Shut up and dance 

Nick and I just saw Walk The Moon, a band from Ohio. We’re on our way home now. Most people would know Walk The Moon for their hit Shut Up And Dance. It’s the only song I know by them. Often that isn’t enough to get me to see a band, but I felt like it was going to be good this time.

I was right! It was awesome. I couldn’t sing along to anything except that song, but that was OK. We had a good time dancing anyway. We spotted Pete from Hey Geronimo, too. I’m no longer surprised that we spot him at gigs. :P

I have to say that I will be listening to more of Walk The Moon now, now that I have seen them live and enjoyed a lot of their songs. There was one called Avalanche that I really liked, and one funny one that stuck with me was I Can Lift A Car.

I wanted to photograph the band, but didn’t get a chance for that to go through. Since their show sold out I think it is unlikely that they would give out free passes anymore. At least I bought our tickets before then, and enjoying a concert without carrying a camera is always a nice break.

I am typing this post on my phone, something which I don’t usually do either. I find it a bit limiting. I used to add thumbnail images to all my posts but I think I have now given up on that. It makes me laugh because when I first implemented thumbnail images on my blog in 2012, I actually went back to all my old posts and created thumbnail images for all of them. :/ Adding thumbnail images via my phone is a bit annoying as I am very specific about them. The same goes for photos, which I like to resize and compress so I am not uploading large files.

It’s rare that concerts are held on Sundays, too. The band finished up around 11pm. They started later than their scheduled time (grrrr) but I suppose the venue had a curfew too.

What bands have you seen recently?

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I haven’t seen any bands recently, but I had just purchased tickets to see James Bay at the House of Blues in November. I’m so excited!

I didn’t hear about Walk the Moon until “Shut Up and Dance”, so that’s the only song I know from them too. I’m glad the show was good though! This reminds me that I should look up more by them.

I’ve never posted an entry on my phone before. I think I would get annoyed since I’m not very good at typing on my phone. I usually make notes on my phone or tablet if I’m not at my computer and then type it up later.

Sadly, I haven’t seen any bands live recently! I think my last show was Nine Inch Nails, which probably means it’s been a couple years :(

Hey Georgie dear! ♥

I haven’t been at a concert in a long time, and to be honest I would love to go at one again. My problem is migraines ^^” They make it all very difficult, alas, as acustic stimulation and vibrations are triggers.

Goodness, typing from phone is da kill. X_x I submitted an article pitch for a client via phone on Friday and it was a pain… (thankfully, the pitch was accepted).

Is Walk The Moon on YouTube, too? I may look it up when I’m in a mood to try new music again. :)

~ Luana

P.S. I plugged my last post from in my name, as I haven’t updated yet. ^^

Oooh! I love concerts! The last one I had was with Echosmith! Haha Have you heard of them! They are seriously awesome! :>

That is so great that you had a good time and enjoyed it! :D It would be a change to not be photographing a band, I can imagine while watching you probably imagined how certain shots would have looked? ^_^