A Fingernail Feat

I’ve been growing my nails for quite some time, although I wouldn’t say that “growing” is the right word. I just haven’t trimmed my nails in quite some time so they have grown really long, which can be seen on a few photos on my Instagram profile and in previous Fashion Friday posts. I really like having my nails long because they look a bit nicer when painted.

I used to have to keep my nails short because I played the piano, and it was near impossible to play the piano with long nails. My piano teacher could always tell if my nails were too long by the “clickity-click” sound they made as they hit the keys. Now, with my nails making some nice music on my laptop keyboard, I am certainly not fussed. In fact, you could say I am used to it.

I’ve had a few compliments – or, well, more like comments such as “Wow, your nails are so long!” – on the length of my nails. For at least the past few years, I don’t trim my nails unless one of them breaks or splits, at which point I trim all the nails to the same length. I think that they have grown much slower in recent years, though. Given that they are currently almost twice the length of the nail matrix (that is, the part of your nail that is attached to your finger), I don’t actually remember the last time I trimmed them. I think they used to grow quite quickly because I remember trimming them a lot. They also used to be very brittle, and split or break easily, not to mention would bend and curve at the sides the more they grew.

I make an effort to file my nails down, and I do it occasionally, especially if I get small chips or splits. I used to just file them down for that reason, but now I have put more effort into giving them a round shape. I think this may have helped them last longer.

I am practically waiting for one of my nails to break… well, not exactly break, but maybe split or chip. I’m just surprised how long they have lasted. One thing that does bother me with chipped nails is that it sometimes snags on certain items of clothing. It’s summer and I don’t wear leggings or pantyhose much during this time, but I still worry about my nails getting caught on any kind of material.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how my nails go!

My nails currently

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That’s pretty impressive! I keep my nails long, too, only because I’m too lazy to constantly trim them. They are all different lengths because they all break at different times XD;; Right now my pinkies are the longest. Like you, so many people and kids point out that my nails are so long. Some even comments that they wish their nails grew like mine.

Agreed, painted nails look much nicer when they’re longer! I remember playing piano back when I was little and being told I couldn’t have pretty long nails too because it was interfering with my playing :( ah well. I wish I could grow mine as long as yours but I just find long nails to be so annoying when typing! It’s very possible I might be typing funny if you’re able to type well with your nails. /hehe

It is a bit hard to type but I guess you get used to it. It isn’t very comfortable though! At least when my nails are shorter there is less to paint. ;)

Wow! Your nails are long and beautiful. I cannot keep my nails very long. I love to bowl, and they break so easy when I bowl. I do however keep them a bit longer so that when I look at my fingers I can see the nail. I just wish I could paint my nails as pretty as you do. Doing my right hand is impossible for me! /eee

Wow, your nails are really long! I used to grow out my nails but one of them would eventually break so I’d trim them all down.

And doesn’t growing them out this long make it difficult to type? O_O

Yeah. That’s exactly what I wrote, I wrote that if one of my nails breaks I would just trim the rest of them to the same length. You get used to typing, too, that’s what I meant about not being fussed with my nails making music on my keyboard.

I have a nail-biting problem, so mine never get too long. When they do get long, they’re never at the same length… I can’t file down my nails, because I don’t handle the sandpaper feeling too well. :p But I also hate clipping my nails, because I can never get them done perfectly, and they always feel so weird after—and they need to be filed. /pow

I like medium-sized nails for the most part, though. c:

When I did a lot of dance, I’d have to keep them short, because not only was it against the rules to have longer nails, it was so easy to poke someone when it came to dancing in partners, as well as breaking a nail when doing…hip hop? I don’t know, a genre that involves getting on the floor for some things. :p

Oh man I’m impressed! I can’t stand having long nails myself since I somehow always end up breaking it or it just bothers me. Your nails make me want to decorate mine now haha!