Fashion Friday: Iris

Me sitting at the large roots of a tree
I don’t look too comfortable sitting here (because I am not, haha)

Time for another Fashion Friday post! This one contains some clothes you might have seen before. ;) We shot this in Hyde Park in Sydney, which is definitely a common location in the city for my Fashion Friday shoots. It was a hot day, so we wanted to get some shade.

I wore the skirt a while back in my outfit called How not to hate pink. I wore it with a pink flowery top. I love this skirt but since losing some weight, it sits more on my hips rather than my waist. I am considering getting it taken in, but because of the pleats it might cost a lot. I think it’s worth it though – definitely one of my favourite pieces. It is nice on the hips with crop tops, but not so nice when tucking a top in. It’s definitely a skirt that’s supposed to sit on the waist.

Full body shot of me standing in the middle of the Hyde Park walkway
I feel it would have looked better if the back leg was bent, haha

You may recognise the blue top from my Lapis Lazuli outfit. I chose a solid colour to go with the floral skirt. I don’t think it’s the best match, in terms of style of the top, but I do like the contrast between the colours.

I have not owned a pair of sandals for maybe five years or so… I really thought it was time to get some “open” shoes for summer instead of trying to live in boots. My friend Monica got me the sandals at the store she works at. She got a staff discount (the shoes are already pretty cheap) and I was pretty keen on trying something more affordable. I browsed online and these looked good. I really don’t like sandals where the bottom of the strap goes between your big toe and the next toe. I find them very uncomfortable and I wanted to avoid that. I chose this colour because I’m pretty bored of black, and I wanted something more brown or nude-coloured.

Close-up of my feet in sandals, amongst fallen leaves
Gold sandals with my aqua-coloured nails

The sandals are really comfortable! I wore them while I was in Perth, with hardly any issues. I think they get dirty easily because of the colour, and the first day I wore them I got a little blister on the side of my foot, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. I walked for forty minutes straight and they didn’t hurt! The elastic back was a bit hard to get used to until it stretched out a bit. I rate these sandals pretty highly – they are much, much more comfortable than I expected, very cheap and still don’t look like they’re going to fall apart.

I’m wearing a few new jewellery pieces. Last year I made some purchases from Wanderlust + Co and wrote an honest review about my experience. One of the lovely ladies from the company’s PR department emailed me and said that the team loved my reviews and wanted to send me some jewellery as a thank you. That got me pretty excited! 🙃 They picked out this choker for me, and the cuff with the blue stone. I was pretty excited about the choker because I wanted to try one. I used to wear a simple black choker all the time until it wore out, and so trying this camel colour got me excited because I think it’ll go with a lot of outfits and is more subtle against my skin.

Medium shot of me with my hands behind my back
This choker is simple and versatile, I think
Close-up of my hand on my hip with a cuff from Wanderlust + Co
Thanks Wanderlust + Co!

To the jewellery, I added the two cuffs. I bought ivory cuff in a sale, while the light blue one was given to me by Wanderlust + Co. As I mentioned in my review, you might find that their jewellery is on the pricey side, it’s all quite delicate so may not be everyone’s style, and it’s worth waiting for a sale (they have sales all the time though). But I like their jewellery, even though you have to be careful with some of the pavé ones that they don’t get caught on your clothes like the ivory cuff sometimes did for me. Then again, I can’t fault their jewellery, as pavé-set stones do have a tendency to get caught on soft materials.

I got my nails done in Perth, including my aqua coloured toenails! It was a bit pricey because of the nail art on my fingernails, but worth it. I will have a more detailed post about my experience soon. But you can guess that I got the aqua colour so it would match my blog somewhat! And yes, I love the little five-legged octopus that the nail artist drew. 🐙

Close-up of my nail art
Cute nails I had done in Perth have held up well!

Choosing earrings wasn’t too hard, I really just went for whatever went best! These pearl ear jackets look best with other pearl studs, but I actually couldn’t be bothered changing my other earrings. 😆

Earring close-up
Earring close-up

Overall I’ve got to admit that this is not the greatest or most interesting of outfits. But I wanted to show something recycling a few pieces in my wardrobe and dressing them up with new things, like the jewellery and shoes. It’s also a way for me to get used to the clothes I have and try to like them a bit more. 😅

I named this outfit Iris, not after the Goo Goo Dolls song (even though I love it) but because I had a previous outfit called Jasmine and I felt like naming this after a blue-coloured flower.

📷 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. ❤️

Outfit details

What do you think of this outfit? Since I said it wasn’t the greatest, how might you improve it or what would be your take on the clothing pieces?

Me brushing hair off my face, standing by a tree
Brushing hair off my face

Comments on this post

I like your outfit choice. It’s very nice and casual, but still “dressy” enough to be worn to say, a lunch date or casual dinner date. You picked the perfect scenery too. The skirt does sit a bit low, but still with the top doesn’t look bad. I like the colours! That blue is very pretty and looks good on you too.
I love the sandals you chose to wear with it! I, like you, cannot stand the “flip flop” style sandal, because not only does it rub between your toes, but also, at least for me, dries out my skin bad. Just too much friction.

I think it is a beautiful outfit. I love the style and length of your skirt.
Also, gorgeous earrings! I love how the pearls frame your ear. And your nails are too cute!

I think it’s interesting to see how people style items of clothing in different ways to create multiple outfits. I’m really trying to make my wardrobe super versatile so I’m always on the look out for inspiration.

I love the sandals! You’ve just reminded me that I need to be on the look at for a new pair because the ones I had last summer, and the year before, finally came to an end after I wore them to death. RIP the most comfortable sandals I ever owned.

Ah your nails are so fun!

Georgie, as always, you’re gorgeous. Your nails were worth every penny. They’re my favorite part of the outfit. They’re fun and whimsical. I like it.

I don’t think this is a “boring” outfit at all – I actually think it’s really nice and classy! I love the colour of the top – it’s a colour that doesn’t look good with my skin tone I think. I’ve tried several outfits that colour but it never looked “right” in my opinion. :P I love the skirt!! I had a similar one that I had to let go of because my waist shrunk! I tried to sew it up but that didn’t work/look nice “folded” so I just decided to give it to my sister. Still recycling ;)

I really love the choker too – I haven’t worn a choker in a long time. Mainly because in the past people have said I look like a baby wearing it -_- It looks hot fire on you though and I can definitely see it worn with other outfits! <3

Also, the octopus nail is goals 🐙

I think it’s a beautiful outfit! Your skirt is very pretty, I didn’t realise it had such a nice pattern over it until I saw the close ups, you’re wearing it in such a nice way! I think it looks fine sitting so low with the top tucked in, but if you want it taken in, I hope it isn’t too expensive. I love your earrings, the under-lobe pearls are beautiful, very sophisticated but also so unusual.
I’m not a big sandal wearer, but once the summer is in full swing I will try a pair!

Oh this outfit is very cute! Very nice and simple! And your shoes are so cute!

I love the color combination of your outfit! I have a similar skirt and always prefer wearing a tight top tucked in. It’s cool how chokers are back in style! (Or maybe it never went out of style and people around me just stopped wearing them). Your nails look so cute!! The gradient/fade looks legit. It’s great to see how people mix and match their wardrobe pieces because realistically speaking, people do wear the same clothes.

I really love the simplicity of this outfit! I personally wouldn’t change much because it is gorgeous the way it is.

I must admit that the top is my favorite part because I love the pop of color it adds to the overall look.

And of course, octopuses (or is octopi?) FTW!

I think that both “octopuses” and “octopi” can be considered correct!

WOW I absolutely LOVE those nails! I haven’t done my nails for years because I keep chipping them from typing so much but those make me want to paint my nails just for fun! I have a similar top to that and was wondering what I could match it with – I wore it with a skirt once and thought it was too dressy. I like the entire look you went with though! Very classy – it’s okay if the skirt is a little big for you – I think that makes it look elegant! And I finally get to see your hair after purple – it faded so nicely! How did you get that brown color again? What was the lightening treatment?

I’ve worn this top before with jeans, something about it doesn’t feel quite right. I think it’s the length. It feels a bit loose and baggy on me probably because I’m short and it’s a tad too long.

I had my hair pre-lightened (balayage style) so it looked very blonde prior to the purple being applied. And pre-lightening was pretty meticulous, too. Honestly I hate the colour right now haha, well, I’m kind of indifferent but I can’t wait to just colour it darker. I’m pretty over it.

I like your outfit and love the accessories from Wanderlust + Co, especially the bracelet. I don’t tend to wear too much jewellery on a day to day business these days, as it gets in the way at work.

I can’t remember the last time I owned a pair of sandles either but really love the ones you bought. I hate the type with the bit in between the toes as well! It always rubs my toes raw! :-(