2 minutes and 40 seconds with Saki (moonlitsaki.com)

Saki frequently blogs at Moonlit Saki and has been a regular visitor of my blog for quite some time. While her blog is dedicated to PVC figures – which undoubtedly ties in with the interests of some of my other readers – she is a friendly person with lots more to talk about!

I am a lover of PVC figures, a complete addict actually, and I also like photography, anime and manga. I’m a sucker for Japanese pop-culture. :)

This photo best represents Saki and her biggest passion
This photo best represents Saki and her biggest passion

If birds had no eyes, how would they see?

They would evolve to the point they would be able to use ultrasound, just like bats.

Pineapple jam or plum jam?


Would you rather wake up in a bed of pineapple jam or a bed of plum jam?

Pineapple jam, so I could have breakfast without leaving the bed. Wait, I don’t have breakfast, usually!

If you had to be a piece of food, what would you be?

A strawberry, because they are so yummy and terribly cute.

Which famous person, dead or alive, would you love to meet, and what question are you dying to ask them?

Tony Taka. I would ask him how is possible to be so damn talented.

If you could change any anime (can be a film or series) in any way, what would you change about it, and how?

Not completely change, but I would double the time of final episode of Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) because it was so awesome I needed more!

You are in a room where the walls are lined with sushi. You have to find out which piece of sushi has wasabi in it. What are your thoughts, and what is your plan of attack, if any?

Guess I’d eat each piece until I find the one with wasabi.

Would you rather take a photo while skydiving, while snorkelling, or while attempting to get out of quicksand?

While attempting to get out of quicksand. That would be certainly original.

Imagine you are running for President. What will you build to convince everyone you are the one they should vote for?

Give the same rights, resources, and salary to everyone.

Imagine you are not running for President. You can commit any crime you like. Let us assume you can get away with it. Let us also assume you want to be a thief. What will you steal?

Rich people’s money to give them to who’s poor. Assuming my plan A (previous answer) didn’t work well.

You are walking through a forest and you hear a loud bang, like a gunshot. Then again, your ears could be deceiving you and it could have been a bomb. What do you do?

Run! Don’t know where, but I would just run.

What Disney character would you like to be?

The Little Mermaid.

If you could colour your hair any colour, and as much as you wanted without your hair being damaged, what colour/s would you go for and how often would you change them?

Pink, and I would stick with that.

Gold shoes or silver shoes?

Silver shoes.

You win $2000. How do you spend it?

Anime figures I missed and wanted so badly.

You are an orange stegosaurus. What is your name?


You are a blue stegosaurus. What is your name?

Miranda, again. All female stegosaurus are Mirandas to me.

If you had to be a figurine, which would you be?

Peace Keeper Daisy by Kotobukiya.

Someone is chasing you with a long stick with a soggy piece of bread on the end of it. Quick, act fast! What do you do?

Grab the bread and throw it somewhere, the get the stick and chase them back.

You can send yourself a letter from the end of the world to the present time and place. What do you write?

I would assure myself that anime and all that otakuness I love still exist.

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This was super cute and fun to read. /bounce

Japan knows how to make their PVC figures look amazing. That blind birds answer is smarteh! I wouldn’t have thought about evolution immediately but that could happen (like giraffes with long necks because of tall trees).

I started liking strawberries when I saw those cute chibi-like drawings of strawberries *o*. I’d eat each piece of sushi until I find that wasabi too (even though I’d probably miss it, haha).

And silver (greater than) gold all day :p