2 minutes and 40 seconds with Becca Gray

My friend Becca blogs at Jovers.net. A real travel enthusiast, we have been blog buddies for quite some time now. She loves everything French, and adores travelling.

My name’s Rebecca, but call me Becca. I’m a girl from the midwest with her head stuck in the clouds. I consider myself a literary aficionado who also loves really crappy fantasy novels. Puppies and chocolate are my weaknesses and I don’t want to grow up. I’m studying Business Administration and will graduate within the next year. I’m reserved, nerdy, and would love to be paid to travel the world.

Becca and her boyfriend Andrew
Becca and her boyfriend Andrew

You can follow Becca on Twitter or send her an email if you’d like to get in touch.

What colour is your toothbrush?

White and green.

What classic novel would you attempt to buy every printed edition of?

Ha – I feel that way about most classic novels, but if I had to pick one, it would be Emma by Jane Austen

When was the last time you bought an e-book?

I bought If I Stay by Gayle Forman back in January, slightly on accident. Amazon has this shipping option where you can get $1 towards movies or ebooks, so I bought the book thinking it would be free, but either I didn’t wait long enough or I didn’t have enough accumulated. It was only a couple of dollars so I didn’t care much.

If e-books came with free coffee, doughnuts, or movie tickets, which one would you choose?

Doughnuts! I’m not a big fan of coffee (except during finals week) and I get free movie tickets right now because I work at a movie theatre, otherwise I would pick those because movie tickets are expensive!

You are in bed trying to sleep and something knocks on your window. Unfortunately you have left the curtain open. You shine a flashlight at your window. Who is it – Dracula, Shrek, or Thomas The Tank Engine?

Dracula. All of my worst dreams have come to fruition after watching all those scary movies with creeps outside your window.

Would you rather have a house with no ceiling, no bathroom or no bed?

A house with no bed would be terrible because one of my favorite past times is napping, but a house without a ceiling and a house without a bathroom sounds even worse. You can always make your own bed out of pillows and blankets, right? Is that against the rules?

Imagine you are Jack and you have a beanstalk that just doesn’t keep growing. If you climb it, you will not be able to climb down because the stalk below you will start growing sharp thorns. You decide to climb it anyway but instead of growing thorns, there are large snakes slithering up, closer and closer to you. You are only armed with a meat pie and a packet of seeds. What do you do?

This is a nightmare. I would distract them with the meat pie, then grab one by the tail and shove the seeds down its throat. They were poppy seeds, so poppies start to sprout out of the snake. These snakes love flowers and are enchanted by the poppies’ aroma. Hypnotized, they start swaying in unison, their eyes turning into swirls of green and yellow. The snakes are no longer focused on me, so I grab the poppy-covered snake and launch him off of the bean stalk. The other snakes launch themselves after the poppies and I am free to continue my dangerous adventure.

You are at McDonald’s. What is the first thing you order?

Cookies. My goodness, have you tasted their cookies? If you put them in the microwave and heat them up for exactly fifteen seconds, they are some of the gooey-est most delicious things ever.

Would you rather have a blue tongue or permanently green fingernails?

Blue tongue, doesn’t that make me a superhero or something? If nothing else, it will just look like I eat blue candy all day and I wouldn’t mind doing that either.

Would you rather be in very hot weather with a jumper, or in very cold weather without one?

Hands down hot weather with a jumper. I’m a naturally cold person, so winter is awful for me. I’m constantly cold and I have five layers on. I can’t imagine not having a sweater on!

How many authors does it take to cook shepherds pie from a recipe book?

Exactly one. Because authors are smart intelligent people who have all kinds of superpowers like writing novels and baking perfect shepherd pies from recipe books.

If you had six puppies, what would you name them all? Assume they are all from the same breed.

Mufasa, Simba, Scar, Nala, Kovu, Kiara. They’re all golden and beautiful, and despite lions being felines, they are perfect.

Which place in the world would you love to travel to right now?

I would be happy to travel anywhere right now, considering it’s been too long since I’ve had a proper trip (*cough*)lastsummer(*cough*), however I would love to go to Ireland or Scotland right now.

If you wrote your own novel and the story was perfect and exactly how you wanted it, what would you name the novel?

Gone with the Chocolate. The tale of one southern belle’s affair with chocolate during the American Civil War. It’s everything you’d want in a romance, and the book is ironically sold with chocolate truffles.

Thumbnail photograph of Eiffel Tower taken by Becca, 2011.

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I love that you do these! They are always fun to read. I’ve been reading them along the way even if I haven’t been posting comments. :)
I’ve been neglecting my blog because it is hard to run a forum and a blog at the same time. Lol I wouldn’t change it for the world though. I love it.

Becca, you seem like an awesome person! I’m about to go post a comment on your blog. :)
Becca, I’m a cold person as well. ALL of the time. I love the summer for that reason plus it doesn’t hurt that my birthday is in the summer. ;)

Seems like all of your comments, Georgie, have dropped off, or at least it doesn’t seem like you are approving them. I remember back when you used to get 20-30 comments on your blogs. I guess now it [blogging] has become less about gathering people around and getting comments and more about putting stuff out there that you want to put out there. Interesting.

Thanks Erin! I’m glad the inspiration I initially had is actually entertaining people. I have to admit, it has been hard thinking up questions sometimes, and some of them have been less funny along the way, but I still enjoy doing this.

I turned comment moderation on some time ago, then I didn’t turn it off, so I approve them as they come. It has been a while since our used-to-be niche blogging circle shrunk a bit, and some of the familiar faces we used to see have stopped blogging, so that might be the cause. I still receive about the same amount of traffic but far less comments. I suppose a lot of the older comments were also back-and-forth replies, so I wouldn’t count them as completely accurate. There are some loyal readers of my blog who only comment occasionally, and I have noticed that certain topics that are more relatable will receive more comments than others. For instance, these interviews don’t gain much in terms of comments, but posts in my Things I Miss category, for example, tend to get more. This may be because people can relate to the things I write about as it might bring back memories, make them nostalgic, or they might remember something from their childhood and feel inclined to comment on it.

That said, I’m still blogging, and the comment number is no longer important to me anymore. I have made sure I still love what I write about and that is the important part. It’s sad that there isn’t as much networking as there used to be, but I still value the people who stop by and read or interact with me. :)

Oh, I wish I could travel… hahaha!
just wanted to let you know Georgie, the link to Becca’s blog is wrong, there’s an added “t” which I had to remove to visit her site :)

Yay! I love learning about my blog friends =) Becca, great answers, and Georgie, great questions.