The Best Friend Lunch #3

It has been a while since Lil and I caught up for lunch! I saw her twice since our last lunch. Once, when we went, with James and Brandon, to see the band Anberlin on their final world tour; then to join her and her friends for her celebratory dinner for becoming a lawyer (yay!).

But it has been a while since we properly caught up, and I didn’t stay for the whole dinner because I had to return to our work Hackathon. She was a bit short on time yesterday, but we caught up for lunch anyway!

The Place

I suggested Dragon Boy, a cute and affordable Japanese self-serve style noodle bar of sorts. I actually only went there for the first time with Cookie; I love most Japanese food so I loved the place. Lil said it was like a mini Mappen (another much busier eatery on the main street). It was near where we both work, so it was perfect.

I ordered an udon bowl, a small onigiri and some edamame. I have been quite obsessed with edamame lately. Lil ordered a beef bowl and a small “happy spam” onigiri, which had a smiley face on it with seaweed. We agreed that canned meat is not very good for you, but it was cute, and Lil had been to the gym so much this week that she deserved a treat.

The Chat

Apart from talking about how busy we are at work (gah, don’t get me started!) and the gym, there wasn’t much to update on. Well, and my team being in the running for the major prize for Hackathon (shh). We are tied with another team so we have to battle it out and see which gets the most revenue. No hints on what we worked on though. It’s a bit secret. ;)

We also talked about what we will be doing for Christmas. I think I will be home, but may be going somewhere for new year. I am a bit undecided.

We agreed to catch up next week. Hopefully we will have more time to talk about stuff. And hopefully it won’t just be “o-m-g, so busy with work…”

The Selfie

Taken from Lil’s phone!


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I’ve been obsessed with edamame lately as well *o*; especially with having a 100-cal serving 4 times a week. Canned meat is definitely not good for you but how can you resist with it being cute and everything? XD. Hopefully your team won the hackathon!! Did Lillian just get braces? I just noticed unless I missed something :o! Just a small thing even though I struggle having them every day *o*.

Haha, well she had braces before, when we were both still in school (and I had them too). She had to get them back on again after her wisdom teeth misaligned her teeth.