Anberlin called it the end of the road, but I think we all have burning flames in our hearts, whether they retold the story of our friendships, heartbreaks, or loneliness. And so became the last time I would ever see them.


Don’t try to wake me up, even if the sun really does come out tomorrow. Don’t believe anything I say, anymore, in the morn, in the morning.

With downcast eyes, there’s more to living than being alive.

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Georgie! Thanks so much for all the snaps + your snap story.
I almost want to skip my visual arts class on Tuesday knowing that the girls are going to be raving about the concert and I’ll just be bummed that I couldn’t go. I’m listening to Cities as I type this *cries*

Also, Touche Amore is having a gig in January … at Manning Bar … two months before my 18th birthday 😢

You are so damn welcome, I hope you aren’t crying a river today! Also, wow. You’re gonna be eighteen in less than a year. I swear last time we talked it seemed like I had to wait practically a decade. I think we talked about it when I went to Homebake 2012. Which was two years ago… golly gosh, time flies. We gotta gig it up next year, OK? :D

It’s always a shame when a band announces their last tour. I always hope that they will return some day when they are running low on funds and need a bit more money. ;) Hope you had a good time.

I dislike it when a band or an artist announces their last tour/gig.

I was sadden the day that Meat Loaf announced his departure for the year. He ended with a bang in Vegas. Of course, I didn’t have the money or the gas to go see him. Which was a bummer. I would have loved to see his show in Vegas, as it was completely different from his normal concert/shows. However, he will be coming out with another c.d. in 2015 whilst working with Jim Steinman (again). That I’m looking forward too, though I’m not sure if he will be touring anymore as he is quite old.

Hey Georgina,
I’m back after a long hiatus :)
Hope you remember me :P
It’s sad when a band announces their last show. There are so many memories associated with them ♥

Hey Sayli! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I was going to reply straight away but got too busy and forgot. I definitely remember you, I dare say I have a pretty good memory and remember all my online buddies. Stay in touch, good to see you back! ♥

Aw :(

They may come back, perhaps? A lot of bands split, then get back together later, even after several years have passed. 😰 Maybe.


My friend was at the show too and she was talking to me about it after and it made me sad! I used to listen to their ‘Never Take Friendship Personal’ album and it’s so sad that a really good band has decided to call it quits. I guess it’s for the best but I just wished I was at the show :(

Love this. :’)

Anberlin was a band I kinda grew up listening to when I was in my teens and their music really saw me through the ups and downs I faced during that period of time! It’s such a bittersweet feeling, reading about their last tour as well as their announcement about being done making music together. They’ll always remain as one of my favourite bands, ever.