Tell Me That You’re Alright

I’ve been slowly trying to overcome the events of the last few days, including some that I don’t wish to detail. I hate to write about pain and suffering too much, but I’ll be a hundred percent honest and say that right now, as of writing this, I’m alright.

I haven’t gotten around to responding to all the comments from my past few blog posts but I read through many of them and I am so grateful for all the support. ♥️ It’s just what I need to keep myself cheered up.

I still feel worried about the near future, at least until university starts again. I know many people are always excited about holidays and breaks, but I start to despise them because of lack of things to keep me busy and to do.

I’m not saying last semester was imperfect by far – but I really want to be on the ball when uni starts again, and I’m not going to let any shit blow up in my face. Last semester was a rollercoaster in the last week: emotionally, physically and mentally. Lots of group work troubles, lots of travelling to do, and extreme blow-ups with people who don’t even understand HTML.

Speaking of code, the past few rough days – or the past week, was it? – I didn’t see code for days while Fin (my laptop) was taken away, and it was not pretty. It sounds weird to say that I live and breathe code, but the whole atmosphere of coding, designing and blogging is something that sort of revolves around me every day. I think I went into a crying stupor because of my lack of access to the internet and because I did not see code. @_@ Call me a geek or what.

Let me say that those few days with no (or limited) internet access were hell but it’s made me realise just how addicted I am. I’m going to stop putting so much pressure on myself. My hobbies are just websites and I need to get my priorities straight! My mum has given Fin back. I missed him. :P

Having said that, thanks to Sebby’s idea, I’m running off for a “grace week”, beginning 27th July (university starts the week after that). I won’t stand to have the edges of my semester break ripped to pieces. So that week, I’m going to be heading out to James’s house, going to university before it actually starts, going shopping – going back into routine.

My mother believes that’s when it starts. Yes, I feel gingerly nasty for telling a lie, but in all honesty, I need to get away for some time. I need to see Lilian and exchange late birthday gifts, I need to see James, and I want to get some proper fresh air. It’s just a week.

It’s been pretty much a whole month since university ended, and I haven’t even been outside of the house other than to go to work and shop with my mum.

I honestly hate lying as well, but I need out. I want out. And I’m getting out.

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Glad to see you’re okay now, and you got Fin back! The Machine sounds very like an old desktop PC I have in my room – awfully loud, awfully slow, and really no good for anything. I think it has less that 500MB of RAM, or something ridiculous like that.

I think taking a week off sounds like a good idea. It will be weird not seeing you around online, because you’re normally one of the most active, but I totally understand your reasons – I’ve felt the same before, and I’m not tied down to much online at all. These holidays have been the first ever that I’ve really got out, and seen my friends lots, and I’ve felt so much more refreshed by the break.

Have fun while you’re off for that week. You have such long breaks – yours began before mine, and finishes well after mine… Enjoy it – you’ll have plenty of time to go online as well.

Oh, and I opened my site :D You know the link already, and if not, I put it in the comment form.

Hi Georgina! I know I haven’t commented here since forever but I truly hope you are well!

Aww sucks that you didn’t get access to your laptop for a couple of days. I’m glad you realised how much you rely or use it though. Sometimes it’s good to step away from technology and the busy world of cyber space :P

Argh. I hate working with groups. There are always problems that need to be overcome and it’s definitely stressful as you mentioned. But perhaps think of it as a learning experience because in the future when you’re in the workforce you’ll most likely have to work in groups or deal with frustrating people.

Good!! I’m actually glad you lied to your mum… you need to step back and take a break from all the crazy stressful things you have to do. ♥
Enjoy it, and take care! :)

Helloooooo Georgie. I’m super glad you have Fin back :) (Hi Fin :P )

He and you were sorely missed. Hahahaha.

I’m glad you’re okay now too :) It’s not good when you’re upset D: *hugs* Remind me to give you LOTS OF HUGS!

Don’t worry! You still have a sufficient amount of break to get things done. But I don’t think approximately 4 more weeks is long enough to make you extremely bored. I’m kind of anxious to be back at uni because I think I need the distraction, but at the same time I’m really dreading it because I want to stay home and read all my books and sleep some more and just…relax a little. My energy levels have been so low lately :(

I hope this semester is better than last semester for you :) If not, don’t worry you have friends who love you to get you through :P

LOL, that doesn’t make you a geek! It makes you dedicated in your interests :) If you made me blind I’d be so heartbroken because I couldn’t read books. I’d practically cry myself to sleep every second day. So it’s understandable.

Being deprived of something you love sucks. But at least you have Fin back now :)

I look forward to your “Grace Week” :D I’m so excited to see you because I miss you HEAPS. And I really want to exchange presents. :P I hope you do relax heaps during that week though ^^


Okay, here is your comment reply… (SORRYYYYYY! I SUCK AT THIS BLOG THING!)

I KNOW you want Fin back. If my parents took away my laptop, I’d CRY LIKE ANYTHING, and I don’t even have that much to DO on the internet as you D: But you have him back now :) ♥ ♥

LOL, you do have a life! It just happens to be more web-site orientated than the average person. Nothing wrong with that :P

I only really talk to you online. Serena is rarely on and other people don’t talk to me much anymore. Which sucks :( It’s funny though. When Uni is on, lots of people talk to me when I’m trying to do my work. And it’s like *sigh* But I guess I can sort of see why. And really, most of them don’t go on msn in the holidays. Only when they need the net for uni work. And Belinda works lots and we text lots so yeah. Without you here it’s VERY lonely for me :(

I’m glad that you’re alright, at least for now. You deserve to be alright.

Holidays are boring, but I usually prefer them to schoolwork.

I’m like that too, haha. I feel weird when I don’t see code or don’t use Photoshop for too long. It’s like I just got so used to it being part of my daily routine, and it’s weird going through a day without it.

At least you lied for a good reason.

Same here, haha. When that happens, I just feel like I have to post another post as soon as possible, so my website won’t have a bad aura, haha. My boyfriend and I had our first fight today, and I’ve been crying all day, so it’s natural that I’d be in a bad mood. I’m just really happy now that everything’s okay. :)

I don’t use retro brushes either, but they were just easier to make, haha. Thank you. :D

I don’t mind that you replied late. You shouldn’t feel obligated to reply to all your comments at once anyway. :)

It’s almost my monthsary too, actually, haha. We’re nowhere close to 2 years though; tomorrow, we’ll we 7 months. :) That’s still so much longer than I ever imagined my first relationship to be, so I’m happy. :)

I’m sure you have a lot of close friends online. :) I’m only getting close to people online now, since before I didn’t have a personal blog.

No problem. :) I’m glad it cheered you up. :D

Hi there Georgina,

I am not sure exactly what is going on (other than what you have said) but I can tell there is more to it. Of course I don’t need to know but if you want to talk to someone “older and wiser” (and I say that as a joke because to think of me as wiser is hilarious) then I am online an awful lot and am willing to listen :) I know you have people online that you are closer to and well, we don’t talk much but I would just thought I would offer :)

You should feel guilty about lying, we all need our space and time out but maybe you could have told your parents instead.

Anyway you take care, because we need you’re expertise on the world wide web :)

Oh wow! I am sorry you had to go through that. I can not imagine that. I moved out when I finished year 12 (I was 17.) My mum and I joke that she pretty much shoved me out the door. You should definitely be able to do what you need to do now you are over 18.

Not sure if it is the same thing but my mum was pretty protective of me til I was like 17, but I always disobeyed her and eventually she gave up lol.

I think you did the right thing lying, it’s an “end justifies the means” thing I guess. I hope you are able to vent to everyone as keeping it all in is never good.

It will get better :)

Yeah I am really proud of my bestie as being in ADFA is certainly something I could not do so I admire her for that. I hate being told what to do so it really wouldn’t work for me haha.

I love bows too. At TAFE I put bows on like every garment I made haha! Youtube is awesome for tutorials and general amusement :)

I actually hate my laptop (it’s an Asus which is a /poo brand) the speakers are dead, it over heats etc and its only just over a year old…

I do like talking to you because I know if I say “I have a fortnight to do something,” “I went to TAFE”, “I am under the doona” etc you will know exactly what I am talking about where as my unAustralian friends will be clueless haha.


hey hun im glad u feeling alright, i was worried when u typed that other blog.. ye u need fresh air or else ull get use to being inside and dont wanna go out ever again.. u so lucky u can see lilian, i cant see louise cause she lives chippenham (uk) and i live in south africa so thats a ocean apart :(. love u

Glad to hear you are doing better! :) I think it neat how people can comfort one another through a comment whereas before it was face to face and it usually invovled a hug.

I bet Fin missed you too! ;) And to tell you the truth I get told that a lot too, that I need to get my priorities set straight. The thing is that is apart of your personality. I know it’s apart of mine because whenever I try to do why people tell me it doesn’t last very long.

As for lies I don’t know why is was (or thy much of the situation either) but I used to tell a lot of white lies. I’ve learned the hard way it is better to tell the truth or not say anything. :)

I think everyone needs time to get away. I know you will feel refreshed and much better once you get back. :) Hope all is well! :D

Hi, Georgina,
You don’t have to apologize every time for a late comment. Remember when I thought that you were angry at me or something because I missed your comment? Well, the thought didn’t even enter my mind this time. You can rest easy. The world is still spinning. :p

It does sound hellish. I have only a little idea of what is going on at your place, but I hope you make through this. This could have a serious affect on your mental health. And even though I am totally against lying too, I support the fact that you’re taking a break. Sometimes there are things you can’t change, but sometimes, you can, with a little adjustment of your own.

My dad usually supports me, but he is also a pretty big dreamer. Or rather, he was. Most of his dreams haven’t come true, so he tells me to dream of something attainable. I think he is just looking out for me so that I don’t get hurt the way he got. :( Life is really unfair sometimes. Sometimes, we can really use a laugh.

Forgiving and forgetting isn’t as easy as it sounds, I think. I still haven’t forgotten the way my cousin betrayed me, even though I’ve forgiven her. I know for a fact that I am always going to be on my guard against her so that she never knows a fact she can ever use against me. /bash

My mom has hit me too a couple of times. Like when I’m really irritating her, she’d smack me in the back of my head, or when I was young and did something incredibly stupid/rash – which I did very often – I would get slapped. My dad has slapped me only once, but that was way too long ago for me to remember.
If you really don’t mind sharing…I would like to know everything you can tell. 😳

People should not wear perfume/cologne when they’re sweaty. They would smell even worse.
I usually just blog when something exciting comes up. Or when it’s been over a week.
That’s really terrible. Hitting and name-calling…That’s just not right. I already get ready to tear up whenever my mom is upset and says that life would’ve been easier if I wasn’t born. Sometimes she complains about my dad and how she doesn’t have a good job. It makes me feel guilty since she couldn’t go back to college and have a better career, but it’s not my fault that I was born.

I always get happy when breaks come, but then I realize that I have nothing to do and my friends are probably already out doing something exciting.

When I can’t go on the internet, I find comfort in drawing or watching TV. If I can’t even watch the TV or I don’t have any paper, I’ll just sleep.

Sometimes I lie to my parents to find time to myself and relax. Of course I’d feel really guilty about it.

Yeah, I too remember being addicted to the computer and blogging, and in this weather it’s easy to just stay inside. I have been staying inside, but I’ve bene busy or just reading mostly.
It sounds like coding is really a huge part of your life! I guess it makes sense for it to be, seeing as you’ve been doing this for so long. I remember your site being pretty popular over a year ago when I was blogging. I take it you’ve been doing this a long time!
Will you be blogging again before you take your break? Well, I hope so! And it’s great that you’re taking a break before school starts again and I hope you have a wonderful grace week!

I seriuoulsy hope things get better. I’ll be praying. You know I am. :D And you’re bound to make it through.
I know what you mean about being addicted. But over my spring break for some reason the computer losts its firm grip over me. I definitely want to do this type of stuff but I’m not stressed out about or anything which is really good for me.
I think that is a great plan to get back into the school time. I just had a talk with a not-entirely-sensitive-or-listener guy about how much discipline college takes.

Yay!! Just remember that they’re always willing to help you. (:

I know!! I’ve been missing it a lot. My Macbook should come within the next few days, so YAY!!

As for the internet-addiction thing, maybe just try and distract yourself with another hobby that doesn’t require computers? Like art, writing, something like that? I find even just reading a book completely pulls me away from the internet.

“It’s always okay in the end.
If it’s not okay
It’s not the end.”
^Just a quote that I thought would help you.^

Lying is ok, if you don’t make it as your total life, and in this situation, I would have too :-)

Get out there and breathe … you deserve it before Uni is back, because if it truly will help you, you have to do what is best for you.

I’m sorry you were feeling bad before, but I’m glad you got fin back haha.

I’m super new to your site, and judging by your blog entry it sounds like something awful happened to you. I know I don’t know you and me giving you advice in a situation I don’t really know is not in my place. But I hope you feel better and I hope that you stay strong.

On the other hand, this is a very cool blog layout. I like this flower motif you have going on. It’s really peaceful!
Your “grace week” sounds fantastic! We all need a legit break before school really starts. Have so much fun!!!

Ummm I don’t know whether to be happy or sad someone had a emo period (hyperbole) the same time I did. Anyhows, glad you’re feeling better.
Read a book.
Read some more.
And more.
At least until you got out =D.

Wow thanks for telling me that. Now I don’t feel stupid. Thanks :D

I’m glad that you’re going alright! The ‘grace week’ is a really good idea, and you really deserve to have that week! Actually, you deserved the entire break.. but a week is still something.

I understand you not wanting to talk about it over and over again.. I know how that feels. If you ever do need someone to talk to though, I’m here for you ♥

Things are slowly getting better with David. I’m really glad about that, too. I just hope that they stay this way, because I know from the past that he changes his mind a lot when it comes to our relationship >.< At least when we're having arguments or what not. So I hope that doesn't happen this time.

LOL oh boy is he hot .< Especially the times when I don't get a phone call about it, and I just try to use me debit but I can't, because the card has been shut off. It's rather embarassing, even though I KNOW that I have money in the account.

Part of that somehow got messed up. I did write, “Oh boy is he hot. I love me some Taylor Lautner 🤤 ” .. but it merged with the other part. Which started with “The debit card thing is annoying >.<"

Ahh, why does my keyboard always mess up on me!

hey hunny bunny thx for the comment, ye u were right i missed u guys too much. i saw louise when i went to london in may but its too expensive to always going so i think ill see her in another ten years lol (ive known her for ten years)

Hmm…though you are lying, you’re getting out, but don’t be surprised if your mother finds out.
Mothers supposedly know everything (except mine…haha). ;)

It’s okay to take a break and get out, I guess. I mean, I wouldn’t do it, but I understand why you did it.

I’m glad you’re alright. That’s really great and if having Fin back makes you happy, then I’m happy too! ^_^

Hey, Georgina! I’m sorry you have had such a tough time lately. I’m glad to hear you are doing better.

Getting comments is always nice. You have a lot of people out in the online world that care about you. I don’t know if that’s any help but there you go.

I understand what you mean there. Holidays can be boring. I’ve felt extremely useless the majority of the summer. Without Phantom (Yes, I name my computer as well.) I would crumble.

I had to babysit for a day last week and didn’t have access to a computer. All I could do was sit in front of the TV, let my brain turn to mush, and try and break up fights between the siblings. It. Was. Awful. Designing, blogging, coding, and returning comments has been the air I breathe this summer. I went home and broke down on the way home. I completely understand why you felt that way without Fin.

I’m glad to hear you have Fin back! 😏

You do need to see your friends. You need them and they need you. Hopefully, it will be a good week for you. Enjoy it :)

Twilight exploded into popularity and it is just straight up annoying. A lot of Twilight haters might be Twilight fans if it wasn’t for the ridiculous popularity.

Taylor Swift isn’t a good singer but I admire her for writing her own songs. Even if her songs make me queasy because I associated every single one with my memories, she still deserves the credit for writing them on her own.

A guy I used to like a lot gave me a Christmas mickey mouse and it is the cutest thing! We don’t like each other anymore but I kept the mouse because it was a special edition and it was cute :P

Sometimes I use makeup to hide. Not to hide flaws but to hide. I feel like the more eyeliner I put on, the more invisible to other people I am. It’s weird but it’s kind of a defense thing for me. Say I wake up one morning in a bad mood, I put my eyeliner on thicker and darker than usual. Weird, huh?

My dad liked the theme :) But ever since I made it for him, he thinks that I work for him. He’s getting paid to work on a site for the artist and he had me fix the CSS because his CSS skills aren’t the greatest. He’s better with scripts and I’m good with CSS :P

haha i’m so self concious of my belongings now, especially when i lost my ipod! yeah no one returned my store credit… and it already expired so ohwell :(

i dropped an envelope i was supposed to mail on the street once and thankgoodness someone told me about it!

haha i get a bit worried and yeahh when im not connected to the internet! i like checking my emails, my textmsgs, blahblah .

you’ll feel guilty, but good at the same time to feel free that week (: it’ll be an exciting week!

I am glad to hear that you are feeling more optimistic about the future, and I definitely agree that time and space might be just what you need. I also feel that sometimes a little lie never hurt anyone.

I’m also glad to hear that you got Fin back. Is Fin short for something? I’m thinking about naming my laptop Bex when I get her.

That’s true. I always try to look on the bright side now (I’ll admit I didn’t in the past). It’s just a small lie and I’m just going out to see friends. After all, I’m an adult.

Fin’s not short for anything, it’s just Fin. :) I know that Fin can be short for Finnikin though. :P Bex is a cute name! :D

Hey Georgie,

I’m glad you got to cry and let it all out. And that you have Fin back. I know the feeling of having something so important in your life taken away from you for a good period of time. I know I had the laptop taken away from me for about 3-4 months. I did something I wasn’t supposed to do and I did it anyways. I can’t recall what it was but I think it was that I bought another domain when I shouldn’t have or I met a guy off the internet or something like that. I know for a fact I got the computer taken away from me for four months because I had bought a domain from Kya and than losing it after that. But I’m glad you have fin back now *hugs*.

I’m sorry; that life isn’t going the way you expect it to be going. That sucks big time. I know. I want to move so badly and go to a different church so badly I can’t see straight (literally). I want to have a town that doesn’t know my mental illness. Ya know? If they see me taking pills, I’ll just simply say “They’re for health issues”. I went to the hospital yesterday, and well; it wasn’t pretty. I have a kidney infection. Which is why it was hurting so bad yesterday. Thank god it wasn’t appendix. Ya know?

But chin up! Things will get better slowly at first but faster and faster and than you’ll say I wish it would go by slowly. Ya know? Well; girlie I gotta get going but I will talk to you later (Oh btw, I don’t have a domain any more so you’re gonna have to reply here).

Hey Jamie,

I’m sorry you decided not to have a domain anymore. I hope you’re getting a good break and having some time off. :)

It’s a shame that sometimes we might have people miss us or don’t understand why we disappeared. I’m sorry you had to go through that as well. I remember years ago before my website had so many visitors, I got my computer taken from me for about a month. It was torture as well. Technology is such a big part of our lives now that it’s hard to live without it.

I’m sorry about the kidney infection. :( I really hope things look up for you too. *hugs* I think that the move will be a fresh new start for you, and no one should judge you should they see you taking pills, no matter what they are for.

Take care love, you deserve it! ♥

Yayyy you’re alright. *hugs*

As always, take your time returning comments! Anyone who expects a comment right away is just silly and doesn’t deserve one anyway, pfft. ;) You were making such great progress yesterday… 38 to 16, very impressive. :)

I’m actually getting a bit sick of this holiday myself… I just want to go off to college already! I love having all this free time, but it gets a bit monotonous, and so many exciting things happen every day during school. Not to mention getting to see everyone. /love

Good luck not letting everything blow up in your face this semester. I don’t mean to discourage you, but I always find it really hard to keep everything super in control like that. =/ My econ teacher once told our class that we can’t excel at EVERYTHING in school all at once, because there just isn’t enough time in the day, so sometimes we just have to prioritize and let some things go.

It shouldn’t be too hard to avoid extreme blow-ups with people though… just pick your battles and try not to put yourself in situations that might escalate into a huge argument. Easier said than done though, I suppose.

Oh my gosh I get how you feeeel. I live and breathe code as well. It’s horrible being without my laptop. If I’m without it, I’d better be super fucking busy. D: I’m so happy you have Fin back now! /bounce

That “grace week” idea sounds really great. I’m worried that it’s pretty risky because your mom might find out that uni hasn’t actually started… but then again, why would she find out? :P

My out of the house time hasn’t been much different than yours. xD The difference is that I COULD go out if I wanted to. =/

I hope everything goes as planned and that you have a wonderful week!! ♥

Sorry to hear about your pain and suffering. I hope everything gets better for you. If it’s something personal, it’s best you don’t post it. Of course, it’s up to you. It’s your blog site.

If you need some cheering up, watch some comedy movies or television shows. That always help. I think The Big Bang Theory is tomorrow night. You know you love that show. :D Probably CSI, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami is tonight.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel worried about the near future. You don’t know what’s in store for you. It could be something good or something bad. We just don’t know. I can’t believe the holidays are approaching so fast. It’s already July and where in the middle of the year. Wow.

That sucks. Sorry to hear about last semester being a rollercoaster. Just stay focus. Don’t let the other things get to you. Remember, your there to get that degree in whatever is your interested in. You just have to keep telling yourself that.

If people ask you about HTML, tell them to check out your tutorials. You have a lot of on that. For beginners, they can check out Lissa Explains It All. It’s simple and easy to understand. No big words to look up or anything.

You shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself. I hate to say it, but your mom is right. You need to get your priorities straight. Do what you need to do offline first then you can do your online. If you have to do, make a To-Do List. Tha always help.

“Grace Week” is not a bad idea. After everything you or went through, who wouldn’t need a vaca? I know I could use one. It’s been long over due. I asked my friend if she needs help around the house to call. She lives on the other side of the island. It’s my excuse to get away from town. ;)

Sorry for the late reply, Georgina :), but I’m glad you’re doing better! I love the name for your laptop, Fin. I named mine George…and ironically it’s pink :P. My mom said it’s because he’s gay, and she finds it weird that I named my pink laptop George. xD so do I.

Anyways, I’m glad you’re doing okay, and I’m glad your online (and offline) buds have helped you get through this time <3.

I have found this summer…in a pit of suckiness. My "best" friends haven't talked to me since the last day of school, and the two friends I thought I wouldn't talk to this summer have been there for me every time I needed them. I'm confused, depressed, and because of the depression I've dropped tons of weight from lack of eating. And, also, I've spent a lot of time talking and IMing my online friends. Haha…they’re there for me more than my damn offline friends.

So how are you (besides every thing happening :/)?

I’m leaving very soon, so I hope you reply to this comment before I leave, lol :).

I hate where I live currently because of the things I told you about above about my friends :|. I just can’t stand the depression I feel, because for some reason I just feel lonely a lot.

The rash is gone! :D my mom cussed out the receptionist because she wouldn’t get me in because “Benadryl works.” Idiot lady — no it didn’t. Oi. xD

I breath code :). I love coding <3. It makes me happy — like a lovely drug. Oh, yes, geek!

Sometimes secrets are so hard to keep… :/ Sometimes I wish that people didn’t tell me their secrets because I honestly don’t want to deal with their shit on my shoulders, too, but I also feel bad if I don’t listen to them.

I have 6 hours everyday home by myself, so computer is a frequent friend of mine ^_^…


Glad to know that you’re alright! Let’s just forget what had happened, okay? <3

When holidays come I always get excited, but as I get through it I feel so bored and I really have nothing to do. Then when school comes again and starts bombarding me with tons of assignments & homework, I suddenly want holidays. Haha.

Hopefully when university starts again, it won't be like last semester. Last year school getting crazy for me (group assignments… ugh, not fun).

When I don't touch internet and codes for days, I feel like something's missing in me. I feel empty. :( My mom only allows me to be online on Friday and Saturday next year. No idea if I'll get through that, haha. :/

Websites are my hobbies~ haha. Sometimes I'm confused when people say "get a social life, stop befriending computer and do things you like!" … what I like = websites, they're my hobbies. /hehe Glad that you get Fin back now!

Have fun on your "grace week"! If you need to go out, then go out then. Breathe the fresh air outside and enjoy your week before University starts. :D

60,000 words? That's a lot! I don't like fan fictions now, I prefer original fictions. Because you know, you create the characters. When you create fan fictions, you also have to do researches about the, e.g. band members. Unless you want to write about them in alternate universe.

My current story also includes myself a lot in it–the characters, the scenes… I'm trying to avoid putting too much things about me though, but they keep flowing like that. It really reflects my thoughts… I sometimes think that I'm writing a life that I want, but nooo. :P

You’ve been through hell and I guess stuffs you’re going through are way harder than what I’m encountering.

I’m not sure when classes there starts, but I hope you’ll enjoy your last days of summer(it’s still summer there, I assume? XD). Classes had resumed here last June but we only get literally busy when the end of the semester is near, so I feel you. URGH. Having group members who won’t contribute and wouldn’t help at all is a pain in the ass. -.-

I’m amazed at how you seem to really love coding. I get tired of coding quite easily. XD It’s a relief that Fin is back in your hands. :D

I tried once not getting online and it worked for like 20 minutes or so. Haha. I’m addicted to the internet. XD

You deserve a break, after all those stuffs. :D I feel bad about lying too, but it can’t be helped sometimes. Hehehe. I’m guilty of that.

Okay, I’m returning your 2-month old comment. LOL. Spank me. XD

Does watching the stars and sunset make one a hopeless romantic? :O I never thought I’m a romantic. LOL. I love watching those things with the guy I like too. ♥

Oh, about the fanlisting for you and James, I’ll just ask the guys at TFL where a couple fanlisting fits, if that’s not weird at all. That is if no one had made one for you yet. XD I’ll try and make one if you approve of the idea. Bwahaha.

iPhone’s not yet available here, if I’m not mistaken. I went to the iStore last Saturday and they don’t have it. I guess they have to make it openline or something. O_o

I’ve been gone for soooo long and I know I missed a lot. I missed reading your blogs!

It’s so good you have fin back now XD I don’t know what I would do without mine, I would die.
I have no life whatsoever outside of the internet, but luckily my parents haven’t ever taken mine away, sometimes they just threaten though :P
Although they’ve taken my brother’s away from him too many times to count because he gets distracted easily with it lol

Sorry to hear about what has happened to you, I’m glad things are better!

I am not really wanting the holidays to end.
Even though I am also really upset of making no progress or really doing anything, I am dead scared to go back to school, because I am starting a new one, and I’m really awkward and un-social, which doesn’t really help /bounce
I am also really happy that I don’t have the weight and stress of oral exams, exams and tests every day, because I’m not one to cope with stress easily! /hehe

I am exactly the same lol! I have not been out the house at all, only just to help my mum with the shopping too. haha.

I am a terrible terrible person.

i havent been privy to the webdesigning world properly in over a month and i feel bad as i havent visited and know not of your problems. However I hope that things look up for you and you keep strong :) *hug*

Also a grace week sounds like a great idea everyone needs a break from things, i’m going on holiday this last six months has been tough and im just looking forward to a break so don’t feel guilty just indulge in the things a normal teenager does have fun and your site and your loyal readers will be here when you get back.

and this layout is lovely too :)

Hello. :)

I think so too. The parents of my sister’s boyfriend always ask her when they think about having babies – my sister turns 20 in December. She thinks it’s insane to start this early, especially since she doesn’t have the money and stuff. Times sure did change over the past few decades and I am actually really, really glad they did.

You are already halfway through your university degree? WOW! Lucky you! I hope to start uni this fall..

I was scared in the beginning too, but my cousin showed me how to hold him and so I wasn’t too afraid anymore. But when I was younger and my cousin’s daughter was born I had a lot more fear to hold her. I think the first time I really held her was when she was a couple of months old.

Oh yes! The update blogs.. when I see blogs like that now I just want to leave right away – except there is another normal blog underneath or something. Personal blogs are definitely something I really, really enjoy reading.

I am really glad to hear that you are starting to feel alright by now, Georgie! *hugs*

I remember the time when I had no computer for weeks and therefore no internet – I went crazy, well almost. I am waaay to addicted to the internet too!

LOL you’re such a geek Georgie, but I think it’s kinda cute. :)

I kinda like the idea of your grace week! It gives you some time to get out of the house and do fun things and just relax. It’ll probably help you to a lot in the end when it comes to handling stressful situations at home. :)

We all “need” a little white lie every now and then, so don’t worry about it too much. You had a lot going on at home lately and you just need some time for yourself and your friends. :)

I am also happy for the geek in you that you got Fin back! :)

thanks so much Georgina! *hugs for you too* your welcome! You deserve it :) thanks! What you say about me means a lot. Thanks for your support! I agree, in a year you can learn a lot about managing a website.

That’s okay. Yes, it’s so interesting to see how far Have you eat. You’re totally right. Now only use pictures of celebrities for my fanarts.

That is true, it’s nice when someone comments on your blogs about personal things. Yeah that’s what I think. I fully agree with you :)

I also am glad to talk through comments. Maybe we should speak also through other places, right? I’m glad you consider me a friend because I also consider you as a friend. your welcome! Don’t worry, it’s the least I can do. That’s what friends do, give to support the good moments and bad moments.

That’s true, I’m just a couple of hours online. Okay.

I understand. You must do is stay strong. If that’s what you have to do, keep your head up and try that nothing happens.

Yeah, it’s very interesting :D

I regret that your brother has severe body odor. Maybe he should use more deodorant. Some people have excess sweating and others.

I know. I hope so, although I don’t worry too much.

Glad you’re well now, despite theeEvent of the last days.

I understand you, I like holidays and breaks. But when it took nearly 1 month of vacation, I begin to feel that I have wanted to go back to Uni /um But still I have almost two months of summer vacation. I guess I was enthusiastic at first, but then I start to feel the frustration that I can do something else. So try to stay busy as much as possible during the holidays 👏

I think you should be prepared to start the University in good standing, so you won’t feel so stressed how you felt in the last semester.

It’s great that you realize that you are addicted to the Internet. This will serve to not pressure you so much. Maybe you should find some more hobbies :)

“Grace week” is a great idea. Get out there and breathe, you deserve it before University is back, because if it truly will help you, you have to do what is best for you.
Maybe help you feel fresh and better once you return. I hope all goes well.
Don’t worry about lying to your parents, it is sometimes necessary to say a little lie for your enjoyment.

Catching the occasion to apologize about not replying to your last email, Georgie dear; I’ve been outside a lot, and always busy home, so I haven’t gotten back to it yet. Anyway, I’m glad things go better, and I can only approve on the anticipated university classes. ;) You know.

Missing HTML codes? Oh, I do too! XD There’s something incredibly artistic, plastic, and ordered in site codes, in blogging, in seeing words and graphics mix together to do some pretty aesthetic dance. I don’t know how to say it well, it just comes out like poetry.

– Luana S.

The Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursdays at 8:00 ET. My mom likes Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisper, The Mentalist, NCIS: Los Angeles, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Numb3rs, and Two and a Half Men. I like to watch Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor sometimes.

I know what you mean. I want to go back to KCC. I can do financial aid. I just don’t know how much I’ll be getting. I don’t want to use my own to buy the books. I want to make sure I have enough of the financial aid money, so I can use it for that.

Good luck! I hope you do good this semester. :)

Sometimes I go to Lissa Explains It All if I need to add something to my site because I forgot what was the code.

Don’t you mean your never ending To-Do List? Haha. Jk. :P

I hope so too. We haven’t seen in each other in a very long time.

I still have to watch the rest of the episodes of The Big Bang Theory. They seem to be jumping around a lot, so it’s hard to understand what’s going on. /pow I used to watch Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whispers with my mom. For Desperate Housewives, I got lost after season 2. For Ghost Whispers, I got lost after season 1.

Thanks. :)

It does seem like a never ending list. There’s always something to do. :D