Our Europe & Singapore Adventure in under 4 minutes

Got a few minutes? Good! Then you can watch this little video Nick and I put together of our trip to Europe and Singapore. It’s under four minutes (promise) and it’s set to one song. Nothing too excruciating, and it’s pretty fast-paced as well. :)

We filmed the whole thing on our phones, so relax, the quality is not quite amazing. 😅

Hope you enjoy it! (Yeah, the proposal is in there. ;))

I’m planning to publish a post about what I packed for Europe (since we packed really light) – if there is anything else you’re interested in, let me know!

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In reverse chronological order.

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OMGGG GEORGIE!!! 😄😄😄 This is so cute! Okay, gotta say this: I’m officially a NickGeorgie Shipper 😂
I thoroughly enjoyed this video and I’m guilty for having watched it twice too (Who wouldn’t?! Parade of Lights! Choice of music for the video also 100% approved 👏). It’s short but summarises your trip pretty well.
Girl, I can’t say this enough -you and Nick, model couple. Talk about relationship goals lol

This video is so awesome, Georgie! I watched it twice before posting this comment! You two look so cute together! All the places filmed are absolutely gorgeous.

YES MATE. Love the video – especially the part when you were bopping up and down at Stonehenge, you cutie. You and Nick are adorable! And I think it’s such a nice companion to the blog posts, having the video. Neat song choice, too. Whoop whoop!

MY OTP~! ^^

I’m a Nick and Georgie shipper for lyfe. You guys are so cute :D

The video is full of cute snippets!!!! AHHHHHhHhhh I love every part of it, especially with you two filming each other. You and Nick are so adorable :3. You make me want to go out and make more videos XD.

OOooooooO~~ The ending is perfect with Nick proposing to you. I’m so happy to see you being happy ^___^! I think it’s pretty cool that you were driving the boat. Mmmmmm the food looks tasty, especially when you were in the tea room setting XD. You should make more videos too!!! I really enjoyed watching this one.

Ah! I absolutely loved the video. Makes me want to pack my bags and go on a Eurotrip, too. Despite living in London, I haven’t been to that many European countries! I’ll be back in Paris in September, though :)

^ Yes, Nancy! Go out and make more videos. I’mma find a bae so I can make videos, too. Pahahha.

Also, the ending is perfect~ I still remember going on Instagram and seeing the picture for the first time and it have me so overjoyed. You guys are the cutest <3

LOVE IT!!! I was hoping to see your entire reaction to the proposal hahhaa (like the part where you cry) :P. Best wishes to you both!!

Hahaha we have the whole video but I guess we didn’t share that with anyone except family. 😊