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I’ve been told not to apologise but I still do! I’m saying sorry, because I haven’t really bothered to respond to anyone’s comments. My host Kya has successfully moved everything to the new server. I am so happy and so proud of her – she moved pretty much 300 accounts by herself. I admire her patience. ♥️

I had to wait for the nameservers to propagate on nine of my domains hosted with her. Annoyingly, […]

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I just realised that Any Way You Want It by Rise Against is a cover of the Journey song. I can’t listen to the song without cracking up, because I think of this scene from TBBT.

I’m out of The Big Bang Theory episodes to watch. I’m up to date. I’ll have to wait a while to see the next episode though, because television is behind in Australia.

I’ll have to find something else […]

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I know you saw the video and groaned. “Oh no, I have to watch a video in this person’s blog… shit”. Your face looked something like this. 😓 It’s okay. I’m not making you watch it. 🙂

However, if you can spare a few, I really suggest watching this video. It’s just under 2:30, so you could play it as you read my blog. It’s just the song I want you to listen to. […]

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Despite the problem Kya (my host) had with the last attempt at a move to a VPS – she will be moving us to a VPS at Liquid Web (formerly Wired Tree) so hopefully it all goes well. I might close comments later on… I’m not that worried. I will have to change the nameservers at some point though. I’ll be posting with an announcement about the move being successful, so not to worry. […]

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I’ve had my laptop for about a year now. It wasn’t long after I got him that I named him Fin, after the Anberlin song. It’s a lovely song as well, I might add.

Then I named my iPhone Ben, after Ben Jorgensen. 😍

I know people talk about naming their belongings, but those are the only two belongings I have ever named. Don’t start on my toy plushies though, that’s a different […]

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I have a really terrible fear of staples. Amongst all the fears I have – rejection, dying, porn, burgers, glass, the dark, being alone, getting lost – the worst is probably staples. Extremely closely followed by the dark.

Staples, why. I’m talking the metal things that hold sheets of paper together. They’re like thin steel pins bent into shape, usually punched at the edge or corner of a stack of paper. I am really […]

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So, comments. Some people are scolded for leaving comments on blogs that clearly show that they haven’t read the blog. Even designing blogs, technology blogs, entertainment blogs, have comments enabled which allow you to leave a response to the blog posts. As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a comment is:

1) a commentary;
2) a note explaining, illustrating, or criticizing the meaning of a writing

How is a comment on a blog post […]

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Title is a reference to the Big Bang Theory episode The Hamburger Postulate… read on. 😧

Kya has had to cancel the server change. 😞 It didn’t all go very well and accounts could not be transferred properly, so we’re staying where we are. That means, as you can see, my new layout is up. 🙂 I know it’s a huge change from what I had before, and the previous layout was up for […]

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This morning I was joyously greeted with an email from the awesome Jorja. Yesterday night I told her to email me a threatening email telling me to finish off my assignment. I told her I really needed a push and to be freaked out big time.

Sometimes we all need that push. Motivational cheers can work (Ryan told me he brought his cheerleading costume… LOL), but I think I am one of those people […]

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Please don’t have a heart attack; I’m moderating comments so I can tell which ones I’ve responded to. 🙂

I am also feeling a lot better so thank you for all your lovely comments!

On Friday Lilian visited me at university. She has a holiday right now. I have found out that my holiday is next week and I’m excited. It’s not really a holiday – it’s called a “study break” and I know there’s […]

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