Forever sunshine

At first I wanted to believe,
At first I tried to smile and be content.
Your wisdom shows me words I can perceive far more than comprehension.
I almost never know what to say,
There comes a time when distant hope comes just a little
Closer, and says you belong here.
Further, but you follow.
Quiet, slow, and transient believing,
The rain disappearing but the friendly storm still left,
Looking but above all, listening.

When you get scared, and then you trust,
Fall in love a little, then all at once,
Clouds ending beyond the sunshine of the moon,
When you learn to feel, and then feel nothing
Just to receive and be engulfed in the shadows that almost light your way.

Do you remember the night?
Do I have to ask?
For all the reasons you’ll be the only one I never have to speak a word to
Because I know,
That if time may fall,
You’ll be there like you almost weren’t even there at all,
And I see grey, but I see blue,
I turn everything red except my time with you.
The yellow brightness and the afterglow.
The walking blankness that follows the rainbow.
For in quiet and dark, you’ll be there,

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Ugh this is just too beautiful for words :3 <3