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This is the fourth in an unplanned series of blog posts that were written in a stream of consciousness. (1. Seventeen Teas Later, 2. Things that irritate me, 3. A Day in the Life: October 2014.)

I decided to write it partially because I wasn’t up for writing a Things I Miss post, although I have a few ideas noted in my Wunderlist list of blog topic ideas. I have been meaning to clean up my blog a little bit – I don’t have a new design in the works yet, but I have been collecting ideas and I’m looking to do something minimal with very little colour. I suppose you can expect it to be mostly black and white, but knowing me, I will undoubtedly throw a pop of colour here and there and it will end up being more than minimalist. I am also looking to organise a few posts in advance, which is why I made a calendar on my phone specifically for my blog. It is empty at the moment.

Another reason why I decided to do a “stream of consciousness” style post is because it’s almost midnight here, and it is a bit fun to do these when you almost feel like you’re in a rush. Nick pointed out that I always blog at the last minute – it’s true, I always seem to blog at 11:30pm or try to squash in a post before midnight. I am not sure what the obsession is, other than having a date that reads the 23rd (for example) when it was posted right on midnight, and realising that your country (Australia) is all the way on the “other” side of the earth, and most people who read your blog will be reading it on the 22nd, and more than anything else, really, you just wanted it to read the same date it did when you started typing it.

It sounds like nonsense, but apart from that…

Nick is currently looking at the Apple Watch. I’m inclined to get one, and I know he’s definitely getting one, but I suppose the only thing setting me back is that I just bought a new MacBook Pro. I bought the recently upgraded 13″ retina one. So in buying that, I suppose my savings have greatly reduced, but I see myself getting an Apple Watch at some point in the future anyway. Sure, there are some cons or disadvantages to getting one when it is released, but I’m steering more towards getting one.

In light of what I’ve just said about what time it is, it’s also a bit ironic/funny that I can practically see myself posting this post after midnight, since it’s 11:55pm and I still oddly feel like writing more things. I could type even faster but it’s funny when you are typing almost as fast as you think.

I recall a time today when Nick said “hell fuck yeah”, referencing a line from a Violent Soho song. He doesn’t like grunge music and likes Violent Soho much less. We had a little argument over a Violent Soho band shirt a while ago, which now makes me laugh because it was mostly a gross misunderstanding. Sure, I don’t advocate drug use, but having a shirt with a cartoon dog smoking on it is a bit negative. Story for another day.

I think we will go to sleep soon. We’re planning to have a little productive breakfast at a cafe near our workplace, early tomorrow morning. Nick was blown away by some of the… yummy… food… on the menu. I’m not sure why I used ellipses in that sentence. But I think it is because in my mind I just realised that the – oh wait, so it was pancakes/hotcakes, I thought I remembered it having meat in it. My bad…

But I also remembered that starting tomorrow I am participating in Meat Free Week, and while I did not become a pescetarian because of animal cruelty, I probably wouldn’t go back to eating land animals because I feel terrible about it. I don’t parade around like an activist, but in having a meat-free week I just hope to raise awareness about the disadvantages having too much meat can have on health, animals and the environment. I’ll no doubt go back to my original diet afterwards. To each their own, too – I would never force someone to change their diet for what would be my own opinion/beliefs.

Do what you believe in. Do what you love. That’s my advice for the week. Not that I am, you know, qualified to give advice.

I have a piece of advice for myself (you too, Nick, bahahaha): sleep earlier.

That will probably be my goal for the week.

I hope you have a goal too.

Oh look, it’s 12:03. What a marvellous job I’ve done again at trying to post to my blog before midnight.

Merry morning. Happy Monday.

PS. I love you Nick.

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Those evil 3 minutes! /bash

You’ll get to post at midnight, one of these days. Just set your timer on your phone. :).