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My February Helene Jewelry box didn’t turn up last month. 😞 I contacted the owner, Elena, on Instagram, and she replied and threw two bracelets into my March box. Yay! The postal service has been getting a bit annoying recently, or maybe a thief is stealing my packages. The February and March bracelets were the last of my subscription, so I have to decide whether or not I want to renew.

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When I was in primary school my mum often gave me fruit to take to school. She really put an effort into making sure I had my serving of at least one fruit daily. Only if I was really lucky would I get something like chips or cookies as a snack, but even so, my mum would always make sure I had my fruit when I got home from school.

One of those lucky days, I got to take snack noodles to school. I particularly remember the brand of snack noodles called Mamee, which I believe is originally a Malaysian brand, but was also manufactured in Indonesia. Snack noodles look like two-minute noodles but they are fit for eating and don’t need to be cooked. You just eat them like a crunchy, curly snack.

I found this amazing.

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Today’s edition of Fashion Friday was photographed by Nick. I have decided to alternate between Nick and Seb photographing Fashion Fridays, which makes things easier to organise, and of course, it’s quite fun having two different photographers because they both have their own style. I have found that it is quite important for me to play a part when it comes to posing and giving some kind of creative direction. In the end, I am the one who will be using the photos and it is sort of up to me to make sure I am happy with them.

My favourite shot.

I have taken a liking to pearls lately. A while ago I was considering buying some pearl earrings just to see how I liked them. I haven’t always liked pearls because I thought of them as rather simple and drab balls/beads, but now I think they can look quite classy. More on the accessories later, as I like to talk about them last.

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a TBF(F)L. Also, in my mind that means The Best Friend (Forever) Lunch, but it’s sort of a play on BFFL, which of course means Best Friend For Life, rather than Best Friend Forever, but anyway… this edition is super cool and fun because Nick joined us.

We’ve all been busy with work, but a couple of weeks ago Lilian needed some help moving some furniture because she was at home by herself and the local council was picking up her unwanted bits and bobs. That was the last time we saw her in between our lunch meetups. She bought Nick and I lunch as a way of saying thanks. Although Nick, being Nick, said she was naughty and should have let him pay. 😛

The Place

We went to Nosh-up, a little cafe in World Square (the shopping centre close to where we work – for me and Nick, it’s just downstairs) that specialises in pasta. Then again, I’m pretty sure all cafes have pasta available for lunch… Regardless, Lil said she had walked past this place so many times but never ate there. I know our work building has the option to order food from the place and have it delivered to the lobby for free, though.

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This is the fourth in an unplanned series of blog posts that were written in a stream of consciousness. (1. Seventeen Teas Later, 2. Things that irritate me, 3. A Day in the Life: October 2014.)

I decided to write it partially because I wasn’t up for writing a Things I Miss post, although I have a few ideas noted in my Wunderlist list of blog topic ideas. I have been meaning to clean up my blog a little bit – I don’t have a new design in the works yet, but I have been collecting ideas and I’m looking to do something minimal with very little colour. I suppose you can expect it to be mostly black and white, but knowing me, I will undoubtedly throw a pop of colour here and there and it will end up being more than minimalist. I am also looking to organise a few posts in advance, which is why I made a calendar on my phone specifically for my blog. It is empty at the moment.

Another reason why I decided to do a “stream of consciousness” style post is because it’s almost midnight here

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My friend Becca blogs at A real travel enthusiast, we have been blog buddies for quite some time now. She loves everything French, and adores travelling.

My name’s Rebecca, but call me Becca. I’m a girl from the midwest with her head stuck in the clouds. I consider myself a literary aficionado who also loves really crappy fantasy novels. Puppies and chocolate are my weaknesses and I don’t want to grow up. I’m studying Business Administration and will graduate within the next year. I’m reserved, nerdy, and would love to be paid to travel the world.

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I started off the day by waking up at 6am. After shutting off my alarm, I messaged Nick good morning, which is what I do every morning unless we are together. I lay in bed for a bit before brushing my teeth and getting dressed. It was unusually dark and I wasn’t sure what to wear that day. Tuesdays are gym days, so I put my gym gear on straight away. I picked out some pearl earrings. I’ve taken a liking to them lately. At first I wasn’t too sure about pearls but I think they look rather classy.

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Seb found the top in this post extremely annoying to photograph – in fact – just as annoying as I found it to wear. I can’t remember where I got it from, but I think it was one of my cousin’s tops before she grew out of it. I liked it a while back, and rediscovered it in my wardrobe, but after wearing it this time I decided to just get rid of it, haha.

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I’ve been growing my nails for quite some time, although I wouldn’t say that “growing” is the right word. I just haven’t trimmed my nails in quite some time so they have grown really long, which can be seen on a few photos on my Instagram profile and in previous Fashion Friday posts. I really like having my nails long because they look a bit nicer when painted.

I used to have to keep my nails short because I played the piano, and it was near impossible to play the piano with long nails. My piano teacher could always tell if my nails were too long by the “clickity-click” sound they made as they hit the keys. Now, with my nails making some nice music on my laptop keyboard, I am certainly not fussed. In fact, you could say I am used to it.

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Thinking back over the month of February, I am…

most proud of:

keeping the steam train festival a surprise from Nick

deeply grateful for:

my mother’s wonderful breakfasts, dinners, and helping me tidy my room

delightfully surprised by:

just how lovely Nick’s family is ♥

letting go of:

annoying work-related issues that I have barely any control over

feeling inspired by:

Leo Babauta, author of

Looking ahead to March, I am…

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