Hackathon and other awesome things

I promised Cookie that I would write a blog post in fifteen minutes flat, so here goes. Also, there are a few reasons for this. The first is that I’m rather tired. Well, I would assume that all my coworkers/colleagues are very tired after our two-day hackathon that ran from Friday through to Saturday. Hackathons usually occur in tech companies and involve intense building of a product. Last hackathon was quite fun, but I felt sick and I refused to go home because I had two concerts to shoot on both nights. Well, yuck.

However, this time was ridiculously fun, and I actually got some work done amongst all the partying that happened. Boy, do we get spoiled on hackathon days. We get popcorn, candy, breakfast, lunch, dinner, games, drinks, balloons, entertainment, everything. Here’s a fun fact: there was a piñata that wasn’t even touched. I ate some candy from it.

Freelancer.com Hackathon October 2014
Freelancer.com Hackathon October 2014

Hackathon was fun for a number of reasons. I would list them all, but it all boils down to our team building something really awesome – or awezomb as our wonderful hackathon posters and customised t-shirts declared (designed by our awesome designer, Dean) – and just being around such awesome people.

Almost nothing compares to my current workplace and the lovely people I work with… well, actually, I’m just saying that I feel incredibly blessed for it.

Another reason I am tired is because it’s getting rather late anyway, and I have had a busy week. On Thursday night Seb and I went to the Pedestrian.TV Blogster awards. Casual Band Blogger didn’t win an award, but we spent a bit of time there before we left. I had to have an early night anyway, and we weren’t really having a very interesting time.

I also want to congratulate my best gal friend Lilian for making it as a lawyer! She’s made it this far and well, it’s such an awesome feat. We will fight crime together, I’m sure of it. Though I’m infinitely more sure that she will do a better job at that. I attended her celebratory dinner on Friday, because come on, ducking out of Hackathon for a couple of hours will not kill you.

Congratulations Lilian!
Congratulations Lilian!

I would list the highlights of Hackathon October 2014 but there are too many, and probably a few things that I shouldn’t be sharing about the work that was done (it’s a secret…! We have many secrets), or about some people who may wish to remain anonymous, and I should certainly respect their privacy. But I will scold that silly person who decided that 6:30am was a good time to jump on our DJ decks and play some very loud music. We were trying to get some sleep!

I remember getting a kick at about 2:30am, it was ridiculous. For a few hours I was sitting there in that lame state between awake and asleep, when you’re most productive and just keep dragging yourself along. Then I got into a state of “let’s do this!” and the stupid thing was, my body was just not taking it.

I got a sore throat, which disappeared after I had some tea and water and some much needed sleep.

I saw The Griswolds last night, and Tristan was lovely enough to accompany me. Dean was supposed to go with me but he fell sick, I certainly hope he feels better, because I know he’s a bit bummed that he couldn’t make it. Well, it has been over six months since I’ve seen and properly talked to the boys from the band. I didn’t get to talk to them properly yesterday either, because a swarm of girls wanted their photo taken with them. It’s crazy how much popularity they have gained over the past year, and to know that I was there from the almost-beginning, when they were still playing small bars and clubs.

I’m just so glad they came right back home.

The Griswolds, amazing live.
The Griswolds, amazing live.
Me and the boys from the band! Happy birthday Chris Whitehall!
Me and the boys from the band! Happy birthday Chris Whitehall!

I fell asleep on the train and I crashed when I got home, I was that tired. Two hours and fifty minutes of sleep isn’t the way to go.

It’s Monday tomorrow and it feels like I’ve had a one-day weekend, but whatever, you know. When work is a great place to be and you don’t mind being there, you don’t dislike Monday mornings.

My fifteen minutes is up; I took a bit extra to upload the images, but at least I wrote it in fifteen flat, yeah? ;)

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I feel so embarrassed that the only thing I can think of is how you’ve got a few handsome coworkers. :X

You wrote all this in 15 minutes?! That takes some effort! /um
I’m glad you are happy with your coworkers, that’s what makes a job truly amazing! You had a pretty busy weekend, but it’s just wonderful to see how many things you were able to do in so little time! (Y)