Seventeen teas later


This is an experiment into streams of consciousness and how mood affects them.

For good measure, the following is a list that is not formatted as a list. The reason for this is that it reads better and less monotonously than a bullet-point list would.

Let’s begin.

It’s Monday morning.
Frankly, I feel tired and annoyed.
I hate trains.
I’m listening to Jeremy Neale.
I am really tired.
I slept at 4:00am.
My external hard drive broke. I blame Windows for conducting an automatic update at 3:00am while I was converting this drive from NTFS to FAT.
Dude, all I wanted was to make it compatible with my MacBook Air.
My MacBook Air’s name is Salk.
I had to spend $206 on a 28-day train ticket this morning.
I had to provide a signature. I thought they only did PIN now?
I think I lost everything on my drive.
Oh, yeah, it was just seven years’ worth of photos, some old website design files, some old school assignments, and a backup of music I had on my PC anyway.
You know, I was thinking of buying a Mac Mini.
Or an iMac.
Not soon, though, as I don’t really need one right now.
But thanks Windows.
My drive is being checked and repaired at home. Maybe it’ll be alright when I come back from work.
I am late to work.
I mean, I usually come in at 8:00am.
But that’s what time I woke up.
I am tired.
I haven’t eaten breakfast.
Staying home sounded good. It really did.
We had hackathon at work over the weekend. This basically involves two days of working on some projects to try and improve the website or make something totally awesome.
It was partially fun, and partially not.
I had to photograph two gigs on both nights.
I am really tired.
I haven’t sorted through some photos.
I saw DZ Deathrays.
They were really crazy and fun to watch.
There was a circle pit. I don’t think I have seen one in a while.
The girl next to me is drinking Red Bull. I can smell it.
I have almonds in my bag.
I’m listening to The Jungle Giants.
I had an alright weekend.
James came over yesterday.
I’m pretty tired.
I’ll be in at work at some time. Some time soon? Yeah.
I feel like a green tea latte, but, you know, milk overload.
I could probably do with a really nice beverage.
And I don’t mean coffee.
You know, I hope my drive is alright, though losing 500GB of stuff is less than awesome.
I want to go to London.
I want to go to San Francisco.
I really like the iPhone 5c. I don’t really care that everyone thinks it is plastic and “lulz”. It’s affordable and it suits my needs and my personality to some extent.
I am tired, yeah, I have said that already.
My friend Jamie gave me a book of Robert Frost poems for my birthday. I have yet to delve into it and read it all.
I love poetry.
I could call this a poem.
A free verse one, a re-telling, of a strange and quaint weekend.
As I write, I notice my prose and my voice changing, developing,
Into a poem,
Where my last phrases did not end with period markers,
Or sentence endings,
But commas instead.
Listening to music as I force my way through a bland train ride,
The scent of Red Bull disappeared,
The reggae sounds of Lime Cordiale bubbling in my ears from the heart of my music machine.
An iPod, they called it, but I named mine Gumdrop, then Peppermint,
But in my mind I see “waterlemon”,
Much like a spoonerism.
I’m wearing a jacket that shines, looks like plastic, looks like foil,
And I could just as easily get off this train and turn back around,
Spend the rest of the day in a cafe,
But I’m keeping on going,
And the train rolls along and I can call it a day that hasn’t started yet.
I broke into poem, like people break into song,
And the train will brake in the city, and I’ll alight,
And, second of June, it will be the first train ride of many in a month of thirty days.
Goodbye, so long, thanks for all the fish,
And all the zany things falling from the sky.
Sky, you lied, yesterday it looked like rain,
But at least I believed you were indecisive and didn’t bring my plastic dome on a stick,
So don’t rain,
Don’t rain,
Then you can come back again.
Dusk will be pretty.

I drank over seventeen cups of tea at hackathon.

Comments on this post

The breaking of my own HDD was the worst thing that had happened to me. But then mine broke because of it falling down from the table… What Windows did to your HDD was really bad! (Esp if that happened at 3 am)

I had been to an hackathon in December last year, which was about WordPress. I had had about 15-20 cups of coffee over the two days!

I loved the way this blog is written!

Oh man, I’m sorry about your drive D; I would completely break down and cry if I lost some of the stuff on my computer. So I’m really sorry! Is there definitely no way to retrieve it?

Hey, the way you set this blog out, reminded me of something I came across yesterday. You may have already heard of this if you’re poetry-savvy. But there is a whole online community of people who blog in a form of poetry and they can get published off it. It’s a really intriguing style of poetry and they don’t even properly call it poetry because it’s kind of just an outlet into letting emotion go. I found this really awesome, but kind of chillingly realistic, girl who writes very strangely but wonderfully. Her name’s Megan Boyle. To be honest, reading her stuff put me in a really down mood (I don’t actually know if it was related), but I was still astonished by this new form and her honesty in writing. I’d never seen it before. Please be assured I’m not trying to sabotage you to put you in a bad mood! I just thought you may be interested. This website is the publisher for all things poetry-blog related (it has her on the front page).
So there’s a really interesting online world out there (as if we didn’t know it) !

I’m thinking of investing in a Macbook Pro. What are your opinions out of interest? I know you have an Air, so it’d be cool to hear your views. I have an iMac now, but I’m expecting to move away so I need a laptop to move about. iMacs are wonderful, by the way. If you need any user-based reviews on that yourself, I’m happy to share my experiences ;)

I’ve just passed it to one of the guys at work to see if he can retrieve anything from it. He said he might be able to, but of course not to get my hopes up.

Hmm, that does sound pretty interesting so I will look more into it. I love poetry, I’m into any kind of poetry really. I even went and wrote some haikus in the blog post following this one. Hilariously enough, they were also related to my hard drive.

I’ve been using an iMac at work for the past three years and I’m already convinced to get one of my own some time. ;) But like you, I find myself moving around a lot more and using my desktop PC less (I’m actually thinking of a Mac Mini, haha). I am not too sure about the MacBook Pro, though it is a go-to if you’re looking for doing intense work or if it’s going to be your main computer. I also used one at work with a separate monitor for some time. A lot of friends of mine have recommended theirs because they last a long time and are pretty much monumental beasts.

Granted, I am using my MacBook Air a lot more than I imagined I would be. I have the 13 inch one, which is a lot better than the 11 inch. I just have issues with it running out of space (120GB) because I have a lot of photos/raw image files. I should be storing those on an external drive anyway. But it’s terrific for everyday use, and it can run for hours and hours. I’ve watched movies on mine, done photo editing, graphic design, coding, surfed the internet, done video calls, and it’s never been a problem. I completely adore how light it is, as well. It also has i5, whereas my desktop PC runs on an i3 processor, and I seriously notice the difference. I’m really small, so I found the MBP still too heavy for my liking.

I guess if you’ll be doing similar stuff to myself, I would highly recommend it. I suppose the only downside is it not having a CD drive. If you’re like me and still buy CDs to support artists or just because you like having physical copies, then you’ll have to make sure you have access to a drive elsewhere or something. :P Hope that gave you a bit of food for thought. :)

Yikes! I am so sorry about the loss of your HDD, and I hope that it is able to be fixed. Seventeen cups of tea is a lot…I would probably be totally hyper. I want an iPhone 5c, or any iPhone, or any Apple product really. I still have an old nano somewhere…I lost it when I had to clean up my room to fit my new desk, which still isn’t here. :( But anyhow, I really liked this post.

OH poopcakes. I hope the drive was able to be fixed, that really sucks. :( I went into a mad panic when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to backup files and I thought my computer was going to fail. Loosing things it hard. I would probably backup things online, if they didn’t have usage limits on internet plans.

I really love the way this was written. So expressive and detailed and cool. ♥

Ah, I don’t mean cool as in ‘cool to all the bad things, yay’. I mean, cool in the form and creation. /sweat

XD I gave the drive to someone at work who can hopefully recover something, but I guess there wasn’t anything deathly important.

My internet is slow, so I cannot imagine backing up so much stuff using the internet. I only upload things online that I use regularly, otherwise I just put them on a drive. To be honest, the contents of my hard drive weren’t really accessed very often, so that is probably why I don’t miss it all so much. :P