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I’ve also written a review of ObjectDock; you might like to compare and contrast the two programs.

Download RocketDock here.

RocketDock is an application for Windows that adds a cute little dock to your desktop. Like ObjectDock, it looks like the dock on a Mac. I used RocketDock prior to trying ObjectDock. The dock can be placed on the top, bottom, left or right of screen.


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You might want to read my review of RocketDock to compare the two programs.

Download ObjectDock here.

ObjectDock is an application designed for Windows operating systems, which adds a customisable “dock” to your desktop. It can work in place of the taskbar as it includes all your running programs as well as other shortcuts and an option to display weather and time.

ObjectDock […]

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Kya hasn’t moved everything over to the new server yet, but I’ve still decided to take the risk of… dun dun dun… posting a blog! (And allowing comments!) It’s okay; due to my paranoia I am also sending myself a backup of my databases every hour, so I restore it if it happens to be lost along the way on the new server. Yes, paranoia to the max. 😰

I’ve decided not to worry […]

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A few hours after posting this, I will (sadly) have to close comments. I don’t want to risk losing many comments during the server change. If you haven’t heard, my host Kya is moving us to a VPS (virtual private server) so my site will be “inactive” for a few days.

I plan on putting up a new layout after the move. I’ve been working on it for a few days but it […]

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Outside the door of any change room in a shop. Outside any clothes shop. Outside the fitting rooms of a fancy dress shop… there is a chair.

They call it the boy chair. And quite so appropriately too.

When my brother was younger my parents took him everywhere they went on weekends, because they didn’t want to leave a kid of his age, alone at home. They usually took me as well. But usually, my […]

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Today I skipped class because it was just a Dreamweaver workshop. I refuse to use that program when I can code in Notepad, and from my head too. My tutor said it’s fine if I want to do that so I decided not to attend. 😄

I have news. My superamazingwow host Kya is moving all the hostees at to a virtual private server. Yes, this sounds incredibly fun. I’m excited because it […]

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It’s times like these I wish my mum would be quiet for just one second. I can barely concentrate when she won’t quit telling me off.

Again, today, I procrastinated. But I guess it’s okay, since I’ll be paying the price later. I have gone past halfway with my part of the debate – it’s due Friday. I forgot to mention that it is an online debate. Weird, right? But at least I don’t have […]

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Gillian and I have been talking via email. Recently we have been talking about true friends. The only twist on this is that I’m talking about true online friends.

I hate how this sort of thing always leads to me as a busy person. But I don’t get much time to visit people’s sites and keep in touch, since responding to comments takes me a long time. The wonderful friends I’ve met online keep […]

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It was sad enough seeing Gillian leave the web world, even though I’ve been contacting her by email. I still haven’t replied to her email because things have been just that hectic for me.

Okay, maybe not… I lied. I’ve been posting on boards and exchanging emails with my classmates, since we have a few projects going on. But let me tell you this – I need to stop procrastinating! I know I eventually do […]

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In case you haven’t caught up or heard, Tiffany and I opened our forum. We now have over 60 members in the space of just a few days, and nearly have a thousand posts in total! I would like to thank everyone who has joined so far. 🙂 Visit Skeletons MB!

It has been somewhere I procrastinate, unfortunately. I’ve been posting there just to avoid doing other work. Bad. 😰

How do you guys […]

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