A Day in the Life: March 2015

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I started off the day by waking up at 6am. After shutting off my alarm, I messaged Nick good morning, which is what I do every morning unless we are together. I lay in bed for a bit before brushing my teeth and getting dressed. It was unusually dark and I wasn’t sure what to wear that day. Tuesdays are gym days, so I put my gym gear on straight away. I picked out some pearl earrings. I’ve taken a liking to them lately. At first I wasn’t too sure about pearls but I think they look rather classy.

Pearl earrings I wore today

Eventually I settled on a tube skirt, and after looking at the weather on my phone, decided to pack a tight-fitting woolly top. It’s more suited for winter, but since it was cold today, it was alright. I had most of my bag ready and packed, but I left grabbing shower gel until the last minute. I spent some time trying to squeeze shower gel from a bottle into a small travel bottle, which didn’t work, so my mum gave me another bottle with a large opening. She offered to drive me to the train station so I didn’t have to catch a bus.

I met Nick at the train station as usual and we travelled to work, and headed straight for the gym (just a block away from work). After kicking it out on the bike, we decided to box. I didn’t realise it was that fun. Maybe because I had previously been made to do it in a class or by a trainer. I really enjoyed doing it myself. After that we finished up with barious strength exercises, used the facilities and made our way to work, right on time – 9:30am.

At about 11am I ate a handful of dried apricots. It is probably worth noting that I don’t eat breakfast until about 11:00 on most days. It doesn’t matter whether I go to the gym or not, but I eat breakfast later in the day. I have been like that for at least a year. I’m very used to jumping right into a work/play routine and grabbing something to eat later on when I am already settled.

Dried apricots (almost done!)
Parcel I received

I’ve been working on the same thing at work for a while. It hasn’t been particularly difficult, but I find it a bit dull. As a result I feel like my working pace is slower than usual. I get an email from reception about a package having arrived for me, and I pick it up. It’s my subscription box from The Armored Club and I take a peek at the jewellery inside before I get back to work.

Soon it is 12:30 and Nick and I decide to have lunch at Din Tai Fung, a dumpling restaurant. I have been obsessed with the restaurant since I ate at their food court back when our office was down at the harbour. That was my first time eating there, and I was equally thrilled to find that there was a DTF restaurant in the shopping centre complex downstairs from our office building.

I’m pretty sure I have never ordered anything other than vegetarian dumplings with noodles. They are absolutely delicious, my favourite, and I crave them from time to time. I love having it with spinach on top. Mmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm. Nick ordered pork dumplings and vege + pork dumplings in soup.

Nicholas ❤️
Me with my usual order!
Vegetarian dumplings with noodles and spinach

After that we tried our hand at hacking the Opal card system, Sydney’s electronic transport card system. After taking eight journeys in a week, you get any journey after that free of charge. There are a few rules, such as all trips being combined into one if they take place within an hour, and any trips in a day being free of charge if you spend a certain amount in a day ($15). Nick and I tried to catch a bus and get off at the next stop, and tried to do this with separate buses in the same direction. But we decided to tap our cards at the Opal card reader at the light rail stop nearby, walk to the next one (they are only a few hundred metres apart), and tap our cards again. We thought that this worked to our advantage because it counted as a new trip for the cheapest possible fare, thus adding to our total journeys for the week, bringing us closer to eight. Unfortunately this evening we found out that all those trips counted as one journey, so we wasted our money… screw that… grrr.

We went back to work after going shopping and buying Nick two new shirts. I had some tea during the afternoon, then had some chicken soup before Nick and I left work to go home. I also discovered some nice fruit twists in the cupboard at work.

George Street, Sydney
Hi Nick :)

After a train ride and Nick driving me home from the train station, I sit in the kitchen at home and eat a bit of seaweed, cheese and have a drink. I browse through the Farmer & The Owl Facebook page – Farmer & The Owl was the festival Nick and I went to over the weekend – and I look at all the photos that have been uploaded from the festival. Although I don’t have Facebook, I know some pages are still publicly viewable for events and photos.

Babybel cheese in wax

I found this photo of me and Nick. It’s pretty funny, I always go through photo galleries after I’ve been to concerts/festivals and see if I can spot myself in them. I’m not exactly sure who took this photo but I would like to give them credit for capturing this moment Nick and I were chilling out on the haystacks.

Farmer and the Owl

Then I have a shower and spend the rest of the night chatting to Nick. I have another look at my parcel from today. I’m really happy with the pearl bangle, since I have pearl earrings and a pearl ring now.

The 11:00am Brunch Studs from the previous Silver Box from The Armored Club
Pearl bangle in my subscription box

I type up this post and call it a day. :)

I also find that my photos from DZ Deathrays’ concert last week are up on Casual Band Blogger. I share them with Seb because we usually share our galleries. I’m not happy with my photos, but I guess the lighting wasn’t really on my side that night.

I only just found out about that crappy slip-up with the Opal card, but oh well, at least we know for next time, Nick said. Goodnight!

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that pic of you and Nick is really cute and candid. :)

Ah! DTF is a really big deal here in Southern California, mostly among the Chinese and Taiwanese communities, but with the booming popularity of ethnic/cultural cuisines in recent years white people have been all up in the three SoCal locations. :P

That’s a cute photo of you and Nick ♥

Hey Holland,

If you don’t mind me asking, where about in SoCal can I find one of these restaurants? Please let me know.

That sounds like such a busy day!

I love the photo of you both together that someone else took. It’s great that you found it and can have it to keep. :D

That candid photo of you & Nick is so adorable. I thought you cleverly posed for it at first, but then read that someone took it. I think it might be one of the best photos of the two of you I’ve seen. Yeah both of you aren’t looking at the camera, but I think it really captures the way you feel about each other very well & that’s the important part! :)

DTF!! I love DTF & I wish one would open in Boston. COME TO BOSTON, DTF. One opened up at a very popular mall in SoCal & every weekend, the lines are sooooOoOoOoOoo long. Like 3 hour wait long. So, my friends & I went at night to bypass the wait (still waited an hour) & got our grub on. I’m surprised you haven’t tried any of their shrimp dumplings. I know you have the cholesterol to worry about, but shrimp is high in good cholesterol soooooooOOoo try to give it a go one day. Not saying you should over do it, just try it out. It’s delicious! Also, they have these spicy sesame noodles….aww yeah, party in my mouth. Haven’t tried your favorite dish from them yet, but it looks delicious!

I dig the pearl earrings, but it’s definitely a formal occasion type of earring. Or everyday, who cares? Definitely classy.

Chicken soup?! Are you still a pescetarian, randomly stray, or have you reverted back? Truth be told, I went all out when I went to Colombia this weekend because 1. it’s Bogotá, they just eat a lot of meat 2. might have starved 2 nights in a row had I not eaten meat 3. it was delicious, no shame 4. the cows roam free & eat grass, so they were better tasting than any meat I had in the US.

That photo of you and Nick is so very cute!

I loved your pearl collection…. though I don’t like pearls so much, these all look super pretty!