A Day in the Life: September 2016

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I was supposed to post this A Day in the Life post yesterday, but I was too tired. I have decided that I do want to pass this linkup on. I feel that since I have already lost interest, I should just stop now, instead of waiting until the end of the year just because it’s a good point to stop. I’ve had a couple of people express interest in taking over the linkup, but unfortunately it will come to an end if I don’t find anyone who is willing to take it over either now or starting next year. So if you are interested, please let me know.

There are 24 hours in a day, so this month I will be writing a list of 24 things that are worth noting about the past two days (since I missed yesterday).

24 points

  1. I don’t have a Fashion Friday post for today, even though one is due. This is because of our trip to Indonesia and me being unfortunately so busy. :( I am considering having it just once every month, depending on how things go.
  2. Yesterday, Nick and I planned to go to the gym in the morning, but we were too tired. We are planning to go on the weekend. We don’t usually have much planned each weekend, and it’s nice to work out on the weekend because we are not in a rush.
  3. I went to Fossil during my lunch break yesterday and looked at some handbags. I like my current handbag but it’s getting a bit worn out. I spotted one that I liked the style of, but I was not sure about the finish of the leather. I will have to think about it.
  4. I bought some cute notebooks from Kikki K. I chose the A5 size because the B7 notebooks I have are a bit too small for my liking. I hate spiral notebooks and I am not a big fan of thick bound notebooks. I opted for relatively thin, stitched-spine ones.
  5. We had Japanese for dinner last night. I had not had salmon in a while and the grilled salmon sushi tasted really good.
  6. The bus to the station this morning only cost me $1.05. It usually costs $2.10 but since I made enough trips this week, it became half price.
  7. I piled a lot of breakfast on my plate at work today. I doused my fried eggs with chilli flakes and pepper.
  8. This morning I picked up the new iPhone 7 that I ordered earlier in the week. I got the rose gold one and it looks deeper and more brown, compared to my iPhone 6S that looks really pink. I like this! Rose gold should be more red-copper in colour.
  9. I had to wait in line for said iPhone, even though I had an appointment for 10am. They were running behind schedule.
  10. Some guy walked past the queue outside the Apple Store and said, “Get Samsung, it’s better!” I did not agree because of the recent news of the Note 7 exploding.
  11. The people in the Apple Store were very apologetic and thanked us for waiting.
  12. My friend Pat got the matte black iPhone 7. It looks so nice and I did slightly regret not choosing that colour as it was my second choice…
  13. I had to back up my phone before I could restore the content to my new one. I forgot my password for encrypted backups so I had to try and back it up to iCloud. It took hours and never really finished…
  14. After lunch, I somehow figured out my password and chose to back up to my computer instead. It was much faster.
  15. The hot water tap at work stopped working, meaning I had to fill my tea flask up with water from upstairs. I will admit, I felt a little lazy to walk up.
  16. I got locked out of my account at work today for some reason, so I had to ask the Operations team to help me out.
  17. I bought a matcha (green tea) and espresso latte at Starbucks downstairs from work. It is a new drink and it’s an interesting combination, the tea latte along with the coffee.
  18. Nick and I bought McDonald’s for dinner, but since I was not that hungry, I just had some fries.
  19. They did not have enough guacamole for the fries so they just piled on more fries.
  20. I forgot to check the mail when we got home, so I did it much later in the night. I ran from and to the front door because I didn’t want anyone to see me…
  21. I did some cleaning at home and cleared some stuff from the tables in the living area.
  22. I cut my fingernails, not too short though. I used to press the button on my iPhone 6S with my nail, but now that the design of the iPhone 7 has changed and the button is not really a button, it needs my thumb to press it rather than a nail.
  23. I made a pot of Ceylon blend tea that I bought in Paris.
  24. I scribbled in one of my B7 notebooks with some pens to make sure they still worked, and I compared some gel pens and ballpoint pens. I normally hate ballpoint pens and love gel pens. But a pen my mum gave me a couple of months ago turned out to be a nice, thin ballpoint, and writes really well.

Can you write 24 points about your day?

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Comments on this post

I hope you are able to find a new owner for the linkup.

Have fun with the new iPhone. :D I have a 6s and I am on contract, so will probably update again in a few years.

Kikki.k have so many delicious designs.

I’m not a big fan of gel pens myself. They’re just not as smooth as others.

I like how you switch things up every time you have A Day in the Life posts!

Hope you and Nick went to the gym this past weekend! I’ve been procrastinating for 3 months so far… Maybe I’ll go this week :’). The goodies from Kikki K are so cute! I like spiral notebooks because of the folding option but it’s a hassle when the spiral gets bent.

You’re lucky for getting the iPhone 7 on the first day! We’re stuck with the out of stock page for the past few days XD. With the Note 7’s latest incident, there’s no way it’s better than the iPhone XD. I had a chance to play around with the iPhone 7 at the Apple store today. The faux button trips me out!

Aha, 24 points about my day seems like a challenge ;).

I’ve already let you know I’m happy to take ADITL off your hands! 😊 I’ve already thought of some prompts and things for next year. The dates are just…hard. 😅

The Note 7 exploding is kinda scary. I usually am interested in things going explody on an exciting level, but in phone form, that’s just freepy (freaky + creepy).

Ah, McDonald’s is so different in other places of the world. Ours in the States don’t come with guacamole 😅😦 we do get other basic sauces and ketchup, though, like honey mustard and barbecue sauce. Both are superb on the nuggets 😍

I am so glad! I have written down a task to make the banners and send them to you. ;)

Yeah, it is a big worry that all phones had to be recalled because of exploding issues. 😦

I think the guacamole fries were only introduced recently, and I am not even sure if they are staying for good. It is true that our McDonald’s is really different. We have Create Your Taste, where you can build your own burger with whatever ingredients you want and it is made fresh.

Yay! I’m so excited. 😍😍😍❤️

Ah. I don’t think a create-your-burger thing would work for McDonald’s here, because people are in mega rushes. 😅 People also like the McRibs sandwiches, or whatever they’re called. I used to like them, then I stopped eating most of their burgers because when I picked up a Quarter Pounder in preparation to eat it, it filled its box with at least 1″ of pure grease. It’s instances like these when I really need my green, #vomitrocious-feeling emoji. 😏

I’m not a huge fan of greasy burgers and it really puts me off when I can see the grease leaking through the paper or wrapping. :( Thankfully the Create Your Taste burgers are much healthier, even though I try to avoid eating burgers.

P.S. I have no clue why InLinkz pulled “,Sear” from the title, but it looks like it started to do “Search”? The page’s title doesn’t match, though, and it’s usually right, so I didn’t think to double-check. :|

I fixed it for you! I don’t know why it did that either. Haha.