2 minutes and 40 seconds with Nicholas Cooke

I almost feel like Cookie and I would be really bad roommates. We would get along half the time, and the other half probably just complain about each other. Maybe. I feel like we have few things in common (Music? No. Food? No. Travel… oh, yeah… maybe) but we just get along really well. Those friends actually turn out to be the best, and I find that most of my friendships border on having someone who might annoy me a lot, but I love them anyway.

Cookie, of course, is the nickname of Nicholas Cooke, someone who didn’t want to write about himself – but to cut a long story short, he’s a data scientist/product manager whom I work with at work; he likes cookies, Apple, and is good at copying people’s voices. He also recently started his travel blog (1. yay, 2. finally) at A Cookie On The Road, so hopefully we see more posts from him soon.

I’m including his Twitter picture, which is a lovely and accurate illustration by Andrias.


Hi Cookie! This is an official question: what will you eat for breakfast tomorrow?

Plus something or other. The classic all bran with berries and bits and bobs u know

Pick a number. Multiply it by five. Take away twenty. Add the number of times you have taken a train this week. Divide by the number of people in your family. This is how many toes you had in your previous life. Please tell us. (If it was a negative number, just take the positive value.)


Will you buy the Apple Watch?


If you had to have one item of clothing surgically attached to you for the rest of your life, what would it be?


An elephant speaks French. What does it say?

Je suis surexcité

Steve Jobs is alive. Turns out he was fighting crime this whole time. What’s his big reveal (other than the fact he’s alive and was fighting crime)?

“Isn’t that Apple Watch awesome”

What is your superhero name?


If you had to live in a different country starting from tomorrow, where would you choose to live?


Dumbest idea for a startup?

Toilet roll delivery

Number of data scientists it takes to finish a tub of ice cream?

It only takes one data scientist to optimise a funnel ;)

Would you eat a handful of nuts to get an iPhone 6 for free?

I’m not allergic to all nuts, so depending on what they were… but for the sake of this, if they are peanuts, I would not. I don’t mind paying for something I like / enjoy.

Choose one of the following to take with you on a road trip, and explain your choice: a box of hugs; a box of underwear; a box of cookies; a box of fried chicken.

Well, I love hugs, but ideally there would be someone with me on the trip that I can hug, so I’m gunna go with the cookies as cookies are awesome and solve all problems.

If Apple had restaurants in their stores, what food would they sell?


Invent a cookie flavour?


Would you rather have a bath in pineapple juice or watermelon juice?

Pineapple, yum

Would you rather have fingernails covered in diamonds or have unusually large breasts (for a man)?

Hmmm, definitely the fingernail diamonds. Every time I cut them I can sell them and make $$$

Would you rather hug a giant cactus or accidentally fall into a swamp?

Hmmm, swamp sounds less painful

If you were a girl, what would you like to wear?

OMG. Everything, you girls have so much choice I would be broke.

Imagine you are driving a car. A dog is moving next to you at the same speed. You can only see the dog out of the corner of your eye. Why is the dog there and where is it going?

It’s my dog and we are having a friendly drag race

Finish this sentence with whatever you like: The ____ is the ____ you will ____.

The life is the party you will love.

You can catch Nicholas at:

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I think I am the FIRST COMMENT! This is my first time…. WOO HOO! If not, good going to whoever is! LOL

That is awesome. Cookie sounds like a really cool guy!

I have a few friends who I feel would be bad roommates too, haha. Despite of all of the ~bad stuff~, there’s that one thing that sparkles the friendship. Crazy, right??!

I wanted to figure out what was Nick’s original number except I don’t know how many people was in his life or train rides. Such a creative question. If Steve Jobs is still alive, wouldn’t his big reveal be the Apple iSuit? Just kidding XD.

A toilet roll delivery would be considered genius to those who experienced the need of toilet paper before @__@. And a dog drag racing with a car sounds legit enough… Might as well take the dog to battle too, haha.

OLD POST I KNOW (not a stalker hahahaaa).

“The life is the party you will love.”


Hahahaha totally a stalker! Oh Jess, I smile to myself a lot when I look back at this interview, actually. Haha. I remember asking Nick to do it in a bit of a rush (on the same day I posted it) because I was going to post an interview with someone else – but they hadn’t emailed me back yet. And it was in the era of “when we were just friends”, like gah, before we even truly knew each other’s feelings (admittedly, I was a bit oblivious at the time this was posted, and my own feelings were yet to surface), and I know his last answer summed him up really well, as a person.

(It’s a bit hard to explain these things when you’re in love. :P)

And now I just look back on it and think aw how cute, how adorable, etc. XD

Hahaa awww, I love it… I can tell you’re in love, it’s so sweet! :D I’m so happy for you haha. I’m going to try and live vicariously through you guys ;)