You remembered my coffee order!

I don’t know if it’s everyone’s dream or life-long goal to have a/their barista remember their coffee order, but I know that it has always made me jealous and when it did happen, made me feel a little bit cool.

Nick and I made a habit out of going to the same Starbucks on the main street. Although I switched up my drinks a bit – I’m usually soy caramel macchiato, soy chai, or some random thing with sugar free vanilla (I’m a bit over the green tea for now), and Nick warmed to his custom caramel chai – a couple of the baristas remembered us, which was très cool.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. But I was even jealous of my mum when she told me that after going to the same Oporto during her work breaks, the guy already knew what she was going to order when she walked up.

I am reminded of the days in high school when I would buy candy from the school canteen, and my order was almost always “ten red liquorice sticks” or “ten giant strawberries”. The canteen lady probably had a crazy busy day, every day – so I don’t think she remembered me.

When we go to Starbucks, it has been nice to hear things recently like, “Sorry, I forgot your name?” or “What was your name again?”, and another time, “…soy chai?”

I think that people love the recognition, and it’s the little things that make customer service step up from average to great. I remember the days my parents used to take me to Asian grocery stores with them, and they seemed to know every single Asian grocery store owner. I was amazed.

I went to Starbucks last week without Nick but I bought a drink for him too.

“Ah, Georgie. You always come here with your boyfriend, right?”
“Caramel chai… should try that one day.”

He should. It is très chouette.

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I used to work in a restaurant, (for about 4 years) and I am the type of person who remembers faces. So when people would only come in once and I would see them even a year or more later I’d remember them where they sat and what they ordered. Its easy with the regulars who come weekly or monthly or even once in a blue moon. If only I could remember exact ADT for Stack for my exams like I do people’s faces. At the Tim Horton’s by my house they recognize us, and since we always order something different its more the faces they tend to remember. I think is really cool to get people who remember me, and so when I did it for others while I worked as a waitress they would smile, you can tell they appreciated it.

I may frequent my local Starbucks… One of the baristas knows me by name and knows my regular order (hot Chai tea latte) but now that it’s summer I’ve been changing it up, and they’ve hired some (high school?) students as well. Now I’ve got to train them all over again to learn how to spell my name! (“It’s Michelle, with 2 L’s” somehow = “Michell” or “Michellelle”, I don’t even.)

Tristan and I visited our local Starbucks all last semester. The baristas got to know us so well, that they started joking with us, as we would order the same things. One time, one of the Baristas told us “You don’t need to drink coffee because you’re a college student.” Oh how little does he know. Well, we went there because Tristan’s grandfather is old fashion and he likes to save on money. So, whenever we would get our coffee from home, it’s like drinking coffee flavored water. So that eventually lead us to Starbucks and to McDonald’s and where ever else sells coffee. We also get our coffee/tea’s at the school cafe’s. And one of the workers there now knows me and says “Tea?” $1.20. I had to correct her one time, but she knows me now because I always got tea. Lol. They always know us and says we don’t need to show them our SGA sticker. They trust us not to lie to them. And it is pretty cool when someone remembers your order.

I go to my local coffee shop, and they know that I always get the iced latte, so they just ask me “In a glass cup or a takeaway cup?” XD I love that because that little bit of recognition does make a difference :) They also know that when I’m by myself, I like to sit in this one particular spot, and if it’s not available, I grab it when it is :D

*random pop-in comment from Jess* I miss following your blog, to be honest. I love your writing, Georgie! I just went back and read a few posts to see what I missed since I last commented last year. Apparently, a lot! You and Nick… guh <3 I'm so happy for you, you seem very happy.

Anyway, I digress! I loved the topic of this post because I can relate to it. There are a couple of cafes that I frequent in Adelaide. I buy a hot chocolate EVERY MORNING without fail before work. I don't even want to know how much it's costing me…. But there is one called 'Adelaide Coffee Bar', or ACB for short that I have been going to for a lonnnnng time, a few years at least? They do a lovely hot chocolate. Wouldn't have any idea about the coffee or tea because I don't drink that :P But anyway, these days as soon as I walk in, the main waitress Amber, says, "Hi Jess! Hot choccy?" Actually, lately she hasn't even been asking that. She's been saying, "Breakfast?" (because sometimes I get some toast or a croissant from them) whilst she automatically starts writing 'HC' onto a polystyrene cup lol… And before I know it, Fulvio (the Italian owner) has already made it for me. I feel so special haha.
They have this rapport with many other customers though – they get LOTS of regulars. Shows what a great cafe it is. I can't remember at what point I asked what Amber's name was (and there's another girl, Mel who knows me too). But I was going in there so often that it seemed rude not to thank them by their first name. Of course, they asked me what my name was back and we've had this friendly relationship ever since. In fact, their prices went up recently, but they still only charge me $5 for hot choc + piece of toast (when it's $5.70 or something). Now that's what I call good service :D

There's also a sandwich bar I go to right across from work, and whilst the hot chocolate isn't exciting, it's cheap and I love the two Korean girls (Kim and Lee) who work there. They're so sweet, even though they can't pronounce my name properly lol (it sounds more like 'Jesh') XD. They also do good lunches too so I go there a lot.

Your posts have made me want to write in the blog that I have now… I've hardly written in it. I'm too big of a procrastinator! D:

Annnd I'm sorry for this long and rambly comment :) I'm glad that you're well! x

Haha, I think it’s time you tossed your email into the subscription field or made use of a feed reader… just kidding! ;) If you do subscribe by email, though, you get an email every time I post.

Thank you so much. <3 I suppose a lot has happened, and in a way, right now I feel like writing to you is like catching up with an old friend. I love that you still follow my blog even if it is going back and reading everything once you come back. I’m a lot happier than I was in my previous relationship, it was tough to get to this point but I am happier than I have ever been. :) :)

I think it benefits you as a customer to be a regular! I don’t think a lot of us would get the perks otherwise. I tend to go through bouts of saving and spending, so I don’t buy beverages every day. I’m more of a tea person than a coffee person. I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s biggest fan of hot chocolate. XD Being charged less because you’re a regular has got to be one of the best things you can get in this kind of situation. It’s one thing for someone to remember you and remember your order, but to be kind enough to give a discount...!

<3 <3

Hehe… I’ve already subscribed ;)

You’re welcome! <3 Aww, that's nice of you to say! I hardly go on the TFL forums anymore, I've lost touch with a lot of people. But I always loved your blogs. And SO glad to hear that!! :D