2 minutes and 40 seconds with Lord Seb

Today I am interviewing my good friend Seb, who takes pretty much all of my Fashion Friday photographs. I have known him since we started university and were in the same classes. I have written his name as “Lord Seb” because of his entry in my phone’s contact list. To make things interesting, a while ago I had asked people what details they wanted to put for their contact information in my phone. I found myself adding titles to each person, and Seb became Lord Seb.

He has written a “short” autobiography:

If I were to have an achnemesis, it would be bios. I never know what to say in them, you know? Anyway, I’m Sebastian, friends call me Seb and more recently Sebbu and sometimes Potato because I LOVE potatoes (and maybe look as delicious as one, hah), originally from Peru but living in Sydney, Australia for the last ten years. I love music, but can’t neither play or write about it, but I do take photos of it from time to time. And things make me feel old even though I’m really not.

We have quite a few things in common. We share similar interests in music and photography. We also love reading and writing, but I think Seb enjoys both activities more so than I do. Or maybe I have just been insanely busy. We also both love Doctor Who, even though I haven’t watched any of the new series recently.

This is a photo that represents him:


If you were a cat, what would your name be?

If owned by one of my friends, probably Sebbu.

You are eating from a plate of food and there are no vegetables on your plate. What are you eating?

Beef and rice. And a fried egg on top!

Would you rather wear a green spotty dress or bright yellow bellbottom pants?

I hate wearing yellow so I’ll go with the green spotty dress.

You are to go on a bus ride for four hours without any piece of technology, but you can take three other items you want. They have to fit in a shoebox. What do you take?

A book. Hmm yeah, that’s it, I’d just need a book to survive for four hours with no technology.

Assume hoverboards are real and currently exist. Do you own one? What colour is yours or what design does it have? Are you even good at hoverboarding?

They actually (sort of) exist now! I don’t think I’d own one but if given one, I hope it’s a TARDIS blue hoverboard just like Marty’s.

Which fictional character do you wish actually existed in real life (don’t pick anyone from Doctor Who), and why?

Toothless, from How To Train Your Dragon. He’s just so adorable.

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?

Hiccup, so that I could ride Toothless.

If you had to erase all memory of a period of time (at least one year) from your life, with no impact on the rest of your memories, which year would you choose?

Ugh… My first year, if I really have to choose a year. There are periods of my life I wish I could forgot but stuff also happened around them that I don’t want to forget.

What is one skill you do not have that you wish you had?

Playing the violin.

You are the prime minister of Australia. What is the first thing you do?

Punch Abbott’s ugly face.

Chocolate or ice cream?

Strawberry ice cream, thank you.

Green tea or black tea?

Black tea and two sugars.

Tea leaves or tea bags?

Either, though I tend to use bags more often.

Pink socks or purple socks?

Royal purple. :D

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg. At least into my tummy~

How do you like your potatoes?

In the wise words of Samwise Gamgee, “Potatoes, mash em, boil em, stick em in a stew.” Though mashed potatoes are best potatoes.

If people were potatoes, what would they do if it started raining?

Roll on the ground and enjoy the water~ Until such a time I come by, pick them up, and mash them.

What was the last thing you said out loud?

“Damn it Skye.”

Which of these would you rather eat: a piece of chalk; a crayon; a bite out of a glue stick; a whole can of anchovies; a cup of garlic sauce.

Hah. Hahahahahahahah. A cup of garlic sauce, of course. Silly. :P

If you could see one band – from the past or the present – live, who would you see?

There are so many I wish I could see, but if I had to pick one… The Beatles. And preferably with no screaming fans around but with a camera in my hands.

You can catch Seb at:

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It’s so cool to have an irl friend who also blogs! I’m still trying to look for one of those :6. I am almost too uniformed with the things I do for nicknames because either everyone has a nickname or everyone has a formal name *o*.

At first, I thought Sebbu was Subaru XD. Beef, rice, and a fried egg dish sounds good right now! .. And soy sauce too X’D. A book would be perfect for a loooong bus ride!

Tea bags look more easier to deal with instead of having to manually filter the leaves out unless people drink the leaves too :o! And mash potatoes are delish!

Great to see these 2:40’s still going strong!