2 minutes and 40 seconds with Georgie

This post has been nine months in the making. Eek. I had my last 2 minutes and 40 seconds interview last year, hoping to take a quick break and jump back into it – but real life caused me to prioritise other things.

For those unaware, 2 minutes and 40 seconds is an interview segment on my blog that focuses on interviewing anyone from any walk of life. My interviewing style includes random questions designed to be answered as quickly as possible, rather than having standard questions asking about occupation, what your job is like, and so on.

Me at Changi Airport recently with someone in an Oreo cookie costume
At Changi Airport yesterday with someone in an Oreo cookie costume

This post is a collection of random and silly questions that various 2 minutes and 40 seconds interviewees asked back to me. :D Each interviewee’s name in this post links to the interview I had with them.

I am planning on bringing interviews back, so if you are interested, hit me up.

Nick: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Holding my pee so I can drink all the tea I want.

Seb: If you could travel through time, which method would be your second choice (Because we know the first would be the TARDIS)?

Probably a Delorean. :P

Tara: You’re given a chance to create a smartphone app, so what will you name it and how will it function?

Nail Jam – an app that lets you select any kind of design to appear on your nails. You can choose from a selection of polish colours, existing designs, or even design your own from any image. You can select which nail to edit and program what appears on your nails.

The problem is, we need the special digitally-editable clear nail polish to be invented first… 😅

Bran: Have you ever received a gift that you found tacky or just didn’t like? If so, what was it?

It was not a gift, but I once got a scarf in a subscription box that I thought was disgusting – the quality was terrible, and it was in this dull blue colour with a tacky floral print that was reminiscent of a curtain from the 1800s. It was just 100% not my style and super gross.

Bran: Out of all your travels, what has been the most exciting place you’ve travelled to? Is there anywhere you’d still like to go?

Japan. There is nothing I dislike about Japan and it remains a huge adventure for me. I love the language, the food, the cultural traditions both new and old, the buildings, the way they live. I want to go there again and explore every corner – I know, though, that I will never live long enough to experience it all.

I still want to see more of America. I have only been to San Diego and it was a disappointment. I would love to see more towns in England, and visit New Zealand, Korea, Amsterdam, and more of Europe and even islands like Hawaii.

Bran: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?

I still maintain that it was the time I was walking up the stairs in the school library ten years ago and tripped. My skirt flew a long way up and I was flat on my face on the landing. I got an ugly scar from where my elbow scraped on the carpet as I fell. Nothing has quite trumped that.

Liz: You’re a carrot. You can only do one thing to protect yourself against pests. What is it?

Sink back into the ground!

Anne: If you could get rid of one font, and have it deleted and never used again, what would it be? And why?

Lobster. It’s everywhere.

Holly: If you could appear on any TV game show, which would it be and why?

Family Feud, I just think it’s the game I would enjoy the most. Though I wouldn’t really want to be on it with my family haha. Otherwise, if I was better at all the questions they usually ask in game shows, The Chase would be a really fun show to be on.

Nancy: What is your dream car? You can pick any car you want from a ballin’ Rolls Royce or a nice and simple Hyundai Accent. :D

Damn, I have actually grown to like my Mazda 3, but if I had enough money I would probably go for a red Ferrari or a red Tesla. I think the Ferrari is my style, and who wouldn’t want a Tesla?

Rebecca: If you could be a fly on the wall, where would you go first?

I thought about this question for over ten minutes and I just have no idea. 😟 But I wonder what the gumball adventure this fly had in Fly Tales would have been like.

Blake: You, as well as the nearly 50 members of 2 minutes and 40 seconds, are living together for a week for the new smash hit reality TV series ‘Random Peeps Do Zany Things In A Really Large House’. How would you ensure that the TV show is as entertaining as possible? Which members would create good TV?

I would want people to just be themselves. If people are going to spend the whole show glued to their phones, well, fair enough, but they probably won’t be making good TV. I think we have a nice mix of people, but some of them know each other (you – Blake, Nicholas, Tiny, Monica), not to mention my brother is in there, along with a lot of bloggers and developers and overall generally intelligent people who are more likely to be introverted.

I feel like it would be a more serious show, with many people in the house just looking to bond on a more intellectual level with the others. Everyone would be getting to know each other but it wouldn’t be your typical drinks party. It would not be a good show for others to watch or be entertained by. It certainly is not your typical trash reality show like Big Brother (ew) or The Bachelor (more ew) – but I think the people involved would make some genuine long-time friends. :)

On the other hand, think a game of Twister is always a good ice-breaker, without being too interactive or uncomfortably touchy-feely.

Sydney: How many basketballs do you think you can fit in your kitchen?

To the ceiling, probably 500? Heheheh.

Emmie: Snow in Australia or rain and sun in London? ;)

Rain and sun in London. Snow in Australia is practically non existent and dull… and I just like the idea of London better. It would keep me entertained for a while.

Emmie: Would you rather eat green prawns (they’d still be fresh just be a random color) or black potatoes?

I don’t mind prawns, but green prawns sound odd! Black potatoes please.

Emmie: If you could take any animals and make your own what animals would you use?

Definitely a flying octopus. I would love if they were real. Real octopi are a bit freaky-looking to some people so if there was a way that they could look a little more cute and innocent (but still fascinating), sure.

Emmie: To space travel or time travel?

After having so many dreams and nightmares about the logistics of time travel, space travel sounds more appropriate and more interesting.

Kevro: What is the first thing you remember feeling proud of designing or building?

Hahaha, ah, this takes me back. I had grown super fond of this disgusting old layout I made when I still used iframes in 2005.

Josh: What is the etymology of your first and/or last name?

Georgie means ‘tiller of the earth’. I’m just a farmer, really. :P My last name is Indonesian but I have been told that it means ‘good luck’.

Josh: If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?

Rory Williams from Doctor Who. I just really think I’m his Amy (save for her long legs), and his love for Amy just reminds me a lot of my fiancé. ❤️

Josh: Who is your most and least favourite member of Velociraptor?

Excluding you, Josh, to be fair… and probably excluding Jeremy since he’s basically a superhuman, I’d have to say Daniel is my favourite. He’s adorable IRL but his tweets and online attitude make me laugh so much.

My least favourite right now is James X Boyd because despite talking a lot over he internet, we still have not met in person!

Josh: Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something?

A lot of Ted Talks come to mind, but the one that moved me the most was this one by Jon Jandai. It put a lot of my life into perspective and made me think of how I was brought up and everything that was ingrained into my parents’ and ancestors’ minds. It really supported my then-decision to move into more simple living.

Josh: Have you tried going vegan before?

Yes! I ate a lot of potatoes. In hindsight, if I were to do it again, I would go for more greens.

Josh: What’s your favourite programming language?

CSS! It may as well be classed as a programming language because not many people realise how complex it can get…

Josh: Do you think about the evolution of whales often?

One day they will have wings. 😊

Comments on this post

I totally forgot I asked you a question for this, haha! I was kind of surprised to see my name. XD

I think we have Family Feud in the UK, but it’s called Family Fortunes. It went off air for a while then made a comeback, and ever since it’s just been celebrities which is a bit annoying.

I always wanted to go on Gladiators, even though I am nowhere near fit enough to do anything in that show! I’d probably get killed!

YES!! I like this idea about 2:40 with yourself ;).

If I can hold my pee in without any risk of injuries, that would be great! Hey, if the nail polish app can connect with a nail polish printer, that would be great… Better yet, if it’s wifi friendly!!!!

I remembered that scarf from one of your previous blog posts! I still need to make my way to Japan some day……… Thankfully, there is more to America than San Diego XD. The only reason why I would go back is for the Safari Park- nothing else!

The new Mazda 3/6 are cute!!!!! I love how the grill is just a straight vertical (this is coming from someone with the old styled cars where bumpers stick out) XD. OooOOoh, the Tesla Model S and X are gorgeous. I drove a Model S before and it was awesome :3.

I agree with you, I think the reality TV show with the 2:40 peepz will be more of an intellectual bond than anything else (I hope)! With today’s fancy styling in CSS, it’s definitely coding work.

I like this idea where the people you interviewed get to ask you questions too! I have never thought of holding your pee as a superpower, but that would actually be pretty sweet to have, haha. Then I wouldn’t feel weird asking people to get up for me in when I’m in an airplane.

I like your idea for a smartphone app too. Even if it doesn’t do the design on the nails for you, it’d be nifty to have an app to mess around with ideas. And yes! I love Japan! I would totally go again even though I just got back from there. New Zealand is on my list as well.

I have to admit that I didn’t notice Lobster being used everywhere, but now that you mention, I can totally see it now. I would also really like a Tesla! I can’t wait for the lower cost model to come out.

Oh man, thinking back on my designs is kind of painful, but at the same time, I miss some of them. I’m still fond of some of my old Anime layouts XD I had a lot of fun reading all of your answers!

2 minutes and 40 seconds is a brilliant title haha Great job on coming up with that name! It’s an interesting concept too. I like that the questions are random so it’s a lot more fun to read.
It would be even more fascinating if you were the one to pick the people for the interview. That way, you can pick the ones that you want to get to know a little better!

Haha I actually did pick a few people myself and asked if they wanted to be interviewed. After a while, doing it every two weeks was tiring and I didn’t get a lot of interest, that may be why I stopped for some time. 😶 I ought to bring it back.

Your superhero power is so brilliant! I have this problem all the time (only with water). A superpower like that would be awesome! It should also include getting rid of the dangers of holding your pee in for too long, haha.

Also – iframes! Wow, the memories.

Love the 2 minutes and 40 seconds interview segment! A great way to find more about you in an interesting way.

Haha, these are fantastic. :D