site look like that!” yeah, it’s pathetic. /bash

I just wanted to say I read your “story” about how your site was created, and the funny thing is, it is almost EXACTLY what I did!! Lol I started learning HTML from neopets when I was 10 and from then on went to freewebs and then various other personal hosts and went through a couple of websites lol. I just wanted to share because I thought that was cool!

Hellooo, Just passing through and i got to say i love your website :) p.s if you have a moment check out my website
Emma Louiise x

Well, you know what!? Good for you :D
I have bad habits too….
My major bad habit is biting my nails…and the skin around my nails. I can’t stop it. For some reason, I’ve noticed that it gets worse when I’m watching a movie. Weird, right? :P
And yes, I find it to be kind of disgusting too.

Oh, I also play with my eye-lashes. Why? I have no idea. I used to think it was when I was bored or tired, but that’s not it. I mean, it gets worse when I’m tired, but I do it ALL THE TIME. XD
I just fold them and play with them. It’s weird, but…yeah. >.<

I don't really play with my hair…sometimes, I twist it, but not enough to call it a habit. :P

Don’t forget about Jugnu, too.
My friend actually got more chicks. In the mail. I don’t understand why live animals must be sent in the mail.

Thank you. I want my bangs to grow out, because it feels a little itchy whenever it’s above my eyebrows.

I always wonder what I would be like if I became a mom…Hopefully I won’t make my kids hate me.


I complain a lot. I need to get rid of that habit, too. My parents always get annoyed when I start complaining, because then it turns into a debate. Especially when eating at the table. Then my dad tries to hush us so he can listen to the news. xD
I don’t even make my bed. My parents don’t care, unless someone comes into our house and checks out my room. Other than that, I never, ever make my bed. I like it wrinkly and messy.

I used to always nibble on my hair. I’ve told some of my friends and they thought it was gross. :P I liked to do it because it was one of those odd “feels nice.” I’d take strand of my hair and gnaw on it. I’m so happy that I don’t do it anymore.

A few years back, I would always try to finish a bag of junk food. I started noticing how unhealthy it was, and tried to stop. I even ate a lot of ice cream everyday. It got to the point that my mom stopped buying it. My mom bought a lot last week, and so far I’ve only been eating a bowl every two or three days.

I used to never brush my teeth in the morning. I know, it’s disgusting. But now I brush twice a day. And I also use Listerine mouth wash.

I really don’t like doing the dishes. Or cleaning the table. I can put the dirty dishes in the sink, do the laundry, vacuum, or do outside work, but I HATE cleaning up stuff that’s related to food. If I ever live alone, I’d rather eat over the sink instead of eating at a table.

One bad habit of mine is that I lick my lips a lot. My lips are always dry, so I always apply chapstick to them four times a day. It’s that bad. I always put on a bunch at night. Whenever I’m too lazy to grab the chapstick, I just lick my lips. It turns out that it just makes the dryness worse. ._. But I still do it.

Let’s see here, bad habit:

– Popping my knuckles, toes, and neck (and back when I can). My knuckles I do almost as often as they will pop.
– Swearing. I curse like a sailor. It’s awful.
– Bitching. I really don’t intend to.
– I eat awfully. I don’t eat the right foods and I just snack on whatever.. terrible, terrible diet.
– Playing WoW, way too much? Haha although that’s more of an addiction..

It’s good that you are trying to stop your bad habits. It’s not too late! You’ll be much healthier this way. I should also stop mine but I simply don’t have the will power.

Oh, trust me, you’re not the only one with bad habits. I think I do about 95% of what you described. I’m struggling with a dry scalp but greasy hair and when I play with my hair it gets greasy in about three seconds.
I’ve tried getting rid of my bad habits for a while now. I’ve gotten better, but I still have a long way to go. xD

I love your theme. The header is amazing!

Lmao your habits match a few of mine xD I always use the computer before breakfast and sometimes I can be a bit of a complainer when I’m in a bad mood Dx

I’ve never really had habits with my hair but when I was reallyyy young I used to pick my hair and eat it D: Yeah it sounds weirdddd I thought there was a shopping center inside my body and the hairs were people. But I’m not crazy anymore, lol xD

Ah I could never eat too much chocolate or too many sweets as much as I love each. I loveee chocolate, but if I eat too much I honestly get sick D: I can’t even eat a whole easter egg in a day XP

You have quite a few habits XD But we all have habits that we wanna .. not have, I guess xP! Congrats on doing the dishes :D I hate doing dishes :( But my parents always force us all to (us being me and my two brothers) xP

Hi! I’m Dawny and I really really like your website :D My bad habits include biting my nails, and my lips XD Its really weird I know, but my lips get dry and peely easily and when I don’t have vaseline I just keep biting on them. Only sometimes do they bleed though.

I’ve some similar habits to you :P

1) I complain an awful lot!
2) I always want what I can’t have.
3) If it’s not perfect then I restart it completely :P
4) Checking my email around 20 times each day.

There’s tonnes more but I’d rather not post them here :P

I have the exact same list of bad habits as you! I do every single one of those things, all the time! I also have a bad temper and overreact easily. I need to learn to get rid of those but like you said some habit just aren’t easy to get rid of. The ones that reflexs your personality is really really hard to change. Ones that are actions that you perform with your body (e.g. nail biting) are much easier to change.

When I eat junk food I can’t stop eating it either. I will stop eventually when I’m full. the smell of food also makes me want to eat, how come the smell of junk food can sometimes be far more attractive than healthy food.

I love the internet! I can’t live without it. My parents use to get so worried about me being on the pc everyday and scared I’ll get addicted. they’ve gotten use to the fact that most young people these days spends most of their time on the internet. Better then going out and getting involved with the “wrong” people.

Hey Georgie. :)

I know we haven’t spoken in a while and I’m truly sorry for that. It’s probably my fault with my site being closed for so long and all.. But I’m back now and would like to make amends if you’ll have me. :D

I know you’ve kind of been going through a tough time lately, I’ve still been reading most of your blogs. I would have spoken to you but for some reason felt as if I would be pestering you or that you wouldn’t want to talk about it,

Anyway, it sounds as if you’re a little happier now, not completely but I know you’re trying. :) You will get there in the end, hang in there. ✌️

I have a bunch of bad habits too, I think my worst one though is probably cracking my fingers. Sometime I feel like I can’t bend them unless I crack them first. Strange.

As much as I love my junk food, I do love my fruit too. But, like you, I have to be reminded to eat it sometimes. I don’t eat as much as I should but I’m getting there. :)

Anyway, I will end this comment before I bore you to death, hope all is well. <3

:X:X:X:X:X:X (hah, remember that?)

LOL. I used to have a bad habit of sucking my fingers when I was young. I don’t even know if that’s normal for babies or for young kids even! But I got over it because my parents always slap my hands away every time they think that I would suck my fingers again.

I think that’s the only bad habit I got rid of. I don’t know if its a habit but I always/have to/need an extra blanket and carry it around the house. GAH. It sounds so childish and it is. I’m driving my mom crazy everyday because I always have it with me especially when I’m watching television. I guess its my second “comfort thing” next to food :)

My mom always tell me to eat fruits everyday. But how can I when we don’t even have fruits in the freaking house? And if we do, my brother always end up eating everything! GRR.. But lately, I’ve been telling my mom to buy some oranges. Man, I’m craving some oranges right now 🤤

Tell me about it! I had the twirling the hair habit for like years before mom starting smacking me if I did it. Then we got my hair buzzed and I have never had it again. (But thats only been 1 month, and it will never go away!)

(Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

Bad habits? Let’s see: not brushing my teeth too often as well (I used to, but I always forget nowadays), talking at a too low volume of voice (people have a hard time understanding what I say XD), being afraid of the world and of depression = not enjoying life. The last one is the worst one, but I believe I’ve gotten over most of it, with the years.

– Luana S.

it sucks seeing her leave my niece behind or not pay attention to her when shes clearly yelling out “mommy!”- she has to get to the point of crying before she says “yes?”.. its messed up for sure. When she comes to my house shes always on her ipod because we have wi-fi. She could show us that she takes care of her little girl and does things with her but NO, she shows us exactly what she does when their alone lol.
She always wants to go out partying every weekend. my brother gave in this past weekend, and suddenly she thinks its ok to make plans for this weekend coming up with the same people to drink once again… theres more to life than just partying- clearly, especially with a baby involved.
Shes just lucky that shes too young to really remember everything going on around her.
I havent finished the kite runner.. i kind of gave up on it :| mainly because i didnt feel like reading, and when i did feel like it, i picked up Eclipse since the movie was coming out lol.
lol its ok, I’m really late in replying as well! I haven’t been feeling up to doing anything website related for a while now.. I want to do something different with my website, but what i have in mind would take too much work and im not sure if Vicky was going to renew it or not once the yearis up :P but if she doesnt, thats ok too

I’m the same way.. i dont even get out of bed most times and i turn on my computer.. even if i have to go to the washroom badly i check facebook first lmao!
omg I’m the same way! playing with my hair is something i always do, and i tend to always look for split ends and pull them off or grab both sides and “split” them by pulling them lol. Yeah.. I really need a hair cut to say the least haha! I pull out the thick hairs as well.. im like wtf, why is it so thick?! pull… but its probably the most healthy LOL
junk food seems to have that effect.. i on the other hand just get fatter, lol. I hate eating fruits and vegies, more vegies though. I force myself to eat an apple at least, but sometimes i just dont… feel like it lol :D

I think it’s okay to complain at times and you shouldn’t worry about xing that habit off completely, but maybe tone it down or try not to complain as much, but don’t make the illogical goal of xing it out, you know?

Everyone has their habits that they wish to get rid of. I tend to get unwanted thoughts and obsessions in my mind that I can’t make go away and even if what I think isn’t true my mind thinks it is, if that makes sense? I don’t know, just something I have to deal with and I’m coping with. Not sure if you’d consider it a habit or what. I’m getting better though.

I also tend to eat sweets a lot. I don’t eat them as much as I did growing up though so that is an accomplishment I would say. I grew up in a family that always had dessert so it’s hard to kick something that has been rooted in.

I should start brushing my teeth after every meal. I tend to brush mine when I wake up and sometimes before bed, depends how tired I am. Some nights I’ll hit the bed and not want to move when I remember I should have brushed my teeth.

Anyway, good luck with this mission or whatever you want to call it. I’m sure you’ll do fine, but don’t be upset when you fail at some of them. A lot of them aren’t life threatening like getting online before you eat breakfast or complaining. I’d focus more on the ones that actually cause you distress.

I have every one of those habits. I have tried to get rid of them, too. I just don’t have enough will-power for those kind of things… someday maybe! :)

Oh my goodness… I have every one of those habits. I have tried to get rid of them, too. I just don’t have enough will-power for those kind of things… someday maybe! :)

Wow. That must be really sore to be pullling on your hair. I hope you don’t go bald. Haha. Jk. :D Yeah, I used to twirl my hair too. I know that sounds strange. 🤫

I don’t think women can be bald unless you have cancer or something. I don’t you do. If you do go bald, at least you can get a wig? You can be a red hair, blonde, etc. XD

Some habits can get pretty nasty. We just have to learn to control. Sometimes I get craving for sweets. I tell myself, “No sweets.” I only treat myself once in a while.

I like to peel my nails. I do that when I get stress or worried about something. I’ve had this bad habit for a long time now. I’m slowly getting out of this bad habit. I’m actually using a nail cutter. I was once afraid of using it. I don’t know why. I got the hang of it.

I missed the root beer float, pizza parties, etc. The good ole times. I used to eat sugar free chocolate eclairs. It was really good, but I prefer the regular chocolate eclairs.

Wow. You should watch what you eat. You never know how much higher it can go up. It’s good to look at the chart before you eat it. That’s what my friend does. I can eat and not worry about gaining weight. I’m so loving it.

Although I brush my teeth, my breathe still stinks. Sometimes I get bloody bleeding gums when I prick my teeth.

Oh, bad habits… I *finally* broke my habit of biting my fingernails this year though (yes, after 20 years of it, lol). How? I got my wisdom teeth pulled. It made chewing everything difficult, let alone my (hard) nails! :D

I chew on my lower lip a lot, it’s not good for me, I know. I also have a habit of just picking at things, like scabs or little bits of skin before it comes off. Bad habits all around. I also crack everything – fingers, wrists, neck, back, knees, ankles – bleh. =/

Wow. Those are some bad habits. I have the same ones on that list though. I am online all of the time, before I eat breakfast (if I do eat breakfast), before I clean whatever I need to clean, when I am supposed to be asleep (like now) and just at all of the bad times.

Man! That sucks that you pulled out your hair & you had that bald spot on your head. Since we aren’t allowed to wear hats unless we have some kind of bad head condition (or have chemotherapy) I would die if I had a bald spot. I’d be like D: OMG! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m a very self-conscious person and that would be HORRIBLE for my mental state. Lol.

Dang! That is a lot of sugar! I make sure to drink a lot whenever I eat, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. I drink A LOT. I don’t know what it is, I just hate eating and I drink my breakfast/lunch/dinner. It’s weird. Lol.

I have a weird habit of chewing on my tongue. As I am writing this I am chewing on it. Whenever I use my hands for something texting, typing, writing, or whatever I have to chew on it or on a piece of gum. I don’t know what it is. My youngest sister does the same thing. Hahahahaha. I’ve always done it and so has she. It’s weird but whatever. :)

I do the same thing with my teeth as you. I tend to not brush them as much when summer or winter vaca comes around. I just got my braces off and I don’t wear my retainer either. I try to wear it at least 3 times a week, but I fail at that, which is horrible. When I do wear it, it hurts but then I know I need to wear it more and I wear it like 2 days in a row then quit. It’s bad. I don’t want to be like my cousin who doesn’t wear it at all. I’m gonna wear it for the rest of my life, so I guess that is why I’m not caring much about wearing it. I am not forced to wear it for that long, but I want to because I want to make sure my teeth stay straight. :) I mean, I just wear it at night and no one will see me when I have it in so why not?
Yes, I know you know that since you had to get rid of a few of your domains. :)

Thanks! I thought so, too. I’ve always wanted it to be a personal site but I wanted it to have resources as well and with this, I get both. :)

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what that is referring to. [that = I’m already used to your blogs being here. You may have made changes to your sites but they’re your sites] I reread my blog but I still don’t get where that comes from. Lol.

Oh, yeah! We have been a few places. Hahahaha. :) I have never been to most of the states they were in.

Australia has states? Lol. Seriously? XD I’m being totally serious here.


Yeah, I’m failing at that “blog everyday” thing. Lol. It’s back with the blog every 9 days. Lol. I want to blog more but I’m about to go out of town so I can’t. :'(

Hey Georgie!

I got my domain back up and running and as you can tell a tumblr. account as well. Anyways, YIKES! hair pulling? That’s as bad as biting your fingernails off! (Which I’ve done before).

I have a few bad habits and one of them I broke a long time ago when I was 25 but I won’t share what it is as it is kinda silly. But here are my habits :

1. Not brushing my teeth 3 times daily (I know unhealthy right?0

2. Biting My Fingernails (Disgusting as it may be, I like to pick at my toe nails too)

3. I sing way too loud, and off key (you already know this)

4. I stay up way to late

I guess that’s all I have to say for now…I’ll try to write a proper post later. Take care.

i have a habit of biting my nails.. im really trying to break the habit but its hard especially when im stressed.. i use to do that with my hair as well i use to twirl it around my finger until it was a huge knot and then the only way to get the knot out was to cut it :(.. but now ive got short hair so i cant do it anymore.. hows ur holiday going?

Its annoying to have annoying habits. I have a habit of biting my nails /bash . And I whine a lot too. Its embarrassing when your nails are all bitten up, and all these people have nice nails.

I’m guilty of numbers 1, 2 and 5 on your list. Quite guilty. The thing about habits is that we don’t really realise they turn into habits until you reach a certain point, like your bald patch.
I fiddle with my hair a lot – twirl it, etc. – but I don’t like pulling it out. I’ve fidgeted less with my hair since I had it cut short. It used to be a few inches past my shoulders but now it only just reaches my shoulders. I sort of miss my hair being long but I must say, short hair is so much easier to manage. :)

I tend to have the habit of eating all the things in one packet too, no matter what it is – but I am definitely guilty of eating a packet of chocolate buttons, big or small, and definitely with sweets (although sweets, even just a few, make me feel terribly queasy).

Wow, that is a pretty drastic experience. :/ I’ve never experienced anything like that and I probably never will, but who knows…

Yay for doing the dishes! :D I’m proud of myself because I actually emptied the dishwasher before midday, ha. I’m terribly lazy with my teeth and face in the holidays too, especially when I’m not going out… but I always wash my face at least once a day otherwise it’s so oily/greasy you could probably fry chips on it. /hmph

My mum hasn’t made me eat fruit daily but I try myself. At the moment I’m having tomato soup and I had some yoghurt for a snack earlier on. I should have a proper fruit, like a banana, to keep me going until dinner.

My bad habits… well, until I can think of one I do now, I used to bite my nails. I only realised how often I bit them when I set myself a challenge to not bite one nail, and then one hand, and then both hands… it didn’t work, to be honest. But then one day I tried biting them after growing them for three days (haha), but it didn’t work because they were too strong. :O Same still applies today… so I no longer bite my nails.

I have a terrible habit of putting one thing on in the morning and later swapping one item of it. :/ I don’t know why it bothers me so much but sometimes, after thinking an outfit is nice, I later dismiss it.

I also want what I can’t have, or things I don’t necessarily need… and I’m horribly lazy. Another habit of mine – which frustrates most people – is that I’m often thinking so much about things, whether it be my stories, life, my friends, other people, etc., that sometimes I am really quiet and barely say anything which confuses them because when I am with my friends I am normally so crazy. So each day, sometimes they never know whether I’m going to be crazy or lost in thought. I need to sort that one out, I guess.

Another terrible habit of mine: when I have no money, I want to buy lots of things, but when I have money, I don’t want to waste any of it! :X

Take care! xx

haha. Habits. Nasty little creatures :P
I have so many, I don’t even notice them all!
One of my habits is also checking to see if someone one the internet has updated, just when I wake up. If they have I get distracted, read their posts and get a bit carried away and maybe even forget to eat breakfast lol 😳 I mainly check flickrs and web blogs.
But that only ever happens on holidays! grr.
I guess I am pretty addicted, too! /hehe

haha that sounds like a terrible habit! What did you do with the bald patch? Did it grow out fast? Haha I have never really tried fidgeting with my hair, I think it’s because I hate how it tugs and my head and I get headaches.

Hmm. I am also really skinny, but I think that nobody in the world could resist something sweet once in a while /hehe I haven’t really ever eaten that much to a point where I can’t breathe, but I just get sick! Also when any food in general is good and I eat too much I get really sick, and that’s when I can’t really breathe lol. But I am also asthmatic, so I don’t know.

Because I have a big family, we ‘team up’ in pairs, and every night, a ‘team’ does the dishes lol. It’s painful, and to figure out who’s doing it that night is a mission, but it really works, and it means we have to do them in the night, though O_O

Haaha! I am the same! I also never brush my teeth when I’m not going out that day. I didn’t think anybody else had that habit lol, my family tells me i’m just weird haha. /bounce

Aslo about habits.. Lately I have been going to bed super late, and even when I try go to bed early, I just can’t fall asleep, so then I just wake up really late, and completely miss my mornings :(
So I’ve been trying to break that one.
I would get overwhelmed with so many websites! How many do you have in total? I find it hard just updating one, I can’t imagine more!
Seeming I like designing websites, I really don’t mind. So I really need to start setting my priorities straight, and maybe get started.. /oh
I know! I guess digital is very practical, and I always get scared my photos will turn up ugly, but I can’t help myself because I LOVE the effect film gives to photos. I just love it. It is really expensive, so my mum says I have to pay for it myself, so if they’re terrible it’s my money and my responsibility. XD
I have never been good at spelling. When I was younger, I always used to do spelling tests and school. One day, I got 100% (without studying, I was super lazy) and beat a boy in my class who was the best, and he asked me how I spelled those words, and from that day on I never studied for those stupid tests, and these days I depend on spell check. Haha. But now that school is 10 times harder, I have to study. I now understand that, lol. My brother gets his computer confiscated all the time because he’s too lazy, and he is always playing games instead of studying, even when he has school like your brother, haha. I don’t do that, so my parents don’t take mine away /bounce
Ah you’ve never tried one? Okay let me try my best to explain.. What a frappuccino basically is, is a cold coffee, in a way. You crush ice, add cold milk, vanilla ice cream, and coffee and blend it up, and voila! It is truly liquid gold 🤤
It’s really icy, and delicious. Maybe you should try one sometime! I love them!
thanks :) I’m hoping that I will start it off on a good note, and make some friends!

haha, I think i nearly share all of your habits.. XD
As soon as i wake up i go on my computer, sometimes without even waking up properly, before i eat breakfast and make coffee.. Ive been trying to get rid of that havbit but its really hard but I know it cant be healthy at all.
I also bite my nails but I dont really care about that..
And I do the exact same with junk food.. I also have a fast metabolism so I eat tons of junk food and sweets and what not.. Its never happened to me where i cant breath, which sounds horrible.. I just get sick after eating to many sweets, I think I much prefer junk food, although I dont get to eat that often, its really expensive where I live :(

and I also have that bad habit of not brushing my teeth when I dont go out and Im at home alone.. its a real bad habit so Ive been working on that.. :P They say though that you should brush your teeth until yout gums start to bleed, which is apparently a good thing

Thanks for commenting back XD Bad habits drive me insane, although I heard if you don’t “do” your habit for about 21 days, it will be gone.

Hellooooo back, Georgina! I’m leaving two days from now, actually :P. The date is quickly approaching. I have too much to do…and I have still crammed in time to be a computer nerd xD. 👏

I complain and whine about a lot of things as well, which I guess is one of my bad habits. I like things my way, and when they’re not, I have a coniption. This is probably known as “OCD,” or is a “control freak issue.”

To be honest, I have a mild case of OCD at times xD. My mom says everyone has a little bit of OCD, but for some it’s more pronounced, and in some areas it’s more pronounced. I have issues with things aligning, and with things being completely down the middle. For example: there are stripes on my bed comforters, and if they’re not perfectly aligned in the morning, matching with my pillow, I have to fix all of it. The pillow has to be dead center, and yet still match up with the stripes. It’s not so much a bad habit as it is a…very odd habit.

My worst habit is swearing when I get angry. I never swear around my parents, but when I’m really ticked off, I start swearing and saying things I know I’ll regret in a few hours — or even a few minutes. I have very little patience for those who cannot comprehend, or do things, the way I can. According to this “professional IQ test” they had at our school, I have a relatively high IQ. Which is nice and all, but I zone out in all of my reading classes because people read too slow for me, and so I read at my own pace, which is about one fully-typed page in 60 seconds.

I’ve timed myself.

You pulled out your hair?! /huh Holy crap. I couldn’t do that to my hair…probably because I love my hair so much xD, as vain as that sounds. Wow, that must have sucked, having a bald spot on your head. /ehh But at least James noticed and didn’t comment rudely ♥ It seems as though the stereotypical boy — where I live — will only accept you for your appearances. Shallow sonofabitches. :X ah, see, look. Bad habit. Boys and their behaviors are touchy subjects for me these days. I end up ranting and raving. 😳

Candies and high-sugar sweets give me stomach aches, and especially dehydration. I live in a hot (usually 115F in the summer) climate, where it’s dry and just plain sucky. So if I don’t drink a lot of water when we’re outside for too long, I get really faint and sick :/. How is the weather in Australia? I want to live there :P.

I was just bored with using WordPress themes that I hadn’t made, so I looked through a bunch of tutorials and just made my own. :D Lmao, I was proud of myself.

I don’t think I’m hideously fat and chunky, to the point where I hate looking in mirrors, but sometimes I wish I was just a bit skinnier. I’d rather have a good amount of muscle mass than no muscle mass and just skin and bone. But, no, my dad doesn’t help when he makes comments about my weight as well. :/ But thank you for your comment ♥ , Georgina!

George is gay :). Everyone needs to have a gay friend, right? And the computer is being more and more my friend, as geeky and weird as that sounds. I can do whatever I want on the computer, haha, and it doesn’t ignore me like my friends do… O_O

And you’re welcome Georgina, for being there :). I thank you for being there for me as well <3. :P

I think that, after a while, your "best friends" tend to drift away. My best friends, though, are really these two girls I've known for 10 years, and we're still super freakin’ close. But they live 45 minutes away :/.

Vacation tomorrow, actually :D. The only thing is that I’m going to miss the computer :(, and the fact that I’m not coming back until Monday, so I can’t reply to comments. LOL, we can start a new conversation when I come back, if you want, because we talk about so many side things xD.

Haha <3 the computer is addicting, period!

Zanessa has always been the #1 couple to me lol. I really thought it was a guy. I mean nothing ever gave me a clue that it was a she. Maybe
its because i never even read the book in the first place lol.

Blogging everyday is hard because i have to reply all those comments before i blog and its really tiring lol. I am too lazy for that.

I have never had a website for more that year because something always pushes me to move lol. I really want to keep this one. I hope nothing
goes horribly wrong this time. It sucks changing site names.

I dislike anime. Not only because of their outfits but because of them basically. Sometimes when they get all mad and angry their head
gets huge and a plus sign shows on their head. That freaks me out a lot lol.

Chores is hard. I hate it. My mom and I do most of it, my dad is well an ass. He just complains more.
I hope everything gets better with you at home. :D I cannot wait to go back to school either lol.

Haha i do your last bad habit a lot. I sleep near my laptop so once i wake up, its the first thing i’m on lol.

I really hate it when my hair gets yanked or even pulled a bit because it hurts me like hell. My sis says i fake it but i don’t, its like no one can touch my hair without complains but me. /argh

My teeth bleed sometimes. It’s not that i do brush, i just don’t do it when i’m supposed to.

Yeah, I hope it gets fixed too. Full House is actually really old XD

My main bad habit is my need to be chewing something. At school I always take a couple of packets of chewing gum with me, but in the holidays I stop buying gum because it’s expensive and I end up just sitting biting whatever’s near me; pencils, the inside of my lip, elastic bands, sometimes my own knuckle. xD I’ve never bitten my nails though, you’d think I would have. :3
My other bad habit is cracking my joints; I’m always cracking my fingers, toes, knees, shoulders, spine and right elbow. With the elbow there’s a genuine medical need to do so, but the rest are just habits I should really break.

It takes more than just one day to break a habit, but going one day at a time is a great way to start. You can do it, Georgie! -cheers-
I eat breakfast before I get on the computer. :3 Well, breakfast or lunch… Glad you kicked that one. ♥ Now you just have 5+ to go! Weee!! -cheers some more-

The only junk food I have terrible self-control eating is Doritos chips. Honestly, you have to take and hide the bag from me if you want me to stop eating them, or if you even want any. X: Nacho-y goodness… Mmm…

I quite enjoy brushing my teeth. I’ve got the same problem though, the bleeding gums as well as not brushing during holidays. It used to be much worse, but I got into the routine of doing it before I left for school. :3

Over-analysing is and randomly scratching and picking at my skin and acne are my worst habits. :

Trying to make it up to the person is probably the best thing to do when apologising. When “sorry is not enough” I usually try and do more for them. It normally works. :P
It’s hard for everyone to say a genuine sorry. That’s why they’re so rare. I don’t think I’ve ever received a genuine apology.

A friend of mine was supposed to hang out with me one day, but he never showed up. The next day, I talked to him, and he said, “I’m sorry,” and I replied, “No you’re not.”
It hurt that he didn’t say anything after that, since I took that as, “Yeah, I’m not sorry. There’s no use arguing.”

Sometimes my honesty hurts people, though. I’m one of those people who WILL tell you if the outfit makes you look unattractive. There’s also the fact I can kill many people’s dreams and moods. I’d rather not sugar-coat, though, and their discontentment doesn’t last long. I suppose it’s a good thing, being bluntly honest…

I have many bad habits and I never really understood why biting nails is so widespread. If you think about it, it is such a disgusting habit but I still do it. When I was about 10 I had a problem with standing in an awkward position where I’d been my ankles so I’m standing on the side of my feet. It sounds painful, but it’s not really. I can’t preach about “binge-eating” as I’m sitting here with a huge gift-box of Galaxy chocolates all for myself.

I’ll display everyone’s entries online during the voting and then attach names to entries after the winners have been excited so everyone can argue over whether or not the final result was deserving,

I’m usually only online on the weekends excepting now for the summer holidays!!


Haha yea, when I wake up I check facebook before anything else.

Ohh I used to chew my hair. But that was when I was like 8 or so. And once, I was twisting it with my tongue and it got tied
around a tastebud and hurt really bad. D:

I’m not that unhealthy even though sometimes I may get addicted to some chips or something and eat a whole bag at once. >.<

But I eat fruit daily, so that probably makes up for it. I love fruit sooo much. Like it's my favorite food, that's how much I love it. :)

Blehh. I have most of those habits on that list. I complain A LOT. I’m a very picky person when it comes to things like food, furniture, clothes, etc. It’s come to the point where if there isn’t anything I like at dinner, I probably won’t eat. I feel really bad about it and it’s something I want to quit. D:
Eek! I have that email issue too. Especially now it’s my school break, I’ve had that issue of waking up and turning on my PC right away. It’s crazy. @_@

Ooh. I’ve had hair habits too, like twirling and biting and excessively using bobby pins. xD I’ve never had problems with hair pulling, though. I’m a tender-head and pulling out hair kind of scares me. :l It’s good that you’ve quit the habit and that your hair is growing back. :D

I totally understand the junk food issue! I mean, it’s so delicious and yummy and sweet when you’re eating it and you tend to be reckless when it comes to thinking about how much you’re eating. And then you finally come to your senses after you’ve swallowed a gallon’s worth of sugar or salt. I always feel pretty bad afterwards as well. It’s horrible you could barely breathe! The whole experience must have been exhausting, not to mention unhealthy. O_O

My mom forces vegetables and fruits down our throats. She would buy tons of oranges, bananas, apples, and watermelons for us to eat but we only touched a little bit of the fruit and wasted the rest, sadly. So to help us prevent scurvy (haha), she bought these little gummies that contain all the nutrients in fruits. I love them, but sometimes I think real fruits are probably healthier and more fresh. :P

My computer habits started when I was young, but not as young as my brother! He’s pretty much addicted. Online gaming has taken over his mind and he’s been like that for a long time. He’s only seven years old too. /type

If I get nervous, I’ll play with my hair. Usually if I’m worried about something or visiting a new place, I’ll twirl my hair, run my fingers through it, or check for split ends. I did that today, actually.

I’m terrible at being lazy. During holidays or summer break, I usually don’t fix my hair, do my makeup, and I even share the same awful habit of not brushing my teeth. I suppose fixing my hair or doing my makeup isn’t that important over the holidays, but I could at least brush my teeth!

I’m actually bad at not eating. That plays in with my laziness. I don’t want to make my self a good, healthy meal, so I either don’t eat or I snack. For lunch today, I had three pieces of salami. For breakfast, I ate cashews. I have a high metabolism but I have really muscular legs. If I don’t run or eat right, that muscle just turns to flab and it makes me look like I’ve gained weight when I have really just lost my weight in muscle.

/type Gosh, I always check my computer before I do anything else. If I don’t, I feel like the sky is going to fall on my head. I like to know if I received any comments, if someone emailed me, or if someone messaged me on twitter. I also have a habit of staying on the computer for such a long period of time that my wrist starts hurting. While I’m on the computer, I also have terrible posture and my right should starts to hurt because of the way I type.

I over analyze everything. I don’t consider that a bad habit because its simply a part of who I am. I’m a deep thinker, I can’t help it.

Congrats on doing the dishes and eating fruit :) I hate hate hate loading the dishwasher. I don’t like touching the dirty dishes. If someone will rinse them off for me before I put them in the dishwasher, I can handle it. Otherwise, I get sick to my stomach every time I have to load it.

I never knew we had so many of the same bad habits! I always tell myself I want to get rid of them a well, but I never end up doing so >.<

Yeah, that's the 30 day list I'm gonna do :) I'm just putting it on my blog instead of tumblr as I don't use that, haha.

& thanks! I really love it too :D Idk, I haven't really been SUPER happy (I was actually talking to my friend at the time of making it, who was bawling his eyes out and telling me why.. and he NEVER cries) lately, but I think it's just.. in hopes that things get better? Because they have been, and I'm loving it :)

The debit card thing is all sorted out now, I just need to sign my card :P but I've yet to use it so I don't really see the point.. I've been trying NOT to use it, so that the same thing doesn't happen again.

my teacher would store like a whole box in the cupboard and just make it during lunch haha. deliciousss instant noodless mmm.

gahhh i thought i liked public transit but after a while.. it got really annoying D; now i just hate it haha.

oh my! pulling hair?? its like one of those stressful people :(

i got a lot of bad habits i’d like to get rid of :( like not leaving clothes on the floor… not taking off my earrings when i put them on for once, even in the shower and in bed… for days/weeks/month or two?!

ahhh i’d like to eat some more fruits myself too haha. healthyyy mmm

Oh your habits are pretty much the same as mine! I don’t check my e-mails though… I check Twitter. Can you believe that? -_- I’ve been trying to get rid of this very bad habit, and it’s working slowly. But going online before breakfast–ha! I’m still doing it. And it’s hard for me to stop. :(

I’m putting my effort to stop complaining and whingeing, even though sometimes I still am D:

Your pulling hair habit!! I used to do that a lot too. But I was worse… I was bored one time and I decided to count my hairs D: it was very stupid and I ended up losing track of which hairs I’ve counted 😒

I didn’t end up with a huge patch, though. My hair grows really fast D: I’m trying to control that chocolate eating habit, my mom gets strict on it lately and I have to wait until I’m allowed to :/

I never eat too much sugar. I don’t really like candies, sweets and lollipops, and I always like dark bitter chocolate better. But still, they’re snacks 😳

I eat fruits daily, and juice… my mom is very strict in this, she wants me to be healthy haha. :/

Sometimes I listen to metal music too, but not as often as I used to. I’ve heard that metal music isn’t good to be listened in bed. I just searched Torero on YouTube and listened to it; it sounds great :)

Yeah! I feel like yelling, “Stop pressing the Randomize button and get my sleeping patterns straight again, please!” But who to blame for? :/

Really strange, but the funny ones aren’t in the same class with me. I’m sure this class will be pretty boring–the funny ones are replaced with the quiet and cold ones… not fun :(

It’s like an accomplishment when I finish a book and like it. But when it turns out to be a very bad book, I feel like I just waste my time for reading a book like this. /hmph

I check out your photoblog everyday, or if not everyday maybe once in two days :D You have interesting photos and I should comment instead of being silent haha.

Many people don’t consider it as a hobby, that’s the truth. Meh, it’s hard for some people to understand. All they know that my hobby is related to the internet, and the internet is full of bad things (they think), which means I’m doing something bad too… while I’m not @_@

OMG lol. I just realized that I put smilies in the end of each paragraph. (H)

Going online before you eat breakfast… I do that D: Probably not such a good thing. Sometimes I get halfway through doing something (such as getting dressed) and then I’ll go on msn or gmail chat or youtube, and end up being caught out when my parents get home, and I’m wearing a leather jacket and pyjama pants… which are definitely not meant to go together.

Hair pulling D: I’ve never done it, but it sounds like an awful habit to be stuck in because everyone can see the effects. Kind of like nail-biting… I used to do that, but that was a long time ago, thank goodness!

I think if I had an iPhone, I would be on it checking my email as soon as I woke up. If I had an iPhone, I don’t know if I would get any sleep at all! >.<

Thankyou about the layout ♥ ♥

And what is bubble tea? Maybe I'm just having a weird moment, but I don't think I've ever heard of it…

It’s okay if you have difficulty with breaking these habits. They all actually have positive attributes, so hopefully this will make you feel better:

complaining – you know what you like

whingeing about the smallest things that don’t really matter – you’re always thinking/planning ahead… which is safe

overanalysing little things such as a single line of text – this is what all creative people do

going on my iPhone to check my email as soon as I wake up – this is called being normal. lmao. Be thankful that you have emails and friends to talk to.

going online before I even get breakfast (at least most of the time I make my bed first ) – weightloss!

It seems like your blog posts are always about wanting to improve something about yourself, and my comments are always about how awesome you already are. A little self improvement doesn’t hurt, but remember to live life and be happy!! :)

I can’t think of any bad habits I have. But I know every one has them and sometimes it takes someone else to point them out. I guess I could count as a bad habit, my laziness.

I also go times without brushing my teeth; a big reason in why I am to scared to see a dentist. Some weeks I am obsessed with brushing my teeth four times a day and then flossing and then rinsing with expensive mouth wash. Other weeks I hardly brush them.

MMM fruit. I love kiwi fruit. I cut the top off with a knife and then eat the insides with a spoon. I don’t know how to peel a kiwi fruit. /bash

I’ve heard about something like that before (where people pull their hair out). It was on a show about obsessive compulsive disorder. One girl went completely bold from pulling her hair out and spent a fortune on wigs.

Good luck with sorting out your bad habits.

I’ve never known large quantities of sugar to do that to anyone. o_O

One of my habits–not a bad habit, but the first part of your blog made me think of it–is twirling my hair around my index finger if I’m antsy or nervous when I’m with someone or in public.

Bad habits… um… obviously I have them, but I can’t think of them at the moment. I’m really grouchy when I’m hungry and have a hard time holding it back, but I don’t think of that as a ‘habit’ so much. I guess one really bad habit is staying up way too late every night for no reason. I just don’t like going to bed. Sleep, yes; going to bed, no. I don’t really get the distinction. I’m okay with going to bed when I’m staying over with Gordon, though.

I used to bite my nails a lot. Now, to prevent it, I just cut my nails before they get too long. I also pick on recovering wounds when it gets scabby, so they take a long time to recover. I’ve been trying to stop that. :(

I think almost all of us are like that with junk food; it’s like when I start eating chocolate, I can’t stop until the whole pack’s gone!

I’m so glad you were able to stop a few of your habits. That must’ve been really hard to do.

I really need to eat fruit more; I barely eat any fruit.

Thank you! I’m following you too. :)

I’ve been done with the basic coding of it for like a month now. I just never got around to coding it for WordPress.

I tend to be picky with food too, but you can’t really go wrong with fried rice! I just get a bit bored of plain rice sometimes.

It actually wasn’t much of a fight, though I cried the whole day. The fight isn’t even what caused the crying; it’s like it just happened in between all of it, though it was a little related to what I was crying about. After all of that, we were like, “Did that count as a fight?” “I’m not sure.” “I think we fought.” “Maybe, but it didn’t really feel like a fight.” :))

– going on my iPhone to check my email as soon as I wake up: I do this to.
– I don’t brush my teeth unless I am going somewhere also :)

I thought I was the only one who did those :D Oh and you’re in Australia like me, but you’re in NSW and I am VIC … (H)

Hi Georgie.
LOL. This post made me laugh! XD
Umm, sorry to say, but I am going to close my fanlisting site, and switch to
So that means I am adopting all of my fanlistings out…
Sorry, but I won’t be able to have the fanlisting for gold jewellery.
And, you will also have to remove me from your KIM list as I will no longer own a fanlisting site.
Owning 2 sites seems to much for me, so I will reduce down to one.
Sorry…, you will have to find a new owner for the gold jewellery fanlisting.
I might come back in the fanlisting world in 2011, but this is goodbye to fanlistings for me… For a while.
and ugh, isn’t opened (and won’t be) so just reply here or in an email, I prefer here. ;)

That’s a shame. But thanks for letting me know. I know not everyone can handle several websites at once so I do understand. :)

Hahaha! I only have start having sushi recently ever since I took my parents to a sushi bar. And I’m glad my parents like to go there too because it means we can spend some quality, family time together there. :)

A monarchy system is pretty much just like any other government system. You’ve got a guy running the country with the help of the subordinates. The major difference is that you can’t have much of Freedom of Speech.

Ouh, a fanlisting for Extinct Animals! I definitely going to join that when it opens. XD

LOL! A glove? Hmm, that might be a good idea. I find it so hard to refrain myself from pulling hairs that whenever I have the itch to do it, I’d go pulling other people’s hairs (my sisters’ hairs).

I hate durian too. As you said, the smell and taste are just awful. O_O I can’t believe when I was young I used to love it. I guess people’s taste can change over the years.

That would have made sense. I can never think of good blog titles so I just type whatever lyric comes out of my speakers at that moment. I don’t think I’d feel right ranting about the mainstream. I can rant about mainstream pop acts for hours but when I consider that my favourite band is Green Day. Sure they have all these punk roots but they’ve probably sold millions more records than a lot of pop acts, so how is that not mainstream?

Is your blog title the Linkin Park song or just a coincidence?

That’s good you managed to ditch at least one bad habit. I’m terrible for loads of things too. I bite my nails from time to time which is really disgusting. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m told there’s more bacteria under your nails than on a toilet seat. 😝 Yuck. Anyway I stop for about six months then start again. I can’t get away from it.

I’m terrible for junk food too especially chocolate. I buy the huge bars with the hope that it will last a while and I can eat it all in one. I read the back once and I apparently ate six times my recommended saturated fats and four times my recommended sugar. I felt like shit after that.

My Mum tries to make me have my five a day but I barely manage one. Who wants a banana when there’s a chocolate biscuit right next to it?

Wow. I wouldn’t want a bald patch in my hair. Thank goodness I didn’t develop that bad habit. Otherwise, I’ll end up with one myself. ;) I was watching Good Luck Charlie. In Double Whammy, Amy was showing Bob and the kids a home video of her being the school mascot at a basketball game. Bob was on the basketball team. He had hair back then. PJ worries that he is going to bald like Bob.

My mom highlights her hair red. I’m not sure what shade of red though. I always wanted to highlight my hair either light brown or dark drown. I never got a chance to do it yet. Eventually, I will soon.

I love chocolate. We always have a stash of it in the refrigerator. It’s something different and never the same. You’d get tired of eating it after a while. I like to buy the Milk Chcolate Raisinets. That’s my favorite chocolate. It’s less than a $1.00 at Longs Drugs, so not too bad. Every month, I like to go to Godiva Chocolate. You can get a free sample of anything, but that chcolate dip apricots in the case. It’s part of the Godiva Chcolate Rewards Club.

That sucks. It sounds like you have to check after you eat. I hope you have your own cholesterol machine with the blood stripes and poker (I know that sounds weird, but you know what I mean. XD). I know they sell them at Walgreens and Walmart at different prices. It sucks if you have to go to the doctors to do that.

Thank goodness for your braces. I know a lot of people who does that. It must be really sore to do that. Ouch! O_O Sometimes I keep playing with them too. It ends up bleeding or something.

Yeah, I agree. Sugar free things aren’t as good as the real thing. Sugar makes it all taste nice and sweet. I rather have the real thing anyway. I can’t eat sugar free things. It’d upset my stomach.

Sometimes I prick my teeth real hard and it ends up bleeding. I tried not to do that, but my hand slips. I’m careful as I can be. No matter what you do, your breathe still smells stink. I’d eat a couple of tic-tacs and that still doesn’t work. My mom said I haven’t gone to the dentist. That could be one reason. My friend said to clean your tongue. All that gunt could be building up. They have this tongue cleaner that you can buy.