Best posts of 2015

Star baubles on a Christmas tree

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, or Chanukah, or just a good holiday today if you don’t celebrate Christmas. 😊

I had a great day with Nick’s family and my family, but I won’t bother writing too much about the Christmas festivities. I know that a lot of people may not be interested in reading ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts (I’m personally not a huge fan), and I’ve actually got, err… maybe four times the amount of presents I usually get every Christmas because my family doesn’t get too festive. So writing about my presents sounds like a huge feat anyway.

Usually before Christmas or on the last day of the year I do a rather popular survey for a ‘year in review’, but I found that survey to be quite boring after last year. This year I have decided to do a summary of my year, but towards the end of the year. I used to do it on the first day of the following year, which was kind of silly.

However, I’ll have that post some time next week. Today I am posting a list of my favourite posts of the year, or the ones that highlighted some defining moments. If you’re a new reader, maybe you will find some of these nice to read, or if you are a long-time reader, you might remember some of these posts. ;)

There are probably a few too many, but there were some that were context-specific that I found great (like the interview with my brother and that particular Fashion Friday edition).

Comments on this post

I love your blog and your posts. You have quite an interesting life, and a lot of amazing experiences that come with it. I enjoyed reading your blog entries, I especially love your 8 photos of happiness. I may want to try something like that in the future. You are quite an interesting and amazing person. You have an incredible ability to make your readers know you. Just by reading your posts, even I feel as if I know you. I wish you the merriest of holidays and I look forward to reading more. Take care and be happy, always. :)

Thank you so much Ella. ❤️❤️ I loved looking at everyone’s 8 photos of happiness so let me know when you’ve done yours!

I hope you have a beautiful holiday season. 🎄

I read over your interview with your brother – now THAT is a good post ;) But most of your posts are amazing, you might as well have your archives list linked here! :P