Fashion Friday: Raining Diamonds

It’s been raining, and I somehow got my umbrella to match my nails last week, so here’s another edition of FF. It was pretty fun. The rain wasn’t quite so fun, but it made it interesting.

Me in the light drizzle with my umbrella
Sitting on a wall, without my coat

I have been wanting to feature my big white coat for quite some time, so finally, here it is. I bought it in Hong Kong last year. At first, I wasn’t too sure of it, since it was just a giant white coat that looked like it might rip after a few days of wear. It came with a cheap rope with tassels to tie around the waist, and the colour didn’t even match. But I bought it anyway because it was cheap, and I certainly don’t regret it.

The coat is sort of thin but it is very warm. It feels a bit like a woolly towel. It also has pockets, which I love. And the hood serves me well, too. I am wearing a quilted pattern skirt, fairly short and simple, and I’m wearing some lightly patterned pantyhose, with cheap boots I bought in Japan.


The umbrella is pretty shit, don’t get me wrong. I need a much better one, but what with all the umbrellas I have lost over the years, or just had completely ruined from the weather, I don’t particularly feel like investing in one right this minute. James got one from Blunt Umbrellas. They look pretty strong. I’m looking to buy a red or yellow one.

My silver mesh top tends to jazz up my outfit more than I realise. At work, someone said it looked like I was wearing diamonds. I usually wear whatever I feel like wearing underneath, depending on the weather. As it was very cold, I wore a long-sleeved plum marle top. Not one of my favourites, but it’s just a basic piece that I team with other items of clothing.

I’ve had an obsession with bangles and bracelets lately. Helene Jewelry refers to them as an “arm party”, which is pretty fun – I have been enjoying wearing different combinations of wrist jewellery. Here I am wearing a few cheap gold bangles with some other different styled bracelets. The blue swirly one is actually a hair tie. I think I bought it at a market somewhere, or overseas, thinking it was a bracelet, until I saw someone else using theirs as a hair tie. I am surprised how well it works without snagging the hair. Probably because of the swirly design and that it isn’t gripping all the hair tightly, but maintains a hold because of the stretchy rubber material.

An arm party – bangles, bracelets, and a red ring

The red ring is from Lovisa’s Diamond Simulants collection. It’s actually a tad too big for my finger, even though I bought the smallest size. I love the ring, though. I was on the lookout for a nice red ring that would last me a long time, but because this one was boxed I just bought it without trying it on.

I’m wearing a necklace that my friend Vivien made for me. It’s also on sale on her Etsy store, Mostly Harmless Gifts. It’s Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Marvin the Paranoid Android clay charm created by Vivien

Seb always likes to choose his favourite photo of the set, though I’m not entirely sure which one he liked this time. (Hopefully it’s one I included in the post.) This one is my favourite, but I cropped it because it looked nicer as a square. I also posted it on Instagram. My long hair was getting a bit annoying, so next Fashion Friday should see a shorter fringe…

Me sitting on a wall


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You look stunning as usual! I particularly like the combination bracelets you chose do with this outfit! ♥

You look beautiful. What a lovely smile you have on all of these pictures! Your arm party looks cheerful. I had something similar, a nail party, a few weeks ago. I thought it was a funny coincidence!

Looking forward to the debut of your new fringe!

This outfit I really adore. It suits you well.

I’m not big on much jewelry. Mostly due to the fact that sometimes when I wear a ring with a gem in it (or even two gems) one of them always seem to fall out. Especially, arm candy bracelets. I’m not sure if it’s my luck with them, or what, but it is annoying. The only thing that hasn’t broke is the necklace Tristan bought me for my birthday. :) . About time something doesn’t break (and no I’m not careless with my jewelry).

very pretty pics! i have a lot of those swirly hair ties. I totally love them and they are like for just Rs. 5 (approx 0.09 AUD) here in India! I have got them to match all the colors in my wardrobe!
That Marvin necklace is so cute!

The white coat looks super soft! I’d be excited for winter if I had a coat that looked so inviting. :P

Your hair looks gorgeous! I love the colour and the style. :)

I love how rich in colors the things you have/wear are!! Your white coat looks really warm (and perfect on a cold day). Cheap or not, you know how to pull them out ;).

The pattern on your silver top does look diamondy! I bet it looks great with silver jewelry :p. I wonder if Helene Jewelry refers rings as “finger party” too, haha. I’m a bit annoyed with my long bangs… Except I’m too lazy to have it trimmed ;~;. Do you have to do anything else besides brushing to manage your hair? My hair is just as long as yours except it’s just ~there~.

The white coat looks so cozy and comfortable and I really love the Lovisa’s Diamond Simulants ring, looks like a ruby maybe? It’s so pretty.

The big coat looks fabulous haha and overall your whole outfit is on point! I especially love the necklace. It’s so cute!

You look stunning :) The white coat at first didn’t sit well with me, but it slowly grew on me. Looks cozy!

I love all the layers and different textures in this outfit! I also need a new umbrella. I bought a really cheap one four years ago and it is the only one I have, so it gets used all the time. It finally broke over the summer. I need to invest in a good one!