Monthly Music: September 2014

Here’s another playlist for you lot. As opposed to cheating last month and just deciding that Velociraptor’s self-titled album was my music of the month (the album comes out on red vinyl this week!), I made an effort to pull this together.

Volatile – a playlist for September 2014

This month’s playlist, Volatile, has involved revisiting some old classic hits, as well as some unique indie tracks. It seems similar to the playlist I made in July called ebullient, but this one starts and ends with some funky tracks.

  1. If You Wanna Stay by The Griswolds
  2. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
  3. Eject by Pluto Jonze
  4. Hand Me Downs by Bob Evans
  5. Latitude 88 North by Electric Light Orchestra
  6. Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
  7. Shake A Leg by Go Violets
  8. Do You Hear by Cub Scouts (now Cub Sport)
  9. Is This How You Feel? by The Preatures
  10. Golden Jubilee by Boy and Bear
  11. Material Girl by Madonna
  12. Summer by Calvin Harris

The Griswolds are currently touring in Australia, having finished a tour of the United States. I am keen to see them again, this time around my colleague Dean is coming along. Super pumped. I’m really glad he’s coming because I got him into their music and he loves them. If You Wanna Stay is one of my favourite tracks off their new album.

I have included some Pluto Jonze – he’s a musician from Sydney. He supported Ball Park Music on their tour this month. He has another hit song, Hispendangongajelanguiro (Capiche?), which is worth checking out. The YouTube video may not really help you to spell it… either way, Eject deserves a listen, too.

Shake A Leg pays heed to Go Violets, a four-piece girl band, described as bunny pop. Unfortunately they parted ways earlier this year and had a farewell show in Brisbane. I still enjoy their music, and while this song is a bit repetitive, I like the mellow sound.

A fun fact about Cub Scouts: they had to change their name to Cub Sport after the Boy Scouts in Australia thought there would be confusion. They didn’t really mind the name change; it wasn’t a big deal.

If you like bluesy-rock, Is This How You Feel? is a modern take on that sound.

Hope you find something in the playlist that is your kinda jam. :)

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The only songs I recognize from this list are Material Girl and Summer *o*. I particularly like how you ended the playlist with Summer because ~summer is ending~ at least for here ;o. Pluto’s hit song is definitely a tongue twister, haha. As for my jam, Summer can be it. I heard Calvin Harris had to go through so many trial and errors to get that ‘right voice’

“If You Wanna Stay” is also one of my favorite songs and really is so much fun. Also, the little band from Sydney (AUS) – The Griswolds are pretty infectious, catchy, and fun! :D