Our Europe & Singapore Adventure in under 4 minutes

Got a few minutes? Good! Then you can watch this little video Nick and I put together of our trip to Europe and Singapore. It’s under four minutes (promise) and it’s set to one song. Nothing too excruciating, and it’s pretty fast-paced as well. 🙂

We filmed the whole thing on our phones, so relax, the quality is not quite amazing. 😅

Hope you enjoy it! (Yeah, the proposal is in there. 😉)

I’m planning to publish a post about what I packed for Europe (since we packed really light) – if there is anything else you’re interested in, let me know!

Other posts about our trip to Europe

In reverse chronological order.

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OMGGG GEORGIE!!! 😄😄😄 This is so cute! Okay, gotta say this: I’m officially a NickGeorgie Shipper 😂
I thoroughly enjoyed this video and I’m guilty for having watched it twice too (Who wouldn’t?! Parade of Lights! Choice of music for the video also 100% approved 👏). It’s short but summarises your trip pretty well.
Girl, I can’t say this enough -you and Nick, model couple. Talk about relationship goals lol

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This video is so awesome, Georgie! I watched it twice before posting this comment! You two look so cute together! All the places filmed are absolutely gorgeous.

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YES MATE. Love the video – especially the part when you were bopping up and down at Stonehenge, you cutie. You and Nick are adorable! And I think it’s such a nice companion to the blog posts, having the video. Neat song choice, too. Whoop whoop!

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The video is full of cute snippets!!!! AHHHHHhHhhh I love every part of it, especially with you two filming each other. You and Nick are so adorable :3. You make me want to go out and make more videos 😆.

OOooooooO~~ The ending is perfect with Nick proposing to you. I’m so happy to see you being happy ^___^! I think it’s pretty cool that you were driving the boat. Mmmmmm the food looks tasty, especially when you were in the tea room setting 😆. You should make more videos too!!! I really enjoyed watching this one.

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Ah! I absolutely loved the video. Makes me want to pack my bags and go on a Eurotrip, too. Despite living in London, I haven’t been to that many European countries! I’ll be back in Paris in September, though 🙂

^ Yes, Nancy! Go out and make more videos. I’mma find a bae so I can make videos, too. Pahahha.

Also, the ending is perfect~ I still remember going on Instagram and seeing the picture for the first time and it have me so overjoyed. You guys are the cutest ♥️

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LOVE IT!!! I was hoping to see your entire reaction to the proposal hahhaa (like the part where you cry) 😛. Best wishes to you both!!

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