A Day in the Life: September 2015

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I was a bit reluctant on adding a weekend day to A Day in the Life because I don’t do much on the weekend, but perhaps people wonder what I do on the weekends anyway, and this is supposed to be a glimpse into my life after all. :)

Here is my day in a series of small but precious accomplishments, highlighted by subheadings.

I hugged someone I love ^O^

Waking up to someone you love is something I never experienced until this year. If you have a connection to someone, it can be a warm welcome to your morning. Nick usually stays over at mine on Fridays. I woke up quite early for a Saturday but neither of us got up until much later. I prefer to get up earlier on the weekends especially if I have a lot to do, but I think this weekend is a bit more relaxed in comparison to others.

Nick and I ate breakfast, which was some pastries my dad got from his friend, who I think owns a bakery. I had some white chai tea, which I got a sample of from T2 a couple of months ago.

I got rid of some band shirts

I vacuumed my bed and cleaned some of the open surfaces of my room. I also got rid of a handful of t-shirts. I got rid of some band shirts which I said was something I was going to try to do this month. I got rid of anything that didn’t quite fit anymore or was getting worn out.

I did a crap-ton of laundry

I did a lot of laundry today as well, with help from Nick and Brandon. We don’t do our washing every single day so it usually rounds out to one load a week. I did two loads since it was such a nice sunny day and we had a lot of thick jumpers and pants that wouldn’t fit in the first load.

I cooked a salmon fillet

For lunch we cooked up some hash browns and pies from the freezer. I found a salmon fillet that I joyfully cooked on the stove, but because I hadn’t given it enough time to thaw, the thick parts were still raw on the inside. I used the microwave to warm it up and it tasted really, really good, though the thinner and more fully cooked parts ended up being far more delicious.

I washed and folded a basket of clothes

I’m staying at Nick’s tonight and tomorrow night, and Nick and I decided to get to his house by 5pm so I could buy the new Apple iPhone 6s as soon as it became available. However we were a bit delayed since I really wanted to get the first load of clothes off the line and fold them. At least I did that though! I felt accomplished.

I pre-ordered an iPhone 6s

We weren’t going to arrive until after 5pm, so I pulled out my laptop while we were still in the car, connected to the internet and refreshed the Apple website. It continued telling me to check back, so I just kept refreshing the page. Eventually we just did it on Nick’s laptop when we arrived at his place. For some reason the page was loading on his laptop and not mine.

I pre-ordered the rose gold iPhone 6s, and got 64GB of space, which should be enough. I have over 60GB of music but I really don’t think I will be putting all of that on my phone since I tend to stream online now.

I bought two rings for the price of $0

Nick watched some of Rick Steves’s travel videos to prepare for our trip to Europe next year. He had been doing that for most of the day. I found it useful just to listen in the background while I replied to some emails and read some blog posts, as well as do a couple of things as part of my staffing role at The Fanlistings Network. I also I browsed The Peach Box – they have a weekend sale for spring. I wanted to see if there was anything on my wishlist worth getting. I realised I had a $39 coupon code that I received from them when a bracelet I bought from them had broken. I used it to get two rings, and ended up not having to pay anything. :P

We showered then ate dinner, while watching a video about London. That will be early on in our trip, and it’s probably what I am most excited about. I have wanted to go to London for years.

I wrote this blog post

After dinner we drove to pick up Nick’s sister from work. It was getting kind of late and we considered watching a movie before bedtime but we changed our mind as we wouldn’t be able to fit it in. We were already tired. ;P

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Comments on this post

Awww! Waking up with someone you love is definitely a good feeling. It’s good you gave yourself some time to relax and not get up so early.

Kudos to you for de-cluttering your band shirts, and woot for laundry XD;;; Good that you had help. We don’t do our laundry every day either, so we do it usually on the weekend, too :)

That salmon fillet sounded delicious! Did you eat it with anything else?

That’s weird that the Apple site didn’t load on yours, but did on Nick’s. Yay for pre-ordering the phone :) Rose gold sounds like an awesome colour ^^

And woot for buying two rings for $0! That’s always nice! I can’t wait to see them! ^^

Hurray for A Day in the Life ;D.

It’s cute that you and Nick got to spend time together eating breakfast and everything. I wonder how that thought of you owning a bakery came up XD. I’ve seen some pretty interesting things people do with their old band shirts that still have a good print. They usually cut it and make a poster out of it, but it’ll defeat the purpose of you trying to declutter your wardrobe :6.

It’s awesome that you made a tasty salmon fillet! Thawing is probably the part I hate the most because it takes time.

Congrats on pre-ordering the 6S! 16GB is way too little space, but I can see how Apple is trying to market their cloud-based storage from this. Hurray for your London trip next year!!

Looks like you had a productive and fun-filled day!

Oh my god, I love waking up next to my boyfriend. We’re nowhere near living with each other, yet but those times that I stay over at his, it’s like playing house and it makes me all gooey. Haha.

I ended up having to get a 160GB iPod Classic for all my music, so as to free up space on my phone because I only have 16GB. I really want a new phone, though, with more memory. Will you be posting a review of the phone once you get it?

Yay! We love coupons. You’re coming to London?! You’re coming to my city?! Oh. My. God. You’re honestly going to have the best time! London is just so amazing, and it’s even more amazing when you’ve never been before!

That sounds like a really lovely morning, and it must be a nice feeling to wake up too. <3

That’s great that you were able to get one item the list of things to do. I am sure you will have more room without the shirts!

Woo, that’s great you pre-ordered the phone. :D I am going to get one when they come out, but do it through a provider. Hopefully they will be a lot of fun. The rose gold is very tempting. I don’t know what colour I want yet…..

Woo, that is a good score. Getting two rings for $0.00 that is a good one. :D

Oh man, I too love the feeling of waking up to someone I love the most. The person I’m spending the rest of my life with. It’s great. Wow, you had a busy day. :D You’re going to London? OH MY GOODNESS! That’s just so awesome. You better take pictures and just have fun, on my orders, okay? Lol

Your day was awesome! The highlight being able to pre-order iPhone 6s! Congrats!

I’m late for this month’s link up, I’m writing it now for yesterday’s day :(