2 minutes and 40 seconds with Brandy

Brandy is a vibrant soul who shares almost the same birthday as me. As we live on opposite sides of the earth, our birthdays pretty much fall on the same day instead of being a day apart. She is an awesome gal with a big, big heart, and knows how to make people laugh. Brandy blogs at trueshades.net, and you can catch her on Instagram or Twitter.

My name is Brandy, a 29 year old from a suburb in the U.S.A. I’m a huge tech-enthusiast so it probably wouldn’t surprise you that I work in Mobile Phone sales. When I’m not working or sleeping, you can usually find me at home surfing the internet, social networking, or binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. I have two chronic illnesses, Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis, and although I’m pretty fatigued and PAINED most of the time, I try to make the most of it. I often have wanderlust and strive to travel the world some day.

A photo of Brandy
A photo of Brandy

What song do you think most people wouldn’t dare to dance to, but that you would you dance to without shame?

Anything by Britney Spears!

What is your alcoholic drink of choice?

Strawberry Margarita, Vodka and Cranberry, and Vodka and Pineapple – yeah… I have a thing with cocktails.

If a yellow banana with arms and two eyes scooted into the room demanding a hug, what would you do?

HUG IT! I love hugs.

If a purple banana scooted into the room on a scooter and said it would buy you anything you want right now from the local grocery store, what would you get right now?


Would you rather be stuck in a room for an hour with one other person you know nothing about, or with ten people you know, but don’t have much in common with?

A stranger. Thinking about being around 10 people at once gives me anxiety! Besides, I’ve met some strangers and we’ve become great friends.

Do you prefer to believe in luck or chance?

I believe in luck.

Born as a Gemini, do you ever feel like another star sign fits you just as well?

I’d have to say Scorpio. Even though both of the star signs have been known to clash, I fit a lot of their characteristics (stubbornness and passion). My best friend Dan is a Scorpio and we actually have a lot in common – even if we’ve butt heads at times.

Would you prefer to have a constellation, planet, or country named after you?


Describe how an identical twin of yours might compare to you.

I reckon, I’d be the ditzy twin, and my twin brother/sister would be very intelligent. :P

What’s a telltale sign that you get along with someone really well?

When we have a lot in common and can read each others minds.

What one thing would you never, ever, ever forgive someone for?


If you had to either a) change your middle name to something with the same number of letters, b) remove your middle name entirely, or c) swap your first and middle names, which option would you choose?

My name is Brandy, middle name is Lynn, and they go together very well, so I’d have to pick C.

Assume the internet is going to go down for a week. What is the first thing you would do once it disconnects?

I’d get on a plane and do some traveling!

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Brandy looks really great for 29 ;). It’s great to make the most out of the hand you’re dealt with, because you might as well! Strawberry margarita on ice (or “rocks”) sounds delicious on a hot day… I think I rather be stuck with a stranger too, there’s a higher chance that we will get along versus the 10 uncommon people XD.

I would have a constellation named after me too. A country might have a bad reputation or is not doing well so that sounds risky. I wish I can be as spontaneous as travelling last minute ;).

I agree with Nancy. Learning I too, have a mental illness, it’s never easy to make the most of your life, but I am slowly learning it. I’m thankful every day that I can make it through the day functioning and knowing that others can too. Good interview with Brandy! ^^