Wouldn’t It Be Nice: The Beach Boys, Live

The Beach Boys on stage
The Beach Boys performed at the Star Event Theatre

Nick and I saw The Beach Boys last night. They were supported by motown group The Temptations, who – if you have never heard of them, this might help – sang the song My Girl. If you haven’t heard of The Beach Boys either (you must either be very young or living under a rock), they sang songs like Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Kokomo and God Only Knows.

Both bands were very entertaining to watch. I’ve got to admit that the first half of The Beach Boys’ set was a bit slow and the sounds began to sound the same because I didn’t hear a lot of their greatest hits until the end. I like when bands mix it up a bit. Their entrance was not heaps exciting like most bands are. 😆

The Temptations on stage
Motown band The Temptations were very entertaining

I enjoyed all the music that The Temptations sung, their music was so “old-school” (as they described it) and really fun to dance to. All five members danced. Only one of them was from the original lineup, but the rest of the guys were very good at singing and dancing. They all covered a wide vocal range. The baritone singer was… well, his voice was so low and deep it was amazing! Some of us stood up from our seats to enjoy the music. Same with The Beach Boys – we were invited to stand up from our seats with some songs.

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The Beach Boys had a slideshow playing on a big screen on the stage behind the band. The images and video footage in the slideshow were of the band members when they were younger, as well as footage of surfing, cars, and whatever was really related to the song. Some of the footage was a bit cheesy, but it all felt kinda cute.

There was a tribute to Carl Wilson, who originally sang God Only Knows. The band played the song, but the vocals were performed from a recording of Carl’s voice. Following that was a tribute to late Beatle George Harrison, a song called Pisces Brothers. The slideshow was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes – the guitar solo was fitting and really channelled George’s songwriting. (George is my favourite Beatle.)

It was beautiful hearing Wouldn’t It Be Nice. I remember being at a Hey Geronimo gig and seeing the song on their setlist, but because the previous band took a long time and ran overtime, Hey Geronimo didn’t have time to play their cover of the song. Cry. Speaking of covers, The Beach Boys also did their cover of California Dreamin’.

The crowd got pretty hyped up with Kokomo – I got super hyped up. It’s such a fun song to dance to and play in the car. As the band ended, Nick and I knew they were missing Barbara Ann, another of their fun, greatest hits. They played it in the encore, as we guessed. ;)

That’s it, just a quick post for today. I’ll be writing more posts about Perth in the coming week! Just two side notes though:

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I never really listened to the Beach Boys much, but have heard a song here and there. Sounds like an really fun time though!

Glad to see that you enjoyed watching The Beach Boys perform! It’s always great to see artists and musicians play some of their classic hits. It’s great when groups play tributes to other artists. It brings the crowd together for some good ol’ nostalgia :’). California Dreamin’ is one of my favorite old school songs!

I love the Beach Boys! Daddy even bought their greatest hits album back in high school for me, and I listened to that a lot! The Temptations are also great, though, I only really know two songs by them — “My Girl” and “In the Still of the Night”. But I definitely know a lot more Beach Boys songs! My favourite pieces from them are “Don’t Worry Baby”, “Kokomo”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “Surfer Girl”, and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. Man, oh, man, you are making me grin as I recall all the oldies songs I love from the 50s and 60s. I think it’s great you were able to see them live! :D