Beep beep, beep beep, yeah.

I was pretty reluctant to write about my car when I bought it last year. I bought a brand new one but I had a few people judge me for only being on my learner’s licence when I bought a brand new car. Because of that I didn’t really want to tell anyone about it, either, and that’s why LZRGUN sort of remained a mystery.

I first got my learner licence in 2007. The requirement was to log at least 50 hours of driving. Then it was announced that after a certain date, the rules would change to a minimum of 120 hours, which had to include a minimum of 20 hours of night driving. I did my learning test and got my licence before that change, hoping to log 50 hours and do a driving test.

In my state, there are a series of licences you have to go through before gaining your full licence:

  • Learner (yellow) (minimum 1 year)
  • Provisional 1 (red) (minimum 1 year)
  • Provisional 2 (green) (minimum 2 years)

It sounds annoying, and I am certain that other countries only require you to do one test, whereas here… you have to do one test for each of the above, and one more test to get your full licence. You also have to hold each licence for a minimum period of time. The only practical driving test is the one to get to P1, which is the one I finally took last week. It allows you to drive on your own (without a supervising driver). The others are computer tests.

My first licence had expired many years ago. I didn’t log 50 hours because I never got the time to drive, thanks to school getting in the way. I never needed to drive because it was easier and cheaper to catch public transport to university, work, and other places I wanted to meet and hang out with friends.

Early last year I got my learner licence again before buying a car. I even went all out to get the custom number plate LZRGUN, and I figured it would make me somewhat motivated to drive.

I had a couple of lessons before I took the test. I wouldn’t say I passed with flying colours, but I got a score of 97/104. You just need 90% to pass. The two people who came in before me had failed, and I worried that I would do something wrong (since there are some ‘instant fail’ items). I parked a bit weirdly, having touched the side of the road, but then straightened my car. The testing officer just said I needed to make sure I check my blind spots. I was pretty relieved that I got a female officer, the male ones seemed strict and… I think I would have been very uncomfortable with them sitting in my car. :| But yes, the lady was nice and made some small talk, which I normally hate but I guess it settled my nerves in some way.

I had to drive through so many school zones and wait at a lot of traffic lights. It was a nice challenge, but I was somewhat glad that I got some school zones because at least I could show off that I knew full well to slow down. School zones are only active when school kids might be on the road – so, early morning and in the afternoon. I picked a time in the morning and they were active, but I wanted to get my test done before going to work. :P

I drove by myself to the doctors yesterday, and I also drove all the way to the city to pick Nick up from university (he was doing an exam). I’m pretty proud of myself, haha. I was a bit scared on the motorway but I just took my time. Some people passed in front of me but I wasn’t bothered. I made sure I drove safely. Woohoo.

Now singing the Beatles’ song Drive My Car makes more sense. At least, the beep beep, beep beep, yeah part. 🚗

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Congratulations on passing and now being on your Ps. I am sure it will be a really great thing to have and give you more independence if you decide you want to go somewhere. :D I think sometimes we just arrive at certain things in our own time. I still have my Ls and tend to panic in traffic (oops).

We do have a weird system. So many tests. ;_; Thankfully you have made it through! *hive five* If you are over a certain age, do you still have to be on the Ps for as long? :O

Oh wow, I didn’t know you had to go through several licenses before getting a full one! To be honest, it’s slightly scary how easy it is to get a driver’s license in the US. The test for my permit was super easy, and I didn’t have to take a driving test for my full license since I took a class.

That’s awesome that you passed your driving test! Congrats!

Wow that’s interesting. Here you are allowed to boost your 120-hour requirement by taking courses or doing driving lessons with a qualified instructor, but you have to do the test regardless. xD

Thanks Cat!

People will always judge no matter what @___@. I know people judged me when I spazzed out over driving a Tesla. Forget the haters and enjoy what you have :D. Late congrats to buying a new car (haters can hate- but it’s your money!) and congrats to getting your license!

I can’t believe how long it takes to get a license! Here, all you need is a permit (writing test) and you can qualify for a full license- which can be done within 24 hours if you want (and over 18). At least doing multiple tests ensure that you’re a good/safe/cautious driver. Within time, you’ll be bossing on the streets with your nice Mazda3! I’d have to admit that it’s a really stylish car. You should’ve bought a Mazda6 ???!! Just kidding, you do what you like with your moola ;). You know how I am with cars 🚗🚕🚙 (yay for emoji :D)

Here we have to do two tests: one to get your permit and then one to get your actual license (and then there are more tests to drive busses and trucks, etc.).

I hated driving when I first started. I had a boyfriend and parents who drove me around, so I didn’t see the need to do it, haha. Driving on the highway for the first time was absolutely terrifying! I remember my dad telling me that I had to speed up some because I wasn’t even doing the minimum, haha!

So we finally find out what the LZRGUN manifesto is all about! Congrats on your license, Georgie. It will become more natural with time!

Congratulations, Georgie!! :D Really happy for you. I don’t even know how you’d drive in Sydney – traffic seems crazy lol. But go you! I love the numberplate, too.

I can relate to this entire post all too well – because I finally got my Ps this year (in June)!!! I was very late to the party (seeing as I’m 27 next month). I first got my Ls in 2010 and actually had to keep renewing my licence lol…. The laws were changing here in SA; they were increasing hours and having more restrictions etc. But I got in too late anyway, and so came under the new laws, meaning I had to get 75 hours and 15 night driving (instead of 50 hours and ten night). Compared to your 120, mine was nothing…. 120 is INSANE. I think it’s about 100 in Victoria. I’m lucky!

Here it goes like this: pass online test to get Ls.
Pass either CBT/VORT with an instructor, log the hours, AND do an online Hazard Perception Test = P1s. (It used to be between P1 and P2 you’d do the Hazard test but they changed it, not sure why. Either way, it means I basically have no more testing left to do – I just have to walk into ServiceSA and get my P2s and then subsequently, full licence, when it comes to it!)
You’re on your P1s for one year (MUST display plates) and after that year is up, you automatically go up to P2s, which like in NSW, you have to be on for 2 years before full licence. You don’t have to display your plates anymore on P2, but you’re still provisionary and still under some rules. For example P1 and P2-platers can only drive at 100km/hr. Luckily, there aren’t many roads in SA where the speed limit exceeds that.

There are other restrictions for P1 drivers aged UNDER 25 which thank god, don’t affect me. For those under 25, you can only drive one other person, and there’s a curfew as well (you can’t drive between midnight and 5am I think). You can get exemptions if you’re a shift-worker. It’s all gone a bit ridiculous. I’m just glad those laws don’t apply to me (except the speed limit one). Once you reach P2 those curfews etc don’t apply.

I’m SO glad I got my Ps… I can’t imagine not having them now. I really do enjoy driving and I regret not doing it sooner… *sigh* Oh well. I still have a lot to learn on the road, but I’m improving all the time. Wish you luck as well!

(Sorry for the long comment!!!)

* I should clarify, for under 25 P1 drivers, you can only drive with one other person aged between 16-20. I’m guessing for people older than that it doesn’t matter. I’m guessing they did this to reduce hoon driving and accidents in young people, where they are pressured to take risks on the road.

Haha thanks Jess! Sounds super complicated over there and I wish I didn’t have to do another two hazard tests before progressing any further… but at least they won’t be making me do another practical test. As far as I’m aware, I can (as I am under 25 at the moment) drive other people but after 11pm until some time early in the morning, I am not allowed to drive more than one person under 25 as well.

It is very confusing and someone I know from Melbourne also mentioned that rules are very different over there. I don’t know why Australia can’t have it the same across different states. It is a nightmare trying to explain the concept to people outside of the country, too… D:

Haha, I guess it is a bit complicated! That sucks you have to do a few more theory tests, and yeah, I’m glad there’s no more practical tests either :) The ‘final’ driving test was scary enough!
Ahh okay, so it’s sort of similar to SA. But you’re right – it’s ridiculous how different the laws are between states, when they should all be the same?! Why should they be different? I have no idea….

Yay, congratulations! :D Getting your drivers license is one of the mileposts in life, or at least it is in places where it’s difficult to get. I’ve had mine for 13 years and I still remember the nervousness before the final test and the triumph when I was passed. Being allowed to drive alone for the first time is quite special. For me it felt like I was doing something illegal, like “are you sure I’m allowed to do this” haha!

Also, LZRGUN? That’s just perfect! XD

I used to fret about driving alone, but now I like it quite a bit. It’s a lot nicer than driving with, say, my parents, because even though I’ve had my license ten years they still call me a “new driver”–and they tried really hard to keep me a “new driver” by never letting me drive, up until I had that meltdown in May. I get quite angry while driving, though; I mean, I’m already very temperamental and hot-headed, but when I get cut off or someone is tailgating me I curse out loud.

But what’s the big red P for? We don’t have that in the USA so I’m very confused!

That’s what I said in the beginning of the post about the different series of licences, from Learner (yellow) to Provisional 1 (red) to Provisional 2 (green). :)

Wow, it’s really different here in the States. I would have to get a learner’s permit and be on that for 6 months to a year and drive only with a licensed driver in the car. Congrats though! I’m still too scared to drive, but I hope with the steps that I am making, that it is possible that I can drive eventually.

Driving here is a bit of an ordeal too. There’s the Learner’s (a written/computer test) and then to move up to a Novice license (after minimum 1 year of having an L) you have to do a road test, and then to move onto a Class 5 (“full” license for regular vehicles) is another road test – but you must have had your N for at least 2 years, I think? It used to be less, although I had my N for nearly 5 years because I barely drove for those 5 years (due to being in university/taking public transit). I still don’t own a car, but I’m saving up for one right now :) (P.S. Love your Mazda 3, my sister has a Mazda 2 and I *love* borrowing it – I’m planning on getting a Mazda 3 when I have the money, although not sure if it’ll be new.)

Congrats Georgie on getting your license!

We have two tests here. One is a test just to get the learner’s license and the second is the final test where you actually have to drive! It’s pretty simple to get a license but that doesn’t prove that the person actually knows how to drive! That’s why my dad doesn’t trust me with the car as of now, saying that I don’t have as much practice as is required!

That’s a Mazda? wow! I haven’t seen it around in India :D
I drive a Hyundai

Thank you! Yeah, my parents say the same thing, as do many adults. They say that if they were to do a test now, they would probably fail. Tests have become stricter over time and my parents still don’t think I am a good driver hahaha. We all get better with practice!