Things that irritate me

This is another experiment into a stream of consciousness, much like my other post, “Seventeen teas later”, which explored how mood affects stream of consciousness.

This is a list of things that irritate me, based on my current state of mind (sitting on a train on my way to work in the wee hours of the morning).

Immature people.
Commercial television.
When necklaces get caught in scarves.
When you pull a thread on a scarf and you spend ages trying to get it back to normal.
When your thread of your hoodie disappears into the hoodie and you have to dig it out.
When there is no more toothpaste in the tube.
When people have very bad body odour on public transport.
When trains run late to the point where you don’t even know where the services are going.
Carrying a lunchbox in your bag and trying exceptionally hard to hold your bag upright at all times so that your pasta doesn’t roll around and get sauce all over the lid and not in the pasta itself.
When the doors to a bus close on you.
Idiot bus drivers.
People who can’t drive properly.
People who try and merge lanes when they’re far too close to you.
People who honk their horns at learner drivers. You were once learning too. Also, it doesn’t help.
Food. Sometimes.
Breakfast. Sometimes.
When someone boils water and uses nearly the whole kettle, so you have to boil more water.
Waiting for water to boil.
Crooked zippers.
When you get paranoid that you have left something behind and you spend a frantic thirty seconds rummaging through your bag.
Spam mail.
Spam mail from contact forms.
Really obvious spam mail.
Spam comments.
Spam comments about Michael Kors handbags because holy cow, I don’t give a monkey’s ass about designer handbags.
Handbags with too-short-to-put-on-your-arm handles.
Handbags with not-too-short-to-put-on-your-arm handles, but because you’re wearing a thick coat, become one of those too-short-to-put-on-your-arm-handled handbags.
Really thick coats that restrict movement.
When people stare at you with a nasty look.
When people stare at you because you’re programming on a laptop on the train and you probably don’t look like a programmer because you just look like a girl dressed in a coat who couldn’t possibly know anything about computers except maybe Facebook because that’s what the stereotype suggests and thus it seems to make staring okay. Newsflash: it’s not.
Trying to tell people that I don’t have Facebook. I still have to deal with the reactions.
Trying to explain why I don’t have Facebook.
Shipping costs.
Really ridiculous shipping costs.
Stomachaches from bad reactions from food.
Girls who wear ridiculously heavy earrings that visibly pull down their lobes.
Girls who don’t know their level of comfort and clearly struggle while walking in exceptionally high heels.
Really short shorts.
When they spell my name “Georgia” at Starbucks.
Starbucks. Sometimes.
When you forget about that certain something that irritates you, because it hasn’t happened recently.
Getting your tights caught on anything even remotely sharp, even just nicking it with some callous skin, and having them more or less ruined.
Shoes that don’t fit.
Girls who wear high heeled shoes that clearly don’t fit because they’re walking really carefully and you can just see the enormous gap at the back of their shoe behind their heel.
Slow trains.
Autocorrect on phones.
Putting my bag on the floor.
Being forced to put my bag on the floor, for whatever reason.
When people put their bag on the floor carelessly and don’t realise it’s littered with germs.
When people ask me stupid questions about my diet.
Nail polish chipping.
Nail polish smudging before it has even dried.
People who are narrow-minded and don’t like trying regional cuisine.
Chinese food made by Western people.
Chinese food made in a Westernised manner.
Expensive food that isn’t worth the money.
When people leave the empty toilet roll on the holder.
Automatic sensor taps that spit out water so violently, you end up splashing yourself. I like a bit of control in my life. Please.
When people spell “please” as “pls“ when they are asking for a favour or being serious.
People who think that “x” or “xo” at the end of a message means the sender is romantically interested.
People who talk really loudly on the phone.
The government.
Paying back student loans.
People who make a big deal out of superannuation.
Birds that fly directly over my head because I get afraid that they’ll excrete on me.
Obnoxious cyclists.
People who try and tickle you once they know you’re ticklish.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. What irritates you?

Comments on this post

Wow! It’s a really long list and I’m guessing you were pretty irritated while writing this! :P
What irritates me has a huge list of answers because anything and everything can irritate me. For eg: Me working on the PC and my dad going and switching off the fan that’s over my head.
Glancing at my useless phone which is flashing a “battery low”sign.
And like you have written about public transport, for me just entering the railway station, puts me in a bad mood.
I hate people spitting on the track, sitting in the door when u have to get down, or hanging on the pole in the door even when they don’t want to get down on the next stop… well this would make a blog post of my own! (thanks for the idea!)

Take care, Georgie!

People can be very inconsiderate on public transport! I definitely get irritated by people who spit in public as well. And just the other day a girl would not move out of my way on the train, claiming there was nowhere to move. There was a lot of room!

I would love to see your blog post of things that irritate you, so let me know when you have posted it! :D

My list would match up with a lot of what you wrote XD Bad drivers and spam are always annoying. So you get the spam comments about handbags too? I don’t understand why there are so many of them!

I hate ridiculous shipping costs. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy at a higher price with free shipping, which is kind of silly. I get bothered by people who are narrow minded about food too. Never know if you’ll like something until you try it, right?

Automatic sensors on things typically bother me, especially if they don’t work well on things like toilets. I have the same fear of birds that fly over head, mainly because I have been pooped on once :( Oh, and yes, I am irritated by Facebook too. I have one but rarely go to it.

More things that irritate me: people who don’t recycle, strong perfume, We Heart It, and links that look like regular text.

When I saw you mentioned We Heart It, my mind yelled in agreement. I can see why you might dislike it… for me personally, I don’t like how it’s full of cliche quotes and “pretty pictures” which are honestly just desaturated photos of girls’ hair or arms or legs.

I was once peed on by a bird, and nearly pooped on, so that irritation of a bird flying over my head is more triggered by fear, LOL.

I suspect those spammers are promoting copies or counterfeit handbags. They probably need more sales or are desperate for money.

I am definitely irritated (and offended) by people who will judge food before they try it. :(

My favourite one was the Michael Kors bag one. I know a lot of people who get excited over Michael Kors, and when they came up to me I didn’t even know what it was so just nodded and smiled. I get the same with Pandora bracelets as well – I just can’t understand why you’d spend so much on a bracelet – I always lose mine anyway so it’d be pointless!

My nail varnish is currently more chipped than nail varnish ever should be. I put it on last week and haven’t bothered to take off the remains haha. And mine always smudges because I’m impatient and wash my hands straight after.

I’d love it if nobody had Facebook. I have it because people post pictures from events and such, and a lot of people organise things via there. It’s just a waste of time though and I end up sitting there doing nothing.

I can’t deal with drivers who drive really close behind, or who beep at you when you can’t move anywhere yet. So much impatience!

There’s loads of things that irritate me!

Unfortunately my mum has a thing for brands (likely because she works in cosmetics and I definitely do not blame her), whereas I couldn’t care less if a bag is Michael Kors or Prada or Billabong or Target or no-brand. If I like it, I will buy it!

I actually secretly hope that Facebook dies one day. I would absolutely love to see everyone’s reactions.

Erm, there are so many things on that list that I agree with. I was both smiling and getting slightly annoyed while reading it because so many of those things irritate me.
I hate it when birds fly over my head. I always try to quickly move to one side just in case anything comes down. But then I look like an idiot jumping around just because a bird flew over me.
Spam comments wind me up SO MUCH! Especially when they appear in bulk. My brother keeps getting Michael Kors handbag ones. His spam catcher has literally got thousands in.

The things that wind me up the most are bad drivers, illiterate people and people who judge me and assume that I must be an idiot just because I’m slightly younger than them.

There are so many things that annoy me but to write them down into a list like yours I think it’ll take me hours, because I tend to forget about them.

I agree on the “spending a frantic thirty seconds rummaging through your bag” part because that happens to me a lot along with “when you forget about that certain something that irritates you” and also the autotext. Ugh.

I just don’t get the hype about Michael Kors bags. People are really crazy about them here, including my friends. There are even knockoffs everywhere.

The things that irritate me most are bad traffic, people who litter, people who cut in queue, people who overuse emoticons/stickers, overdressing for an occasion, illegal parking spaces (there are so many of those in my country), and pixelated images on printed products.

I would forget about them too if I even tried to keep a list! It was fun doing this one in a stream of consciousness though. I didn’t realise that so many things irritated me. :P

I can’t stress how much I agree with the overuse of emoticons. I know I used them a lot when I was younger, but I see people using them after every sentence and it gets distracting to read the actual text.

Definitely feel you on the pixelated images too. Being a moderately skilled graphic designer, seeing an image that in print that was obviously resized larger really irks me. Bad Photoshopping as well — recently the road rules changed in my state and the driver logbook showed an image where the speed limit had been erased and was crookedly replaced with the new speed limit. Why they were so lazy just to take a new and better photograph, or just hire someone with better editing skills, I don’t know.

Actually mine is almost as long as yours, when I’m bored and imagine myself talking to a camera listing what I think of.

To be honest, I also hate handbags, food, Starbucks, and Facebook sometimes–even though Facebook is the only reason why I give an impression of having many friends on my birthday. Here in our place, when you are a Starbucks junkie, you are considered rich and the like, and because of that impression, many people try hard to go there just to look cool, so that made me hate Starbucks–well, kinda like allergic to it now. Thanks, losers. /argh

But what I really hate are those stereotypical teenagers who think “justgirlythings” is cool and inspirational, but the truth is their quotes just make girls fantasize about some things that are impossible to happen to them–like getting asked by Channing Tatum to a date, in which–duh? Really?

Oh, and trying-hard horror movies, that don’t really scare me, at all. *coughs* Devil’s Due

I think we get that impression of Starbucks fans here too. Either way, their coffee is overpriced. I only go for the specials, and only if I am treating myself! At the same time, real die-hard coffee fans here will scoff at Starbucks and say it is not “real” coffee.

Stereotypical teenagers upset me. I feel like they are not their own person. Also, quotes on Tumblr, Twitter and other social media, as well as Twitter accounts like “typical girl” or… well, I have a feeling you may know the ones I am referring to… are giving silly, naïve and immature impressions and viewpoints on real-life problems like love and relationships. It’s kind of toxic, to be honest. I don’t think Channing Tatum would approve. :P Also, I didn’t know who he was until last week, when a boy at work said he had no idea who he was. Hahaha.

That’s a mouthful, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the things that irritates you, irritates me. But the one that was funny — was the Michael Kors bag.

One thing that irritates me the most is trying to find hand-bags that fits my style (I’m extremely picky when it comes to picking out hand-bags/purses. I looked for about three days on Amazon, and found not one purse/handbag I had liked. I go to Wal-mart, and voila, I found a purse). How irritating. You would think that Amazon, would have a purse that I would like that isn’t worth an arm and a leg.

You don’t have Facebook either? I didn’t know that. It irritates me that so many competitions or giveaways are solely on Facebook and I can’t enter :(

I also hate pls and the variation plz

Yeah, nah — never have and never will, I believe! No need to “keep in touch” with people and join yet another social network (Twitter is enough for me). People have my number if they really want to keep in touch. But “Like our Facebook page to enter” makes me want to pull someone’s hair. It’s not fair, why can’t they use email addresses instead? Most people have one if they have Facebook.

The “plz” always seems rude to me! Haha.

Haha, you sound like me. I’m just naturally irritated all the time, lol.