2 minutes and 40 seconds with Nancy

Today I am interviewing my friend Nancy, someone I have known in the blogging world for quite some time. I know her to be a smart, fun individual who likes fashion and food. Nancy blogs at Colorfulistic, so make sure you pay her blog a visit!

I am Nancy and I’m from southern California. Long story short, I enjoy adventures whether it’s to the market, mall, school, and anywhere nature persists. I’m a computer information systems major, joining the forces of good in the security field. Aside from wanting to fight cyber crimes, I’m a blogger, car enthusiast, foodie, shots glass collector, and anything else others want to call me based on my interests. I’ve been blogging for 6 years and still going strong. Come visit me and we can bond :D!


You are sitting on your bed having a daydream about flying dogs. What happens in the daydream?

These dogs will be golden retriever with mohawks and shibe who flies around saving the world from destruction and helping the needy through happiness and companionship.

Imagine you are on a cruise ship. Is the ship going to a tropical island, a quiet country with lots of grass and fields, or around the world?

If every part of the world is at peace, I wouldn’t mind traveling around the world in the cruise ship. But for the time being, going to a tropical island would be nice.

If you had a sushi pillow, what kind of sushi would it be?

Thinking about it, amaebi with roe sprinkled on top would make the best sushi pillow. I would think having a salmon nigiri pillow would make me hungry more often.

What is your favourite kind of sushi to eat?

Uni, Salmon, Amaebi, and Ikura in nigiri on most days and salmon rolls on other days.

What is your favourite colour to wear?

I like wearing any form of white, cream, and light beige when it comes to cardigans, dresses, and tops.

What is one chore you would happily do every day for the rest of your life?

Cooking is fun and something I would happily do whether it’s cooking a big meal or mini meal.

If you lived life as a letter of the alphabet, and you were only allowed to eat things that started with that letter, what letter would you be? What would you eat?

I noticed a lot of things I like to eat or drink starts with the letter “S”. Sushi, salmon, strawberry, strawberry-flavored water, sashimi, seaweed, steak, Sprinkle’s cupcakes, shrimp, soup, and I suppose Smirnoff counts too.

If you had to write a short story about one of the following, what would you choose: pineapple jam mixed with pickled cucumbers; cars made of jelly; flowers you could eat; helicopters that drop cartons of milk.

“Imagine a world, where cars and its parts are made of jelly. Accidents will be the thing of the past but other problems will be created instead. Those with fortune will have flavorful jelly while everyone else have plain jelly. Despite the differentiation between the class of cars, these cars are still made of jelly. This means cars are edible! Jelly will protect you during an accident and won’t get your car messed up. But don’t forget, this will cause a war started by ants and all attracted bugs!”

Who is the hero in your story from the previous question?

Somewhere down the line, the pest control and animal genetic scientists will be the hero of the story where they decide to train ants and bugs to avoid jelly instead of extinguishing them entirely.

If you were allergic to flowers, what would you gladly accept as a gift on Valentine’s Day?

Fake flowers from Michaels or any arts and crafts store as long as it’s nicely arranged… Or more Pandora bracelet charms ;). But the former can do!

Sky blue or baby pink?

Depends on what the color is being applied on. Nails, shirts, wallet, and lipstick: baby pink. Electronic case, pens, notebook, website, and braces rubber band: sky blue. I love both colors, but not enough to have everything one color.

Oversized handbags or a simple clutch?

Going to semi-formal or formal events, a simple clutch should do. Everything else such as going to the mall, grocery shopping, theme parks, work, or anything adventurous, oversized handbags!

Flats or heels?

Lately, I’ve been wearing heels to most places I go unless I know I’m going to walk for a long distance, which I will wear sandals or sneakers instead.

Candy or chocolate?

Chocolate! But not just any chocolate, it must be Ferrero Rocher or the bar/box of chocolate(s) will be sitting somewhere for months to years until I remember about it.

Describe your dream car, and if you had to give it a name, what would you name it?

My dream car would be the Camaro ZL1, the top of the Camaro line before going into the absolute track-version (Z/28). The ZL1 must be in dark red (red rock metallic according to Chevrolet), manual, coupe form (not convertible), black rims, and have some modifications to put over 600 horsepower to the wheel. The 2013 form would be perfect where the headlights are big enough to strike intimidation and tail lights are split (4x lights versus 2x in 2014 and beyond). I’m not good with giving my possession names, but if I have to refer to it, I’ll call it my “ZL1”.

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Yay! Nancy’s famous XD

In all seriousness, great questions and answers. The alphabet one was quite interesting, and more so that Nancy likes a lot of “S” words :D I also was amused by Nancy’s dog daydream. Golden retrievers with mohawks and shibe saving the world? Awesome!

And yum on Ferrero Rocher. Those are some good chocolate, so you got good taste! ^^

Nancy! apart from your blog, Nancy’s blog is also one of my must-visit blog back when I’m so active in blogging a few years ago, and still, both of yours and Nancy’s never fail to keep me motivated and happy about life out of the box XD

Everything S! should have asked if she has an S as her first letter of her name, which name would she have haha~

Yay ^^ I really enjoyed reading this! Congrats Nancy!