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The Music category is one of my biggest categories. Posts in this category are often reviews of concerts I have been to, general discussion about bands I like, my experience playing piano or other instruments, or photos of concerts. Photos of concerts are likely to be in the Photoblog category as well.

In my spare time I photograph for Casual Band Blogger, an Australian up-and-coming music blog. Most of my photo galleries can be viewed on my author page. I previously photographed for Tone Deaf.

Recently I had an opportunity to join my favourite band, Hey Geronimo, on their tour bus as they travelled around Sydney to play ten shows in one day. We had a really good time and got to hear a lot of their upcoming album.

There are 34 photos in this post, and I have attempted to optimise and serve different sized images for different resolutions, so that the best image for your device and resolution is displayed. Hopefully that means faster loading!

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I call myself a Wombats fan now – this Liverpool band has some incredibly catchy hits, and we saw them play live over the weekend. A great start to the year.

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Nick and I just saw Walk The Moon, a band from Ohio. We’re on our way home now. Most people would know Walk The Moon for their hit Shut Up And Dance. It’s the only song I know by them. Often that isn’t enough to get me to see a band, but I felt like it was going to be good this time.

I was right! It was awesome. I couldn’t sing along to anything except that song, but that was OK. We had a good time dancing anyway. We spotted Pete from Hey Geronimo, too. I’m no longer surprised that we spot him at gigs. 😛

I have to say that I will be listening to more of Walk The Moon now, now that I have seen them live and enjoyed a lot of their songs. There was one called Avalanche that I really liked, and one funny one that stuck with me was I Can Lift A Car.

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I was hoping to do Pop 101 every month but there wasn’t too much going on in the past couple of months – apart from my Blur concert, which I dedicated a whole post to – so this post seems quite ‘late’. I hope you still enjoy the breezy post. Let me know what bands you have seen recently and what’s on your playlist!

I haven’t been listening to much music lately as I have been focusing on finding some podcasts to listen to while I work. So if you have any music suggestions I would really appreciate them. I will give anything a listen but I think I’m looking for some soft rock and folk pop at the moment. Death Cab For Cutie, Yo La Tengo, Ed Sheeran, anything like that.

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Back in 2012, I made a mental list:

Huge bands I must see

  • Blur
  • Weezer
  • The Smashing Pumpkins

I only started seeing live music regularly that year, so I had a small list. I’ve only ever really been into seeing local bands, so that list of the ‘big guys’ has remained small.

A shot of Damon Albarn with the audience

On Saturday I had crossed off all three of those bands, finally seeing Blur live, at the same venue I saw Weezer and The Smashing Pumpkins.

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It has been a while since I have properly written anything about concerts or music in general. I tried my hand at a Music Monthly segment last year, but lost interest. I had made regular playlists in Spotify then ported them to 8tracks, but I could no longer bother keeping it up. Apart from that, I also haven’t listened to a great deal of new music. There also haven’t been many interesting gigs and concerts this year, and last year it died down as well – I went to a total of 41, whereas in previous years I would have easily gone to at least double that.

So I’ve decided to at least sum up my gigs, music I’ve discovered, stuff I am listening to, and other similar things. I have named this segment Pop 101 after the Marianas Trench song. 😀

I will still write in-depth about any gigs or concerts or music when I like, so the purpose of this is to write a quick summary. I’m thinking of doing this every quarter/three months, but to allow it to be more flexible in case I change my mind, I’m just going to number them with volumes rather than writing “Q1”, “Q2” and so on. As this volume recaps the last three months, it’s a tad long… but let’s roll!

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My dad and I share a love for The Beatles. I was brought up with them (and other older, well known classic bands) when I was young, even though I didn’t take a great interest in music until I was about nine years old. The Beatles, of course, no longer existed as a band when I was born, meaning that seeing them live would be practically impossible.

Unless, of course, you go for seeing a tribute band or watch someone play a handful of Beatles covers. This is unfortunately the closest you will get to hearing the “real thing”. To be honest, I have always thought tribute bands were silly simply because they were not the real thing. There are a couple of tribute bands for bands that currently still exist, which doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you want to see a fake band when you could see the real thing?

I think that part of my opinion was shaped after I found out about Beatallica, a mash-up band that plays music made from combinations of songs of The Beatles and Metallica. I was a bit mortified that someone would tarnish The Beatles in such a way – not saying that Metallica is a bad band (I like them too), but the mash-up, though mostly intended for fun, horrified me a little bit.

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This post is another entry for Manda’s A Day in the Life linkup. Feel free to view my previous entries.

Tristan sitting at the desk

This is the last A Day in the Life post of the year. Manda has decided that she no longer wishes to host the linkup and has kindly passed it on to me to host. After sorting out a few bits and bobs I should have a page ready for it, and I would love for you to all participate in 2015! It was lovely seeing the number of people who participated this year, and I really want to continue that.

I am writing this for Saturday the 13th December.

I woke up at about 11am, and ate a lot of apple danish for breakfast. I tend to eat less healthy foods on weekend mornings. Sort of like my treat/cheat day. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired. After messaging some of my friends on my phone, I put my sleep tracker on and decided to nap. I didn’t intend to nap for that long, but I set my alarm for an hour. I woke a little past 2pm.

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I skipped Monthly Music last month because I couldn’t find a day to fit the post in. I am not sure if I want to continue doing this “Monthly Music” segment, or if it will continue to be monthly from now on. I feel like my music category is lacking since I haven’t been to many gigs lately, and when I do, a lot of my time is spent editing photos to publish them on Casual Band Blogger, meaning that I forget to (or don’t bother to) share them on my blog.

I used to write about music and gigs all the time but I haven’t lately. It makes me feel a bit sad. Hopefully I will find more time to squeeze music posts in. Rather than sharing playlists all the time, it would be nice to have a general post about music each month. If you have a better idea for a name than “Monthly Music”, let me know. 🙂

in the springtime is a song by Velociraptor, and since it has been spring for the past couple of months (it’s summer tomorrow!) in Australia, I am sharing my favourite songs of October and November in this playlist.

in the springtime – a playlist for October – November 2014 (Spring)

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