2 minutes and 40 seconds with Anne

Anne is a very kind blogger I know, who has an interesting personality. I was glad she approached me for an interview, because I wouldn’t mind hearing some of her wacky answers to my wacky questions.

If my former coworker is to be believed, my bio reads like so:
Anne decided to cast away her undisciplined youth and make something of her life. She drove herself to become a master combatant. During the course of her training, she discovered that she was a prodigy, rapidly mastering several martial arts, as well as parkour. She has since reformed from her hardened ways and her disposition is now all “sunshine, lollipops and puppy dogs”.

A photo of Anne

If you could invent a currency, what would you call it?

Bloos. Simply because it’s the first thing that came to my head, and it’s fun to say. How much is that? Oh, it’s only 5 bloos!

A purple snake is making its way around your garden. What does it want?

That snake is my nemesis. It wants to eat more ube (purple yam) and help keep up its color. You are what you eat, right?

If you won a thousand dollars, how much of it would you put to savings?

All of it will have to go into my savings, otherwise I’d spend it.

Would you rather eat the stuff that comes out of your nose, or suck on your toes?

I’d feel safer eating something that comes out of my nose because I’m hoping that my body has filtered out all of the bad stuff. I can’t say the same thing about things I step on.

You are drowning in something edible. What is it?

Mango flavored frozen yogurt with little bits of colored mochi, rainbow sprinkles, and fruit poppers!

There is a long rectangular box, a circular box and a square box. Which one do you think has all the candy and why?

I feel like I should be doing some kind of math to calculate volume and give a legit answer. But, I’m gonna go with a circle box, just because I like round shapes.

Someone gives you a plane ticket to the last place on earth you want to be right now. Where is that?

North Korea

How much have you got left from the money you put aside for savings? Would that be enough to buy groceries for a month?

I’d have enough money for groceries AND some well-deserved retail therapy!

Cool… so let’s assume you really have to go shopping but can only buy two of the following. Grapes; raw pasta; one large can of tuna; a bag of nuts; a tub of yoghurt. What would you choose?

I’d go with a tub of yogurt and a can of tuna. I feel like I can create more meals or snacks out of those, combined with whatever I have in my pantry than with anything else.

If you could read someone’s mind, whose mind would you read?

My sister’s cat. She has so many different facial expressions I’d love to know what she’s thinking.

Salt or pepper?

Neither, I pick Old Bay seasoning. You can never go wrong with Old Bay.

Paper bag or plastic bag?

Here’s the part where I get all eco-friendly. Hahaha. Neither, because I always carry a reusable tote in my purse.

Canvas bag or denim bag?

Canvas because it’s essentially blank and neutral, which will offer more design customization than a plain ol’ jean-colored bag.

What book are you planning on reading next?

My friend recommended Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson, but she warns me to not read it alone at night. I’m easily scared.

Where is the worst possible place for a fire alarm to go off – and what would you be doing?

With my luck, it would be the bathroom… and I’d be pooping.

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