2 minutes and 40 seconds with Emmie

I have been friends with Emmie, from the UK, for quite some time now. She goes in and out of web design and blogging but we still keep in touch. I consider her a strong and fearless but gentle and kind natured girl, who is really into art and cute stuff!

I’m a 25 soon to be 26 in July summer baby, making me a Cancer in the starsigns. I’m self taught in web and graphic design and I’m learning to make fluid WordPress themes. Stars, photography and art impact on my everyday life and keep me partly going due to the horrible curve ball I call ill health.

Photo of Emmie

What is one thing that makes you completely, utterly, truly, ecstatically happy, and if you had it or experienced it right now, you might actually cry?

Meeting Shane Rimmer, the voice of the original Scott Tracey from Thunderbirds and having a photo taken with him!

Favourite cartoon character?

Ahh it’s a toss up between the Minions and Toothless I’ve always loved dragons but the Minions ~BANANA

A famous person you imagine would make a good cartoon character?

Hmm I have to say Johnny Depp

If someone gave you a giant, empty wall and asked you to wreak havoc on it – artistic or non-artistic – what would you do?

Artistic view for sure, I love drawing, I’d probably do the whole wall in henna, dream catchers and skull designed patterns

Would you rather sit in a bath of honey, a bath of pink paint or a bath of melted ice cream?

Melted ice cream

Would you rather eat a bar of soap or drink a bottle of shampoo?

I have accidently tasted both but I think it I HAD to I’d go with soap as at least you can get them without any smell to them.

Someone pushes past you with a bag of shopping and trips over. What falls out of the shopping bag?

A ready meal because most people around by where I live are lazy

There is a cat wearing a hat and a dog with a cane. Which one is more likely to be your best friend?

I’d have to go with the cat but I do love dogs but I’m used to having cats

What would you do with a pool of orange juice?

Probably make it a dunk game and dunk everyone I dislike and shout “you’ve been tangoed!”

Poetry or prose?

Poetry I’ve never really understood the concept of prose

Crystal or diamonds?


Red or blue?

Bleu ;) (I had to answer one or two questions in French!)

You must choose one to sleep in: a ball pit, a pit full of corn chips, a pit full of potatoes. Which one and why?

A ball pit cause you can move most of them then cover yourself up :P

What is your preferred piece of jewellery?

I’m a ring or bracelet kind of girl

What is one thing you wish you could do that you are unable to do now?

I wish I could go back and learn to swim properly I was never taught and I gave up because I can’t swim on my back (vertigo and fear of heights sucks)