2 minutes and 40 seconds with Tiny

Tiny is one very cool lady who wrote the shortest of bios. We worked for the same company for a year or two (that’s how we met). I’d describe her as fierce and funny, and you can strike up a conversation with her about pretty much anything.

Data Scientist, cat lover, foodie and live music addict

A photo of Tiny
A photo of Tiny

You have a black cat, a white cat, and a black and white cat. If you had to name them Tom, Dick and Harry, which cat would be given each name?

Tom – White, all the Tom’s I know are white so white it is.
Harry – Black and White because my friend Harry is black and white.
Dick – Black, because these are the two leftover.

Would you go vegan for a week if someone gave you $500?

Hell yeah. Plants are food not friends.

Assuming you have earned yourself the $500, what is the first restaurant you visit and what do you order?

Funnily enough, Bodhi Restaurant, they specialise in vegan all day yum cha. I would sit myself down and start nomming the first dumplings that get brought up. I could go some Bodhi right now, now that I think about it.

Dress up party time! Who are you?

Hmm, something weird and abstract. I did Internet Explorer last halloween. Maybe Autocorrect or something.

Which superhero would be your best friend?

Storm, she’s pretty awesome. All that weather control, I could live in a permanently sunny and dry environment.

A purple panda walks into your bedroom with a paintbrush and a can of black paint. Do you paint the panda black again or not?

I would try and start a conversation with it to determine it’s exact intentions. If it did want to go black, I’d give it a hand. Otherwise try and make some art with it.

You get to ride on a motorbike with your favourite Pokemon, but you have to give them a bath after you roll in the mud and eat tacos that fall apart. What is that Pokemon?

I hate it when tacos fall apart! Given I know the name of maybe 5 pokemon, I’ll go with Pikachu since it is an adorable rodent thing.

You are running along a highway and a clown in a police car is driving after you. What is happening?

I’m running a marathon and I needed motivation, so I phoned a friend. If I slow down, they’ll shoot me with their water guns.

In a moderately busy shopping centre, someone grabs your expensive handbag in an attempt to steal it. You must humiliate that person in the best way possible. What do you do?

Tackle them down and take their pants. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your pants stolen in a busy area.

Would you rather have a peach pie or a pear pie?

Oh goodness this is hard. Probably peach since getting them year around is pretty hard and peaches are pretty ace.

Would you rather have a leather bag labelled ‘I AM A TOTE’ or a tote bag labelled ‘I AM A BOAT’?

Tote bag. I love the absurd. The treachery of words.

What is your favourite viral video?

Probably the Look At My Horse video. I used to (and possibly still do) know all the lyrics to that song.

What is a beverage that you would gladly pour on someone’s head if they offended you?

White wine vinegar. It smells and it’ll sting your eyes. Actually, do people drink vinegar? If not, then red wine. Stain the hell out of their clothes.

Would you rather work for Batman, an evil cat, or a man with no head?

I can see Batman being a bit of a bossy pants and I don’t fancy spending too much time with a corpse so probably the cat. The cat would probably get up to some interesting feline plans for world domination.

Last but not least, what would your occupation be in another life?

Celebrity chef for sure. I love cooking, food and and sharing it with people.

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Thank you for another great year of interviews. ‘2 minutes and 40 seconds’ will return some time next year! If you’re interested in being interviewed, let me know!