Forever Sunrise

for Nicholas

Every day feels new,
Every day I feel feel like I could be more than blue,
More than orange, purple, pink, green and yellow.
Wandering above lost clouds, and
Waiting, just
Waiting, for
Them to find their way back home, but I always try
To bring them back to where they belong.
Darkness disappears to the darkest of dark places,
Light emanates a brightness that is few and far between,
The brightness has a life of its own,
The light becomes a diamond with a sparkle like a diamond on a crown.

I welcome clouds, say fare thee well,
I take them out of the smoke that they created that no one should ever tell.
I break myself free,
I let myself go,
And fly further than the furthest clouds would ever let me go.
The strain turns to dust
And fairies glitter,
And butterflies run themselves loose
Of hardship and brittle bones that have long healed themselves alone.

When I float away,
I know that the loneliness has never really come back
And the mountains return to their quiet little track,
When you hold me I just never let go.
You make my colours
And I fight back tears,
Because I know that we’ll be each other’s wings through all these years.

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It kills me that I don’t have the ability to write something as beautiful as this. I guess I’ll just have to live each and every day for you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥