Fashion Friday: Trash and Treasure

I have always hated strapless tops, mainly for the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable exposing my shoulders, and there was the typical worrying of the top falling down. For some reason, I don’t really mind strapless dresses. Also, there is the issue with finding good undergarments for strapless clothing, but then again, I haven’t had a very good look.

Seb found the top in this post extremely annoying to photograph – in fact – just as annoying as I found it to wear. I can’t remember where I got it from, but I think it was one of my cousin’s tops before she grew out of it. I liked it a while back, and rediscovered it in my wardrobe, but after wearing it this time I decided to just get rid of it. It was not a good fit, and amusingly enough, Seb said it didn’t really suit me or my style. Fair enough, I honestly can’t say I loved it.

Sitting on some power box thing.
Against a green wall

I got the jeans from Just Jeans, they were only about $39 when I bought them late last year. They stretch quite comfortably and fit really well. I don’t have a pair of dark jeans that aren’t black, so these were perfect. I also bought them because they were an ankle cut, and since I’m short, ankle-cut jeans are the perfect length for me. I think the colour of these jeans were described as a storm cloud colour – at first I kept thinking they were dark grey but they look more like a very dark navy.

I painted my nails a very light and subtle blue, mainly because they matched a necklace I bought earlier. However, I have painted my nails bright colours recently and haven’t painted them anything light (or blue, for that matter) so chose this colour. The ring was a green one I bought a while ago from Lovisa in a 3 for $10 deal, and I immediately associated it with my birthstone (the emerald, for May). I don’t have many green pieces of jewellery apart from this one.

Middle of the Road
Bow hair band
Green ring and other jewellery

I am not usually one to wear hairbands since I like my fringe to shape most of my face, but I popped one on for this outfit because it matched the bow on the gold top. It was a really cheap one I bought in Japan, and the bow can easily slide across the band, which is a nice touch.

No Through Road
Against a tree

I’ve worn my boots a hundred times over in my Fashion Friday posts so I don’t think they need an introduction (or a reintroduction). The handbag is a nice addition I didn’t really intend to make a part of the outfit, but it made it interesting. It’s a Bally shoulder bag my mum passed onto me, which is alright… I mean, I don’t like it greatly, but it’s a good size for carrying a lot of things, and it’s good to have a bit of extra space.

Another fun fact about this edition of Fashion Friday is that I incidentally decided to give the top to charity at the end of the day – I was just that sick of it. :P

Street Signs

Comments on this post

I think you look great, and I like this outfit a lot! But you’re right, being comfortable is much more important. I don’t wear strapless tops because I don’t have the shoulders for them. :P

Georgie, you are so pretty!!

I wear strapless bikinis but never tops or dresses just for the fear of them falling down. Although, I have fell victim to my bikini top falling down in the ocean. Oops! At least your top will have a new owner who likes it more, while making some money for charity.

Your nails are so long! What’s your secret?! Mine are constantly breaking. :(

I always fear they will fall down, I think a strapless bikini would give me an even harder time!

I wrote about my nails in one of my previous posts – I don’t really have a secret, but I guess diet is a part of it (I hear that eating eggs makes them grow faster), and I always file mine down and put in a lot of time to shape them. I think that shaping them helps to maintain them.

You look pretty in that top, nonetheless! :) I would like to be able to wear a strapless top as well, but when I put one on for a photoshoot back in high school I didn’t like the way it sat against my chest and appeared to squeeze my underarm fat (I had quite a lot of it back) in a somewhat unflattering way.

I love the color of your hair. It really suits you. :)

Thanks Cza! I think it is pretty hard to pull off a strapless top and most of the reason for me is that I don’t really feel confident showing so much shoulder. :P

I honestly love the look. But, sometimes it’s just not meant to be with some outfits. I am realizing this with some of my t-shirts, that I thought I liked and wanted to keep, but now, I just want to get rid of some. They either don’t look good, or they don’t look good. Donating to charity is awesome. At least you tried something before knocking it.

Yeah, I have been trying a new method for keeping/recycling/throwing out clothes, something that Nick suggested: he would ask about items I either already own or was planning to buy, “Would you wear it in a Fashion Friday?” I guess having something to weigh your decision against is good. Sometimes if I discover something I haven’t worn in a while or have forgotten about, it’s probably best to give it away. With new things, if I’m not totally in love with it, it’s also best to save the money for a purchase I will really love.